Effects of Atheist Propaganda Come Home to Roost

Enza Ferreri takes a look at the behavioral sink that Britain has become as a result of aggressively-imposed orthodox atheism.

The seeds of nihilism are sown…

Effects of Atheist Propaganda Come Home to Roost
by Enza Ferreri

I have a suggestion for the militant atheist cum zoologist Richard Dawkins about a British (although it has now got to America as well) TV program to watch that is bound to lift his spirits: The Jeremy Kyle Show.

There he can see exactly the kind of society he is trying to promote and propagate.

People who appear on the show have been living the sort of life which was advertised for £140,000 on billboards all over buses and underground trains across England, Scotland and Wales, in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Newcastle, Dundee, Sheffield, Coventry, Devon, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Swansea, Newport, Rhondda, Bristol, Southampton, and Aberdeen a few years ago for weeks, with the message: “There’s probably no God… now stop worrying and enjoy your life” — a campaign and message that Dawkins totally endorsed.

She (little known comedy writer Ariane Sherine, who the article calls the “brains” behind the campaign) said she wanted to promote her own message that people can believe whatever they wanted. (It certainly takes a great brain to come up with such a formidable idea.)

Speaking at the launch of the campaign in central London, Ms Sherine said the sheer number of donations received had demonstrated the strength of feeling in the UK.

Obviously a vast number of people are never so happy as when they are encouraged to do just exactly whatever they like and indulge in any fancy they may have, reassured in the belief that this is the right course of action by “luminaries” and intellectual authorities à la Richard Dawkins, with the full backing of science, no less, behind this highly satisfactory claim.

The consequences of choices and actions, though, pace Dawkins and that superb “brain” of Ms Sherine, are not just in the afterlife but in this one as well:

…and the fruits are harvested

And the consequences of the “stop worrying and enjoy your life now” lifestyle, when embraced by large swathes of society, can be calculated at the time of the Budget and seen as a form of public entertainment in TV broadcasts like The Jeremy Kyle Show (undoubtedly there are many others similar to it).

The show’s guests have “enjoyed” their lives all right, if by “enjoyment” we intend overeating (this they do not need to declare, you just have to look at them, especially the women), booze, drugs, not working, and above all — by far the most frequent reason that brings them to this TV production which promises them solutions, therefore indicating that this is what has the most serious consequences in their lives — sexual promiscuity.

The expressions — usually uttered by Kyle — “unprotected sex” and “unsafe sex” are sprinkled all through the chats, which are in fact rows and shouting matches. Hearing those phrases makes me shudder. The very fact that we have come to see sexuality as an activity that has to be treated with surgical gloves, that we need to put the mechanistic, physical, even medical, aspects ahead of everything else — because there is little else left — demonstrates our society’s general confusion and failure in its sexual ethics.

The show is a carousel of different people who are in fact all the same, exactly like a rotating carousel always represents the same figures.

They need the program to pay for two recurrent types of test: DNA paternity and lie detector.

Uncertainty about who fathered whom reigns supreme, as about who cheated with whom, how many times and to what level of sexual intimacy: it is hoped the DNA test will help with the former, the lie detector with the latter.

Here we have the dream of Richard Dawkins made reality in the flesh of the underclass: no God, no rules, no certainty, no faith, in particular no faith in other people.

Who needs faith when we have science? And who needs trust in a relationship when we have the products of science in the form of DNA paternity test and lie detector test?

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born Philosophy graduate and writer living in London. She blogs at www.enzaferreri.blogspot.co.uk.

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44 thoughts on “Effects of Atheist Propaganda Come Home to Roost

  1. The intellectual limitations of the leader of the “new atheists” is pretty clear, when you a) read “The God Delusion” and b) remember that Dawkins refused to debate with William Lane Craig. The people who spend time on Dawkins’ website also tend to attack Christianity, not theism per se, which is quite telling.

    And yes, if you spend all your time and energy on a destructive mission, leaving a big fat nothing in your wake, then you’ll end up with a society where the Jeremy Kyle Show is the height of culture.

    Well done Mr. Dawkins! How “bright” you are!


  2. “Atheism” isn’t what plagues post-modern west, its marxism and all the socialist ideologies. These are no different than religion. They have their own sacred cows and “deities”. Atheism is just along for the ride since other ideologies such as Christianity get in the way. Placing the degradation of western civilization on atheism is just as disingenuous as placing the blame for the dark ages on Christianity. No, actually its a lot MORE disingenuous since the church had just as much a hand in it as the spread of Islam did. Modern governance arose as a response to limit the church’s and king’s authority. Christianity had only marginal influence on the founding of America. The remainder was based in a godless system of democratic governance. Jefferson and Franklin who lived a few miles from me weren’t bible thumping Christians. Much the opposite. They where grounded in rational belief.

    Atheist belief is easy to summarize: “I don’t believe.” You could fit it on a post-it note. If you really need a book to tell you that free wheeling drug use, illicit sex rape, and child molestation are wrong, then your seriously [disturbed] in the head. I don’t need the bible to tell me what conservatism should be: I arrived at it through rational retrospect. To say otherwise and place the blame of the ills of modern civilization non-believers is just intellectual laziness and sloth. Rather than throw barbs at people who you disagree with, concentrate on the real root cause, which is rampant marxist socialism and deconstruction of the western way of life.

    • The problem with Atheism is when the likes of Dawkins start to redefine the word ‘Science’ and then use it as a weapon to enforce scientific fascism.

      Unless a ‘scientst’ toes the Darwinistic party line he/she does not get appointments/promotions tenure or research grants and in this way science is controlled.

      Darwinism is not unique however, in physics one must comply with Einstein, and in medicine one must comply with Pasteur.


      The closing down of scientific freedom does not help us, and the obsession with Pasteur is particularly dangerous:


      I do not know if Bechamp was right or Pasteur was right, but if Bechamp was correct then Medicine as we know it today is a fraudulent, money grabbing business where a compliant doctor is just the salesman of the big Pharma companies, and any doctors who don’t comply get struck off, anybody remember Alan Wakefield.

      I have no beef against Atheism, to me it is a religion of non-religion, at its core is a mythological belief that we are the product of countless quadrillions of random accidents all working together to produce a sublimely perfect being, instead of the chaos I personally would get if I could build a ‘random’ experiment. If I look out of the window however I see something different, I see that acorns always grow into oak trees and I see no evidence that it has ever been any different.

    • I agree with pretty much all you say, but I’d like to add a few points.

      1) Just because atheists assert something they claim to be “fact” that is not grounded in religion, doesn’t mean it has a scientific basis. The “science” of sociology and psychology is largely descriptive, rather than predictive. Just because someone sees no rational basis for sexual fidelity doesn’t mean that there is a scientific basis for claiming fidelity should not be followed.

      2) The sociology of religious institutions is complex, as is the influence of religious dogma and organizations on the development of Western concepts of freedom and individual rights. The Catholic Church was a retrograde influence in many ways, but it was Catholic armies and rulers that stopped the spread of Islam into Europe. Similarly, protestants and the Calvinist notion of free will helped develop the concept of individual rights and individual choice, but non-Catholic Christian institutions such as the Methodist Church and the Church of Christ are leading the way to accommodating Muslim immigration and Sharia-based demands.

    • Well said Adam.
      You don’t need religion or to believe in some mythical deity to be a good person and a contributing member of the human race.

      There are so many factors involved for how things are. Lack of community, family breakdown, the western diet, environmental toxins, materialism, overpopulation…. The list is endless.

    • Atheism per se have NO objective morality. Thus what really plagues and causes the death of Western Civilization, moral relativism and subjective morality are LOGICALLY inherent in atheism.

      If you combine that with mass immigration of Muslims, you have a state of mental nitroglycerin.

      Since the time of Bertrand Russel claimed that he was an agnostic and not atheist, the atheists have successfully changed the definition so they no longer look like morons. Therefore a typical atheist will whine and bitch how stupid Christians are, that God does not exist and how they lack evidence, but when asked for evidence for their own claim, that God does not exist, they will (falsely) claim that atheism is mere a lack of belief. And then, illogically, continue their rant that God does not exist.

      Wherever I go, I see atheists treat their own leaders as heroes and gods. Go to any of the junior food scientist thunderf00ts videos on YT and make a soft remark critical of him, and you will immediately be attacked by his crazy and very aggressive worshipers. So much for “reason”. What a joke.

      Adam claims that atheists don’t need a book to find morality. Well, reality proves him wrong. Atheists with their lack of objective morality have killed, raped and tortured more than 100 million innocent people within less then 100 years. More than anyone else in the recorded history of mankind.

      Our modern concept of freedom of speech is based on the Bible. Jesus Christ never infringed on other peoples freedom of speech, no matter what they said. He replied with arguments or silence. Hate speech laws where specific groups are silenced is unBiblical.

      Every time atheists have gotten full power of a nation they have turned it into an atheistic hell-hole. From the reign of terror in France to the killing fields in Cambodia and death camps in China/USSR.

      Atheists claim that these regimes had nothing to do with atheism. As if atheism and communism are mutual exclusive. That argument is just as illogical and false as claiming that those who gassed Jewish children to death were not Nazis, but Germans.

      With MORE atheism we got MORE totalitarianism, murder, rape and other crime, divorce, mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, etc. This despite technological advancement eliminating poverty and hunger. Atheism in Norway has been a disaster.

      • OK, so with atheism we get more bad things which of course we cannot tolerate, but what are we non-believers to do? We cannot suddenly believe in a God, which we have not believed in since [ in my case ] primary school. Anyway, I believe I am tuned in to what is happening in the World, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the tribe together, but I’m not about to throw my life away if no-one else is making the effort.
        90% of Ethnic Britons do not believe in God.

        • I think your numbers are wrong there, according to the figures in the last census.

          “OK, so with atheism we get more bad things which of course we cannot tolerate, but what are we non-believers to do?” – s ducain.

          Forget about it, relax and enjoy your own life, apparently.

  3. I’ve never seen it before but The Jeremy Kyle Show looks like a clone of the disgusting daytime shows that made their appearance on American TV 20 years ago, e.g. Jerry Springer, Maury Povich.

    Parade the most embarrassing, shameful, immoral people you can find on stage who are happy to present every personal detail of their failed lives to the world just for their 15 minutes in front of the camera. Cheating husbands, cheating wives, who is the real father, paternity tests, etc. Looks like The Jeremy Kyle show just imported that whole format to the UK. And it certainly is evidence of the degradation of a society.

    But I don’t see where Enza Ferreri successfully makes the case that atheism is the cause. Compared to most European countries the US has a much higher percentage of its population who are devoutly religious. Yet America is heading straight down the same path, and sometimes pioneering the way into this cultural decadence. Even decades ago America had it’s own bible thumping preachers (Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker) caught up in the same sexual escapades that Jerry Springer’s guests were happy to brag about. Roman Catholic priests in America fall prey as well.

    There’s a cultural breakdown occurring, but I’d need to see a better argument that atheism is the cause.

    • I caught a bit of this show as I was waiting in the hair salon yesterday. They have it on in the corner. It is so awful it is fascinating. It mostly comprises young people having screaming matches. I think the lack of spiritual life plays a part in the state they are in but I feel the main reasons are the complete drop in educational standards, personal standards and the fact there is not much of a pathway through life for them. All the old jobs that they would have carried out are now done cheaply by others brought in, if they exist at all. If they do work they tend to flit from job to job.
      I feel this makes for the unrest and anxiety that pervades their world. They live mostly on welfare benefits so have no purpose at all. It is quite sad, I feel guilty watching such people for the sake of entertainment.


  4. I found the slogan, “Now stop worrying and enjoy life” a bizarre form of advertising. People take heed of advertising when they are thinking about the issue involved ie you listen to a car ad when your old car is getting out of date, not when you’ve just bought a new one.
    The atheist ad was apparently inspired by a Christian ad which referred viewers to a website, and the website mentioned inter alia hell.
    Now, the ad seems to be assuming that believers are worried, and not enjoying life. This, of course, is pure nonsense, and so the ad would be wasted on them. As for those who are not (yet) believers, but are seriously considering the issue, they are probably worrying over something else – like their own personal problems, or the lack of purpose in life.
    The ad, in fact, says more about the writers than anything else. They are apparently haunted by the idea of God looking over their shoulder, and can only enjoy life if He does not exist.

  5. The slogan, “stop worrying and enjoy life” struck me as a ridiculous form of advertising. It implies that believers are worried and not enjoying life. Of course, this is nonsense; the ad is wasted on them. However, if those who are not yet believers, but are seriously considering it, are worried, it is probably about their personal problems, or the pointlessness of life. If they really are worried about God looking over their shoulders and judging them, the idea that there is “probably” no God is not likely to be reassuring.
    But it says a lot about the writers of the ad. They are apparently haunted by the idea that God is looking over their shoulders and judging them.

  6. “Atheist belief is easy to summarize: “I don’t believe.” You could fit it on a post-it note.” – Adam

    And yet Mr. Dawkins wrote a whole book about it! (And made a pound or two into the bargain, you can be sure.)

    “To say otherwise and place the blame of the ills of modern civilization non-believers is just intellectual laziness and sloth.”

    Intellectual laziness? Sloth?

    “Rather than throw barbs at people who you disagree with, concentrate on the real root cause, which is rampant marxist socialism and deconstruction of the western way of life.” – Adam.

    You might want to try telling that to Mr. Dawkins and his followers, my friend.

    • “And yet Mr. Dawkins wrote a whole book about it! (And made a pound or two into the bargain, you can be sure.)”

      Those books are a critique of religion and belief. Im also a unicorn atheist as well, but I don’t need to write a book about that, either. Any material written would again be a critique of the unicorn theists and their belief system.

      All atheism is can be summarized as a rejection of religion’s claims. Pure and simple. I do allow for a god with a hand in the universe, but that god is NOT to be found in the bible or the quran from reading both. The quran is simply a polemic of hate and war. The bible, while it does contain wisdom of the ages, does not make any credible case for a god. On top of that, analysis shows that its a Hodge-podge of various writings from numerous authors. The bible is more of a historical text of myths, truisms, and word of mouth recounts. It does contain wisdom that holds true for all time, but so does Aesop’s Fables, and the latter delivers the wisdom in a much more palatable way.

      “You might want to try telling that to Mr. Dawkins and his followers, my friend.”

      At least his claims in books such as “The God Delusion” carry merit. While Christianity is nothing like Islam, it was still hell on earth in its hey-day. If you want a taste of what life was like under it, read “Devils, Drugs, and Doctors”, which documents medicine and child-birth from antiquity to the early 20th century. It has a large section on medieval times in relation to life and medicine. When the church ruled, everything else around it was a wasteland of ignorance, and life was short and brutal. Religion is just that, ignorance: An attempt to “fill in the blanks” without any understanding of what your analyzing to begin with.

      “Intellectual laziness? Sloth?”

      The article here in context is intellectually lazy. It attempts to lay the blame for western degradation on atheism. That’s like blaming water for drowning and wanting to ban it, rather than address the real issue, which is the bursting of the dam nearby. The article is [an endeavor which I judge to be unworthy] that does nothing to address the real issues of whats wrong with today. Instead all it really does is lay bare the authors [characteristics which I consider inadequate].

      • Dawkins puts forward the alien seeding theory.

        Note how Dawkins tut-tuts Ben Stein when he asks him who created the universe, and informs him that he is question begging. Dawkins goes on to argue that it is possible that we are the result of an alien project which “seeded” a “self-replicating molecule” here on earth (he has no other explanation for this) – Dawkins insists that these hitherto unknown aliens, living on an unknown (to us) planet must have themselves come into being by a Darwinian process – but how does he know this?

        He’s not question begging, oh no.

        What about those aliens? Were they “seeded” by even older, even further away aliens? If that’s how life gets started on a planet, then that’s how life gets started on a planet (Dawkins has no other explanation for the appearance of a “self-replicating molecule” remember.) And on and on it goes, an infinite regress of mysterious aliens, from a series of different planets …

        Until … what?

        Stellar intellectual work by Mr. Dawkins there.

        “Atheist belief is easy to summarize: “I don’t believe.” You could fit it on a post-it note.” – Adam.

        “And yet Mr. Dawkins wrote a whole book about it! (And made a pound or two into the bargain, you can be sure.)” – Nick.

        “Those books are a critique of religion and belief.” – Adam,

        So atheist belief is more than a post-it note saying “I don’t believe” then.

        Read this.

        Then this.

        Then this.

        Then get back to me.

  7. Hi im an atheist (Ex christian, i was extremely devout and brought up strictly in the faith).
    Im not sure where to begin picking this truly baffling [writing which I find less than rigorous] apart. And i don’t feel like using much of my time on it. But just some short points.

    Overall id say this blog entry was just a poorly written [epithet] with no good points and straw man attacks on dawkins and atheism.

    * Dawkins is not the leader of atheists.
    * Atheism is not a religion or a cult, its a absence of belief in god that is all. Its not connected to nihilism.
    * Trying to straw man Jeremy kyle show to atheism/dawkins is so ridiculous i was truly baffled by it. ( yes i agree its garbage TV, i was not aware it was required to announce the guests religious affiliation as atheist before they could appear)

    On william craig that nutbag:

    • I am a former atheist with IQ 170+, so please no standard fanatic atheist insults (you don’t understand science, blah, blah). After digging into the philosophy and “science” behind the standard atheistic position we find within media and academia today, I was shocked to discover the blatant dishonesty and lies. Very much in the same manner and academic dishonesty Islam is presented today.

      It is obvious that Dawkins is [a person of lesser intelligence and knowledge]. One of his best “arguments” is “who created God”, as if an eternal being per definition have a first cause.

      For any person following the debates of Messrs. Craig and Dawkins it is obvious that Dawkins is afraid of debating Mr. Craig.

      William Lane Craig is a scholar, have written numerous bestsellers within philosophy and is perhaps THE leading Christian apologetic today, so that Dawkins refuse to debate him due to the fact that he claims that none of his buddies have herd of Mr. Craig is illogical and ludicrous.

    • You do realise that article says more about Mr. Dawkins than it does about Mr. Craig, don’t you?

  8. You do not have to have faith to have morals, there may be a god or something akin to a god, I just don’t know, but one thing for certain for me is that it is not as laid out in various religions. However one has to work from a moral compass and that is where our Christian heritage should not be ignored, because the new testement is a very very good base to work from, as are the 10 commandments. I especially like, “treat others as you expect to be treated yourself”, though in this day and age I have modified it to be “treat others as you expect to be treated yourself, unless they have proven otherwise!”

    And I agree with Adam, the issue is more to do with a complete lack of common sense in our leaders and in our people who have been indoctrinated with marxist socialism, also they are deliberately breaking apart all of the nation states, so as to remodel society on their terms. The USA was at one point a shining beacon on the hill that could not be ignored, but now its sinking into the same mess as Europe there will soon me no other example to show what really could be.

  9. For Adam, yet another run of the mill [epithet] Atheist

    “They that deny a God, destroy man’s nobility; for certainly man is of kin to the beasts, by his body; and, if he be not of kin to God, by his spirit, he is a base and ignoble creature. It destroys likewise magnanimity, and the raising of human nature; for take an example of a dog, and mark what a generosity and courage he will put on, when he finds himself maintained by a man; who to him is instead of a God, or melior natura; which courage is manifestly such, as that creature, without that confidence of a better nature than his own, could never attain. So man, when he resteth and assureth himself, upon divine protection and favor, gathered a force and faith, which human nature in itself could not obtain. Therefore, as atheism is in all respects hateful, so in this, that it depriveth human nature of the means to exalt itself, above human frailty. As it is in particular persons, so it is in nations.”

    Francis Bacon
    Excerpted from his essay on Atheism

  10. Satan’s greatest accopplishment in the “modern” world is in convincing it that he no longer/does not exist.

  11. Modern atheism, like any popular ideological invention of the babyboomer generation is characterized by a strong desire too avoid any sense of responsibility. The atheists, who always react predictably indignant each time their ‘non-faith’ is called into question, tend to have no issue summarizing the ‘negative’ effects of Christianity upon society, yet they do not want to take any responsibility when Christianity retreats and their propaganda is answered by the exact changes in behaviour they were calling for in the first place.

    Do you really think the breakdown of the marriage has nothing to do with atheist political movements?

    If atheism wants to compete with religion, it should take the same responsibility for it as well, anything else, is the intellectual laziness we have inherited from the woodstock generation.

    There is plenty of evidence all around us that God and Satan are both real and active in the modern world! Want an example?
    Cowbirds! Surely they are the work of Satan!
    There is no doubt that the existence of Cowbirds is proof of the existence of Satan! You can look it up, either online or in Audubon. (the book, not the road…but maybe that too is evidence.)
    As for God…how can there be a Satan without there being also a God?

  13. “‘The God many atheists have rejected is not the God we recognise and this campaign has opened up a dialogue between Christians and atheists which allows these types of misconceptions to be challenged.’

    Bingo! And we must challenge these misconceptions, which presume that if you believe in God you aren’t enjoying life.

  14. Muslims will only bother with your arguments if they understand there are eternal consequences. Hedonists should understand that if you don’t have children, euthanasia becomes inevitable.
    However, Christianity doesn’t have to be the (only) answer.

    Talking religion, not just the Arabs, but also the Europeans have Hagar as mother. When Ishmael beat the crap out of her, she fled to the woods of Europe, and had children that looked to Ishmael, the way Ishmael looked to Isaac. Hagar became the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

    Jews don’t have Hagar, but Sarah as mother. That is why Anti-Semites want to kill Jewish women, but “Islamophobes” want to seduce muslim women, make them apostasize, and often, impregnate them.

  15. To respond on a very pedestrian level I would say that the woman on the show was at least “dull normal” if not even more intellectually challenged than that. Where is it that you expect her to get an idea of morality or even what might be in her long term positive interest? From the schools, from the government, from her probably broken family?
    Back just one or two generations ago the church would have told her what is morally right and wrong and have provided her with an abstract idea of the consequences of actions that are almost sure to harm her and others (you will go to hell.)

  16. More Tao Teh Ching?

    Too many anti-theist bigots and too many believing in an idea of a God.
    But even an idea of a God is better than an idea of no-God, it is more realistic, more healthy.

    To realize that you do not understand is a virtue;
    Not to realize that you do not understand is a defect.
    The reason why
    The sage has no defects,
    Is because he treats defects as defects.
    He has no defects.

    When the people do not fear the majestic,
    Great majesty will soon visit them.
    Do not limit their dwellings,
    Do not suppress their livelihood.
    Simply because you do not suppress them, they will not grow weary of you.

  17. Funny how Dawkins dare not drive around with a sign saying there is probably no allah, so all you muslims lighten up for goodness sake!

    For anyone doubting the connection between marxism & atheism & the motivation behind the left’s attacking Christianity, I recommend reading Anne Applebaum’s book on Eastern Europe after WWII (specifically the chapter on “high Stalinism”.)

  18. Didn’t expect to see Jeremy Kyle mentioned on this blog in the same post as Richard Dawkins, that’s for sure. It’s very astute to link the secular, reckless hedonism of the proletarian masses with Richard Dawkins’ atheist utopia and expose it for the dystopia it really is.

    That being said, I don’t believe in God, I am not a Christian, and some of Richard Dawkins’ work on biology and evolution I do think is commendable.

    Science alone however cannot provide a moral code for humans to live by. Empirical data about the world only tells us what is out there, rather than how to do things the right way. Science is ‘spiritually bankrupt’.

    • Hi, I’m a atheist, I think anybody who believes in God or an after-life is nuts! Jus’ sayin.

  19. Modern advances in cell biochenistry have made the neo-darwin theories of the Fifties look somewhat pale, the mathematics just does not work (see Lee Spetner’s book “not by chance”) so little richard is looking for a new theory, probably based on aliens snd panspermia.

    We have a choice, we can look at what is happening now, or we can start theorising/fantasising about what happened ‘millions and millions’ of years ago (or was it “long ago and far away” ) The reality is that evolution remains a theory through lack of hard evidence.

    The ‘Physicalist’ camp had to redefine the word ‘science’ (knowledge) to include only things measurable in terms of the 5 physical senses, thus excluding anything metaphysical from being ‘science’ so ‘creation’ is not ‘science’, in doing so, they have also excluded ‘consciousness’ which cannot be defined in terms of the physical senses.

    We are all conscious of our consciousness, but we don’t understand how, for example, the colour red is represented in our brain, is it a chemical? or is it an intangible concept?

    Personally, I keep TORAH which is Yahovah’s instruction manual for creation, it tells me how His creation works.

    In the begining was TORAH, and TORAH was with God and TORAH was God, by it ALL things were made, without it was not anything made which was made.

    (word = Gr:Logos = Heb: Debar from LXX).

  20. All these scientific and theological reasons have some truth to them, but if you want to understand Evil all you have to do is sit by the window and watch your bird feeder for a while. (You do have a bird feeder, don’t you?)
    Then go online and look up information about Cowbirds and Cuckoos. They aren’t the only parasitic birds, but they are probably the best known species in Europe and North America.
    Read up on what they do, and then ask yourself “Where have I seen this behavior in the human world?”

  21. Oh, and one more thing. “The Effects of Atheist Propaganda Come Home To Roost.”

  22. It’s worth mentioning that there were no “marxist-socialists” on Jeremy Kyle yesterday morning, so far as I could make out. Just young people who were morally adrift, had no grounding whatsoever in their traditional culture or its values, and who knew no better than to run around “shagging” one another without thought of the consequences, taking drugs, and bleeding the taxpayer dry by signing on the dole and not working a day in their life (during those spells when they are not in prison.)

    Every one of them living according to the principle on the side of Richard Dawkins’ bus.

  23. “And I agree with Adam, the issue is more to do with a complete lack of common sense in our leaders and in our people who have been indoctrinated with marxist socialism, also they are deliberately breaking apart all of the nation states, so as to remodel society on their terms.” – Daffers D

    I think that some of the atheists on here have tried to divorce this from atheism, but history shows us that one of the projects of communism is to attack Christianity, so the two have always been connected. If our society is based on Judeo-Christian values (and even David Cameron acknowledges this is so) and the far left want to take our society over, then one of the things they will logically want to do is attack our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    As Anne Applebaum argues in her book about the Communist occupation of Eastern Europe following WWII, the reds didn’t want free thinking individuals to have a source of moral authority apart from the state – the state must be worshipped, nothing and no one else. Hence the persecution of Christians throughout the occupied territories by people like Julia Brystiger, aka Bloody Luna, a true believer and head of Department 5 of the MBP, who was known for her hatred of religion & her brutal interrogation tactics.

    In Britain today we may not have the likes of Brystiger walking around, but that doesn’t mean that the far left isn’t trying to undermine our Judeo-Christian heritage – they have been engaging in a “war of position” (in accordance with the teachings of Antonio Gramsci) in our country for many years. Look at the results of the 2011 census – the number of Christians is significantly less than in the previous census. That’s just a fact. Of course people like Adam may not personally be part of any such “war of position” – that’s a given. But if at the same time they can’t crack open the history books and put atheism into the correct historical and philosophical context, that’s just intellectual laziness. One might even say – sloth.

  24. Despite bleated denials, atheism is easily demonstrated to be every bit a faith-based religion as any other. It has its own scripturesque revelations which may not be questioned without persecution for heresy; its own priesthood (Dawkins for one); its own rituals and dogmas which may not be transgressed without suspicion or censure AND its own dire penalties for going outside the camp (meaning, apostasizing to theism). If that doesn’t describe a religion then nothing else is a religion, either. The starkest difference, though, is that while all other faiths will at least attempt to list benefits, reasons or evidences one should believe them, atheism doesn’t even try because it is morally sterile. It can only offer negative ‘proofs’ against all competitors; it has absolutely NOTHING positive in itself to offer potential converts except deluded indulgence in self-destructive iniquity, as this very article so ably demonstrates.

    Here’s something else to keep in mind. As inconsistely as many theists live according to the dictates of their chosen faiths, atheists are just as inconsistent – they simply do not even TRY to live consistently with what they profess to believe, which makes them even bigger hypocrites than the many theists who fail, but do try:

    “As a philosophy of everything [materialism] is an undeniable drag. As a way of life it would be even worse. Fortunately, materialism is never translated into life as it’s lived. As colleagues and friends, husbands and mothers, wives and fathers, sons and daughters, materialists never put their money where their mouth is. Nobody thinks his daughter is just molecules in motion and nothing but; nobody thinks the Holocaust was evil, but only in a relative, provisional sense. A materialist who lived his life according to his professed convictions-understanding himself to have no moral agency at all, seeing his friends and enemies and family as genetically determined robots-wouldn’t just be a materialist: He’d be a psychopath. . .Materialism can only be taken seriously as a philosophy through a heroic feat of cognitive dissonance; pretending, in our abstract, intellectual life, that values like truth and goodness have no objective content even as, in our private life, we try to learn what’s really true and behave in a way we know to be good.”

  25. Classic quote from Jeremy Kyle just now (Monday am) – “We’re going to have a baby next year … after I’ve finished my probation.”

    (No, I’m not watching it, I’ve got the tv on in the corner & am reading the subtitles while doing some research on my laptop & listening to Powerage through my headphones. Hey, I’m just relaxing and enjoying my life, don’t you know …)

  26. The morality of the British working class reformatted to the populists perception of an immoral British underclass, the last morality barriers of human associations swept away by the crass ultra-individualism of the nineteen-eighties.

    Atheism as propagated in the U.K. is a nihilistic delusion the usurpers stepping stone to false religion – islam as champion of human associations.


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