“They’re Their Own Worst Enemies”

Sergio Redegalli is an Australian artist who leaped into prominence several years ago when he painted a “Say No to Burqas” mural on the outside wall of his studio in Sydney. When Geert Wilders visited Australia recently, he posed for a photo with Mr. Redegalli next to the famous mural.

Vlad Tepes has conducted a two-part interview with Sergio Redegalli about sharia, and the Islamization of Australia. Below is Part 1 of that interview.

WARNING: Mr. Redegalli uses some salty language in his responses to Vlad’s questions:

8 thoughts on ““They’re Their Own Worst Enemies”

  1. Walking through my home town I am confronted by Burqas all day long. I find it offensive. I often see a man in a long white dress whilst behind him a trail of burqa clad women push his children along in buggies.

    (Wow betide they need help off the bus, as I once saw. The man will just get off and let her struggle alone with pushchair, shopping and children).

    Again I am offended.

    But it seems that not everyone has a right to wear a burqa. If white people do it is ‘racist’, even if they are a woman. Here in Australia one Muslim woman claims that ‘I think it is pretty offensive because we live in a democratic country and are given the freedom of choice”. What ever that means?

    Thousands of Aussies are urgently needed to find their courage and wear a burqa as a protest.

    What have we done?

    • Why do our societies cater to Muslims at all? We know by now that ALL Muslims are committed to killing or converting us to their jehad movement. The more they become entrenched with barracks, bayonets, babies, sexual deviance, veils, lies and treachery, the more challenging they are going to be to deal with. More Muslims equals less truth and progress. Better to resist while the lights are still on.

  2. If the Muslims are waging war against all non Muslims everywhere all the the time until the last Kufar is converted to the jehad way of death or enslaved or killed, why then would any responsible society give them free rein? The previous supposed fifth columns of history seem innocent by comparison to these reprobates.

  3. Great interview.

    For non-Australians- Diggers is a slang term we use for our soldiers, from when they used to have to dig trenches in WW1. It’s used as a term of respect towards soldiers.
    -ANZACs – Australia and NEW Zealand Army Corps- We often work quite closely with NZ in operations.

    Sergio lives in an area of Sydney described as the ‘Inner west’, just outside of our CBD. You will all know the type of area or something like it where you live. Newly gentrified area that was formerly quite working class, situated near some universities (from where I think the majority of the harrasment of Sergio comes from, the usual socialist types) with lots of cafes and bars. Now that it is gentrified the people of the area vote very far left, with our most left wing party only losing out in the area by a tiny fraction, and even then in preference for the next left wing party. It was formerly home to a huge population of Greeks and Italians (of which I’m assuming Sergio is descended from), but now is majority Anglo-Saxon and bourgeois, with most of it’s residents unaware of their cognitive dissonance.

    • Zarathustra, thank you so much for the added info… and the Aussie English translation… very helpful for us US Yanks.

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