Cross My Heart And Hope To Die…

And you know the next line:

Stick a needle in my eye.

Now that I’ve been there, done that, I can tell you that it’s not as bad as you might think. Or, more precisely, after a month of ocular hell, a needle in the eye was perfectly fine with me. And the incredibly bright lights they shine through your dilated pupils are actually worse than the needle.

I returned to the retinal specialist this afternoon, and he determined that I unfortunately do not have serous central choroidopathy (which tends to clear up on its own), but choroidal neovascularization, more commonly known as “wet macular degeneration”, in my left eye.

The good news is that it is treatable — which it wasn’t ten years ago. The bad news is that the treatment involves periodic injections through the sclera into the vitreous humor, indefinitely. So I will be returning in a month or so for more of the same.

According to the doctor, 95% of the people treated this way experience a stabilization of their condition, and a third see improvement. This means that I will be able to continue my Counterjihad activities at more or less the same level as now, after the effects of today’s activities wear off.

For the moment, I’m running on only three cylinders — and, mind you, this operation used to be a Lamborghini V-12. So I am being stayed from my appointed rounds, but within a day or so I should return to (the new) normal.

And yes: I’m aware of what happened today in Germany vis-à-vis Politically Incorrect and Die Freiheit. Translations are in the works, and will appear here (or at one of our affiliates) soon.

5 thoughts on “Cross My Heart And Hope To Die…

  1. Baron,

    My PVD scare is rather trivial in comparison. Western science is indeed marvellous.

    Good Luck

  2. OMG, mammy-daddy, mammy-daddy. You’re a brave man. Hope you’ll get the full benefit of the treatment, after all that.

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