Mob Rule in Lund

On Monday April 22 two journalists from Dispatch International went to “Students’ Evening” in the Swedish city of Lund to cover an event that included the leader of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats). A crowd of “anti-fascist” demonstrators confronted and physically attacked the chief editor of Dispatch, Ingrid Carlqvist, and Roger Sahlström, a photographer.

While the Swedish police merely looked on, the lefties set off firecrackers and smoke bombs, screaming out their hateful slogans.

They also pushed and threatened Ingrid and Roger — according to the mob, the two were not allowed to be there. The police did nothing and made no arrests.

The two journalists were forced to leave the area by those who threatened violence, and were not able to cover the event.

The following video, which was shot by Roger Sahlström, shows a small portion of the leftists’ violent behavior.

A more detailed account of the attack will appear soon in the English-language section of the Dispatch International website.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the timed transcript, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Go away, you asshole!
0:05   [Explosion]
0:07   [Jeering]
0:12   Get lost, you racist bastard!
0:14   [Chanting: ] “No racists in our streets, no racists in our streets!”
0:15   But you have no police protection …
0:17   Scram, you real racial hell!
0:21   [Spits]
0:25   Roger: Do you want to take a better picture with this camera?
0:27   Was not here the whole time! Go to Hell!

12 thoughts on “Mob Rule in Lund

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  2. OMG, wherever “they” go, they infect the world with ugly nastiness.
    The editor of Despatch International is Lars Hedegaard? The courageous man they tried to murder recently? And whose removal van was recently followed by some low-life “journalists” who wanted to publicise his new address?

  3. So, the police just stood and watched while the leftards were given free rein – again! The question is, was police inaction prompted by cowardice or orders from above?

  4. The same tactics used by British Police against Tommy Robinson and EDL’s peaceful public meetings. There is no doubt about the collusion between Police and
    Anti-nationalist street scum or rent-a-mob. We need to counter this by having more people there and many cameras/videos etc showing the Police deliberately doing nothing. We have to engage the other side somehow to get the process moving. Otherwise they will stifle all dissent by these illegal practices.

  5. These left wing haters are generally known, or at least with the power of the internet, they can be identified. Take the ‘fight’ to them – and I’m not suggesting violence, far from it. I believe violence is unnecessary with these people.

    They are cowards. They like to play the tough guy, but only when part of a mob. They should be visited at home, where it will soon be discovered that they are not quite as tough as they like to think they are. And with the aid of camerawork, they should be confronted, face to face, and asked to cease their ‘fascist’ behaviour – nothing more. If they fail to comply, visit again, etc. They are comfortable only when part of a mob, face to face they are not really scary guys, and the last thing they want as individuals is to be the focus of attention.

    It has worked in England.

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  7. The “antifa” are the same thugs who would have made up the National Socialists’ bootboys. You only have to look at the manifesto of the Nazi Party (25 Theses) or the 1919 Fascist Manifesto to see that these two “right wing” organisations shared almost all their policies with the current “anti-fascists”.

    They love to hate, and riding that wave of permitted hatred, they will indulge their most bestial desires for violence. When the people of Europe turn against immigrants in the years to come, you will find erstwhile “anti-fascists” leading the charges of violent hatred.

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  9. Someone set off an incendiary device at a public gathering and the police did nothing? This compromises everyone’s safety. A formal complaint should be made to the police, including this video.

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