Illegal Immigrants Pour Into Hungary

Over the last few years Hungary has experienced an enormous surge in the numbers of illegal immigrants arriving on its territory, most of who promptly apply for asylum or refugee status.

Hermes has translated two articles from SZEGEDma about the flood of illegals. The first article was published in March:

The number of illegal immigrants has grown in the region

“The number of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers has increased substantially during 2012 in Dél-Alföld [Southern Hungary] in comparison with previous years” — Végh Zsuzsanna, the head of the Immigration and Citizenship Office, said on Tuesday in Szeged.

“Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the EU since 2009, and due to its geographical situation, the Dél-Alföld region is very affected by this phenomenon,” she said in the press conference, in which the results of the Immigration and Citizenship Office’s work during 2012 were being evaluated. She also added that the border between Serbia and Hungary is one of the most important migration routes leading to Western Europe.

As a result of the changes in law, an ever-increasing number of people illegally arriving to Hungary apply for the status of refugee. While the number of people seeking asylum in the EU grew by a 7% in 2012 as compared to the previous year, this growth was of 27% in Hungary. And the first two months of the current year have witnessed an increase of 170% as compared to the same period of last year, the head of the office declared.

Végh Zsuzsanna said that those foreign citizens who make their first application are placed in open refugee centers. There are some 1000 asylum seekers in the centers of Debrecen, Bicske and Békéscsaba. However, many of them do not wait for the end of the procedure, but leave the country.

40% of asylum seekers come from Afghanistan, and many come from Pakistan, Kosovo and Syria. Among those with completed procedures, 30% of them were granted some kind of refugee status, the head of the office said.

Seres József, the regional director, said that last year 554 foreigners in Dél-Alföld were expelled according to their own procedures, and 473 were expelled through legal procedures in court. The ban on traveling to and staying in the country was ordered for 1833 individuals.

The second article from SZEGEDma, published yesterday:

70 illegals caught in the south of Csongrád [province] — They arrived in 14 groups at the outskirts of Röszke and Mórahalom [border towns].

Besides Afghan, Kosovar and Pakistani immigrants, there were also nationals from exotic lands such as Desh, Senegal, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire and Morocco.

The officers from the Border Control Office and the personnel from the department of immigration from the police headquarters of the province of Csongrád detected them with infrared cameras, and the civil guard as well as locals also helped.

The bulk of them were caught in Mórahalom, where 15 agents were deployed. Four immigrants reached Mars square in Szeged, they were caught by the personnel from the department of immigration. According to the report issued by the police, the majority of them have applied for the refugee status.

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5 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants Pour Into Hungary

  1. These people have short circuited the system. They should be applying through proper legal channels. It is unfair on those who do it properly if ANY illegals are allowed asylum, let alone hundreds.

    • Why should they do it the legal way? There is no legality and EU. Is it legal for EU to rob Cyprus of its gold and money? Or to plunder Greece and give the money to Pakistan and Hamas? EU is a devil without laws. Heaven/ Mohammed help us.

  2. If they have got to Hungary then they will be on their way to Britain. I spoke to somebody whose son works for the Border Agency in Dover. He spends most of his time in Calais trying to stop the third world masses from getting anywhere near the Channel Tunnel. If they are asylum seekers then they should seek asylum in their first country of arrival and not be allowed out of that country. Pakistanis will be desperate to get to Britain to join the millions already here.

    My local mp has just written something interesting in our local paper, saying that it is time for realism to triumph over ideology. Realism is going with human nature and treating people as human beings rather than trying to bend human nature and treating people as economic units or pawns in an ideological game that a group which have made themselves the political elite want to play. Communism bankrupted the East and Eastern Europe has still not recovered. Mrs Thatcher’s libertarianism has bankrupted the West. Few British voters either agreed with either of them nor do they agree with the soft communism that is cultural Marxism. But they are powerless against these ideological fanatics. In fact, curiously, they are as powerless as muslims are faced with their 1500 year old totalitarian ideology.

    Somebody has just informed me that some in Britain, having been reduced to rootless individuals, consumers for international capitalism and pawns for international socialism are turning to islam to fill the void. Have they thought of Christianity? They are just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    All these totalitarian ideologies coalesce in globalism which if left unchecked is destined to destroy Europeans and their civilisation as the former is the work of mindless fanatics both of socialist and capitalist persuasion. Time is running out but I hope that the EU will soon collapse and this most dangerous of all ideologies will collapse with it. Otherwise the future for the world looks pretty grim as all seem to reduce society to the lowest common denominator. Interestingly, China seems to be one of the few places where neither libertarianism nor Marxism nor Islam nor globalism have finally triumphed despite the conformist nature of their society.

  3. ” If they are asylum seekers then they should seek asylum in their first country of arrival and not be allowed out of that country. Pakistanis will be desperate to get to Britain to join the millions already here.”
    That is the logical thing to do. Go to England. Rape the 12-year-old infidels. Beat up some of them. Sue them and get money. Take money from infidels and build mosques. Replace the infidels and force them to leave Britain. It is democracy … stupid. Muslims are invited to Britain and EU because they are very very very very democratic. As the Scandinavian countries are very, very, very nice. They even marry Somalis out of kindness.

  4. That so many Afghan youth is “poured” as “refugees” into Europe —- over Thousands of Thousands of Miles mostly through MUSLIM COUNTRIES – has only one reason.

    They should become the leaders of the Dschihad in Europe —- since Muslim Arabs watched very attentive how immense Afghan “Muslim strength” did grew during recent decades ….. having so much “test opportunities” first by the Russians, now by US and NATO …….

    …….but the true fight cannot be won with weapons.

    The true fight is a fight for hearts and this fight begins with historical correctness which means detecting all the lies the Bishops of Niceä sowed and that the main lie, which was taken by such into the early scripts was used by Mohammed to create the Quoran….. which is altogether quite easy to explain and to understood.

    …if ones brain is not spoiled by “theology”.

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