And Now… The Backlash!

The lone wolf suspect with unknown motives who represents no great religion has been captured in Watertown and is now in custody. The time has come for America to begin the healing process, and the Council on American Islamic-Relations is first out of the gate with an appeal for moderation and restraint, weighing in against those who might think ill of American Muslims:

Update: I switched the embed to Vlad’s augmented version, which includes his commentary.

18 thoughts on “And Now… The Backlash!

  1. What’s the over under on having to add all the variants of Tamburlaine to the coefficient measurements? Regardless, for all my friends in the old stomping ground of Boston….Wicked Pissah!!

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  3. It’s coming out that the Russians notified the FBI about perp #1 and his travels to hook up with the Islamists in the ‘stans.

    Naturally, they filed it.

    They fit the psychological profile of Islamist fanatics to a tee.

    It now appears that some of those who knew them did NOT come forward when their pictures were put in the public domain…. Which, BTW, was done w a a a a y too slowly.

    One of the victims identified perp #2 days ago — while the internet public was still left trying to figure who’d done the dirty deed; meaning that officialdom stretched this out because it wasn’t fitting their template.

    If the photos had been released earlier the rampage might have been avoided. As it was, the perps were let to know that they’d been ‘made’ — while the public was left with two wolves in the fold — and the perp’s support group was still able to function.

    (Until they were fingered, it was easy for them to ask their friends to run errands and stay out of the public view. With enough craft, they might have been able to escape entirely, duping everyone they met.)

  4. I read a report to the effect that perp 2 had been taken to a Jewish hospital. Poetic justice?

    • is a good place to get current totals. For historic numbers, a total estimate of about 270 million is often heard, with the single biggest piece of that in India.

      • No: Estimates amongst history facts collectors range as high as 700 millions being directly murdered or indirefctly killed by Islamic Ideology.

        On a contintental scale the most murders and “side-killings” happened in Africa: Estimate about 130-140 Millions.
        In the “Indias” (meant because India included once Pakistan and Bangla Desh – “tributes” to Islamic conquerings….) were death tolls between 80 to 90, 95 Millions.

        Which are “side-killings” ? For example: When Muslim Slave catchers came into the rural villages they took the strongest and let behind the eldest and the youngest … which led amongst the souls there to much stress and often to deaths.

        There are several “big gaps of unknown counts” in history about Muslims causing death, for example there is almost none infos about the Islamic Golden Horde …….

        For sure this is to write: No other Cult brought that much murder on this planet as the Cult of Mohammed.
        Second the “Marxist” Cult with his mentality seeing Souls as a sort of robots (romantically entitled as “heroes of work”) having caused alltogether about around possibly 200 ? Millions deaths …… I am counting Hitler as a Socialist to those. Hitler openly denied to be Marxist – he even cursed publically at him- but he DID THE MARXIST THING in a sort of covered manner for he did not stole companies. He only put his political staff there who were the true directors then !
        The point is: As Marx was a Jew Hitler could not openly say that he admired him. The name alone makes it already clear: National Socialist German Workers Party. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei.

        Back to main theme:
        Both influtential Promoters of WW1 and WW2 were absolute Islam Admirers.

        Emperor Wilhelm and also Hitler. Maybe Wilhelm more than even Hitler….. the underlying reasons for this have to some extent to do with the Begin of the Islam which originated from the Matthewgospels evilnesses.
        If souls tend to “love” the evil they do not stay with the hypocrite agenda of the Matthews Gospel but tend to go to the results of open evilnesses which are the projected end results out of the Matthew Gospel and can be found in Islam.

        The unconscious knowledge of this indeed hinders much “Westerners” to clearly act against Islam …..

        Finishing the root of Islam is finishing Islam !

        • … so from the logic point of view and somehow strange to say: WW1 and WW2 should be at least to some degree also openly connected at least in part with Islam.
          Hitler had three SS Divions from Muslims! And especially which Amin al Husseini did eventually Millions of Jews would not have been murdered when Amin al Husseini would not have interfered ….. sure Hitler had also other “reasons” to change the KZ to Massenvernichtungslagern, but it is open of these reasons alone would have made him to think the way as Amin al Husseini had driven him to think….

          From a very spiritual views some can even say that Muslims themselves did not can “get” >Europe< on a large scale and for ongoing times until INSIDE Europeans "have been gotten" by Islam….

          The fine point is: They – the "outside" Muslims and their European traitors against European heritages will be stopped again ……. and this time for ever, since to get free from the Original Lies would stiffen Europeans Minds for truth …….. which is true love.

          That`s for which Life is all about. True love …… its the strongest and only effecitve "weapon" against Islam and hypocrite Messages as the Matthews Gospel, "Das Kapital" and so on ……

          "They" took already the Gates of Vienna …… but they have to end their lies at the Gates of "……….." .

  5. ISLAM: Terror starts here.

    Which our leaders would know if ONE of them… just one… ever bothered to READ THE KORAN.

  6. Never forget the true victims, the eternal victims – the hardworking (doctors and nurses) Muz.

  7. Islam is a spiritual-intellectual eboli virus on steroids. It kills creativity, compassion & culture wherever it infects … the head, a heart or homeland.

  8. Notice how Muzlims say Musslim when referring to their ‘religion’. They must think it sounds softer pronounced that way.

  9. Every other page of the koran either proclaims muslims to be superior to the unbelievers or to be oppressed by the unbelievers. It is the muslim mind-set. Even when they are setting off bombs to kill those who stand in their way, muslims see themselves as victims.

    The first time I read the koran, it was this pattern, above everything else, which leapt out at me.

    Muslims need to take a good, critical look at themselves. Not that they ever will. No muslim is allowed to criticise another in front of the unbelievers.

  10. Didn’t watch the video. To impressed by the body language in the picture. Who is representing the religion the murderers come from?

    Who is cringing in shame?

  11. I prayed for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last night that he might realize that he had no chance of escape, that he would take no more lives, that his family would not have to mourn his death. Thank God for hearing my prayer.

    Today, I am done. I’m tired of trying to come to terms with all the possible motivations of terrorists.
    I don’t care.

    There is a line in the Toby Keith song Beer for my Horses, “You got to draw a hard line”. I think I did that today. My line has finally been crossed. After 9/11, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Times Square bomber, the underpants bomber, the shoe bomber, etc., etc., I’m not trying to figure it out any more.
    I’m not signing up for that; that job belongs to the Muslim community.

    Muslim Community: this is your problem and responsibility. I expect you to find out what is going on in your neighborhoods; who is speaking and what he is saying in your mosques, who is an influence on your members. I expect you to take a good look at those organizations who represent you: are they a benefit or a liability? I expect you to encourage your community members to join in the life of the country in which they live. I expect you to promote the values as stated in our U.S. Constitution and that of the state in which you reside. I expect you to respect the rights of others, including their religions. I expect you to stop your unreasonable demands for others to comply with the tenets of your religion. I expect you to fit in to local communities just like Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Hindus and others. No more Interfaith gatherings focused on understanding Islam, we are just not that into you. However, when you want to learn about other religions, I’m sure you are welcome to do that if you just ask. But for my part, I’m not going to waste any more time on you.

    I’m sick of your coreligionists murdering, burning churches, attacking women and children, and charges of blasphemy, etc. The claims of Islamophobia are particularly galling. A phobia is an “irrational fear”; we are not paranoid, we understand and do not underestimate the danger inherent in Islam as practiced. It has been proven, there are no doubts. I do understand that immigrants frequently have great difficulty assimilating into American culture. I can understand that; I couldn’t fit into the culture of Afghanistan. I would have to leave if possible. I believe that would be an intelligent choice for me. I wouldn’t try to make that culture fit my norms, I’d just leave.

    So, if my readers believe their “line” has been crossed and they feel like I do, just stand up. Go ahead, take a stand. We’ve tried and failed–enough. It’s up to them, not us. I am not advocating anything other than an attitude on both sides: one of “done/over”, and one of “yes, this is our problem to solve”.

    I was never PC, but now I really don’t care. See ya, I’m done!

  12. The Obama lie speech:

    Obama speech: Our nation is in debt to the people of Boston

    WHY should feel Americans to be in debt to the people of Boston ????

    From an hypocrite Islamists views – as Obama is – the “killed” were to some degree “sacrifices for Allah”.
    From Obamas wishful thinking the Bostoners (should) subjugate to Allah. As “Bostoners” – at present – did not decided to get free from Islamic pressures Obama`s sight is: The Bostoners DID submit in one way to Allah ……..
    This is seen by Obama as: The Bostoners gave an example of how to react “properly” to Allah`s attempts to subjugate Americans …. and therefore all other Americans are “in debt” because Allah chose the Bostoners to give the “example”.
    So because of this “all other Americans” should feel in debt because the Bostoners “took this on their shoulders”.
    …and if they decide not to do so: Bostoners themselves would come into debt to “Allah” and “would become responsible” if Allah has to bomb elsewhere to submit all Americans ……

    Thats the only plain reasoning which can be made from Obama`s words… knowing his agenda and his backgrounds.

    No true feeling for Non-Muslim Americans – only Lies to make THEM – the Americans – FEEL GUILTY !

    This follows the Islamic view that ALL NON MUSLIMS are traitors to Allah and must be submitted.

    So: Tchechenian Muslims do murder and wound peoples …. and Americans should feel ………. debt !

    Amongst the many double tongueing of Obama there came a moment where he was forced to make it quite open – HOW HE FEELS DEEP INSIDE.
    It was the phase in time, where he felt “so secure” that “no other than the Umma Souls can “understand” his cynisms.” that he “played the Devil openly.”

    Obama: “Certainly we think of Krystal Campbell, we think of Ling Tsu Lu, we think of little Mark Richard (playing extreme sadness….) Their lifes reflected all the diversity and beauty of our country. And they were sharing a great American experience together.” …….. very long Pause……… the longest in the whole Speech…..

    When everyone straight forward human thinks about the bombings………….. Obama comes with “sharing a great American experience together”….. which is the utmost cynical sight of this happenings and WHICH CAN ONLY COME FROM A HEART WHICH IS DEEPLY CONNECTED TO THE “ALLAH TEACHINGS”.

    The underlying Stream of Obama could be close to this:
    “Believe that this was good for you (Americans) and be happy that Allah did not kill many more ……. submit to Allah”.

    The story of the Texas Accident must have been a sort of relief for Obama ….. even if this from Islamist view has to bee seen ALSO as Quadr and Quada (Predestinantion and Knowledge of the “Future”), but for all Non Muslims he “needed” not to lie about this ……. since for Non Muslims such apparently is not seen as if there was any “Islam involments”

    …….for Muslims – indeed – the Texas Accident was “only another punishment of Allah” to Americans.

    Such is their “world sight” …. and Obama´s.

    They have no true feelings in their hearts…… they have core Quoranic feelings which have been produced by their core Quoranic programmes in their heads.

    And those “mind sets” are so stable that even the knowing of molesting the child Aischa and how many more ? cannot bring such away from the man who did so …….

    …..but if their looks are brought to how the Islam began, their mindsets starts to be crumbled at the very basis.

  13. … and to differ this also out: The only “debt” Americans and the majority of Bostoners have is to THESE Bostoners – Helpers at the bombers scenes, Rescuers, Doctors, Nurses,…….. and Police, FBI, Privateers ….- who helped and succeeded to catch those Murderers… …….

    … and as shown above I would not call this “debt”, no one straight human minded would this call “debt”.

    There is a word which hardly comes out of Islamic hearts and this is the simple word: Thanks !

    But as you read before ….. Obama´s Agenda was another than honoring the Souls who were – from his views – “more or less against Allah”.

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