French Embassy in Libya Destroyed by Workplace Violence

Islamic terrorists Violent extremists Freedom fighters Militant activists Somebody or other blew up a car bomb in front of the French embassy in Tripoli this morning, doing extensive damage and injuring two security guards.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this French news report:

Below are excerpts from a Telegraph article about the attack:

French embassy in Tripoli hit by car bomb

A car bomb has hit the French Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli, seriously injuring a security guard in the first major attack on a diplomatic mission in the city.

The bomb exploded before work started on Tuesday morning and there were no diplomats in the building. The security guard, who is French, was “gravely injured”, according to Libyan media, and the explosion caused major damage, with the outer wall of the embassy compound and part of the main building collapsed.

Another French security guard was said to have been wounded, but to have less severe injuries.

No-one claimed responsibility, but suspicion will fall on Al-Qaeda linked elements operating inside Libya. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the North African branch of the terrorist organisation, has threatened to attack French interests in protest at France’s intervention in nearby Mali.

“We support and call all the Muslims to target France and its interests and subjects inside and outside France until it withdraws the last soldier from the land of the Muslims,” Abu Abdulilah Ahmed, a spokesman for the group said, in an unusual Twitter question-and-answer session with journalists only last Friday.

“Repelling France’s aggressive assault is an obligation of every Muslim not just al-Qaeda.”


Tuesday’s explosion damaged houses along the street occupied by the embassy in the upmarket Hay Andalus area of the city. The twisted wreckage of the car used in the attack was lying in the middle of the street.

The attack was condemned by the French president, Francois Hollande, and the foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, was expected fly to Tripoli later in the day.

“France expects the Libyan authorities to shed the fullest light on this unacceptable act, so that the perpetrators are identified and brought to justice,” Mr Hollande said.

Libya’s foreign minister, Mohammed Abdul Aziz, visited the embassy, where a reception had been held on Monday night for two visiting French MPs.

“We strongly condemn this act, which we regard as a terrorist act against a brother nation that supported Libya during the revolution,” he said.

And from ANSAmed:

Car Bomb Explodes Outside French Embassy in Libya

Two guards injured. Fabius condemns “heinous” attack

(ANSAmed) — Paris, April 23 — A car bomb has exploded outside the French embassy in Tripoli injuring two security guards.

French Foreign minister Laurent Fabius condemned the attack and underlined France’s strong condemnation. “France condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack against its embassy in Tripoli which resulted in the wounding of two members of staff”, the note read. “Alongside the Libyan authorities we will do everything possible to shed light on this heinous attack so that the perpetrators are quickly identified.” Fabius wished a speedy recovery to the injured guards and expressed his “full solidarity”.

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13 thoughts on “French Embassy in Libya Destroyed by Workplace Violence

  1. “Islamic terrorists Violent extremists Freedom fighters Militant activists”

    They call them ‘students’ now.

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  3. Simple answer really. ALL western states must immediately withdraw their diplomatic missions/embassies and withdraw all “aid” from Libya. Isolate Libya. Did we REALLY help these people? Ooops.
    In my personal knowledge France has suffered attack from Algerians for at least 60 years. It continues – As does IRA attacks in Britain still supported by US Noraid.
    SOME may be unfairly targetted but if there is “one bad apple in the barrel” then the remedy is obvious (to me at least but not to politicians) .
    Political Correctness (and threat of prosecution) prevents me saying what I really think.

  4. THEY say

    “We support and call all the Muslims to target France and its interests and subjects inside and outside France until it withdraws the last soldier from the land of the Muslims,” Abu Abdulilah Ahmed, a spokesman for the group said, in an unusual Twitter question-and-answer session with journalists only last Friday.

    I say we support and call all non Muslims in any country to target the islamists wherever and their interests and subjects inside and outside non muslim lands -until the muslims withdraws the last soldier from the lands of the non Muslims,”

    • I’ll support any Muslims who are willing to take on these killers, too.

      Now we know there are indeed some regular old mosque attenders out there. According to the study below they were able to estimate about 20% of American mosques are NOT promoting jihad.

      That wouldn’t be encouraging news in any other domain, but it shows the low level of our expectations since I was ‘pleasantly’ surprised there were any at all. I have to remind myself I do indeed know accomplished secular Muslims.

      You can be sure the report was attacked by the Loons on the Left who lie in wait for such revelations. To them this study is just further proof of the evil on the Right. Yawn…

      …I’m in a minority of people reluctant to tar all Muslims with Mohammed’s brush.

  5. Att. AP: Following Obama’s visit to West, Texas, “fertilizer” will be banned and replaced by “soil enhancement.”

  6. Can somebody please tell me why Britain and France, with the backing of the USA, chose to get rid of Colonel Ghaddafi? He told them exactly what would happen and it is now happening. He obviously knew his country and his compatriots better than they did. Now they are up to the same thing in Syria and have done it as well in Egypt. Al Qaeda are in Iraq whereas Saddam kept them out. It almost seems as if certain Western governments, despite what Russia is urging them, want to get rid of all the strong leaders such people need and bring on the islamists and Al Qaeda to wreak further havoc in the West.
    I am afraid I have lost the plot.

    • If you have lost the plot let me point you back in the right direction. Think money, greed and corruption and you are pointed the right way. Ghadaffi didn’t have a private bank milking the Libian people,
      Asad also doesn’t have a private [Rothschild] bank ruining his country. Guess who else doesn’t, Iran and North Korea. Get the idea?
      Does that make you think who is REALLY in control of the US? And the EU, IMF, World Bank and the UN. Now you’re on target!!! Load and lock.

      • According to Russia Today, faith in the EU is at an all time low. I think people are getting the message that it is all to benefit the bankers whilst they starve or, in this country, need food banks to keep them going. There is always the suspicion that the bankers were behind the Russian Revolution as well. One commentator said that Gorbacheve made sure that Russian money went west as well. Difficult to know what to believe, but it is interesting about Syria, Iran and North Korea and the so-called Arab Spring. It seems that only Russia and possibly China are swimming against the tide. England is ruled by foreign billionaires now, not by parliament nor the Queen and certainly the people are totally powerless. Only one thing keeps me hopeful, the devil is meant to be let lose every thousand years to wreak havoc but always over-reaches himself. We know that the devil lives in New York City but I am not quite sure of his name or if he is a conglomerate. St Michael who always casts him down into hell was always much revered in Russia, hence Archangelsk. According to the Zagorsk prophecy Russia was meant to save the world from banker-backed Marxism. Corrupt and unsavoury as Holy Russia is in some ways, perhaps she is our only hope. The peoples of Europe, America and Australasia are powerless against the powers of darkness. Have just read a comment from the Philippines that the United States of Asia is in the making. We know that Cameron has stitched Britain up as an Indian colony in order to join up the EU to that country. They seem in a great hurry to get the one world in place; perhaps they sense they are dealing with a house of cards.

  7. Question: “Can somebody please tell me why Britain and France, with the backing of the USA, chose to get rid of Colonel Ghaddafi?”

    Answer: “…Gaddafi was planning to introduce a gold dinar – ‘a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth.’

    “The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies. RT [Russia Today] calls it ‘an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world.’

    “There are many who believe Iraq’s Saddam Hussein’s overthrow by the US was sealed when he announced Iraqi oil would be traded in euros, not dollars. Sanctions and then a US invasion followed. Coincidence? Hussein’s idea would have strengthened the euro, but Gaddafi’s idea would have strengthened all of Africa in the opinion of hard-money economists. Gold is the ultimate honest money and the peg against which all other fiat currencies are ultimately devalued.

    “Pricing oil in something other than the dollar would attack the basis of US power in the world. The dollar is the reserve currency based on a deal made with the Saudis back in 1971 in which the Saudis as the world’s largest oil producer agreed to accept only dollars for oil. RT concludes: ‘A change in this policy its NATO allies literally could not afford to let that happen.’

    “The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence. Perhaps that is what the hurry is in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.”

    Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack

    • Such is sophistry.

      Folks it’s simple: the Duck of Death declared an embargo of oil exports against France and Britain. That utterance was the headline in Paris and London… not New York.

      The French went to war against Libya within 56 HOURS of his declaration. The British joined in a few hours later. America joined her NATO allies — for the sake of NATO, shortly after the British went to war.

      Forget that gold currency nonsense.

      The issue was brutal economics: British Petroleum had financed massive investments — which were to be paid off ONLY in oil — not currency, not gold. Stiffing BP, in the amounts at issue, would’ve crippled the company — and taken the pension funds of Britain to the wall.

      For Paris, her refineries were tuned to process only light, sweet Libyan crude. At the time (but no longer) the market for such crude was as tight as a drum. Brent oil went to a $40 premium over Texas oil — of the same quality — as a buyers panic set in. This price action was destroying France’s financial sector — and all around economy. It was intended to.

      As for the pricing of OPEC exports: America doesn’t give a dang what currency the OPEC players use. ALL currencies in the world ‘cross’ against the US dollar. It’s the reserve currency of the planet — and it has trading depth beyond all other currencies.

      The REAL issue is what currency that attains acceptability for HOLDING not trading. It’s the market’s acceptance of US $ as a currency TO BE HELD — left on the books at the end of the trading day — that makes it a reserve currency.

      This is where gold falls down: there is not enough gold above ground to satisfy the market at anything like current prices. To get back to a gold standard, every society on Earth would have to stop everything and start digging — for more gold.

      (BTW, gold mining was a much, much, much, much, larger component of industrial society eighty years ago. During that era, the market capitalization of America’s gold miners = 20% of the entire NYSE market capitalization. Today’s miners are valued at no more than 0.20% of the NYSE + NASDAQ.)

  8. Islamically brainwashed masses work more securely- from the West’s point of view- under a secular-leaning rather than a theocratically-twisted despot.

    Nothing but despots function for the mindset of Muslims based on the Prime-Dictator Mohammad.

    Otherthrowing secular strongmen results in chaos and then a religious maniac or mullah/imam maniac class in charge.

    Obama -and the fools who agree with his delusional (or is it Machiavellian/Manchurian?) view of Islam- in the Western “leadership” (and their enablers in the media, academia, government, et al) who pushed Saddam Hussein and Colonel Khadaffy out of power … when they were relatively neutered toward terrorizing the Wes,t and effective at controlling their own Koranically-crazy minions … have sown the Muslim Wind and will reap the Caliphate Whirlwind.

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