Immigration Will Bankrupt Norway

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from about the cost of importing non-Western immigrants into Norway. He includes these remarks:

As you can see, the numbers are astronomical. This madness is not sustainable long-term, but those in power don’t really seem to worry too much about that. After all, they are given lavish salaries and extravagant pension plans which are out of reach for the average Norwegian taxpayer. So it’s full steam ahead until we all go over the cliff.

Mind you, the costs haven’t reached Swedish levels yet, which are estimated to be somewhere around the SeK 105 billion mark.

Notice also that the number mentioned in this article only encompasses the costs of those non-Western immigrants that arrived in 2012 (at least that is how I interpret the data given).

The translated article:

Non-Western immigration is unprofitable

Finansavisen [Norwegian financial newspaper] has gone through figures released by SSB [Norwegian Bureau of Statistics] and concludes that each non-Western immigrant, on average, costs Norwegian society NoK 4.1 million ($700,000).

The sums are astronomical, especially when considering that in 2012 alone, 15,400 non-Western immigrants arrived in Norway.

When Sigrun Vågeng was the director of NHO [The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise] she presented a study which concluded that the entirety of Norwegian oil-generated wealth would disappear if this non-profitable immigration wasn’t halted. Back then the story was mostly ignored. In the meantime several years have passed, and today the numbers are even higher. Even so the MSM and politicians keep describing the official immigration policy as strict.

The figure is NoK 4.1 million:

This figure includes all taxable incomes minus public expenditures,” according to Erlend Holmøy, senior researcher for SSB.

Based on the approximately 15,400 non-Western immigrants that arrived here in 2012 this means an outlay of NoK 63 billion ($11 billion). This is the equivalent of two foreign aid budgets, or roughly half of the NoK 125 billion ($21 billion) taken from the Norwegian oil fund (wealth fund) that the authorities intend to spend this year.

“The cost of it all will have to be covered by the average Norwegian taxpayer, or it will lead to a reduction in capacity and quality of various publicly funded services,” says Holmøy to Finansavisen

If the non-Western immigration continues on a level equal to 2012, the funding costs will soar to NoK 2,900 billion ($493 billion) in the period between 2015-2100.

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16 thoughts on “Immigration Will Bankrupt Norway

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    • Human sacrifice. Exactly. They sacrifice their children to allah, and of course, the Jews, and more recently, four innocent people in Boston.

  2. Hey Brits, I’m glad to hear that you think something needs to be done about the muslim pimps and rapists that have overrun your country and who are deflowering and defiling your daughters and sisters. The difference between you and your grandparents, however, is that your grandparents would have taken care of the problem already, while you are only just beginning to discuss it, AFTER TEN YEARS! We had an old school saying that describes present day Britain: All talk, no action. Pathetic.


    • All I can say is that the majority of Britons must be perfectly happy with the current situation because they persist in voting for political parties who will do nothing about it. Either that or they are monumentally stupid.

      • I have always felt that there is a melancholic or depressive streak in the English at least. It is apparent in much of the music of English composers. This they perhaps share with their fellow North Europeans. Also, our politicians repeatedly say the English are a potentially violent people, something also to be attributable to their Saxon and Viking forebears.

        I sense the same combination in Scandinavians and the same conformism on the surface which is, howeve, prone to be blown apart by the deep-seated violent potential within them; viz Anders Breivik.

        Because of this melancholic streak there is a desire to be loved and not despised. To such a mentality the idea of being branded an extremist is anathema. If you are earmarked as an extremist then you become unlovable either by your fellow countrymen or the political elites which are determined to keep you in your place.
        Perhaps this is the explanation why the English continue to vote for the parties which ultimately will plan their extinction. To oppose them would court the withdrawal of approval, the withdrawal of their love.

  3. Saudi-Arabia and Qatar should be bankrupted by immigration.

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  5. Two unlikely collaborators are at work here. Each has its own agenda unique to itself. Both are enemies to Western civilisation as we know it.

    The Corporatists who see a nation as merely geographic boundaries in which to conduct business at maximum profit. By flooding the West with an enormous surplus of unskilled Third World immigrants, they keep the costs of labour minimised.

    The Leftists who see no nation at all. In their view the West should be a borderless land mass freely available to any people. There are no aliens. Only people. Culture, customs, and traditions are mere relics of a bygone era that impede the progressive humanist agenda.

    • Nice summary, Nocturna. Everyone in power has an agenda. Whenever I see a politician being interviewed on TV I know that whatever opinions they express are watered-down versions of what they really believe. So when the UK’s Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, says that he believes diversity is a strength (though without saying why) you can be sure that deep down he wishes to flood the country with non-European immigrants – regardless of whether or not those immigrants are of any benefit to us – with the goal of completely destroying our identity.

  6. Ed Milliband is a first generation immigrant to Britain. Of course he wants his people to be a minority amongst minorities. He has no idea what it feels like to be part of the inigenous population of this country whose roots here go back at least well over a thousand years, nor what it was like to be part of that population who once accounted for over 99% of the people living in these islands.
    In Trevellyan’s history of Britain written in the 1920s, he says that apart from the Huguenots and the Irish, he did not even mention the Jews, there had been no change to the population since the Norman Conquest. But then Milliand doesn’t care either, he is drooling over the wonder of his Marxist annihilation of England and the English. His fellow co-religionist or whatever, Alfred Sherman, did at least feel sorry for the idigenous people of this country who were being driven out of their suburbs, towns and cities by the third world masses flooding in with the Establishment’s consent.

    We know we are facing genocide courtesy of all political parties here over the last 60 to 70 years but mostly to Labour’s international socialists. However, I have just seen a clip about the rumpus with the regard to the new Miss Russia, a lady from Central Asia whom the Russians do not regard as being Russian or Slavic enough. One gentlmean said it is not racist it is a question of identity – national identity. But that is what “racism” is all about. People need to identify with a tribe, a race, a homeland which the international capitalists and international socialists are bent on denying them. Now we have reached the stage of producing rootless individuals, the rootless consumers the multinationals and banks were after. However, we also have Europeans who, increasingly, feel they belong nowhere, just as planned and have an existential void inside them, a yearning to belong to a race, to a nation. This is why there are problems with inter-racial fostering and adoption and with a large number of mixed race children. It is not racism, it is a question of identity and I have witness this in children under five.
    If nothing is done, apart from the impending bloodshed then I see a rapid increase in mental health problems as people search for that that has been denied them by these greedy or demented political and financial elites.

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