A Change of Heart?

British Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have reversed course in his attitude towards the English Defence League. Below are excerpts from a Telegraph account of Mr. Cameron’s press conference earlier this morning:

Before returning to Number 10 to tackle the urgent issues surrounding the current immigration crisis, Mr Cameron stopped to answer a few questions from the media.

A reporter asked him if his attitude towards the EDL had softened. “Actually,” he replied, “I’ve recently discovered that the EDL and I share quite a lot of common ground. I think it’s time we took a fresh look at the organisation.”

He ticked off several points on his fingers:

“Number 1: EDL activists are patriots. I share their love for this country. If they continue with their reasonable, non-violent approach to the urgent issues that confront us all today, I don’t see any reason why we can’t work together towards our common goal — which is what is best for Britain and the British people.

“Number 2: The EDL have proven their dedication to the cause, advocating tirelessly — and without any pay, mind you, unlike cabinet ministers and civil servants — for the well-being of indigenous Britons. This kind of selflessness must not go unrecognised, in my opinion.

“Number 3: The EDL agrees with me that Multiculturalism has failed. Therefore —”

At this point the Prime Minister was interrupted, and failed to finish his thought. He did, however, say that he was amenable to meeting with Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League.

“Tommy and I have lot to talk about. I didn’t realise until recently how similar our viewpoints are. I wouldn’t mind sitting down with him for a bit of a chat, maybe have a drink together someplace.

“When I get a bit of breathing room, I’ll pop round to Luton and look him up.”

42 thoughts on “A Change of Heart?

  1. Will he make it up to Tommy Robinson? Will he give him back his passport and compensate him for the time spent in Jail?

    • This isnt even remotely funny.

      I think it is – Cameron is ‘quoted’ for saying things that, in a sane world, would constitute straight and uncontroversial common sense.

      Somehow, our politicians are poisoned by power in a manner that did not take place 2-3 decades ago. These people lost their minds, somehow…

      • It’s a luxury that I hold a minute glimmer of hope that people like Cameron might wake up one day and grow a conscience. Because it is possible, it is painful.

        Rather than licking wounds, though, better to put effort into shaming the fraud conservative Camerons, Romneys and Merkels. This knocking down of the frauds will create a vacuum in which real men may appear: Wilders, Westons, Tommy Robinsons.

        Very funny, best April Fools yet, Baron; and you’ve done a bunch. Bet the people at the Telegraph got a chuckle!

  2. Number 4. Since British governments elevated to knighthoods and peerages a whole series of anti-British, pro-terrorism muslims, we are now conferring the title of Lord Tommy of Bury Park on Stephen Lennon. He will sit in the 2nd chamber along with Lard Ahmed (sic) and Baroness Warsi (she who shares a home with an ex-recruitment agent for Hizb ut Tahrir).

    Number 5. Since British governments spent years funnelling £millions to anti-British muslim groups in our country, the EDL will now receive state funding.

    • Obviously, even though this was in the context of an extended joke, I’m not saying that Baroness Warsi and Lard Ahmed support terrorism. I don’t believe that Lard Ahmed ever offered a bounty for the killing of Obama. After all, Obama is a muslim, and the most useful agent of the Muslim Brotherhood in the entire world.

  3. Whilst it may well be an April prank, Cam has got a problem, its called UKIP…….

    He is going to have to reposition himself if he wants to survive the next elections intact, real Conservatives have got his measure and are leaving in droves.

    • This has to be a joke actually as not even UKIP would dare say they stand for the indigenous population of Britain as they are too afraid of being labelled out and out let alone closet racists and have Asians among their ranks to show they are not closet racists. No politician since Enoch Powell has actually dared to say that they represent the indigenous population of Britain except for members of the BNP. Nobody apart from Enoch Powell has given a damn about the indigenous population of the United Kingdom since the docking of the Windrush in 1948. What is he up to? He must know that Baroness Warsi would disown him along with most visible members of his party and mps. The fact that they might secretly agree with this statement is another matter. This is Cameron who has just said he wants more ethnic minority mps in the House of Commons and in his own party. Perhaps he is so desperate for votes now that he is trying to get them off the BNP. There is something very strange going on here. No, I don’t get it. As regards the defections to UKIP, one councillor in North Yorkshire who had done so said that he was sick and tired of this country being ground down into the dirt. How right he is and it has been going on for over 50 years by all three parties in hock with the EU, UN, bankers etc. On that tack, a professor of constitutional law from Athens University has been speaking to Russia Today about the Cyprus crisis. He said the EU was never there for the people of Europe but for the bankers. So there we have it. And the Marxists are their running lackeys, just as I was told 30 years ago.

    • As far as I know, Tommy is out of prison. Around the end of February. My guess is that part of his deal for freedom is that he is publicly MUTE.

        • Banned from leaving his house? I wonder if that includes church attendance. Seriously.

          I went over to his account and he’s busy indeed. I just haven’t noticed him in the stream. I’ll have to make a habit of checking in. He says:
          “@mediafilming no I don’t dislike people because they are Muslim, infact I fancy some”…
          I didn’t bother checking to see who @mediafilming is but the question can be inferred from TR’s answer.

          It never lets up – the left bruising itself jumping to conclusions and building huge generalizations from which they plunge with tedious regularity.

    • Babs. If this is a joke on Cameron’s part then it is the sickest of the sickest as it just shows in what contempt he holds the indigenous people of Britain. As if he would ever support them against the New Britons he seems to be saying. This is the same Cameron who said that he hates “sour little Englanders”. I think those are the indigenous English who want England as an ethnic homeland for the English, independent of the EU. So that is what he really thinks of the English. He is very proud of his Scottish blood by the way. I do think that things are coming to the boil in Britain though and if UKIP do gain power are just force Cameron to do their, the people’s, bidding then it might not just stop at a halt to all immigration and an exit from the EU. If the “British” anti-Syrian government fighters do return to Europe and start a bombing campain in Britain then I think something might go pop, other than the bombs.

  4. Here we come up against that word multiculturalism again. What does he mean by it? As I have posted elsewhere for most people in Britain it means multi-ethnicity, i.e. the opposite of the homogeneous nation that Britain still was within the lifetime of many of its parents or grandparents. When will these people who decided that racial homgeneity was dangerous, nationalistic and unacceptable finally take their fingers out of the dyke, let it collapse and let the inevitable tsunami which will result sweep1500 to 2,000 years of England and the English away? This is what they have engineered so why do they still try to hang on to white Christian England. They have sealed its fate. Our future is non-Christian and non-European. You wanted it so you accept it. Or don’t you? What the hell were you playing at then?

  5. It.’s a sad state of affairs when a top politician seems says something sensible it has to be an April joke.

    • You are spot on right there. Apologies to the Baron but I am unable to laugh at this one.

  6. Funny thing about Enoch Powell is he had a high proportion of immigrants in his area, mind you they were the good ones who relished the chance to live and work in a 1st world country! he stood up for them too, I remember his speeches look them up!

    • Powell was warning about what would happen if things were not slowed down. The power elite ignored him, and did the opposite (probably all part of the globalisation/Eurabia project).

      The only reason we have not had “rivers of blood” is that the indigenous people have moved out, providing lebensraum for immigrants. Look along the principal motorways of Britain (Liverpool to Hull, Preston to London, York to London) and you find the immigrants.

      If the indigenous people had not left the conflict would have been apparent far sooner. Even the far-left have to admit that most of the victims of racist murders in Britain are white.


      • Try the M6 around Birmingham if you want to take your life in your hands.

        They come hurtling up behind you, flashing lights, honking horns with hate filled faced screaming obscenities.

        The fact that the inside lane is blocked eludes these inbred lunatics, they just have to get one over the kuffar.

    • Powell was a gentleman who would treat all with respect. Like most he did not blame the immigrants but those who thought that the whole concept was workable and engaged in a massive process of social engineering for what reason those of us who think deeply can only guess at. It is still largely a mystery to us. Was it the work of a small elite of plutocratic megalomaniacs hand in hand with the Marxists? It is very difficult to find out the truth. Was it revenge by non-Europeans for European and British in particular past wrongs? Powell based his views as to future events here on what he had seen in India and the tensions between black and white in America. He helped the immgrants in his constituency because they were his constituents and needed help. He knew, of course, what made Asians tick from being in India. His predictions were for some future date. I wrote to him some 20 plus years ago and said that if things continued then the indigenous English would ultimately be driven out, which is now happening on a vast scale. He replied that, sadly, he could not disagree with me.

      He worked out the predicted growth of immigrant communities based on birthrate and continued inflow and even in the 1970s was spot on. But since the New Labour governments ratcheted up the rate of inflow, which occurred, I believe, after his death, those predictions have proved to be way too modest so that we indigenous British have now reached the stage of going from being 99% plus of the population of Britain to being a mere 20% in around 50 years with statisticians predicting that we will be in a minority by the middle of the century.
      The term race replacement is favoured by the BNP but is wholly correct, you are replacing the indigenous white population by one that in future with be Afro-Asian and of mixed descent, creating in fact a new South Africa where whites, probably a large number of whom will still have the wealth and the power and be of high iq are in a minority. When I was born my people, if I may use the term, were 99% plus of the population. In 40 to 50 years when my children come to die they were probably be nearing, if they have not already reached a minority. Such a situation is socially engineered genocide. There is no other term for it. So I am waiting for Mr Cameron to admit that this will be the case.

      • Sorry that should have been from 99% to 80% in 50 years. In some areas it is of course 20% or less and in most other places it just feels as if we are a mere 20% of the population now.

      • “When I was born my people, if I may use the term…”

        You can indeed use the term. I had spent months with muslims hearing them use the term “my people” or “our people” thinking they meant “my family/my relatives”.

        It turned out they meant “muslims”. If they can designate their political party (joinabale by any Tom, Dick or Mary) as a race, you can surely designate those who are biologically related to you as “my people”

  7. The fact that so many of us quickly (before reading the comments) saw the significance of this being posted on April 1 is depressing.

  8. Things have got too serious in Europe for any of this to be a laughing matter, even on April 1st.

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