6 thoughts on ““A Woman on her own Radical Jihad”

  1. Wonderful. Judge Jeanine’s commonsense needs to be spread far and wide, and not just in the USA.

  2. Jeanine Pirro’s of the people straight talk hints at a complex observation, that is JIM profiles appear to be afforded privileged passage in navigating real world social networks and institutions. Those privileges are closed and most of the time are invisible to Joe Public whom only gets a momentary hint of the social wormholes when they suffer the consequences of jihad and the subversion of their public institutions.

  3. Bravo, Judge Jeanine! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear this straight talk more often? Preferably from someone in government? Someone who had some actual power. I long for the day.

  4. Wow, this lady tells it how it is, vote her in for president, or can we have her here in the UK?

  5. Indeed; I hope she’s poltical. Turn her loose on some high-profile malignant leftist to chew up and spit out on prime time. Make her day.

  6. Yes, your honor. Hear, hear!

    And the number of American judges who truly deserve to be called “your honor” dwindles by the day.

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