Railway Jihad Thwarted in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have foiled a terrorist attack planned by members of Religion of Peace for the passenger rail link connecting Toronto with New York. The case has some interesting — and ominous aspects — in addition to the usual peace ’n’ love we’ve learned to associate with Islam.

First, a compilation of various video clips about the arrests by Vlad Tepes from Canadian news reports, plus screen caps from web material:

An article from The Globe and Mail has more details:

RCMP arrest two for ‘al-Qaeda-supported’ plot to bomb Via train

Acting on a tip from the Muslim community, police have arrested two people in Canada in connection with a plot to derail a passenger train in the Canadian portion of the Toronto-New York route.

“The individuals were receiving support from al-Qaeda elements located in Iran” RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia told reporters.

He said the support consisted of “directions and guidance” but added it was not supported by the state of Iran.

“This is the first known al-Qaeda plan or attack that we’ve experienced [in Canada],” RCMP Superintendent Doug Best told reporters.

The two accused are Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto, the RCMP said.

Neither man is a Canadian citizen. Officials would not provide more details about them. The Mounties arrested them on Monday.

According to his online biography, Mr. Esseghair was born in Tunisia and is now a PhD student at a Quebec university, the INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique), where he is a member of a team at a lab in Varennes, outside Montreal, developing biosensors. [emphasis added]

Remember that lab in Varennes — it’s significant.

The article continues:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/22/2013

The surviving Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is awake and able to communicate at least minimally with his interrogators. The federal government has determined that he must be tried in a civilian court, and not in a military tribunal. Meanwhile, the mainstream media have acknowledged that the Tsarnaev brothers seem to have been motivated by religion.

In other news, the homelessness crisis now includes educated middle-class Spaniards, with thousands of elite but unemployed professionals living rough on the streets of Madrid.

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Austria Kisses the Islamic Crocodile

The following report (partially allegorical) was originally published last Friday in the German-language section of Europe News. Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

Austria Kisses the Islamic Crocodile

April 19, 2013

In the late 1970s, a father bought his young daughter a baby crocodile for her birthday. The child was enchanted when she was handed the reptile, because she had seen pictures of them in her children’s books.

Overjoyed, she tried to kiss the crocodile, which thereupon bit her nose. The little girl burst into tears and had to be taken to the hospital. The angry father tried to get rid of the repellent little creature.

The next day, it was reported to the police that a strange creature was swimming in the Danube canal. The crocodile was rescued and the father was warned, as being ultimately responsible, that the crocodile could have gotten sick in the cold water.

Animal activists complained that the animal had been misunderstood and they demanded understanding. It was clear that it had only been defending itself.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Shortly after the crocodile episode, two Muslim terrorists armed with machine guns and grenades attacked a synagogue where a bar mitzvah was being celebrated.

One of the perpetrators, Mohammed Rajeh, was a mathematics student who had been living in Austria for two years. He and his accomplice, Marwan Hasan, shouted “PLO, PLO” as they were shooting.

Two months before that, two terrorists had been arrested at the airport after a Kalashnikov and hundreds of grenades had been found in their luggage.

The terrorists were deported and a formal protest was made to the PLO representative in Vienna, who was likewise thrown out of the country.

The Socialist chancellor of Austria at the time, Bruno Kreisky — despite his Jewish ancestry — liked terrorists and Nazis. His cabinet consisted of former Nazis, and he compared Zionism to Nazism.

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A New Word: Crowdsourcing

We just completed our Spring 2013 fundraiser, and in the process I learned a new word: crowdsourcing.

“Gosh, Baron,” you say, “everybody knows that word! Where have you been?”

Well, truth be told, not much of anywhere. Mostly to the eye doctor and Food Lion. And Dymphna already knew the word, so it’s definitely part of the zeitgeist. I must be out of the loop.

But I like it — it’s a concise expression for what we often discuss here: groups of widely separated people engaging in distributed action with the aim of accomplishing mutually agreed-upon tasks. I don’t mind if it’s trendy, because it’s also useful.

Crowdsourcing came to my attention as part of an email written to me by a donor, who was responding to my thank-you note. She’s one of our transatlantic readers, and has a daughter over here in college. Here’s what she said:

Bill Whittle talked in one of his videos about parallel societies’ structures — things we can do and fund by ourselves, if we are unhappy with government-provided services.

I consider both education and media as failures. So I have to agree with one of your readers: you and Vlad do not beg, and we do not give you money purely out of the goodness of our hearts. You provide an invaluable service to all of us, and we want you to go on.

We crowdsource you because we prefer you to mainstream media. So I do not have cable; I pay directly to the blogs I consider trustworthy.

If only I could do the same with my daughter’s education… But luckily for me and for her she is in a private college in Texas, where PC opinions exist, but do not take over the subjects she studies. I am proud to say she was recognized as a best student in her first semester among 3,000 Americans. And she is going to finish the first year with the same results.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/21/2013

A large percentage of immigrant Belgian youths feel that they are discriminated against, and will never be accepted by their country. 93% are Belgian nationals, but 42% feel themselves to be foreigners, and not Flemings or Walloons.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Germany has kept nearly a thousand suspected “Islamists” under surveillance since 2001.

In other news, unusually cold weather has descended on Italy, with temperatures dropping to 15°C (59°F) in Sicily and 9°C (48°F) in Rome.

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Who’s the More Foolish?

…The fool, or the fool who follows him?

Ibrahim Hooper is the spokesman for the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In other words, he publicly represents an organization that serves as a front to the Muslim Brotherhood and was an unindicted co-conspirator in the covert funding of Hamas in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008.

Yet the American media consider Mr. Hooper a talking head for “moderate Islam”, the go-to guy for all their questions on burning issues involving Islam. He is always ready to tell them exactly what they want to hear, reassuring them that Muslims are average, normal, regular people, just like other Americans, except for a few thousand terrorist incidents, but, hey, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Needless to say, Ibrahim Hooper has been much in demand since last Monday’s events on Boylston Street in Boston. Vlad Tepes has augmented a video clip of one of his appearances with some “compare and contrast” material concerning Islam.

It’s time to provide some of that much-needed context:

Taqiyya and the Father of Lies

In the following essay, Our Israeli correspondent MC observes that the Left seems to have engaged in some cultural borrowing by taking up the time-honored Islamic practice of taqiyya. He notes, among other areas of overlap, the symbiosis of Socialism and the Islamic terrorists of “Palestine” — the darlings of the Left.

Taqiyya and the Father of Lies
by MC

The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies, and whilst there may be belief or disbelief about the credibility of the Bible, much of its wisdom is profound.

One of the things which has changed in my lifetime is the acceptability of lies in society. There was a time when to be caught out in a lie was to have one’s career terminated.

Not so now, and it appears that the Islamic practice of Taqiyya has been absorbed into mainstream Western life.

Taqiyya is the process whereby, in the House of War (as opposed to the House of Peace under shariah law), it is permissible to lie and deceive infidels for the glory of Allah. The effect of this is that we should believe absolutely nothing that any Muslims or Islamic organisation says in any circumstances within our ‘free’ countries.

The curious thing is that our ‘political’ classes appear to have adopted Taqiyya into their own armoury of tools of suppression. It is one of two Islamic doctrines which have made the jumped from Islam into Western political culture, especially that of the Left.

The other is the Islamic law of punishment of apostates and infidels with death. This, too, is in the process of jumping the gap. we are not yet at the stage of public execution of apostates and unbelievers, but committed Socialists appear to believe that dissidents suffer from a form of imprisonable insanity.

The Soviet Union was notorious for shutting up dissidents in ‘psychiatric’ hospitals. The Nazis, ever pragmatic, just tied them up with wire and hung them from meat hooks. More typically, however, the Left simply uses a form of ‘denial of service attack’, in which a victim is incessantly harangued in a most personal and abominable way until he retires from the fight.

The enemy to all lies is truth. The object of untruth is to obscure the weakness of one’s own arguments by emphasising the apparent lack of integrity in the enemy arguments, on the assumption that the majority of us will never do any research in order to learn truths for ourselves. Hence lies must be loud and oft-repeated. At the same time, truth must be suppressed, and truth-tellers squeezed into obscurity.

It is also at all times necessary to undermine the integrity of the truth-teller, so that we find our lives put under scrutiny: Enoch Powell told the truth, and his political career was ended along with all his wisdom of the ages.

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Taking a Chance

Spring Fundraiser 2013, Day 7

Today is Day Seven of this Fundraiser. We have rounded the last turn and are heading for the finish…

See those fellows with the gas masks? Some of y’all may need them to get through this post, because some of y’all may find my views offensive. This time my opinions could even start one of those comment thread wars. I hope not. I hope instead that if the issue of religious faith is not your bag, you’ll be a grown-up, send a Gallic shrug in my general direction, and scroll on down the page. Maybe read the news or look at a few comments.

It’s Saturday evening now. The Baron is tired after a long day’s labor at the computer. I’m finishing up the emails that have come into our webmail server and the B is in the kitchen, cleaning up from supper. We had ham and roasted fennel, the latter being one of my favorite vegetables.

Tip jarHe wanted to do the dishes in hopes that the routine would allow his mind to come to rest on some part of this Fundraiser’s theme — “putting our heads over the parapet”, i.e., raising our heads up to look around and risking getting shot at. Actually, it’s not just a ‘risk’ anymore; the potshots have long been an ugly fact of life here at Schloss Bodissey.

Just for openers, the OIC has complained more than once in its annual report about us. Think of that curiosity: obscure little ol’ Gates of Vienna regularly gets the OIC’s shorts in a twist. Given the paranoid aromas arising from their reports and the picayune nature of their complaints, I intuit that it’s our name which causes anxiety.

The West has long since forgotten Islam’s ignominious defeat at those city gates in 1683, but you can bet your Koran that those folks who run the OIC continue to burn with shame at the searing memory of their defeat. It was a sure sign of Allah’s displeasure that the infidels prevailed against the awe-inspiring numbers of Allah’s warriors arrayed against them. The Christian victors thought it was a miracle. They were so overjoyed that — being Viennese after all — they created a wonderful pastry: a Viennese crescent. Sly humor on the part of the city’s famed bakers, eh?

So, while the Baron is out there rattling them pots and pans, I opened an email to read before it gets taken in tonight. I try to get to them all but don’t always make it. This one is a response from a donor in Minnesota. The Baron had thanked him, and as people often do, he said something in return.

For those of our readers who believe in God the email will have meaning. For those of you who are atheists, the email may be a turn-off, though I know at least one of our atheist readers who is so secure in his beliefs about these matters that he is quite enthusiastic about the subject. Would that his reaction were the more common one…

Ah, well, c’est la guerre, guys. We believers are thick on the ground in this God-ridden country. Can’t take a step without falling over one of us. I was going to say, especially out here in the country, but really, we’re everywhere. It was a cause of wonder to de Tocqueville when he visited us, and it’s been a continuing cause for ummm…concern for other European visitors. The godless Russians? Not so much.

In order to give the Baron a badly needed break, this Fundraising post will be a thank you note from one of our faithful donors, who sets out to explain what he gets back in return for his donation. His epistle from Minnesota:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/20/2013

Now that the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings is in custody, Americans are struggling to understand why the two young Chechens might have committed such atrocities. According to family members, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was led astray by his more radical older brother, Tamerlan, who is in turn said to have been radicalized by unspecified outside “mentors”.

Russian TV has reported (and the FBI has confirmed) that the Bureau was informed by Russian intelligence back in 2011 that Tamerlan was a potential terrorist. The FBI interviewed the elder Tsarnaev brother, but found no reason to believe he was dangerous, and dropped the investigation.

In other news, air pollution has reached an alarming level in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

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Why Conservatives Always Lose

We’ve often noted in this space that modern conservatives — and this is true on both sides of the Atlantic — seem determined to imitate their Progressive colleagues. It’s as if they say to the electorate, “Vote for us. We’re just like the liberals, only not quite so radical.” Dymphna’s most recent post talked about some of the reasons why the Right always seems to be singing from the same hymnal as the Left — just a quarter-tone flat and half a beat behind.

In the following article from Politically Incorrect, Manfred Kleine-Hartlage discusses the failure of conservative intellectuals to come to grips with the reasons for their perennial position on the sidelines. The author draws on a new book by Alex Kurtagic to highlight the need for intellectual depth and — dare I say it? — innovation in the thinking of those who would pass on the flame of traditional culture.

Many thanks to Hermes and JLH for collaborating on the translation:

Kurtagic: Why conservatives always lose

Those who live in any Western society and have still not lost the sense of reality know the oppressive sensation of living in a mad house where the patients have taken over and locked up the doctors: it is absolutely impossible to follow a news report, a political talk, or even a seemingly harmless cultural event, without being to a higher or lower degree openly bombarded with an ideology which deliberately misses any trait of reality; it preaches a “morality” which is the exact opposite of everything which has been considered moral for thousands of years; and whose sense and goal clearly consists of nothing more than the destruction of the fundamental principles of the social and political order, and not only that of a given order, but the order itself.

(By Manfred Kleine-Hartlage)

Much has been written about the creators of this radical change and destruction and about their methods (Anyone looking for actual books about this issue can check, among others, Gabriele Kuby’s magnificent investigative work The Global Sexual Revolution and Kerry Bolton’s equally empirically-grounded book Revolution from Above, which unfortunately is for now available only in English). Of course, what such works do not explain is the peculiar weakness of the other side:

Certainly, the Left is not only aggressive and unscrupulous, but it is also lavishly supported by its alleged opponents, the evil capitalists of the Rockefeller-clan, and it makes use of every political position of power it can occupy to misappropriate the money of taxpayers in order to finance leftist ideological productions and propaganda. But why has political conservatism, which only fifty years ago held bastions in Western countries, turned so powerless and compliant? Why does it not devise any proper counterstrategy to those of the Left, which are anything but secret?

Opportunism and treason explain a lot; but because there are by far not so many opportunist and treasonous conservatives, the problem must lie deeper.

Alex Kurtagic has investigated this question in the booklet: “Why Conservatives Always Lose”. It is a compilation of four essays, which have already been separately published on the internet in English language, but it is only after they were compiled into a volume of the Kaplanen series published by Antaios that the issue has been put in a concise and trenchant, but nevertheless all-encompassing and highly argumentative way. Kurtagic is one of those “wild right-wingers” (in which particularly the Anglosphere abounds) who does not fit in any category, and it is precisely for this reason that the leftist mainstream cautiously ignores them: one cannot pin on them the usual insulting labels without making a fool of oneself, and neither can one fight their arguments without being defeated.

Kurtagic has no fear of provocations:

My vision of the future is so bleak that I would find it laughable to care about any insulting label which one could pin on me. The price for the temporary cowardice today is the constant horror of tomorrow.

This cowardice is very extended, of course, and is has something to do with the basic drives of the individual, with needs which determine the direction of one’s behavior together with one’s political positioning before any “political discourse” could take place, before something like an argument could consequently dare to be mentioned. To these basic drives belongs the need to be socially considered, not to remain isolated, to have a high degree of self-esteem, and generally speaking, to feel well. This is a truism which just for these reasons is willingly ignored by conservatives:

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He Says She Says

In my fundraising post yesterday — the one where I ridiculed that tired trope about eeevil white men — I quoted from several places to make my point regarding the muzzle of Political Correctness. As I said then, and will repeat more or less the same way now: the times are so fraught and the fear of being publicly shamed by those in power is so great that even the Right will stifle themselves for fear of not fitting in with the powerful Kool Kids, that ‘in’ crowd you remember so fondly from high school. It’s still in operation, only balder and more overtly tyrannical whilst pretending to a rational calm that is naught but a veneer. Remember Hillary Clinton promising to use shame and bully tactics to suppress speech? She wasn’t kidding.

This is the very same stifle that permitted the abortion butcher to operate with impunity in Philly for decades. Why? Because the cool kids decided that abortion is a settled issue and nothing is ever to be published which might cause the masses to question this purported consensus. To the Kool Kids, it is beside the point that half of their fellow citizens don’t agree. They decide what is Truth — and they also monitor what is permitted to be labeled Goodness or Beauty. Which is why there is so much Bad Art, and such rampant Mean Spirited Spite rampant in the zeitgeist. Because the KK have no standards beyond what is Rilly Kool Right Now, the world has become ugly and the people increasingly bad.

If that were not the case, we’d never have seen the rilly cutting edge art of a Christian cross in a jar of urine because they’d have refused to show us the pictures simply on aesthetic grounds. Nor would we be subjected to endless in-your-face “performance art” centered on the human vagina. Piss, poop, pee: are we grown-ups yet?

The Kool Kids are bullies; they block the portals to the press, to the academy and to success as defined by their ilk. That’s why Dr. Gosnell went undetected: he simply wasn’t newsworthy until they couldn’t avoid the truth any longer. It’s also why few conservatives exist in education, in government, or law. Fewer still have a public voice, unless they buy a venue of their own as Glenn Beck has done.

One writer has taken exception to my use of a snip from his essay in that post about the Boston Butchers. He says in the comment section to my post:

Hey, I wrote that post you linked:

Hey Look The Terrorists Are White Guys

It wasn’t meant to minimize the fact that Islam is behind a disproportionate share of the world’s terrorism. I was focusing on, as I put it, “certain liberals here who live with the smug certainty that most or all of their political adversaries are just Tim McVeighs waiting to happen.”

That’s the whole point of the post, and you’ve really gone a long way to take me out of context here.

You can click that link and read his whole post (as I’m sure some of you did while reading my essay), or you can read it below the fold, where I have put it in toto. [Note Mr. Freddoso’s use of the term “disproportionate share of the world’s terrorism”. That is a tell, if ever there was one, and it is deeply saddening.]

But here is our bone of contention, the snip I took from Conservative Intel’s essay to make my point about the fact that many conservatives appear to be allergic to frank discussions of the role of Islamic terror abroad in the world. Mr. Freddoso said:

The Boston Bombers are white guys. They’re religious extremists. They’ve spent their formative years in Cambridge. They’re foreign-born. They’re Muslims. And each of these facts matters a lot less than anyone seems to think.

I disagree strongly with his statement that “these facts matter a lot less than anyone seems to think”. Two ‘facts’ matter a whole lot: (1) they are “religious extremists” and (2) they are Muslims. Now, he did manage to separate those two by other ‘facts’ but when you put them together you have Muslim religious extremists. There are lots of secular Muslims in our country and those folks have done well. No problem whatsoever with their success.

But the fact of their existence doesn’t change the danger that the JIM variety of Muslim represents to the American public. Accepting that uncool fact is crucial to parsing the reality of what happened at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. That Mr. Freddoso chose to widely separate the fact of their religious extremism from the fact of their Muslim identity seems disingenuous at best. It makes him appear — to me — to be a conservative of the National Review variety.

Here at Gates of Vienna we track the activities of JIMs all the time. Ninety-nine percent of the time our suspicions turn out to be founded. JIMs are those violent Jihad, Islam, Muslim boys and men whose destruction has a clear signature. Thus Mr. Freddoso’s claim that their religious extremism and their denomination “matter less than anyone seems to think” simply doesn’t make sense if reality rather than being a Kool Kid is your operating principle. It’s precisely the cognitive dissonance demonstrated so well in that snip which is crippling us right down to the level of basic awareness. That is, we’re not supposed to pay attention to the crucial experience which bears on the facts of this case, or else we’re being racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. Labels are handy duct tape to be applied by the Left to the mouths of the uncouth truth tellers; sadly some conservatives grow to resemble Leftists as their fear of being labeled uncool trumps their love of truth.

It’s time to make important distinctions between JIMs and those deeply disturbed post-adolescent American suburban white boys who emerge from their darkness laden with powerful weapons and bent on quick destruction of as many as possible before killing themselves when the police show up. In other words, it’s time to profile, something that security-minded adults are willing to do

Here are some distinctions between the Boston Butchers and the plague of mentally unbalanced white boys who find their parents’ guns and go off on a rampage before turning the weapon on themselves (usually as the police are closing in):

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Seneca III has taken an expert look at the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath, and offers a few observations about what might be missing from the reportage on the week’s events.

by Seneca III

Many questions are being asked about the circumstances leading up to, surrounding and following the Islamic atrocity in Boston, and rightfully so. The following list comes from a post on The Astute Blogger, and to my mind the questions are both logical and reasonable to ask although, I suspect, the Obamites will be somewhat reluctant to do so:

1.   Who helped them?
2.   Who financed them?
3.   Who trained them?
4.   Who was aware beforehand and kept quiet?
5.   Who knew afterwards and kept quiet?
6.   Why did the FBI drop the ball in 2011?
7.   Which foreign country wanted the FBI to investigate them?
8.   What role — if any — did Alharbi play in this?
9.   Is there a hotbed of Islamism hidden within the college the younger brother attended, and other cells?
10.   Did any professors encourage them by teaching them an anti-USA/anti-Russia narrative for the Chechen war?

From my very limited point of understanding over on this side of the pond a detailed answer to question number 8 might well be enlightening, particularly in view of the secret meeting between Kerry and the Saudi ambassador and the subsequent swift deportation of the Alharbi youth complete with all of the tribal and Jihadi affiliations he so obviously carried. Such an answer might well have made a seminal contribution the investigation had the investigation been conducted in-depth over time with the youth available to assist the investigators with their enquiries, but as of now this whole avenue of enquiry has been safely buried for reasons not disclosed to the American people by their own administration — or, perhaps, ‘safely buried’ being what the latter hope for, I suspect.

However, one small advantage of looking into such terrible happenings from an external perspective tempered by experience is that it can be quite useful to clinically examine not so much what is postulated or reported in the media, or peddled by the political classes and their executive agencies, but rather to look closely for what is not said or openly commented upon, those things long known in the trade as lacunae — obvious gaps in the narrative that most of the time mean nothing at all, but do occasionally turn out to be an investigative gold mine. Here therefore is a compound question that has been nagging me for the last twenty-four hours or so:

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