Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The following news article from Norway may set a new record for the absurdly oversensitive reactions of Muslims to perceived offense.

The incident involved a stick-figure of Jesus drawn on a blackboard by an instructor at a college in Oslo. The cartoon was mistakenly thought to represent Mohammed, and the culturally enriched student body became upset, to the point where the instructor had to take a leave of absence from his teaching duties.

The punch line of the story is that the intolerant, insensitive, Islamophobic instructor is… a Muslim!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the incident. He remarks:

I feel that it is appropriate in this case to quote the leader of SIAN (Stop the Islamisation of Norway) Arne Tumyr, who said: ‘Muslims need to have their Allah-infested brains scrubbed clean with ammonia.’ Indeed they do!

The translated article from NRK:

Fears that Muhammad caricature controversy at school could escalate

A drawing on the blackboard which a student believed was the Prophet Muhammad caused unease among Muslims students at Sogn Trade College in Oslo.

This week the management at the school, in an attempt to avoid unrest, had to take active steps to try to quell the rumors and misunderstandings that have been spread at the school.

The incident that triggered the controversy was a drawing on a blackboard which one of the students believed to be the Prophet Muhammad. The student in question felt offended and an uneasy ambiance quickly descended over the school as the rumor mill started working.

Felt offended

“One of the teachers tried to explain the historical relevance of drawings to one of the students. It was in this connection with this that the teacher drew a stick drawing of Jesus on the blackboard and afterwards started talking, among other things, about Muhammad,” says Thomas Koefod, the principal at Sogn Trade College.

A Muslim student who believed that that the teacher had drawn Muhammad felt offended. And despite the fact that the teacher and the offended student talked about the misunderstanding, others picked up on the incident.

“I heard about it on the school grounds. They said that a teacher had drawn the Prophet and at once I perceived it as a violation,” says student Rahma Ibrahim.

The rumor mill started working

The rumors spread quickly at the school, which has a student population of 1,250, many of them with ethnic minority backgrounds. It was rumoured that a teacher had drawn Muhammad on the blackboard, and the students demanded an explanation.

“I wasn’t there, but I don’t think that he drew the prophet. He spoke in general terms about the symbolism surrounding drawings,” says a teacher named Ali Bouabdillah, who is originally from Morocco, and a Muslim.

Bouabdillah has talked with both the teacher and the student in an attempt to resolve the issue. The teacher who is alleged to have drawn the prophet is himself a Muslim.

50 students demanded answers

After the Easter holidays, the principal realized that he had to organize a meeting in order to clarify the misunderstandings. The school administration desperately wanted to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Some students even tried to recruit other students to attend the meeting last Wednesday, says Ibrahim.

“It was important to get as many Muslims students as possible to attend, because this was a violation of our Prophet, and we can’t just sit back and accept that. We had to do something,” she continues.

Didn’t appear at the meeting

The principal had anticipated eight students at the meeting, but fifty showed up and demanded answers. The situation was tense, and when the teacher in question saw all the students that had showed up he withdrew from the meeting.

He has stayed away from the school for the last couple of days.

“He is very upset,” says the principal.

Understands the gravity of the situation

It was not until the principal saw all the attendee that he finally understood the seriousness of the matter.

But Rahma Ibrahim, who is a student mediator, felt that she got the answers she was after from the administration at the meeting. Many students want peace and an end to the rumors.

“As a mediator I got to see the issue from both sides when I was informed about what really transpired,” she says.

Will organize a dialogue meeting

The political think tank Minotenk, which focuses solely on minority issues, has been hired to work with the students in dialogue groups. The principal emphasizes that no one has made any threats and that the teacher in question will return to the school on Monday. However, the school will continue to process the aftereffects of the incident for a while.

“I hope that within the next two weeks we will have managed to finish with this case. By then I hope that everyone will have been given proper information and had the opportunity to talk about it,” says the principal.

7 thoughts on “Let Your Imagination Run Wild

  1. What this reveals is that even in Norway imams indoctrinate young muslims with Vigilante Jihad — so that they consider it entirely acceptable to liquidate with extreme prejudice anyone engaged in ‘haraam’ / insult to Mo.’

    Indeed, the young are so primed for this that even trite events cascade into collective violence.

    The teacher ran away because he well knew that his very life was in danger.

    No-one will be surprised if he never teachs there again.

  2. The school should have called in the local Mullahs and told them to stop it.

    Just transpose it, and you would expect that a similar outbreak of mass hysteria by Christian students, making wild assumptions and taking random offence, would be swiftly put right by their priests and vicars. But no-one mentions this disconnect, despite strong evidence of influence and encouragement.

    • Is it a “disconnect” or is it obligatory? ANY sign of Muslim denegration, be it true or not, is cause for major outrage… I think the Immams are perfectly happy with that. Why do you think they would intervene?

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  4. “and the students demanded an explanation”

    Well, you see, we have this teaching ais called a “Blackboard”, even though it can also be green or white. The teacher takes a chalk (or marker) and draws a visual representation of what they are talking about.

    Explanation enough for uneducated idiots.

  5. The fact that the teacher was a Muslim is even more disturbing to me. We need to root Muslims out of civilization not put them into positions of influence.

  6. I was the teacher. The funny thing was that I talked about Jesus not being hanged on the cross seconds before I tried to talk about what a visual representation is. The philosophy behind this in Islamic teaching goes back to Plato, it has nothing to do with the iconoclasm extremists are propagating.
    Another thing, they were many more Muslims in the classroom not responding emotionally to my attempt of explanation since it had nothing to do with the general cultural imperialism the original drawings flirted with. They clearly understood my intentions. The one who responded emotionally came from a strict upraising and the response that person made had nothing to do with what Islam is about. There´s a difference between culture and spirituality.

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