Fjordman: Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them

A report prepared by groups in the various Nordic countries has proposed instituting a legal ban on anti-Feminist “hatred,” comparing this to “racism.” Representing the left-wing coalition government in Norway, Ahmad Ghanizadeh from the Socialist Left Party (SV), the State Secretary in the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, was positive towards the proposal, and promised that the government would look into it.

My initial thought upon hearing this is that Leftism is now officially a religion, and that its proponents desire a “blasphemy statute” to ban any serious discussion of left-wing doctrines and their consequences as “hate speech.”

Writer and fellow online dissident Takuan Seiyo commented that not even George Orwell could have come up with anything that tops this scenario. Yes, there is a serious proposal afoot in Norway to ban “anti-Feminist hatred”. Yes, the ministry really has the Orwellian name of Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion. And yes, this State Secretary in Norway really is called Ahmad Ghanizadeh, originally from Iran.

In 2013, Norway’s Minister of Culture is Hadia Tajik, whose Muslim family came from Pakistan. One must assume that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of the Labour Party appointed her partly to remind the native population that they no longer have a culture, only “Multiculture,” but mainly in order to appeal to the Muslim and other Third World immigrant voters whose support his left-wing coalition depends upon in order to stay in power.

PM Stoltenberg in his prestigious New Year’s Speech for 2013 promised that his government would seek to ban “hateful utterances” on the Internet. The year before, Stoltenberg used his New Year’s Speech, always broadcasted on prime-time national TV and watched by a large proportion of his countrymen, to launch a frontal attack on alleged “totalitarian seducers” who use the Internet to spread unfounded “hatred.”

I was shortly afterwards contacted by the journalist Ragnhild Sleire Øyen from the state broadcaster NRK, the local equivalent of the BBC, who considered it obvious that the Prime Minister was referring to me personally. I’m sure many other citizens got the same message, and that may well have been intentional.

The PM didn’t mention any names explicitly, but then he didn’t have to, since so many others had done that dirty job for him…

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6 thoughts on “Fjordman: Importing Islamic Nightmares — While Denying Them

  1. I can only come to one conclusion after years of reading these kinds of articles. Until the native men of Norway, Sweden, etc., reassume their roles as MEN, tell the feminists to shut the hell up, and start dealing with their diversity problems the way MEN are inclined by nature to do, then nothing will change. No, in fact, it will get worse!

    Men need to throw off the shackles of this enrichment BS, take their roles as the leaders in family and nation, protect their women (whether they like it or not) from these Third World savages, and install men with principles in the government. Who the hell owns Norway now, a collection of Pakistanis?!

  2. I don’t think that England officially has a culture any more, we know that Sweden doesn’t. Interestingly, one aspect of English culture is voluteering or giving of one’s time for nothing. It is something that does not seem to have caught on amongst the new Britons; but if you look at their countries of origin, especially the Indian sub-continent, altruism does not seem to be something they do very much.

    However, fortunately, we still do have a European culture. Europe is still bound together by its art, architecture and especially its music, the most evolved in the world. Nevertheless, I am waiting for some bright spark in the multicultural lobby to discover that the gothic arch probably owes something to islamic architecture. If that is true and they realise it then we will have exhibitions and events all over Europe on the effect of islamic on European architecture. But one thing that held them back was the ban on religious imagery which led to the development of art in Europe and not in muslim countries.

    • “It is something that does not seem to have caught on amongst the new Britons; ”

      When I lived in an “enriched” area, I took part in community planning meetings. Despite “my people” being a racial minority in the area, we were about 95% of those involved in those meetings.

      I used to volunteer as a community liaison group for health care – I got so sick of every meeting lamenting over “what are we doing wrong that no muslims are taking part in these meetings” that after a couple of years I resigned.

      I had started to get wise to islam and my liberalism was squashed, I realised: there’s nothing in it for them financially.

      Despite muslims being officially only 35% of the population of that area, they are 80% of the local politicians. They will do that kind of community work because it provides a) some power & prestige, b) payment, c) opportunities for fraud and nepotism.

      My people have the concept of charity and universal brotherhood. They have a concept of zakat and “my family only”.

  3. Is there among the souls on this planet a soul who wishes to help me to publish a book which brings the end to eagle cults, raven cults as well, socialistic lies, islam and the hypocracy cults of the bishops of Nicea …….

    ……….and thus helps to thrive to true enlightment of their hearts and soul.s

  4. its been clear for a long while now, that we the peoples of europe must band together as one and overthrow the political traitors of the EU nations, who are leading us all into our enslavement and deaths in there pursuit of votes, cheap labour, gas and oil, and the destruction of all western culture and civilisation at the hands of the new NaZis Islam!!!
    we must fight to have abolished these so called hate laws, and the evil traitors who have been behind the creation of these shackels which have criminalised free speasch and freedom of expression, we need to list these evil enablers, on list, a sort of sex offenders register, so that we know who they are, where the are and when the new nuremburg trials begin we will round these disgusting traitors up and they will answer for the evil they have foisted upon the freedom loving peoples of western europe.

    charles martel

  5. It appears that the objective of various ‘hate laws’ is not to do away with hatred but to impose a uniform ideologically correct way of thinking. All this fits in well in the picture of creeping ‘velvet totalitarianism’ that imposes itself on the Western world. Feminism – just like multiculturalism – is one of its pillars.

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