Death to Bloggers Who Insult Mohammed

In Bangladesh, persons formerly known as “Islamists” are demanding appropriate punishment — that is, the death penalty — for people who insult Mohammed. In particular, they want to see blasphemous bloggers punished to the fullest extent of the (sharia) law.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report:

10 thoughts on “Death to Bloggers Who Insult Mohammed

  1. Mohammad was a thieving, raping, lying, mass-murdering, plagiarizing desert bandit who came upon a scheme to gain power- invent an Arab version of Judaism by stealing the core of the Old Testament’s stories, reworking them through the diseased funnel of his personal revenge fantasies, and then use it to attack the world with the imprimatur of his new deity “Allah” (Jaweh ‘rebranded’).

    Islam is a pastiche, a polyglot, a mish-mash, and a mess, which, according to Aiyesha, his child bride, was not even complete, since some who had memorized Mohammad’s sayings (he was illiterate)- that were to become the recorded “Koran”- had died in battle before their recollected pieces of the “book” were ever written down.

    Thus, the myth of the “perfect” Koran “received directly unchanged” from “Allah” is the fundamental Lie and ongoing deception foisted upon deluded Muslims by their cynical leaders.

    (The fact that an early Caliph collected “variant” Korans and had them all burned and then issued his own “orthodox” version as the “true” “Al Qur’an” (i.e.: “Recitation”) only makes the Muslim religious leaders’ claim of a “perfect” and “received from Allah unchanged” book one more layer of lies that expose this entire Deception as a world-historical fraud as shameless and monstrous as any every perpetrated upon humanity.)

    • Witches were fiction, but a lot of people died because of it.

      Fiction can be deadly.

  2. The unacceptable demands of Mahommedan fanatics cannot but force the peoples of the Western civilisations to address the appalling imbalance in our contemporary constitutional arrangements resulting in a serious shift in the nature and focus of the relationships between those who rule and those they rule, and soon. The threat posed by those fanatics may actually be a good thing for Europe and Oceania in the long term, providing the seminal crisis we need in order to reshape our societies to our liking rather than that of our masters.

  3. All I can say to the rabble who want the death penalty for people who insult Mohammed or their wacked out cult is GO AND GET ROOTED! you pretend to be a cult of peace, but you commit the worst of crimes in the name of one of the worst offenders of any and all crimes in history. Islam has no place in the modern world and those who think otherwise should crawl back to the caves or primordial sludge pitfrom you came from.

  4. How about ‘Death to Those Who Preach Death to Bloggers Who Insult Mohammed.’?

    Could be damn good start to the clean-up without even insulting their sky fairy, and nothing succeeds better than affirmative action 🙂

    S III

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