Anjem Choudary Visits the Tundra

Note: the following post is not an April fool joke.

The notorious Ilford firebrand Anjem Choudary took a road trip across the frozen wastes of Northern Europe (no, I’m not exaggerating — have you seen the latest news reports from the Baltic?) to visit his brother mujahideen in Finland.

Over the years we have come to expect the most entertaining harangues from Mr. Choudary, and, sure enough, he didn’t disappoint us in Helsinki. He told the “Finns” in his audience what he tells listeners in Britain, France, Belgium, and all the other European countries he visits: that sharia law is coming to Europe, whose inevitable fate is to be ruled by Islam.

Below are excerpts from a YLE report on the event:

British Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary told a gathering in Helsinki last week to be proud to be considered terrorists.


Choudary was in Helsinki last Thursday to speak at a secretive gathering held to mark the tenth anniversary of the jailing in Norway of Kurdish radical Islamist leader Mullah Krekar.

Last week, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) confirmed to Yle that it was aware of the gathering. A Supo representative also told Yle at that time that it has long been known that there are increasing numbers of individuals in Finland with links to radicals.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Choudary spoke to 60 Kurdish immigrants, telling them to “rise up” and predicted the Islamic flag would one day fly over the Finnish parliament building.

He told his listeners to be proud of being considered terrorists. Choudary also said that being called radicals means that they do not compromise.

A 2.5 hour video of the address was posted on YouTube.

On the Finnish blog Otsikko, Junes Lokka has posted a transcript of the English-language portions of Anjem Choudary’s address. Much of the text is the usual Anjem boilerplate, but some choice passages are worth excerpting:

Wherever we find nowadays, my dear brothers, my sisters, we see that allah is testing the umma. But allah said in the koran:


Do not feel down, do not feel depressed: you are the best if you are believers.


Islam is superior and will never be surpassed. So as Muslims, yes, we suffer: this life is the place of test. This is the samaan of intila, of tamhis. Allah will test you with your family, with your health, with your wealth and he will as well test you with an enemy over you.


therefore our objective, my dear brothers, is not to establish our deen in our home or only in Finland or in Britain, but the whole world must be governed by the shariah


Therefore, my dear brothers, we believe, in our heart, we have the akiid, that one day the whole world will be governed by the shariah and islam.

Even this Eduskunta, this Parliament of Finland will one day have the flag of la ilaha u illalaa over it.

[yleisö: Allahu akhbar!]


Eventually, my dear brothers, the kuffar, they will pay much money, they will spend much effort, but they will lose. This is the destiny for them, because Allah has promised victory to the believers.

So, my dear brothers, you can see around the world, in Europe they have the occupied phenomenon: they are fed up of democracy and freedom and liberalism. They have a lack of housing, poverty, alcohol, drugs, they have no ambition in the West. If you look at Britain, your income does not meet your everyday living expenses. The elderly have to choose between gas and electricity and food in the winter.


the same, my brothers, in France, in Finland, in many countries in the West.

In the East what do we find? We find the Arab spring, allahu akhbar. We used to have demonstrations 20 years ago where we used to say: “down, down Mubarak” and, subhan allah, Mubarak fell. And Ben Ali fell, and Khaddafi fell, and inshallah Bashar al-Assad will fall, and will fall, and will fall, and Maliki will fall

And all of them will fall and allah will replace them, inshallah, with the khalifa implementing the shariah and declaring jihad mubada.


My dear brothers and sisters, alhamdulilla the Muslims are rising all around the world, and it is because of this that the kuffar feel the threat. For decades, for generations, they kept the Muslims silent.

They destroyed … the 3rd of March 1924 [the abolition of the Caliphate by Kemal Ataturk].

They thought that was the death nail in the coffin of the Muslims, but allahu akhbar, wherever we look around the world, the Muslims are in a state of revival. They call it for the khilafa and those people who speak the truth, who call for the shariah, who say that the jihad is obliged to liberate our land, who say that we must be united together…


So you should be proud: when they say “terrorist”, that means you are practicing when they say radical, that means you do not compromise when they say extremist, that means you follow…


The shariah was implemented in Spain for over 800 years.

When the British in England were throwing their feces out of the window, they had running water in Spain.

They had … they had hospitals, they had libraries, they had pavements, they had street lights. Over 4,000 books in just a house of a normal imam …

400,000 books in the main library in Cordoba.

The French had at that time in their own library 50 books; 45 of them were bibles.

This is the difference between our own history.

They talk about the Dark Ages… Dark for them, very bright for us, as Muslims!


We will establish the shariah wherever we are. You are part of a global ummah, my dear brothers. Together we can be strong, together we can eliminate enemies…


how about we establish the khilafa as gift for our children as gift? Isn’t that better?

Hat tips: For the YLE article, Fjordman; for the Otsikko post, KGS.

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10 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary Visits the Tundra

  1. And if this same reasoning were voiced in support of western culture in northern Europe that person would be tried for hate.

  2. They talk about the Dark Ages… Dark for them, very bright for us, as Muslims!”

    his ignorance is only eclipsed by his ego.
    the so called dark ages were only called that due to the belief that there occured a social and economic collapse at that time.
    this, in turn, arose out of a lack of formal study of that time.
    subsequent studies show that the darks ages never actually happened.

    “When the British in England were throwing their feces out of the window, they had running water in Spain.”

    but no where else in islam.
    they inherited those advances.
    the only thing the musturds have created is the qu’ran and even that was based on the work of others.
    the musturds are trying to go back to that golden age.
    i wish them luck.

    • It was not a golden age at all according to Emmet Scott in his recent
      book ”Mohamed and Charlemane Revisited”. It was a time of total uncertainty in Al Andalus and most of the Mediterranean Basin because Islam was there. Just look at anyone from Spain, you can see the Semitic / Bedouin look in their features. The Spanish natives were regarded like the fruits of the trees by the followers of the Religion of Peace.

  3. “If you look at Britain, your income does not meet your everyday living expenses. The elderly have to choose between gas and electricity and food in the winter.”

    unlike the scum choudary who does nothing for his money.

    • He is of course making an absurdly simplistic generalization. I wonder if we should have a contest to find the most imaginatively condign punishment for him (something para-Islamic, perhaps?).

  4. It is dangerous, that you talk about Finland being a muslim country.
    That will never happen. We are good friends with Russia now and Russia hates muslims.

    Everybody hates muslims. Islam is the most hated cult in the world.

  5. I assume that he is still there in Finland and not been let back into Britain? just joking. Most people in Britain probably didn’t even realise there were muslims in Finland but then they would be shocked to discover that Norway has a Pakistani minister. There are muslims everywhere now within a very short space of time, even Argentina. As for Cordoba, the Romans had running water before the muslims didn’t they and what caused the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    Anyhow, cheer up, Nigel Farage of UKIP is now the most popular leader in Britain. This does not say much as Messers. Cameron, Clegg and Milliband and held in such low esteem. And Geert Wilders’ party is leading the polls in the Netherlands. If only UKIP could garner in the Labour voters as they are trying to do and stop them voting for the party that hates the indigenous working classes then we might be making similar progress.

  6. The man is a joke, a parasite who lives off the people despises. I think the Finnish government should have locked him up for sedition. The others who attended this cabal should be deported to their countries. They want what western countries have but don’t want to be part of them. It’s time they were made to understand accept it or get out!!!

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