A Slap on the Wrist

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the culturally enriched perpetrator of a particularly horrific rape who was in effect sentenced to just four years in one of those nice, airy, well-appointed Norwegian prisons.

The translator has this to say about the case:

Here’s another sad reminder of some of the horrendous consequences of the disastrous EU/UN-driven immigration and asylum policy that the Norwegian authorities have adopted.

These victims were raped three times: first by the perpetrators when they attacked them; secondly by the courts when one of these animals was sentenced to only 6½ years in prison — which in theory only means four years; and last but not least when the authorities who have allowed this madness to take place in all likelihood rape them again by refusing to deport the monster upon his release from prison, on some perverted pretext that it would constitute a violation of this animal’s ‘human rights’ to be removed from Norway.

I wonder how many of the Norwegian rape victims have contracted HIV and other life-shortening diseases as a result of these heinous crimes.

The translated article from Aftenposten:

Rapist is sentenced to six and a half years in prison

The Iraqi man (35) arrived in Norway in 2003. Now he has been convicted of sexual assault twice.

The 35-year-old Iraqi has now been sentenced to six and a half years in prison and ordered to pay NoK 300,000 in damages after he was arrested for participating in a gang rape in Slottsparken [the park surrounding the Royal Palace] in October 2011.


The 35-year-old also committed a particularly degrading rape at Rådhusplassen [the town square] in November 2005.

On that occasion he raped a 27-year-old woman behind some pallets with granite slabs. When the victim resisted the man put his hand over her mouth and nose and told her that he would kill her.

The woman who was raped in Slottsparken told police that she was raped by several men and that she feared that she would be killed.


She is unsure of how many men who raped her, but she knows that none of the rapists used condoms.

As a result she was given HIV prevention drugs and pregnancy termination medication.

The relationship with her fiancé came to an end and she attempted to commit suicide after the ordeal Today she is afraid to meet men with foreign appearances.

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12 thoughts on “A Slap on the Wrist

  1. The last line in the translation is a healthy dose of reality. Pity the feminist movement brought women like her to near suicide rather than arming them with the power to defend herself.
    I am not sure what to call these criminals: even maggots perform a useful function: they clean up [ordure].

  2. Hey Baron, what the heck happened to all those Scandinavian Hell’s Angels gangs that were described as a reactionary force against the Muslim invasion?

    • Where are the Vikings now who actually gave their women a great deal of equality and respect. Not quite sure if they did the same for the women here in England, although they managed to find wives easily enough after they had killed off or seen off the opposition. It is said that it was down to the fact that they took a bath every Saturday and smelled sweeter than the local Saxons. However, in those days, practised by both Anglo-Saxons and Vikings the punishment was often the severing of noses, ears and anything else that was protruding. Don’t think the Hell’s Angels would get away with it these days but it would mean these New Norwegians couldn’t rape again!!

    • The Hell’s Angels were destroyed by the Government. The Governments all over Europe, Canada and Australia, will make sore that no power or group will oppose Muslims and Islam. Just look how these governments are helping Muslims and Imams demolish churches and instead build Mosques. It is the government and their inaction that is raping native people. That’s the problem. Now she is afraid to meet foreigners! She spend her whole life donating to foreigners in Asia and Africa and weep over their fate. Nice and kind people hahahahahaha. But not for their own people. Scandinavians don’t even talk to their neighbors or have eye contact but they will sacrifice their lives for the Pakistanis, Afghanis and their beloved coreligionist the Palestinians.

  3. What is it about Western feminists that make them protect rapists, robbers and [reprehensible persons] like that?

    Do they really hate us ( Western men ) so much?

  4. Only when Norwegian society has had a gutful of these filth, and start reacting will things change. Only a social/liberal government would willingly put it’s children and young women at risk of violent rape by strangers to prove HOW non-judgemental and “inclusive” it was.

    These are very sick and dangerous people.

  5. @Vinny
    I can’t monitor Scandinavian news, but at least one or two of the brief stories on the bikers as a counter force to Islamists took place in Germany and turned up on GoV. Since then, I monitor the news sometimes for news of the biker gangs. Sadly, the criminally minded Muslims are just as good at “integrating” (infiltrating) as their more law-abiding compatriots. There are now (Turkish-Albanian) Muslim biker gangs that are terrorizing whole areas–as in Baden-Würtemberg. And at least a couple instances of Hell’s Angels with Muslim members. So that line of defense may have been illusory. Sorry.

  6. “Today she is afraid to meet men with foreign appearances.”

    She actually said this? Sounds like Islamophobia to me. We’ve got to stop these “hateful utterances” on the internet, you know. 6.5 years in jail ought to re-educate her.

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