A Muslim Brotherhood Mosque in Copenhagen?

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from Rights.no about the new mosque being built in Copenhagen.

The translator includes this note:

It turns out that Qatar is backing the project with DK 100 million.

The final paragraph in this article refers to the mosque in Tromsø which was stopped — believe it or not, by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre — with the argument that as long as churches can’t be built in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis can’t expect to build mosques in Norway.

The translated article:

The Islamic Council is financially supported by Qatar

One of the world’s two Wahhabi states, Qatar, is financially backing a large mosque in Copenhagen together with the Danish Islamic Council.

It is a known fact that the Danish Islamic Council is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. There is little doubt that there also exist close ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and Norwegian central Islamic authority. We should thus be prepared to see Qatar make similar advances in Norway in partnership with well-known actors here.

Qatar has put DK 100 million on the table to mark its ideology in our ancient capital Copenhagen. One simply doesn’t do things like that without expecting something in return. In this particular context it’s about strengthening Wahhabism in Scandinavia, which is the ideological basis for terror regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The fact that Danish politicians turn their backs and pretend that they don’t understand what’s going on, or simply hope that dialogue can change the mindset on the inside of the mosque, is hard to fathom.

This is like giving an arsonist matches.

The Danish Islamic Council (DIR), an affiliate of the Islamic Council of Norway (IRN), is behind the project. It is also a known fact in Denmark that DIR is the Brotherhood’s offshoot on Danish soil. It has not been directly proven that IRN goes hand in hand with the Brotherhood, but I would find it quite surprising if this weren’t the case here too. One particular event is consistent with such a theory: IRN has appointed a new leader, Mohammed Bouras. This leader is from the Islamic Association, headed by Basim Ghozlan, who has Yusuf al-Qaradawi as its leading ideological role model. For many years Qaradawi has been the chief ideologist of the Brotherhood, which has played a pivotal role in the Islamization of the Middle East after the uprisings began two years ago.

That the grand mosque north of Copenhagen, equipped with 20-meter high minarets, will become an extremist bridgehead for Qatar is self evident, according to Den Korte Avis [Danish news site].

Our readers have probably not forgotten the infamous attempt by Saudi Arabia, through their friends in Tromsø who operate the Alnormoskeen to convert Sandra Maryam Moe, but that was stopped not least because of the journalists in Nordlys who did their homework.

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  1. I wished to inform on the blog of “Andreas Unterberger” about the happenings which occured in Tromso ——- but the move from this IP was blocked.

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