Cyberjihad in Spain

A Moroccan hacker group is waging cyberwarfare against Spain and other infidel nations. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for translating this report from yesterday’s El Confidencial Digital:

Moroccan hackers declare cyberwar on Spain: They have carried out 150 attacks already. They say: “We will be your nightmare, we will finish off your weak economy”

They call themselves “Moroccan ghosts”, and they have already attacked 150 webpages of Spanish enterprises, leaving messages on them in favor of the (Moroccan) Sahara and the king of Morocco, threats of “sinking” the Spanish economy and images of the Spanish flag in flames.

One of the messages they left on a website was: “Long live the Moroccan Sahara, may the Moroccan king live forever. You must know that we will not allow you to touch our home. We are here to defend our land, and the Sahara will be forever Moroccan. We will remain strong and united against anybody intending to harm our country.”

This group is beginning to be known throughout the world because of their massive attacks against webpages in the USA, South Africa, France and Israel, which are the countries most affected by their actions.

They attacked a large number of webpages in Spain this week. Among those affected are medical societies, business associations, foundations, airlines, foreign consulates and service networks.

“The civil guard is the only one to blame for the death of seven Moroccan immigrants in the Canary Islands […],” they said in one of their latest attacks after an incident happened between a civil guard sea patrol unit and a boat with immigrants on board, and in which seven of them died.

In other messages, this group shows even more aggression by making known their purpose of “destroying your weak economy.”

“You have always thought that our silence regarding your continuous mortal mistakes towards the Kingdom of Morocco and its great people was due to fear […] from the Islamic Al Andalus through the occupation of Ceuta and Melilla, the Canary Islands and the Perejil islet, to your unacceptable and barefaced intrusiveness in the Moroccan Sahara […] humiliations to Moroccan nationals in Spain and its borders, nor have poor immigrants been spared your atrocities.”

“You are nothing but criminals. We hereby say: we are the descendants of the heroes of the Arab and Islamic nation […] we will be your worst nightmare. We will destroy your weak economy by attacking your vital points,” they said recently in one of their attacks.

The message also included an illustration depicting two military-looking men carrying a flag with Arabic inscriptions on it and walking on a burning Spanish flag. A city in flames is also depicted in the background of the picture.

According to declarations made by the alleged leader of this group of hackers in an interview, the group was founded in 2012 and it was developed by young Moroccan computer specialist. Their goal is to “protect the country from its enemies and defend King Mohammed VI.”

They affirm that they have “no fear of being detained” by the Moroccan police, because they consider that they are defending the country, and they guarantee that if the Moroccan government asked them to, they “would end their attacks.”

11 thoughts on “Cyberjihad in Spain

  1. So, let’s recap; Long Live King Mohammed VI! What does that have to do with Moroccan immigrants trying desperately to flee from his rule to western Europe?

    “humiliations to Moroccan nationals in Spain and its borders, nor have poor immigrants been spared your atrocities.”

    Ah, now I understand… You want unfettered immigration for Moroccan immigrants to the western European gravy train. The reconstruction af Andalusa Spain and the control of the culture. Since 1492 was just yesterday and the country of Morocco has every right to control territory that they haven’t controlled for over 500 years!

    • So, let’s recap; Long Live King Mohamed VI! What does that have to do with Moroccan immigrants trying desperately to flee from his rule to western Europe?

      They try to escape to the West because the West is a rich sick woman in her nineties and we want to quicken its death to divide the countries among the true followers of Muhammad.
      Oh we will have them. Insha’allah

      • @matina: Nice example of sublime arrogance here. Please keep commenting, it gives us a bit of a larf.

        It just proves the points we are trying to make, please feel free to expend your religious energies here, we can then quote you and use your comments to add conviction to our arguements.

      • Matina, My mother always told me that if I did what you are doing I’d go blind. How’s your eyesight?

      • You have made a serious mistake. You think that Western civilization is totally dependent on technology and modernity.
        It’s not.
        It existed apart from these things for thousands of years, and it will exist apart from them if they are taken away.
        Aristotle never had a handheld.
        Jesus didn’t drive a car.
        And Anselm did not watch a tv, nor did Augustine own a radio.
        The West has integrity, and that truth is what you cannot stomach.

      • We don’t want a never-ending stream of moslem
        free-loaders in Spain or any part of the sane World. Your wonderful moslem countries need you so don’t even THINK of coming to Europe, if we need you we will call you.

  2. I watched an attack on a wordpress site, nothing sophisticated, detect the presence of wp-admin, then do a brute force attack against the password, keep at it until bored or cracked.

    So if you change your WP, Joomla etc. password to something strong (8+ digits including numbers, caps and ‘other’ characters, then you should be safe.

    There is nothing clever or esoteric about this, if you have a weak password, expect to get attacked.

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