Defeating MyArabia

During the recent sectarian violence in Burma, the media widely reported what was happening as the “ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims by Buddhists”. Our Spanish correspondent Hermes presents a slightly different view of what is currently happening in Burma.

Defeating MyArabia
by Hermes

Last Sunday an article appeared at the online version of the German magazine “Spiegel” in which the author gave an account of the activities of a so-called “Buddhist neo-Nazi group” in the course of the recent unrest and clashes between Buddhists and Muslims which took place in Myanmar. As the well-informed reader may expect from the mainstream magazine of a land in which, according to the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, “whoever is not a social democrat ends in a madhouse or in another land”, the article was all but unbiased in its efforts to describe the situation in this South Asian country, pinning the blame exclusively on Buddhists, and portraying Muslims as the defenseless victims in need of all sorts of help.

The author of this article went into discussing the activities of the Buddhist self-defence group 696, and cited the words of the so-called “human rights activist” Maung Zarni, who called this self-defence group “the most dangerous Buddhist neo-Nazi group in Burma”.

A Buddhist neo-Nazi group in Burma? “The most dangerous” one? How many “neo-Nazi” groups are there in Myanmar, then?

Well, now we have just learned that non-whites can also be called neo-Nazis and be depicted as the most despicable and evil racists on earth if they dare to fight back against Muslim savagery and jihad targeting, in the case we are now dealing with, Buddhists in Myanmar. The leader of this group, a monk named Wirathu, is immediately dubbed “Burma’s Hitler”.

Again, we have just learned that people fighting against Muslim domination and opposing global jihad can be called “Hitler” regardless of their skin color, ethnicity or religion. The only thing which really matters is the utter vilification of Counterjihad activists.

We have already seen many paranoid and bizarre examples of this long-standing leftist tradition of harassing, defaming and ridiculing free-speech activists in the most cowardly and barefaced ways. The blogger Fjordman has also been defamed in the same way as Wirathu with the usual spectacular idiocies which one can always expect to hear and/or watch from the sort of left-leaning people who have from the very beginning left aside common sense and sanity. What is still left to determine is the level of paranoid hate the Left can express towards anybody who has the guts to protect themselves and their culture against the Left’s most beloved “oppressed group”, a group which has been oppressing (and massacring, enslaving, raping, beheading, etc.) people from all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and classes for over 1,400 years.

The author goes on saying that “Even if president Ye Hut plays down the issue by saying that Wirathu and his followers are just a small radical minority among the 500,000 monks in the land, this does not mean that this extremist group is not dangerous. Their racist messages are successful.

Well, apart from the fact that, if we stick to the original meaning of the word “racist” and ponder its meaning, then any normal person with a healthy way of drawing logical conclusions will immediately realize that Muslims are not a race (any person from any race can convert to Islam), it is clear that as in many other cases regarding self-defence against jihad, the word “racist” is used to scare you and others away from:

1.   Developing a willingness to resist Islamization. Because if you do, then you may automatically be turned into a “despicable racist”.
2.   Raising your voice in favor of the group of people which is in a given case having jihad practiced upon it. Would brainwashed people be willing to support a group which has been labeled as “racist” by the almighty MSM? And we all know that the word “racist” has, thanks to decades of intense leftist brainwashing, turned into one of the most powerful words on Earth. It is also the only weapon in the hands of the Left.

The article also depicts Wirathu as a criminal and a creator of conspiracies: “His credo was and is that the Burmese Buddhists must protect themselves against the ‘Muslim conspiracy’, because if not, then the country will turn Islamic at the latest in 100 years”. And another article goes on saying that “Wirathu’s rhetoric is flush with conspiracy and paranoia. He claims that Muslim merchants receive cash injections from Middle East oil state brethren and use these funds to undercut Buddhist rivals.”

Sound familiar? Has the concept of Eurabia also not been declared to be a hoax and a colourful conspiracy theory? Have those warning about Eurabia not been treated as paranoid mavericks and fuellers of “Islamophobia”?

Readers who still might not have had the opportunity to know more about Eurabia can check this and decide for themselves whether this thesis is fictional or not.

Well, as it later came out, all those unrests were ultimately caused (may I say “of course”?) by the Muslim owner of a gold shop, his wife and an employee, who have all already been convicted of theft and assault. It is a dispute at the gold shop in Meikhtila that is thought to have triggered the clashes between Muslims and Buddhists. Allegedly the problems originated because of a small piece of jewellery. A fight broke out, and according to the reports, the Muslim shopkeeper beat the Buddhist customer about the head. An attack on a Buddhist monk followed afterwards. The monk later died in the town hospital.

The hair-raising and astonishingly barefaced MSM lies about the so-called “Ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar” and the alleged brutalities of the monks which followed this are nothing to be surprised about, of course. In the words of Oswald Spengler: ““To-day we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery (the media) that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama.” These words are more valid today than ever before.

There is no hope at all for those who follow the MSM news to ever get even a tiny glimpse of objective truth. It is tragic indeed, and very depressing, for those who believe in freedom of information and unbiased news reporting.

Luckily enough, Wirathu has been given a voice at the Burmese online magazine “The Irrawaddy”. His declarations made to this magazine allow us to know the side of the story which the MSM so dhimmishly conceal:

“…I have been told about many cases, such as cases of fighting between Burmese and Muslims and rape cases of 4th- and 7th-grade girls. Most rape victims are students. Other cases are physical attacks and insulting Buddhism — to tell you the truth, there was a case of verbal abuse of monks. Other cases include illegal mosques; mosques and Muslim graveyards constructed without government permission. I’ve received over 50 such cases and I provided suggestions in over 100 cases. I told them to solve the cases in accordance with the law and most take my advice, even the senior monks. Everything is fine as I deal with the cases within the law. In our community, the real 969 [campaigners] do not use violence”.

This shows great contrast with what the article in Spiegel writes about him: “The radical monk is extremely dangerous. Because in the climate of fear and violence heated up by Wirathu […] our land will no longer be peaceful.”

But nevertheless Wirathu is very aware of the real danger. He says that “If you buy in a Muslim shop, then your money does not remain there. It will be used to destroy your race and your religion.” That is, the money spent in a Muslim shop (or at least a part of it) will inevitably be used to fund any of the various forms of jihad.

This economic aspect of the issue allows us to draw our attention to another important feature of Wirathu’s initiative. According to another MSM article:

This crisis is erupting in concert with the fast-spreading 969 campaign, which draws its code from a numerological arrangement of Buddhism’s core teachings. It is ostensibly a pride movement that urges Buddhists to patronize Buddhist shops. But the loudest proponents of 969, a set of nationalist monks, urge followers to avoid all shops unwilling to fix the 969 emblem to their storefronts. […]”

As one may have already guessed, this was dubbed as racist and nationalistic behavior, a sign of utter intolerance towards Muslims, a merciless “crusade” (it seems that the term “crusader” applies from now on not only to those of Christian faith; when it comes to “discrimination” against Muslims, certain words are suddenly granted an endless freedom of usage) against shops owned by Muslims. A Buddhist vendor was so daring as to declare that “‘Buddhists should go with Buddhists,’ he added, his eyes darting to a trio of Muslim men standing nearby and his voice lowering to an uneasy whisper. ‘And Muslims should go with Muslims.’”

I can almost hear beforehand the screams and curses leftist readers may eventually utter when reading this. Oh yes, some need nerves of steel in order to be able to overcome such “horrors”…

But, as always, the MSM forgets to convey the other side of the story, that which uncovers the full picture about the activities of the Burmese Rohingya Muslims.

Wirathu again: “Well, it is not the Burmese way, but a Muslim way and they do practice this [marking their shops with “786”]. So go around town and see how many Muslims visit Burmese shops. If they support their own shops, why won’t we Buddhists [Burmese] do the same? If we support our Burmese shops, we will not have problems and it cannot be that bad. Look what happened in Meikhtila; if people supported the Burmese gold shops then there would not have been an argument. [The unrest in Meikthila supposedly began as a fight between a Muslim gold shop owner and a Buddhist customer.] This kind of buying behavior doesn’t mean it’s discrimination. It can protect our people’s interests.”

So, after having been allowed to get the complete picture of the issue, one realizes that this 969 initiative was nothing more than a self-defence response to the initial intolerant and kuffar-excluding Muslim measure of marking their own shops with the “786” symbol. It is the Muslims in Myanmar who seem to have been the first to introduce this protectionist measure of supporting their own shops and excluding any commercial relations with Buddhist shops or customers, in this way excluding themselves from the rest of the kuffar Burmese population, which is a very logical way of behaving on the part of Muslims:

Sura 3:28 — Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination.

How interesting that none of this has been made public in the MSM…

And what is more tragic: if those Buddhist had followed the almost life-saving rule of do business only in Buddhist shops (oh, yes, sooo nationalist…), then nobody would have been hurt and no one would have died.

Neither Buddhists, nor Muslims.

And last but not least, let us have a clear picture of the religious situation of Buddhists in Buddhist Myanmar:

Buddhists are seen as kuffar in Islam, just as are Christians and Jews. But while Christians and Jews have a God and are considered merely “infidels” allowed to live in a Muslim environment as long as they pay the Jizya and willingly submit, Buddhists only have two choices: to convert to Islam or be killed. Jizya does not apply to them.

This is why Buddhists are at the top of Islam’s death list.

16 thoughts on “Defeating MyArabia

  1. The “786” Symbol on Muslim shops is a sort of war declaration:

    Sura 7, Vers 86 makes this very clear. It promotes a “protection” for Buddhists who for purposes of security lie on Muslims – but this sort of lies is very wished by the Devils since this increases momentum against other surrounding true Buddhists to convert to Islam – and it spreads the evil by taking double hits in the final statements: 1) Spreading some minor fear on Muslims who according to this vers also robbed Muslims – so this should “strengthen” the Umma from seperationistic movements – and 2) Attempt to seed maximum fear in Buddhists hearts for which they would have to “face” – or their children – if Muslims come into the Ruling positions ……. by the way: Which need not be a majority position ….. which can be seen in many Western European countries, which are already under Dhimmitude.

    The Quoran is in the Center of Muslim Thinking ……

    and for sure in this case Sura 78, Vers 6 does not apply, whereas Sura 7 tackles exactly what the Muslims situation is in Myanmar and it even “offers” the “Hedschra” alternative which is TO FLEE TO COME BACK AGAIN WITH DEVASTATING POWER.

    Islam itself offers so many strategies in IT INSIDE to tackle mutliples situations of defensice and offensive strategies that someone can write a lot and describe this and explain this quite thoroughly.
    If Muslims read this they GET REALLY HAPPY because their “Allah” is so “wise” ….. In their Muslims set of “feelings” and “brain synapsis” – close to Socialistic sets of Lies – they even congratulate each other for having such a clever “God”.

    As they have NO ISLAMIC MIND SET to tackle the very beginnings of Islam they do get nervous when this theme is shown that profound.

    This is what breaks Islam:
    By showing on the Quoran itself and its roots especially in one Gospel – the Matthewsgospel – from where the hypocrite mind sets of evilnesses were started into Quoranmaking —- in the first phase even argueable “somehow” less evil than which is in the Matthewsgospel …. this is which is deeply inside Muslims recognized and why they have this inner borders in their Umma unconsciounesses regarding truely open discussions with the sort of present (Constantin-Niceä) “Christians”.

    Muslims do feel the hypocrite fews of such (such as “Jesu” died for their sins…..) – but they DO NOT GO DEEPER INTO THE THEMES because THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO LOOK INTO THEIR OWN “MIRROR”, which is in means of self betrayal in so many situations even much more worse than present days Main stream Pseudo-Christianities believings……..

    But both are not that worse as those who reached quite some “intelligence” but on their main scale mind sets abuse it for evilnesses ……. which are the Socialistic minds.

    Look at what Obama did with his Kairo speech —- Obama who is by brain mainly Socialist and by Heart mainly Muslim with a portion of almost maximum self betrayal “in his tongue brain” of who the true Messiah really was and is.

    This monk Wirathu is in his sensing close to the truth of the true Holy Ever.

    Whereas the present Pope, who did not change which on the Second Vaticanum has been concluded, follows the path to Allah into the utmost darknesses ….. because official dogma of the Roman Catholic church is: Allah is also their God …. as is official teaching guide line in the Roman Catholic church (and others too) that the Matthew-Gospel (on which Islam was founded) is the MAIN GOSPEL ……. in fact, how true this is, if the leading sign is put as it is: In the MINUS, the destructing of all which is truely humanity.

    As many already know this knowledge and much more is substantial for true peace on this planet …….. still I wonder why at this time there is still no publisher which would help me to carry this knowledge out in a book

    • To the 786.
      There are quite a lot Quorans in Western Countries in which the first Standard Beginning Verse is counted (except Sura 9 which is without this Verse), which means that in such Quorans the Verse is on Sura 7 Vers 87.

      For example in Ahmadiyya Quorans.

  2. My wife is an Asian Buddhist. The lies put about by the Mahoundians about Buddhists are the same as those they propagate about everyone else who has the temerity to resist them. The gold shop incident was comparatively recent. The trouble originally erupted because a Buddhist girl was gang raped by muslims and , of course, this is core muslim behaviour. They will not stop doing it so the troubles in Burma will continue. In the meantime, take a look at some of the anti-Buddhist bile being poured out on English language pakistani websites.

  3. Buddhists have never conducted any form of “jihad” against Muslims, but Muslims did, because the duty of every Muslim to conduct jihad against kuffars is specified in the Quran and the Sunna:

    Surat At-Tawbah (The Repentance) – سورة التوبة :

    Sura 9:29 – Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

    By way of the Naskh, or Quranic abrogation, Sura 9:5, also known as the “verse of the sword” overrules dozens of peaceful (Meccan) suras:

    Sura 9:5 – And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

    Islam, a religion of peace? Muslims interpret the word “peace” in a very particular way indeed. And it is just out of cowardice that people keep on swallowing this fairy tale of peaceful Islam.

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  6. We went to Burma last December and were really impressed, because everyone we talked to is wide awake to the Muslim threat. The Buddhism there is strong, not watered down and secondary like in Thailand; the government has so far resisted the OIC pressure to establish an office there with its corrupting influence.

    Thanks to al Jizz, al BeBeeCeera and other corrupt propaganda outfits who promote the ‘oppressed Muslims’ trash, Western news consumers are totally misinformed. The recent smear jobs by Saudi paid HRW apparatchiks who whined about “Buddist militants” and “Nazi Buddhists” were appalling. A”Rohingya people” don’t exist, they are an invention by the OIC. It is quite obvious (and not even denied) that these people are illegal migrants and settlers from Bangladesh. These very same Bangla Muslims are also causing the trouble in neighbouring India, in Assam and Bhutan.

    Needless to mention that Bangladesh is a failed state like most Islamic countries, who then resort to jihad, raids, ghazli, on their neighbours. Burma would be well advised to spit at the UN and kick all these illegal Muslims out.

  7. The Buddhists of Afghanistan- the original inhabitants of the country before Islam invaded- learned this lesson the hard way.

    They no longer exist.

    And their surviving relics are still being destroyed.

  8. I would not trust what the Buddhists in Myanmar say about Rohingyas. I believe the Buddhists have been shameless indoctrinated by the dictatorial military junta, which perhaps knows its days are soon counted and wants to increase its popularity by hate speech against Rohingya Muslims.

    Muslims in Myanmar count 4 %. Do you really think this group could be any threat to the 89 % Buddhist population?

    Rohingya people have been living in Myanmar at least since the 19th century. Wikipedia:

    ”The origin of this group of people is disputed with some saying they are indigenous to the state of Rakhine (also known as Arakan, or Rohang in the Rohingya language) in Burma and others contending that they are Muslim migrants who originated in Bengal, latterly Bangladesh, and migrated to Burma during the period of British rule.

    British policy encouraged Bengali inhabitants from adjacent regions to migrate into the then lightly populated and fertile valleys of Arakan as agriculturalists. The East India Company extended the Bengal administration to Arakan, thus there was no international boundary between Bengal and Arakan, and no restrictions on migration between the regions. In the early 19th century, thousands of Bengalis from the Chittagong region settled in Arakan seeking work. In addition, thousands of Rakhine people from Arakan also settled in Bengal.

    The British census of 1891 reported 58,255 Muslims in Arakan. By 1911, the Muslim population had increased to 178,647. The waves of migration were primarily due to the requirement of cheap labour from British India to work in the paddy fields. Immigrants from Bengal, mainly from the Chittagong region, “moved en masse into western townships of Arakan”. To be sure, Indian immigration to Burma was a nationwide phenomenon, not just restricted to Arakan.”

    Do you really think everything above, which seems very well documented from long ago, is a lie made by an Islamic conspiracy?

    I fully believe the Rohingya history is a very old problem. It is Buddhist propaganda to say they do not exist. I would not call people who came over 120 years ago for immigrants.

    I remember already in 1979, when I was a child and it was the Children’s year, to have read a story about a Rohingya girl and her family persecuted by Buddhists. In that time, there was no ”multi-culturalist propaganda” one could accuse.

    And what is the big problem with shopping customs in Myanmar? Is it a crime if the Muslims go to Muslim shops and Buddhists to Buddhist shops? Of course it is sad they can’t visit each others, but why should it be a small minority’s fault?

    For sure, even a Rohingya can become criminal, as everyone. But the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar is a fact. I am not at all convinced by Hermes’s article, which is very close to hate speech.

    I do not generally take Muslim’s sides, but this time I believe they really ARE the victims. Even such examples exist in the world, although Muslims in their own majority countries often cause problems to people from other religions, like the Copts or Baha’is…

    • It’s OK as a history lesson, but it is immaterial how long Moslems have inhabited the area. What matters is that they are raping very young Bhuddist girls, attacking
      Other groups for no reason and generally getting on
      Everyones [case]. They have the same MO wherever they are in the World. Islam seriously needs to be banned and
      dismantled throughout the entire World. There is no other way.

    • Save your sympathy and empathy for the buddist who have had enough of the savage muslims in their midst, I say good for them and I am cheering them on. Wherever islam goes, problems always follow. It is only a matter of time when we here in the west say enough is enough and start doing what the buddist are doing. The muslims will push us too far and when they do, allah isn’t going to save them.

  9. “I believe the Buddhists have been shameless indoctrinated by the dictatorial military junta….”

    OR: The Buddhists just know FIRSTHAND what is good for the safety of their own people, religion, and country.

    “Muslims in Myanmar count 4 %. Do you really think this group could be any threat to the 89 % Buddhist population?”

    YES: Muslims started as a tiny minority which has butchered and murdered its way into a vast majority in Muslim lands. Under Mohammed, Muslims started out as a very small percentage of people in Saudi Arabia. By Mohammed’s death, Muslims ruled Saudi Arabia as a majority. Before Islam, the Middle East was populated by Christians and Jews and pagans. Nearly all are gone now, and violent intolerant Muslims ensure that those non-Muslims who remain are quite desperate to leave.

    “Do you really think everything above, which seems very well documented from long ago, is a lie made by an Islamic conspiracy?”

    NO: I think that past Britain sowed the seeds of the ruin of present Burma, as present Britain is sowing the seeds for its own future ruin now. The idea that Buddhists will fight for their own benefit and reclaim themselves from this ruin is a model to follow.

    “Is it a crime if the Muslims go to Muslim shops and Buddhists to Buddhist shops?”

    YES: It is a crime if the funds from Muslim shops are used to pay for maiming and murdering acts of jihad.

    “But the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar is a fact.”

    NO: Muslims ALWAYS claim to be persecuted – even as Muslims engage in violence and murder. Muslims wrongly insist that any and all criticism of Islam is persecution.

    “I am not at all convinced by Hermes’s article, which is very close to hate speech.”

    NO: I read the entire article which seemed reasonable to me. Only a practicing Muslim – or leftist enabler (a.k.a. useful idiot dhimmi) – would view this article as hate speech. Which are you?!

    “…Muslims in their own majority countries often cause problems to people from other religions, like the Copts or Baha’is…”

    YES: Well now, that IS an understatement. Muslims in their own majority countries often cause ‘problems’ to people from other religions? Who would have thought?! I guess that ‘problems’ is the new euphemism for genocide.


  10. I have no special knowledge of this situation other than what we have all seen in the news and sources like Wikipedia. I noticed this the other day in the UK Telegraph, that the Buddhists also feel threatened by the large family sizes of Muslims (who feel “Allah will provide”, which is ridiculous in an overcrowded world). See

  11. Only because Muslims generally are the guilty ones you do not even this time believe somebody else can also be guilty? And the Muslims the victims?

    I probably do not know any more than you other readers about the case. But remember that when you go to a country and meet people and listen to their stories, you get their point of view and prejudices. Nobody has talked to a Rohingya, have you?

    Think about Darfur. Ordinary Muslim village people persecuted by Janjaweed troops, also Muslims yes… but just replace the latters with aggressive Buddhists, and you have the Myanmar situation. Violence is not a thing which only Muslims practice. Sometimes here in Gates of Vienna you get the feeling that the Muslims are the only violent people in the world – and that they are always violent.

    Why can’t the Myanmar Buddhist majority and the Rohingya minority just live in peace? Why are they considered as ”illegal immigrants” if their ancestors arrived to Burma over 120 years ago?

    Can this Wirathu explain, why the Rohingyas do not get permissions for building mosques or graveyards? Perhaps the government does not allow those at all? What would you do at their (the Rohingya’s) place?

    Of course also possible Rohingya crimes shall be punished. But how many rapes have the Rohingyas committed? And how many violent crimes have been committed against them? Count. I bet there are a bit more persecutions against than from them. Or even more compared with their ratio.

    It is astonishing this website does believe the propaganda of the Myanmar military junta, which the whole world knows as a persecuting one. Ask Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Normally, you here are more critical. Why is it so impossible to believe a Muslim population could even once be an oppressed one?

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