Begging Tactics

A “Norwegian” visitor left an interesting comment on last night’s fundraising post. His nom de blog is Ahmed Tiggetaktikk, where the surname apparently means “begging tactics”. For those of you who are interested in such things, the IP address where his comment originated is

Since he wrote entirely in Norwegian, I didn’t approve his comment until just now, when I had the English version ready to post. Here’s the original Norwegian:

Hvordan er det å leve av å tigge? Hva gjør egentlig det med selvtilliten? Kan ikke du nå finne noe mer fornuftig å gjøre en å ødelegge hodene til mindre smarte mennesker. Du har allerede gjort nok skade på verden. Du mistet sikkert mange fans den gangen, når alle så hvor feig du var, men fremdeles klorer du deg fast i denne lille friplassen din. Mens du sikkert lever av familie og internett venner. Tekstene dine blir bare mer og mer preget av at du lever på sultegrensen i et iland, ha ha. For en møkkamann du er. Slutt og spre pisset ditt.

And the English translation, thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen. It seems to be at least partially directed at Fjordman, rather than at Dymphna and me:

How does it feel living from begging? How does that affect your self-confidence? Can’t you find something more sensible to do than destroying the heads of less bright people? You have done sufficient damage to the world already. You probably lost many supporters back then, when everyone saw what a coward you were, but you keep clinging to this little free space of yours. While you are probably living off your family and Internet friends. Your texts are getting ever more influenced by your living on the border of starvation in an industrialized country, ho, ho. For a man of darkness you are. Stop spreading your [urine].

The first question is pertinent. My answer:

It’s not fun to beg for a living. But, after seven years, you get used to it. You can get used to anything.

At the beginning it was daunting and scary, but by now it has become the normal state of affairs. This is simply what we do — we publish this blog the way a pumpkin vine makes pumpkins.

To answer the second question:

The discovery that hundreds of people want to help us out just so that we can continue doing what we do actually increases self-confidence. People decide to pay money to read what we provide, just as they would do with a magazine, except that in our case payment is quite optional — anyone can read our content for free, if they prefer.

The third question makes no rational sense, so I can’t answer it.

My intuition tells me that the rest of the comment was intended for Fjordman, so I won’t address it except to say this: yes, we may well have lost supporters “back then” — presumably meaning after Breivik’s massacre — but those who soiled their breeches and fled the battlefield at that point were summer soldiers, and not really committed to the cause.

The ones who remained are the stalwarts, and they have since redoubled their support for us, leaving us somewhat better off than we were before. Not able to buy that late-model Maserati just yet, mind you; but the wolf no longer hangs out on our doorstep.

Now I have a question for you, Ahmed: Why do you write in Norwegian on the comments of an English-language blog?

If you aren’t comfortable writing in English, feel free to switch to Arabic. I can get that translated, too.

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      • It is denominated in hot air currency. We’re supposed to bow down and kiss whatever part of his anatomy he proffers and then express our gratitude that Achh-med deigned to notice us while he explains that we’re miserable sinners and he’s… not.

        Maybe he will invite us for dinner to dine on state surplus food? I hope he’s offering oxygen masks so we can breathe in the rarefied atmosphere he inhabits…then again, if he notices our “Stand with Israel” armbands…maybe not. Well, too bad for him cuz them armbands are a small price to pay for all the drachmas Mossad sends our way.

        Sic ‘im, boys!

  1. Ahmed-ko… How can you blame others for what you do? You live off the Western countries like parasites. And because you don’t work and contribute anything, you are training to take over the Western countries as you have done to the Southern half of the globe from Morocco to Indonesia. And recently Latin/Muslim America and Australia.
    Gates of Vienna ‘s bloggers spend 16 hours a day wring, posting, redacting… to enlighten us about the stronghold that ‘s choking us slowly with the help of our “democratically-minded, multiculti” politicians. They (the politicians) are the real
    problem. They have no morals no principles. They want to ruin their own countries. And we don’t know why. And we can’t stop it.
    Because Gates of Vienna bloggers are enlightening us about the dangers awaiting us they deserve every penny and all admiration and glory. Defenders of truth. Defenders of the oppressed. Enemies of the oppressors. They are Haters of falsehoods.

    • Bill Keezer, you obscure an important point. It was not the determined few who remained with Gideon that prevailed over the Philistines, but something far less intimidating. Gideon prevailed, not because of the strength and courage of his army, but because the battle belongs to the Lord. God intentionally reduced and weakened Gideon’s army so that men would understand the true source of victory.

  2. The whole thing is based on an article in Aftenposten, one of Norways biggest newspapers. They had an interview with the author of a book about Fjordman. The heading was that Fjordman was funded by right wing extremists in USA. Later, the same day, this was corrected and removed on the internet version of the newspaper. However, if you buy the newspaper, you don’t log in to the same newspapers website to read the articles you just read. So, most of the readers still belive that Fjordman is funded by wacko americans.
    This mail was directed to Fjordman and not you. The style is typical norwegian left wing, with virtually no substance, valid arguments and foul language. The fact that he posted a norwegian comment on this site, just shows the ignorance.

  3. Practically everyone I know who stands in the breach opposing the gale destroying Western Civilization is living hand-to-mouth, from readers’ donations, from odd jobs after hours of pro bono blogging, or from depleting a dwindling store of savings. There are at least ten more areas of this humonguous destruction, beyond Islamization, yet it’s all the same pattern. Why there is no massive support from rich donors, funding for a permanent economically sound infrastructure etc, is easy to understand once you examine history. Read the Biblical prophets, the Gospels, the early reformers and principled dissenters of Christianity (Jan Hus, William Tyndale etc), the anti-Bolsheviks among the Bolsheviks, the anti-Nazis among the Nazis and so on. ‘Tis the eternal wheel of humanity. We nerver learn until it’s too late. Ahmed here is just an archetype, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he were a white Norwegian.

  4. Comments of this kind are those who make one even more commited to the cause than before.

    It is quite easy (and coward) to talk barefacedly when one stays in the side of those who dictate. The typical case of the people who blindly follow The Leaders and lick their boots and wait for bones to fall from the table of their masters (if you guess what I mean :)). The brave ones are those who stand (and remain) firm to their own ideas and opinions, which in itself is an extremely daring and brave behavior in this orwellian world we live in now. It is these kind of people who have given shape to the world. The coward and subservient ones disappear without trace in the drain of history.

    I guess this message of this Ahmen whatshisname is just a way for him to get extra points at his masters by showing his blind commitment to them: “Dear dear dear master, look what I have written! I deserve a gravy one for this!

  5. “You might as well question why we breathe. If we stop breathing, we’ll die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.” — Victor Laszlo, Casablanca

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