What May Not Be Said in Britain

I know very little about politics in Britain. Along with many other Americans, I find the ins and outs of the political parties, the players, and the methods used to build coalitions between and among differing parties quite confusing.

However, I am aware of the extent to which the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has demonized one party, UKIP, and I know that his ad hominem attacks go back a number of years.

This video of Melanie Phillips speaking on March 7th is a fine example of how to counter such attacks. Would that our politicians were as fluent as she:

[A side note: the young woman in the audience who mounted the demonizing attack to which Ms. Phillips referred turned out to be a Labour Party stooge planted in the audience for that express purpose.]

UKIP is easy to demonize: the party expresses openly what many people haven’t the courage to say out loud. The valid concerns UKIP has about the European Union, and the (perhaps) unintended effects on Britain’s culture of large numbers of unassimilated immigrants, shouldn’t even be controversial. They are common sense, normal adult wisdom arrived at through the experience of social interactions with those whose backgrounds and cultural differences easily lead to friction.

This isn’t rocket science; it’s learned very early on in the schoolyard that different people from the very same neighborhood may play by surprisingly different rules. One learns to negotiate, to compromise — but not to bury differences.

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UKIP’s acronym stands for The United Kingdom Independence Party. Its platform sounds like the average libertarian and/or conservative political philosophy to me. If we had a third party in the U.S., its policies would probably resemble those of UKIP for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main one would be the sad fact that what is supposed to pass for a haven for conservatives, the Republican Party, is useless when it comes to taking a stand on the deleterious effects of immigration on our national security and well-being. Large numbers of illegal immigrants continue to flow across our southern border, including drug kingpins and any number of jihadists. We’re in a heap of trouble and few people at the national level are willing to discuss the issue with any integrity. President Obama has made plain his unconcern.

Based on that issue alone, UKIP is a breath of fresh air. On their website, at the “About Us” page, it says:

UKIP was founded in 1993 to campaign for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Not because we hate Europe, or foreigners, or anyone at all; but because it is undemocratic, expensive, bossy — and we still haven’t been asked whether we want to be in it.

But the EU is only the biggest symptom of the real problem — the theft of our democracy by a powerful, remote political ‘elite’ which has forgotten that it’s here to serve the people.


  • We believe in the right of the people of the UK to govern ourselves, rather than be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels (and, increasingly, in London and even your local town hall).
  • We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in real need, takes as little of our money as possible and doesn’t interfere in our lives.
  • We believe in democracy devolved to the people, through national and local referendums on key issues, so that laws are made by the people’s will, not the fads of the political class.
  • We believe that the government of Britain should be for the people, by the people — all the people, regardless or their creed or colour — of Britain. [emphasis in original — D]

Sounds like the average American conservative/libertarian viewpoint to me. Which means, of course, that in Liberal Land across the map, it is always open season on those who say this out loud, those who refuse to sing in the multicultural p.c. chorus. Not singing along makes you a heretic worthy of being banned from decent company. Sound familiar?

Thus are members of UKIP regularly trashed — as are Conservatives in the U.S. — for being racist bigots due to the mortal sin of raising questions regarding the wisdom of a huge influx of immigrants where there are neither jobs nor existing houses to shelter them. In that environment, the Prime Minister was free to let go the reins of his own prejudices in 2006, calling members of UKIP “loonies and closet racists” for questioning the common wisdom of multicultural dogma. In other words, people who are concerned about what is happening to their country and their culture are shunned and shamed in the hope they’ll be intimidated into silence. Ask members of Sweden Democrats, or Americans who join their local Tea Party, or the shunned and shamed Norwegians who flee rather than live in silence.

In an infamous case last December, an experienced foster family had three children summarily removed from their care when the social worker discovered — gasp! — the couple belonged to UKIP. I guess it never occurred to the children’s agency that anyone willing to do this kind of work could ever be knuckle-dragging UKIP members.

As a former social worker who supervised foster care families, I know how exceedingly rare good families are; you treat them like gold. Some deeply compassionate people do this kind of work, and no foster care worker in her right mind would ever do anything to estrange such a couple. But…

But…there are limits in these politically polarized times. Thus right-thinking (or rather left-leaning) people who swallow whole the received wisdom, the common consensus, as the only acceptable view would find this family prima facie insane based on their political affiliations. “Everyone knows that UKIP…”

Thus the agency jerked those three children out of their placement so quickly you’d have thought they’d discovered a pedophile under the bed. To those who aren’t familiar with the world of temporary child placements, I assure you that one simply does not disrupt a placement of foster children without very serious cause. Not ever. Each and every disruption further damages the child’s ability to form attachments, to bond with any lasting sense of security. That was an abominable, immoral act on the part of the agency and even now, months later, I am dumbstruck at the immorality of that decision.

UKIP members, like others on the right, are simply saying out loud what is common sense. No family can take in huge numbers of new members without serious stresses on the fabric of the family. It is no different with cultures, or with countries. Even with the best of intentions, trying to make new members fit in is a long, complicated process. When the newcomers make it plain they don’t like you, or they plan to replace you, only the suicidally inclined would find such a situation palatable.

UKIP says in public what many, many other people say around their kitchen tables — but very quietly for fear of being brought up on Hate Speech charges. Britain is fast becoming a soviet state. UKIP may be the last best hope for saving Britain from being destroyed as a sovereign state.

I applaud UKIP and Melanie Phillips for being willing to speak out, to stand fast in the face of The Destroyers.

You can find more of Melanie Phillips’ videos on You Tube. Here is one of them.

Hat tip for the video: “Heresy Today” (newsletter)

50 thoughts on “What May Not Be Said in Britain

  1. We have all these psycho-fads, sort of dominant themes of thinking….right now it seems to be postmodernism. We’ll get over it.

  2. I belong to UKIP and my wife is black. AS a ”closet racist” in a cassock (not blazor although I still wear them occasionally) my closet racism has given me two beautiful successful children, two grand children and 30 years of wonderful marriage. It’s nice being a Nazi and disgusting in such circumstances……

  3. I am a member of UKIP and joined the same year as Cameron called us racists. It is a disgusting and, to my mind, slanderous assertion. He is a PR puff-piece and that is the field he worked in – for a short time – and he is the son of a tax-minimising-expert father. Yes, a silver spoon in the mouth rich-kid who does not know what sacrifice really is. UKIP is full of normal people who do not want to go down the socialist path to Nirvana that the marxist lecturers and educationalist have plotted for us. When the wall crumbled the education system was already full of lefties who knew that the revolutionary path would not work, so they followed Gramsci’s teaching and poisoned the minds of the students. Over the years this mindset became common but the strivers still wanted liberty and they make up the main body of UKIP. We have grown from 4% a decade ago to gaining 27% at the most recent by-election. The internet is helping to make people aware of the political reality they do not get taught in school, college etc. keep up the good work Gates of Vienna.

  4. UKIP are the respectable end of nationalism. The leader Nigel Farage has a good image but he DOES like money. I hope the dinner and long chat he had with Rupert Murdoch last week isn’t a sign that Farage is about to become another bought politician.

  5. Here’s my take on British politics ( for what it’s worth)
    The three main parties have virtually merged and we live under an elected dictatorship. Sure, MPs will slag each other off, but they’re all singing off the same hymn sheet….big govt…high taxes….multiculturism….open borders & P.C. They routinely break manifesto pledges without the slightest hint of shame.
    Most votes cast are based on either tribal loyalties, or vote for the party you least despise. Many people don’t even bother to vote. The electorate has been dumbed down and only respond to buzz words and sound bites. Politicians bribe the electorate with unearned rewards knowing that future generations of taxpayers will have to pick up the tab. As soon as anyone threatens the cosy little arrangement they get villified. First is was the BNP and now UKip who are taking the flak. Personally, I’m glad to see Ukip’s stock rising, however their last leader Lord Perason, who by his own admission, “wasn’t much good” at least had the sense to appreciate the growing menace of Islam. The current leader, is a bit too quiet on the subject for my liking.
    Time will tell, but I think the UK is in its death throws and will turn into a third world country in the next generation or two unless something drastic happens.

  6. Britain is governed by an oligarchy, often referred to by the mainstream media (without a trace of irony) as “the political class”.

    Look at this admission, days before the 2010 General Election, that LibLabCon all fund an organisation which works hand-in-glove with the media to misreport on parties like the BNP, UKIP and any other minor party who are not part of the oligarchy:

    ‘An all-party campaign against the British National Party has accused Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats of boosting the BNP’s general election prospects by not tackling the party head-on…. Mainstream parties have often sought to deny the BNP the “oxygen of publicity” refusing to share a platform with it or addressing its policies directly. But Mr Bethell said: “In the old world of a handful of newspapers and the BBC, it was possible to keep the BNP out of the headlines. Those days are over”.’

    Days before an election, a group funded by 3 parties is able to openly admit that the 4th Estate has colluded with the 3 parties who run the country. And this story doesn’t surprise anyone. (It’s no wonder that in the past 40 years the British media has never contained any discussion about the life of Mohammed. In the 1970s, even the Tintin comics used to truthfully tell the story of how the Profit of 20% rose to power using gangsterism & genocide).

    Tangential writers on politics throughout the 20th century warned us of how modern politics works (R.Michels, C.W.Mills, J.Burnham) and we continue to ignore them. No-one in the mainstream is going to tell us the truth about anything.

    In Britain we have black far-left MPs who went to Oxbridge alongside upper-class far-right MPs. They pretend to barrack eachother across the floor of the Commons, but are having dinner together in the evening, and are god-parents to eachothers children.

    It is a cold day in hell when one of the supposedly antagonistic parties in Britain (Labour or Conservative) actually repeals a law brought in by their opponent. It is all sham and theatrics, to disguise that whoever one votes for, LibLabCon will rule.

    In 1964, James Burnham was describing the British Conservative Party as “socialists”. That seems laughable to most Brits. Until one realises that the Conservatives in Britain have been willing members of the conspiracy to view the socialist Fascists and the socialist Nazis as “right-wing”.

  7. Funny thing is that another member of that panel was Bob Crow, leader of the left wing RMT (transport) union. To my absolute surprise he fully backed Melanie and Diane James (UKIP). The 2 speakers against were, unsuprisingly, Ken Clarke, conservative europhile, and Stephen Twigg, Labour representing the two main political parties. So 2 fingers to the electorate eh?

  8. She is wonderful, I had an exchange of emails with her once, she says it as it is.

  9. Ms. Phillips fails to grasp that UKIP’s closet racism is viciously aimed at Germans, Italians, Poles and other European nationals as populist political leverage against the EU. Consequently Ms. Phillips is supporting a dangerous double edged political tatic that on the streets is reinforcing the left wing multiculturalism of evil and stupid European white man.

    The dishonest framing of UKIP’s mimicking of the immigration debate has made it very uncomfortable to be a white Continental European in the U.K.

    • JR-

      If your reading of the UKIP views on immigration – i.e., to limit other Europeans’ access to Britain – is correct, that gives it quite a different hue…so to speak.

      I’d forgotten that someone had mentioned UKIP’s refusal to deal with any Muslim immigration at all. Like that issue will NOT be addressed by them. That was told me years ago, but I thought this must’ve chaanged since one could infer from the points on their webpage that it concerned those who refuse to assimilate, those who want to change the character of Britain – a small example being the Pakistani drugsters who pimp out young British girls.

      But are you saying the undermining of British culture is NOT the issue, that they just don’t want other Europeans coming there to work? For sure, many young northern Brits have gone to Germany, et al, for laborers’ jobs because they can’t find work at home.

      If UKIP’s focus is only on Europeans, what *is* their perceived problem with Poles, Bulgarians, et al? Do the continental Euros come to the UK to stay or do they return home after a time?

      I posted a few years ago on a strange (to me) story of a young Polish woman who’d worked in Britain for a while and when she couldn’t find further work she returned home, only she went back with her British dole payments safely in hand…which sounds insane economically from the pov of the British economy.

      I hope you return to elaborate. I was making a one-on-one comparison between the UK immigration problems and what we’re dealing with here. At the behest of the State Dept, and with the assistance of Catholic Charities, large groups of immigrants are plonked down somewhere, changing the make-up of towns almost overnight. Thus Nashville is becoming “Little Kurdistan” and there is “Little Mogadishu” in Minnesota. There are lots of little towns being similarly set up on a smaller scale because of nearby CAFO slaughter houses. The inhumane treatment is awful and the towns are deluged with people they have no way to handle.

      Many Americans know nothing about it because the story is never, ever carried by the media. Not even Fox. That much silence smells of collusion, imho.

      So tell me about Britain’s treatment of Europeans vs. its treatment of third-world “refugees”. Obviously there is more than meets the eye. OTOH, I know personally the cost of objecting to the onslaught of government ‘resettlement’ programs AND the porous southern border which permits every kinda criminal illegal alien get across.

      Human traffickers south of the border often take the illegals’ money and then abandon them in the desert. Some die horribly…others suffocate in moving trucks that are locked and abandoned…

      • Its is not so much the issue of people coming here to work from Western European countries as they tend to come over to work and are not pushing salaries down. You have many Eastern Europeans coming over and competing with the lower class and drving people like electricians and plumbers out of business, they have therefore deflated wages.

        Another issue is of course certain Eastern Europeans that come over and just work for a short period and then claim full benefits.

        This leads into another issue, as the Brits quite rightly do not want ID cards their system works on teh basis of once you are in the UK you get covered by the welfare state, which is why you have so many people holed up in Calais trying to get in, in France you have to have worked for a certain period and had legal right to work to be convered. So its like the land of milk and honey if you can get in.

        Very soon the Romanians will be able to flood into the UK and that will be many of the people who exist on benefits. When I was in the UK there was many English people who had been waiting for a council house for years and immigrants were being jumped to the front of the queue.

        Also there has been a massive influx of people and some towns, Dover is a good example have been over-run with immigrants just like your US examples.

        The issue is that the UK is satuated and when Romanians get the opportunity to move freely that will just tip it over the edge…

        • Second you totally. We are a small country and it is getting ridiculous. Houses are getting smaller and smaller, they are springing up everywhere. Schools are crowded, roads are crowded, the NHS is creaking….Americans have a huge continent, we have very limited land.

          By the way if you wish to see Mr. Farage at his best I recommend the YouTube clips of him laying into the European parliament. The faces of the rest of them are priceless. At the moment he is all we have.

      • Understand that the refusal to have indentity cards is linked to the concept of being free before the state, as compared to the European one of having rights given to you, like scraps from a plate. I certainly saw no racisim against other western Europeans, but juist the dark English piss taking humour which also exists in other European countries and is often mistaken by the ignorant as racism. Such as being insulted in France as being told that you live like an Englishman, which I find amusing.

        Do not think that the desire of the English to be free of Europe is anything to do with dislike of other Europeans, more to do with the fact that people like me want their freedoms and democracy back and to say otherwise is falling for the stupid racist attack used by people who want to divert attention from the real issues…

      • Dymphna it seems to me all politicians mention European immigration as if it is the big problem. This allows them to castigate ‘whites’ and not the real problem of those who will not and cannot integrate.

        • Spot on. European immigrants are the politicians’ whipping boys – whenever they ‘summon the courage’ to speak out about immigration they always (ALWAYS) refer to eastern European immigrants, never to the real problem, those from the third world.

    • UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, is married to a German and the party is pro-Europe, just not pro EU. Their plan is to have the same type of visa process as Australia or New Zealand. Hardly vicious closet rascists, as noted above. As far as not addressing muslim issues, see Farage on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=y_RKEhT6-f8. UKIP is led by one of the best hopes left in the west and its strength is growing literally daily. People are very tired of the three old parties and do not trust them, hence UKIP’s growth from 4% to 17% in the latest polls. UKIP is for the UK, NOT anti-Europeans. UKIP is for liberty and IS anti-Sharia. Do not give up on the UK, UKIP is not.

  10. “Loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists” was how David Cameron described UKIP back in 2006. Of course there is no reason why anyone in UKIP should care in the slightest what Cameron thinks of them. This is, after all, the man whose name still appears on their website as a supporter of UAF, who are nothing more than a bunch of Trotskyite street thugs whose idea of debate is throwing bricks at their opponents and who regard attacking families out shopping as an afternoon’s entertainment.

    I see no reason to suppose that Cameron’s opinion of UKIP has mellowed in any way since that time, although his fear of them has mushroomed spectacularly. The only reason why he is now talking about calling a referendum on the EUSSR is because of his fear of losing votes to UKIP. Talk won’t help him one iota as he has no credibility with the electorate. The right mistrust him because of his previous broken pledges and his social democratic agenda, while the left just hate all Tories and would never vote for them. So Cameron is stuck on his chosen middle ground with diminishing support while UKIP are free to mop up the genuinely conservative vote.

    There is actually an enormous opportunity for UKIP in the current situation because Labour have not been forgiven for their years of mismanagement. To win disaffected Labour votes they would have to attack on Labour’s most vulnerable ground, which is immigration. The white working class communities have suffered worse than anyone from the effects of the deliberately orchestrated policies of the last government to change the demographic make up of the country. To gain those votes UKIP would have to talk about third world immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, which they have been very reluctant to do up till now. Yet Labour are wide open on the issue, just as they were in 2010 when Cameron was too cowardly to make use of it.

    The white working class are the ones who have been ethnically cleansed from their former homes. They are the ones whose children have become minorities in their own schools. They are the ones who struggle to find a home because prices are sky high and immigrants are given priority by councils. They are the ones whose wages have been undercut by immigrants living ten to a room. They are the ones whose elderly parents cannot get a hospital bed because they are full of third worlders who have never paid in a penny but now expect free treatment for their imported diseases. They are the ones whose daughters are being targeted by Muslim rape gangs while the police turn a blind eye and arrest them if they complain. In short they are the ones who have been treated like dirt in their own country, with the approval of their elected representatives whose job it is to protect their interests.

    A more readily available, disaffected electorate would be difficult to find, yet I have no confidence that Farage will grasp the nettle. Even now he only talks about immigration in the light of the expected flood of Romanians and Bulgarians. That is no doubt seen as a safe topic as it comes within UKIP’s well established European remit. Yet it will not win votes from Labour, but only from the Conservatives. Traditional Labour voters couldn’t care about Bulgarians or Poles, but are far more worried about Pakistanis and Somalis. There can be no question that they are right to be more concerned about these groups as they are the ones that threaten them.

    The woman in the audience in your clip, who was a Labour party coordinator who’d spent the day with a Labour front bencher, gives an indication of how the left react when anyone questions their dogma. If they’re lucky they can expect screeches of “racist”, “fascist”, “bigot”, or whatever, but never any attempt at serious debate. If they’re unlucky the left will call out their brick throwing thugs.

    • Amy Rutland, the woman in the audience exhibiting all the traits of a fascist orator, holds a fairly prominent position within the Labour Party. She is the Labour Party’s “Regional Policy Co-ordinator” (and she is therefore probably an employee of the Labour Party).


      You can see from that page, she is in daily communication with Twigg, the fat Labour politician who appeared on QT. He went from being President of the National Union of Students to peforming as series of non-jobs at various NGOs. He’s been arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

      No doubt he is friends with plenty of prominent Tories who were at Oxford with him. That is the cosy oligarchy known fondly as “democracy” in Britain.

      That the fascist in the audience describes herself as “Rutters101” on Twitter makes me think that she too is actually a product of a public school and Oxbridge (only the upper-middle class give themselves such nicknames).

      • Pam and Joe,

        Brilliantly written, fascinating insights. Thanks very much.

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  12. its one thing to be anti EU, quite another to be anti EEC.
    one, a political union, an artificial super state.
    the other, a trading bloc.

    as for the poles etc.; they come here to do the jobs our cotton wool wrapped unemployables refuse to get out of bed for.
    the poles are good people.
    where as many if not most Somalis and the like (read musrats) actively avoid work.

  13. @Dymphna,

    The fact that Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union and a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party (SLP) can support UKIP’s anti-European immigration policy, highlight the political flaws in UKIP’s formulation of their immigration assault on the EU, flaws that I attempted to point out in the comment.

    UKIP’s anti-European peoples populist political leverage could be wrestled fom them by the socialists to reinforce white (self-)loathing and open the door to more Third World immigration.

    Mohammad is now welcome to join in the anti white European immigration debate courtesy of UKIP.

    *The use of closet racism was a play and derogatory swipe at that term that is why it was in italics.

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  17. A Cameron quote that speaks volumes for his concern and loyalty to the indigenous natives of the UK:
    “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around”

    Unbelievable! but then again, this mindset seems endemic within the political elite in all “western” countries, e.g. Obama’s quote: “The future does not belong to those that slander Islam”

  18. On a visit to the UK, after I had very briefly (and delicately) mentioned the issue of the Religion of Peace, a good friend once told me “you just don’t talk about stuff like that!”. Which seems to be the attitude of the UK as a whole, in a nutshell… yet in the virtual world, criticism of the aforementioned religion is everywhere, including on British news website forums – and even at the Guardian, where anti-Islam comments regularly get the most recommends for a given article. Why the disconnect? From my experience of England, I get the impression people are mostly concerned about image – they don’t want to be seen as racist, or anything else negative… hence on a train in India, an English guy in my carriage once spent several hours underlining his “tolerance” by praising some aspects of Muslim culture before finally summoning up the courage to say that Muslim immigrants cause problems in Britain.

    During last year’s Olympics, Britain was shown to the world to be a multicultural paradise. In fact, it’s a place where fear and paranoia dominate. Hence people will smile for the cameras and explain their admiration for Arabic art – all the while making their preparation to move to less-enriched areas, or – more and more frequently – move out of this paradise altogether…

  19. The article mentions nothing about the most important issue that should be on UKIP’s agenda: Muslims.

    One commenter mentioned in passing:

    “…their last leader Lord Perason, who by his own admission, “wasn’t much good” at least had the sense to appreciate the growing menace of Islam. The current leader, is a bit too quiet on the subject for my liking.”

    All I care about is the problem of Muslims. This neurotic concern for other issues seems to be keeping “conservatives” like UKIPs perpetually able to pretend that that problem is not the real priority.

    • “All I care about is the problem of Muslims. This neurotic concern for other issues seems to be keeping “conservatives” like UKIPs perpetually able to pretend that that problem is not the real priority.”

      I take it that you reject Bat Yeor’s thesis, that the EU is the motor force behind the islamisation of Europe? Without the EU, it is extremely unlikely that European nations would have ever seen islamisation at such speed and such scale.

      The transformation of Europe from a continent of nation states to a federal united states of europe would normally have only occurred after a revolution, an invasion or domination following war between states. That it is being done “peaceably” should give us some indication of the lengths that the power elite are going to behind the scenes to bring it about without cataclysmic violence.

      UKIP has never been a party that was serious about government. They have always just wanted to sway the Conservative Party. Like the BNP, UKIP is probably a stooge party in Britain. It would explain why they have shown such a singular lack of political vision, and such a readiness to let the party fold as soon as the Tories look like they might be a bit closer to UKIP.

      Europe is headed for war. It wouldn’t matter now if any British party was going to suddenly decided that dealing with the islamic population was the number 1 priority. It would not avert the war.

      Muslim academics at British universities are already pointing out that the muslim population of the UK is closer to 12% than it is to 5% (in 2006, the meat industry issued a report saying 11% of all meat in the UK was halal; in 2008, the prison statistics showed that muslims were 12% of the prison population). The 2001 Census in Britain was criticised for its inaccuracy (1.5 million households out of about 40 million never returned the form). The 2011 Census was to be the last, because it was said that supermarket data on the population of the UK was more accurate. Now that the 2011 Census has shown that the muslim population is only half what the supermarket data would lead us to believe, no-one is criticising the Census or saying it is going to be scrapped.

      I don’t see an anti-islamic political party getting near to government for at least a decade. By then we are looking at a muslim population that is around 20% (and of men under the age of 30, muslims will be significantly more than 20%). GoV showed a documentary from Hungarian TV a few days ago, where the socialist mayor of a Parisian suburb had been asking since 2009 for the army to be deployed. So, France is likely to collapse first, but the UK will not be far behind (once muslims see what is happening in France).

      No part of LibLabCon is going to turn against the EU and/or islam in time to avert this. I’ve no doubt that the power elite wanted the EUSSR without bloodshed, but if need be, they will allow a civil war to break out in order to bring their vision to reality.

      • Can we be sure of what the percentages are? We’re assured that ethnics are only a small minority – yet this article in the Guardian implies that almost 50% of UK-based medicine applicants for Cambridge university this year were from ethnic minorities, as well as almost 40% of those accepted. If this is any indication of the ethnic breakdown of the 17-18 age group, then Britain is already almost lost… and it only gets worse in the age groups below. As the wife of a friend (herself ethnically Chinese) told me while I was in London last weekend – “if you want to know why there is no hope, go to Newham general hospital”. When she gave birth, in the maternity ward there was only 1 white mother out of around 30…

        • The black african girlfriend of a friend of mine is an immigrant to Britain. She too tells us to give up trying to solve this by peaceful, civilised means.

          While she was studying at an adult education college in Newham, several times every day a group of muslim students would get up, go to the front of the class and interrupt the lesson while they prayed for 10 minutes in front of the whole class.

          She said the teachers and the other students didn’t say a word. No doubt there was a (muslim only) prayer room in this facility, but these muslims are going further and making sure that islam is pushed down the throats of the other students 10 or 15 times a week.

        • I think that the meat industry report is probably the most accurate. The government has admitted that the supermarkets have better data than the government has.

          The muslim population of the UK was around 11% in 2006.


          We can work out from the census data that the muslim population doubles every decade (the absolute number doesn’t matter in the census, but we can say the number who are in households who complete the census doubles every decade).

          On that basis, the muslim population of Britain is now probably 15% of the population. If all 7% of those who completed the census and refused to divulge their religion, then that would make the muslim census-completers at 12% of the population in 2011.

          One assumes that the 20% of muslims in young offender institutions is an outlier. It may not be.

          • Muslims usually have a vastly higher proportion of men in jails than their population merits. In France, I believe this figure is around 80%. Halal meat may also be eaten by non-Muslims. Especially when it comes to kebabs, large numbers of infidels will also be among the customers for “halal meat”. Nonetheless, as illegal immigrants will not have been counted, I think we can safely assume that the Muslim population is far higher than the 5% mentioned.

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  23. UKIP is experiencing an upsurge in popularity, but I wouldn’t pin your hopes on them.

    If the Conservatives really expect they will lose the election in 2015 over the EU Referendum, then they will offer said referendum before the election. If they do, the whole reason for UKIP’s existence disappears, after which the UKIPPERS who are in the main unhappy Conservatives, will just re-join the Conservative Party.

    If The Conservatives are really stupid and don’t offer an in/out EU Referendum, Labour will come to power again. UKIP will meanwhile snipe from the sidelines about the EU, whilst saying NOTHING about Islam. Farage simply refuses to discuss it. Rumour has it that he does not, because to do so would mean no more invitations to BBC panel and chat shows.

    So, on Europe they could be sidelined by the promise of a referendum before 2015, and on Islam they say nothing. In other words, just a temporary blip going nowhere and doing nothing about the most important issue of our times.

    • I hear what you are saying but I tend to think/hope (you will probably disagree) that UKIP are playing a long game. If they came right out and said what we all want them to say they would be dead in the water. Our ultra left media would destroy them. I see them as a chink of light and will continue to vote that way. I have never voted for any mainstream party for years now, if no small party on the ballot paper I just put a line through the lot of them. As I have been on electoral counts in the past I know these papers are scrutinised by all parties’ agents to check they are in fact ‘spoilt’. A plague on all their houses….

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  26. Too bad the UKIP cannot retain Paul Weston as their party leader. Great orators have a way of moving people to action. Some have likened Paul to a modern day Enoch Powell and a British version of Geert Wilders. Both men are currently saying the same thing. Stop European Union control. Stop them from dictating immigration quotas for the 17 member nations. Allow countries to maintain their own independence and national sovereignty. When Europe first adopted the Euro currency, it made travel and financial transactions much easier. Gone are the days of multiple passport checkpoints and currency conversions. However, this convenience made way for the EU to seize power and control. And in 2013, it’s very unlikely the indigenous people will rise against their new EU masters. Here in the states, Democrats maintain party control in major metropolitan cities where millions reside. Millions of illegal, undocumented immigrants. Millions of green card holders and new American citizens. The metropolitan demographics won the 2012 election. And now the same strategy is taking place in Europe. Allow third world immigration to maintain party status quo. Yet the beast Europe is feeding and appeasing is Islam which will violently and savagely displace their current masters once their numbers swell to majority levels. In the United States, our influx of immigrants are primarily Latino and Roman Catholic. Yet the results are similar in terms of increased gang activity, “no go” zones, ghettos, welfare recipients, and increase of prison inmates. Each country has a God given right to defend its language, customs, culture, and borders from invasion and genocide.

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