“Bangladesh Will Burn”

The following news report shows a massive demonstration in Dhaka demanding that four atheist bloggers be executed for insulting Islam.

The TV announcer seems not to have heard the new rule forbidding the use of the word “Islamist”:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on ““Bangladesh Will Burn”

  1. Take a look at Marine Le Pen being interviewed on the lack of freedom in the EU on Russia Today and other matters. The EU might, hopefully, be on its way out and the attempts by the banksters, big corporations and Marxists to create their New World Order before they can get to the next stage, union with the US. However, I see another danger looming. Is the meeting on trade between Merkel and Putin part of a two-pronged attempt ( the other being Cameron’s passage to India) to link up the EU with the BRICS countries which are now forming a trading bloc?

    Le Pen was also good on multiculturalism, immigration being used to force down wages as it has both in Europe and the US and cultural enrichment. I assume that readers already know that pork is not allowed to be served in French schools?

  2. Come for me then – I’m in the twilight of my years so have little to lose. Islam is a fake religion. It was founded by the seriously amoral mohammed – a robber thug who liked little girls. He liked little more than killing those who refused to join him. He STOLE their possessions, keeping 20% for himself, and raped the wives of those he killed.

    When “caught out” he suddenly had another “visit” from Gabriel to justify his actions.
    He made dogs “haram”. Might that be because most dogs sense badness?

    He forbad the worship of persons but you idiots still worship this protection racket gangster.
    Do you really believe that a “merciful” god (Allah according to you) would be so narcissistic as to demand that other humans must be killed? IF so then you are deluded idiots. An omni – powerful God wouldn’t need mere humans to fulfil his/her wishes. IF s/he demands that then s/he is a totally sadistic twat – but YOU worship him or her nonetheless.
    72 virgins? Has anyone, physical or spiritual, proven that? Thought not.

    There. Is THAT blasphemous enough for you? I could say more. Come and get me. You will but I promise that I will finish 4 of your lives before you get me. Better I shall have people standing by who will bury the fallen in pigskin before islam oriented police turn up. And Oh Mo STOLE and corrupted hebrew and christian scripts to suit his purpose. Bring it on idiots.

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