Bad White People Cause All the Problems

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 6

[Not all white folk are bad. Some are just crazy. Others are Stuck on Stupid and Can’t Help it]

We kept delaying our Fundraising Week hoping for two things: that our health would improve, and that there would be nothing on the national/global agenda to turn readers’ attention elsewhere. Gates of Vienna is a small undertaking; we didn’t want our efforts to get buried under more important events. But if we delayed much longer… well, would we end up procrastinating forever?

Tip jarWe looked both ways anxiously; we scanned the skies for portents. We argued civilly discussed a theme. I won. Thus on April 14th we girded our loins (whatever that means), collected some images and set about making more sandbags for the foxhole.

[Okay, so we forgot about Tax Day. But lots of self-employed people skip April 15th too, and for the same reasons we do: it’s easier to avoid the rush when you’re not getting anything back so why not avoid the present pain? Just send in your quarterly vigorish and be done with it.]

Having been burned by the karma of world-shakingly vital sports events coinciding with our efforts to raise money before, I checked this time: no World Soccer Cups on the horizon, and no sports playoffs being mentioned on Drudge. No. Eternal. Olympic. Events. No big elections or royal weddings. No major jihad slaughter with endlessly horrific bloody pictures spewed by the ever-hungry MSM…

…Thinking we were safe, we looked both ways and made a run for it, dashing toward the sandbags and sproing! we were over the side and safely in.

Hah. We weren’t “safely” anywhere. That Karma Dude laughed so hard at the week he’d arranged for the country that he was forced to go lie down. But not before blessing our efforts with as many disasters as it was possible to improvise on short order.

that old Kingston Trio happy dirge, “The Merry Minuet” has been on my mental replay all day:

They’re rioting in Africa
They’re starving in Spain,
There’s hurricanes in Florida
And Texas needs rain…
The whole world is festering
With unhappy souls…

And no wonder. Surely lots of other people — especially those directly involved in horrible events — are doing far more than singing sad songs. The rest of us can only commiserate, either in sympathy or in remembrance of the moments when our own worlds were irrevocably shattered by loss.

So this bloody week is drawing to a close and none too soon. Good heavens, what can you say about a Monday-through-Friday nightmare that began with earthquakes in Oklahoma and slaughter in Boston, followed by even worse slaughter in the cataclysm of a fertilizer plant explosion and firestorm which decimated a small Texas town?

Oh, wait. Did I mention the havoc wreaked by the weather? As snowstorms moved from the Upper West into Minnesota they were warning Dakotans about black ice — in mid-April, no less. Now great lashings of wind and rain and tornado weather have stormed up from Florida to New York — surely deluge enough even for King Lear on his heath. We were left in the clammy cold aftermath as it predictably took our electric power for a few unpleasant hours.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/19/2013

With the news that the alleged perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings were Chechens, Chechnya as a topic trended among Americans using Twitter. However, so many of them confused Chechnya with the Czech Republic that the Czech ambassador to the United States felt compelled to make an official response.

In other news, American home-builders have scrapped the use of the term “master bedroom” because of concerns that the word “master” has associations with slavery, and is therefore racist.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, Diana West, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, Jerry Gordon, McR, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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ALAC Wins One in Oklahoma

Preventing the application of shariah in American courtrooms is an arduous task. Opponents of Islamic law cannot approach the issue frontally — shariah-specific initiatives are seen as “targeting a religion”, and are thus struck down on First Amendment grounds. However, by crafting legislation that is neutral with respect to religion, Constitutional problems can be avoided. That’s what the American Laws for American Courts project (ALAC) is about — it simply insists that no foreign laws that violate American law or the U.S. Constitution may be used to decide cases in American courts.

Even that approach, however, is problematic at the national level, because senators and congressmen are so allergic to any issue that might entangle them with Islam and invite accusations of “Islamophobia” from CAIR and its ilk. As a result, ALAC has focused on individual states, where legislators are more receptive to their approach.

ALAC just won an important victory in Oklahoma. Below is the press release sent out today by the Center for Security Policy:

American Laws for American Courts Legislation Wins Major Bipartisan Victory in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK April 19, 2013 — The American Laws for American Courts legislation to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of all Oklahoma residents against foreign legal doctrines, such as Shariah, was signed into law today by Governor Mary Fallin.

This unequivocal victory for Oklahoma and US law is the latest vindication of a long-term national trend supporting constitutional protections for ALL Americans against foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, such as Shariah, that have found their way into our court systems.

Center for Security Policy President and Chief Executive Officer Frank Gaffney applauded the passage into law of this important legislation:

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And Now… The Backlash!

The lone wolf suspect with unknown motives who represents no great religion has been captured in Watertown and is now in custody. The time has come for America to begin the healing process, and the Council on American Islamic-Relations is first out of the gate with an appeal for moderation and restraint, weighing in against those who might think ill of American Muslims:

Update: I switched the embed to Vlad’s augmented version, which includes his commentary.


Update: We had high winds and rain for awhile, but no tornados. The power went out for a couple of hours, then came back on about ten minutes ago.

Normal programming has resumed.

I just turned on the live feed, and I see that the young fugitive mujahid is thought to be hiding inside a boat in someone’s backyard in Watertown, Massachusetts. Shots fired, a series of explosions…

Schloss Bodissey is currently under a tornado watch. The storm is just now starting. If we disappear from view for a while, that may be the reason.

More Violence on the Vienna Metro

We reported earlier this week on the culturally enriched “Sex Monster” of the Vienna Metro; below is an account of a more recent attack on the subway in Vienna.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from last Sunday’s Österreich:

Attacks at Metro no. 6 — father stabbed

Yet another brutal Metro attack — the father of two Acar S. (39) will in the future think twice before asking swearing youngsters to behave properly. Acar S. was with his two children at the no. 6 Metro station Handelskai on Saturday. He had to make an urgent telephone call, and asked a group of teens to be not so loud. Then one of them gave him a resounding slap in the face. Totally stunned as he was, he took his children and hurriedly left the Metro platform.

The gang followed the victim to the forecourt and attacked

But he was unable to go further, because the gang followed the man of Turkish origin to the forecourt of the station. The inconceivable happened at Maria-Restituta-Platz in Brigittenau district, where the gang attacked him again, a knife blade appearing suddenly.

Acar S. fell to the ground, was stabbed twice in the thigh and remained bloodstained on the ground — all in front of his crying children. The offenders escaped; witnesses called the police. An immediate manhunt achieved positive results. The officers were able to catch Massiullah (19) near the crime scene.

He was spotted thanks to the bloodstains on his t-shirt, but three witnesses were also able identify him as the knife-wielder. “He did not deny his deed,” police spokesperson Thomas Keiblinger said to Österreich. Massiullah K. is sitting now in Josefstadt prison — he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. The victim was carried to the emergency hospital in Meidling, and he is out of danger. The police are now investigating the other members of the brutal gang.

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What the Well-Dressed Salafist is Wearing

Hermes sends his translation of a post on a Brazilian blog that included the above photo:

Middle East high fashion

Shirts like this are produced en masse every day, sent to the markets and sold by street vendors in the whole Middle East, and this is simply accepted. The 9/11 mass killing is an event commemorated by thousands.

[Text below photo] “Everything OK, but do not vandalize nor burn the Quran!”

From Chechnya to Boylston

It took so long to find the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing that I was certain they must be devotees of the Religion of Peace — if they had been white supremacists, or Christian extremists, or Buddhist terrorists, they would have tracked down and perp-walked in front of the flashbulbs days ago.

And sure enough, it turns out that at least two of the suspects are brothers from Chechnya. One is still at large, and the other (now dead) was named, of all things, “Tamerlan”, i.e. Tamerlane or Timur — a murderous Mongol marauder in the Middle Ages, but nowadays a hero to Muslims in the Caucasus and the “Stans”.

One of the two young culture enrichers is said to have expressed his devotion to Allah online. You won’t read much about that in the MSM — they’re avoiding JIM like the plague — but if you chase down the links on Drudge, you’ll find it.

This story is ongoing, and I won’t be live-blogging it. Live feeds are available on the FOX and Guardian websites. I’m keeping the headphones on waiting for the dénouement.

Whoops! I just heard the word “Islamic” on the My FOX Boston live feed. The ice is beginning to melt…

Hat tip for the Guardian feed: AC.

A Global Trump Card

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 5

The wise statesmen of the United Nations have taken a short break from their condemnation of Israel — which is normally a full-time job for them — to fire potshots at Thilo Sarrazin for his “racism”.

Mr. Sarrazin, as you will recall, got himself into hot water back in 2010 by writing a book (Deutschland schafft sich ab or “Germany abolishes itself”) in which he criticized Multiculturalism and Muslim immigration. Mr. Sarrazin was denounced by the political class for his heresy, called a “Nazi”, and eventually forced to resign from the board of the Bundesbank.

Tip jar“But, Baron,” you say, “You’re supposed to be begging for money right now — this is your fundraiser! What does Thilo Sarrazin have to do with it?”

Hang on, I’m getting to that.

The theme of this quarter’s fundraiser is “putting our heads over the parapet”, and if anyone has stuck his head up above the sandbags, it’s Thilo Sarrazin.

He isn’t “one of us” — he’s not a conservative, but rather a Social Democrat, and is presumably loath to find himself in some of the company he is forced to keep nowadays. He is simply an intelligent fellow who speaks his mind, saying, among other things, that — horrors! — importing all those immigrants has lowered the average IQ in Germany. This is a simple fact, and anyone can verify it using statistical data collected by the German government. But facts like this must not be publicly discussed, and Thilo Sarrazin had to be disciplined for his impertinence.

The punishment administered to him by polite society, however, was apparently not enough for the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination at the United Nations, which has now demanded that Germany do something about Mr. Sarrazin’s dreadful “racism”. According to Der Spiegel:

Battling Racism: UN Body Reprimands Germany Over Sarrazin Comments

When former Berlin politician Thilo Sarrazin made critical remarks about Muslim immigrants four years ago, many found them offensive, though prosecutors rejected complaints, citing free speech laws. A UN committee disagrees, however, and has accused Germany of violating an anti-racism convention.

A United Nations committee has reprimanded Germany in strong language, saying that the country had violated an international anti-racism convention.

At issue are controversial statements made in 2009 by Thilo Sarrazin, a former finance senator for the city-state of Berlin, about Turks and Arabs, who he said sponged off the state and were incapable of integrating, among other things. But a complaint submitted to public prosecutors in Berlin was rejected on grounds that the comments were permissible under Germany’s freedom of expression law. An appeal to the decision was rejected as well.

According to the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), however, this constituted a violation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, because it failed to conduct an “effective investigation” into the matter.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/18/2013

A Salafist mob attacked a women’s cultural center in Tunis, and had to be dispersed by police using tear gas. The rioters were reportedly angry about an “indecent” event that occurred earlier in the week at the center.

In other news, the death toll in the explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas is expected to be in the 30-40 range. A number of people are still missing and may be dead, but it is also possible that some of them are among the gravely injured who are being treated in area hospitals.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, JP, RR, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Sandy Agrarians and Western Capitulation

Paul Weston presents a media fable for these media-saturated times.

Sandy Agrarians and Western Capitulation
by Paul Weston

The Boston Marathon bombings raise some interesting questions about the left/liberal mainstream media as personified by the BBC, CNN etc, who as we know, hold a dim view of gun-toting, far-right, Christian hillbillies in flyover USA, and are never slow in informing us about their various dreadful activities. Such as firmly believing in God, for example.

But enough of the leftist media. This essay is not really about reality; it is a totally fictional fantasy made necessary because I am struggling to relate to the reality of what is currently occurring in America and around the world in the reporting on the Boston bombings. Perhaps readers will allow me the indulgence of fantasy at this particular moment, because I can make no realistic sense of left/liberal behaviour.

There are many farmers in fly-over country, so let us give one particular group the fictional name of Sandy Agrarians in this little fantasy essay, who all live in one particular state bordering Texas called Sandy Agraria. In this little-known part of the world the inhabitants practice a devout ideology called Wannabeism which is both religiously and politically far-right. It is easy to spot the followers of this faith, particularly on a Sunday morning, when they descend on their local places of worship clad in blue jeans, John Deere T-shirts and Red Wing boots.

It is easy to spot their wives as well, who demurely walk a regulation five paces behind their husbands, sporting all-in-one denim dungarees with matching denim head coverings. The Wannabeists are not terribly keen on Jews, homosexuals or non-Wannabeists in general. Their holy book requires them to violently advance their religion and they are astonishingly well-funded (figures of eighty-billion Molasses-Dollars are bandied about) as a result of their cornering the global molasses market, a product they term “black gold.”

Now, imagine that after the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11 it transpired that of the nineteen terrorists, fifteen were Sandy Agrarians and they carried out this terrorist atrocity in order to further the far-right Wannabeist takeover of both America and the entire world. But in a curious chain of events, the inevitable result of such a declaration of war turned out not to be so inevitable at all. The U.S. authorities methodically weighed up the evidence against the Sandy Agrarians, but in an act of geographical incomprehension sent the National Guard into Sandy Agraria’s neighbour Texas, and gave the startled Texans a damned good thrashing.

Naturally emboldened by this apparent appeasement, the Sandy Agrarians took their terrorist message global, and between 2001 and 2013 they committed upwards of twenty thousand terrorist attacks around the world, and gave financial backing to rebels involved in the Middle East’s Arab Spring in all areas where they thought far-right Wannabeism was lacking.

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We Need More Leaders Like Thatcher

On the occasion of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, Enza Ferreri offers some thoughts on some of the Iron Lady’s character traits that are sorely needed in Britain today.

We Need More Leaders Like Thatcher
by Enza Ferreri

Among the people who complained about the cost of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral (and on this I happen to agree with them, especially in these financially hard times) are also some of the protesters, the “hate mob” at the funeral, who in fact increased those costs by indirectly forcing more security measures.

This tells you a lot about the Leftists. In particular it exposes the difference between what they say and what they do.

This funeral cost duplicity is in perfect parallel with the hypocrisy of claiming to be compassionate and wanting to help working-class people while implementing all the policies that harm them, whereas Maggie Thatcher actually benefitted them.

As former Tory minister Kenneth Clarke recalled during the TV debate “Question Time”, it would not have been possible to make those necessary changes introduced by Thatcher in a different, softer, more compromising way. It had already been attempted by as many as three previous prime ministers — Callaghan, Wilson, Heath — without success.

Their opponents’ position was too entrenched, rigid and unwilling to compromise to be able to allow that. Changes could occur only in the manner that Lady Thatcher enforced them, due to the opposition’s inflexible stance.

Liberal Democrat politician Menzies Campbell reminisced that, during the era before Thatcher, bodies were left unburied, people went to sleep at night without knowing whether the next morning they would have water, electricity, gas: all this because of the continuous, interminable strikes.

Kenneth Clarke, in the UK network Channel 4’s documentary Margaret: Death of a Revolutionary, has a colourful way to express how super powerful trade unions were: they grabbed the country by its cojones and, when they wanted something, they squeezed more and more until they got it.

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Will Morocco Inflict the Death Penalty for Apostasy?

Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney’s latest article was published today at the American Thinker. Some excerpts are below:

Will Morocco Inflict the Death Penalty for Apostasy?
by Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney

The Supreme Ulema Council of Morocco plans to issue a fatwa decreeing the death penalty for apostasy, according to Moroccan news website Lakome. This council, which consists of religious Muslim scholars (ulema) appointed by the Ministry of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs, is considered the highest religious government institution in Morocco.

Lakome reports that this information was made public earlier this week by the Moroccan daily newspaper Akhbar Al Youm. The Council recently voiced its opinion on freedom of religion, claiming that the death penalty should be applied to Moroccan Muslims who convert from Islam. According to another Moroccan website Medias24, this issue was discussed all day long this past Tuesday on Moroccan radio.

Both Lakome and Medias24 reported that this fatwa was requested by and sent to the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights of Morocco, led by Mahjoub El Haiba. However, Mr. El Haiba denies having received any fatwa or notices on apostasy. The Supreme Ulema Council is led by secular King Mohammed Vl of Morocco, a country recognized as being one of the most moderate of Muslim countries.

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Who Goes There?

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 4

The theme of this Fundraising Week is “putting our heads over the parapet”. That is, we’re looking at the inherent risks associated with being a Counterjihad writer or activist.

Needless to say, opponents of Islamization are not the only ones to face such risks. Anti-abortion activists, “race realists”, those in favor of drastic limits on immigration, skeptics who doubt the ability of the United States to conduct successful “nation-building” in the Third World — any of these positions can put a target on the forehead and cause career difficulties for academics, journalists, and government employees. Opposing Islam invites the attention of the death-to-infidels crowd as well as the opprobrium of the entrenched Left, so it may be the most risky of occupations. Yet we are hardly alone.

Tip jarThe decision whether to blog anonymously is a crucial one. If you put your real name out there, you may face an unbelievable level of hostile scrutiny as a result. If you have a job, and your employer learns of your opinions, you may soon find yourself looking for work. If you are an untenured academic, tenure may forever elude your grasp. And if you work for the government or a large corporation, you may be subjected to mandatory re-education diversity training, even if you are lucky enough to retain your position.

So it’s no wonder that so many Counterjihad writers and bloggers use pseudonyms. That’s how I started out, mostly to make it less likely that my (liberal) employer would learn of my moonlighting as an Islamophobe. I stayed with that protocol for a couple years after being laid off, having seen the frightening things that happened to prominent writers who dared to stand up to the Islamic behemoth.

I decided to go fully public several years ago when I started writing for Big Peace (whilst retaining the pickelhaube here, since this is the persona with which I have been “branded”). Writing under my real name seemed a natural move by then — I was too old to expect to find another full-time programming job, and had no reputation to ruin. Furthermore, you gain more credibility and respect by using your real name, even in a field as widely loathed as this one.

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably have dropped the pseudonym sooner, right after being laid off. However, I wouldn’t advise everyone to do the same thing; it depends on your circumstances. People who have young children or live in culturally enriched neighborhoods take much larger risks than I do. Those who are young enough to have career prospects may not wish to destroy them utterly.

And, most important of all, writing the sort of thing you read here is actually illegal in many Western countries today. Just ask Lars Hedegaard, or Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, or Stéphane Charbonnier. Unless you are wealthy enough to afford high-powered lawyers, writing the truth about Islam can be a serious legal risk in many parts of what used to be called the “Free World”.

There are several considerations to ponder when the virtual cry of “Who goes there?” rings out ahead of you:

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