The Salafist Heroes of Jamla Village

The following video was shot by fighters of the Free Syrian Army after they overran and slaughtered the defenders of an outpost on the Israeli border held by forces loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

These jihadis are Salafists. Notice that from their point of view, one of the most damning pieces of evidence against the men they slaughtered was that they had been drinking alcohol.

Bear in mind that these noble mujahideen are bankrolled and provided with weapons and logistical support by the United States, Turkey, and various Western European nations. These are your tax dollars at work.

WARNING: This video is gruesome. It shows repeated graphic images of corpses. Persons who are sensitive to depictions of violence should NOT watch it.

Many thanks to Russkiy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Village Jamla… the taking of outpost village Jamla.
00:05   The traitorous outpost belonging to brigade 61 which is spread along the front
00:10   with Israel. Assad’s soldiers had written here Assad’s Syria.
00:15   Don’t they know that Syria belongs to the people, not to a criminal?
00:20   Look at the company (military unit) that FSA had defeated and killed those who were in it and took as spoils what was in it.
00:25   This is one of the despots who resisted FSA and was killed here.
00:35   And this is the machine gunner who was shooting
00:40   at the Syrian people in the town of Jumla, and his inventory is now returned to him.
00:45   And this is a bottle of alcohol which they were drinking.
00:50   Look at the alcohol that they were drinking; justice is with God
00:55   God is great.
01:00   And then the outpost was burned by the heroes of FSA.
01:05   God is great God is great
01:10   This is the tank that was taken as spoils by the FSA.
01:15   God is great… Hey Bashar these are your soldiers,
01:20   these are your soldiers and these are your weapons.
01:25   Oh God, your end is near.
01:30   Those are soldiers that are now lying on the ground.
01:35   This is you Bashar this is the end of you… Bashar al Assad
01:40   Look at the soldiers that were resisting for the sake of Bashar.
01:45   How will this regime benefit you? Don’t you know that Bashar
01:50   will fall and his end will be like this?… Where were you and where are you now?
01:54   Look at what you have now become, look, look at the drunkards who were killed here.
02:00   These are the bodies of oppressors,
02:05   from the criminal gangs of Assad who were all killed by the hands of FSA heroes.
02:10   The FSA have undertaken an operation of eliminating the traitorous company in the town of Jamla
02:15   and this is one of a number of battles to free Horan
02:20   in its entirety. The battle of freeing Horan had started from its East to its West
02:25   and from its North to its South. In Sahwa, in the path of Sud
02:30   in Zazun, in Jamla, in Mariya in Tufas in all villages and towns
02:35   of Dar’a in its entirety. The FSA is on the ground
02:40   and will not back down or retreat. It will keep up with the open naked chests
02:45   until it is victorious because the victory will come from God and from no one else.
02:50   God is great
03:05   God is great… Look at the bodies inside.
03:10   This are the bodies of drunkards;
03:15   their killing was accomplished by the heroes of FSA.
03:20   Here the oppressors were brought up
03:25   we call the entire world
03:30   and the drunkards to live the regime
03:35   live the regime with us. The whole world should know.
03:40   Know o the regime, know anyone who hears this
03:45   that the military solution is being implemented on the ground. We don’t want a political solution
03:50   but rather we will be armed with the spoils with our efforts and sacrifices, with the permission
03:54   of God the glorious, the high. We are being armed with the spoils… Tanks, heavy weapons
04:00   personnel carriers, machine guns, 23 calibre, that were captured
04:05   from this company which was killing the people
04:10   located at the border with Israel. Its guns were pointing at Israel.
04:15   When the Syrian revolution had started its guns turned on the people.
04:20   God is great … these are our spoils. This is your tank oh the criminal regime.
04:25   It had become FSA’s, and we will kill you with it with God’s permission.
04:35   This outpost was seized completely and those who were in it were killed. God is great.
04:40   These facilities where
04:45   alcohol was drunk by those criminal oppressors were burned.
05:05   Look what they wrote: Syria, Assad protects her.
05:10   Assad protects her?? Assad robbed her, Assad raped her.
05:15   No, the FSA will protect her with the help of God.
05:30   They gathered and trained an organised army in order to kill the Syrian people. Syria is free.
05:35   Syria is for all her people. We will see freedom with the help of God. God is great.
05:40   This is the compound from the inside that was captured by the heroes of FSA.
05:45   And this criminal regime, its end has come, thank God.
05:50   It’s finished. The regime will be killed.
05:55   This flag is finished; we don’t need it .
06:00   This flag is finished. It was created by Hafez al Assad.
06:05   Our flag is the flag of revolution.
06:10   It was raised by the men of the FSA. The battles of Huran are still continuing;
06:15   we are now going from the company of Jumla to the company of Ariya
06:20   and freeing of barriers of Mariya and freeing Horan in its entirety with the help of God.

10 thoughts on “The Salafist Heroes of Jamla Village

  1. Most bodies had their hands tied together.
    Maybe they lied to them that they will be spared if surrendered. Or maybe they was out of ammo. Only sane conclusion – never surrender to muslims. Can you read this? – NEVER!!!

  2. The scene looked like it had been staged, the way people were laying, some with hands tied. Some of them could have come from elsewhere, who knows. It wasn’t particularly gruesome, it might have been if people had had their heads cut off live.
    This is a propaganda clip, who cares anyway, it’s Moslems killing Moslems, that’s what we all want.

  3. Appears to be civilians that have been executed with their hands bound and placed at the scene.

    The U.K. government is openly aiding and abetting these murdering savages.

  4. Imam Obama must be so proud! He is winning the whole world will become a muslim cesspool! Death, torture, ignorance, savagery, slavery, horrific abuse and forced and enforced fealty to satan allah. Please God save us as we clearly cannot save ourselves from the coming of hell on earth.

  5. That brand of booze is r e a l l y expensive, IIRC. It’s beyond the ordinary pay of the ordinary Syrian private. It’s distilled for the export market — not muslims — and is marketed like it’s Absolute Vodka.

    Marketing hard liquor to muslims is a non-starter, these days.

    Strangely, the vodka bottle is ‘full.’ Perhaps for the agitprop it was re-filled with water.

    If the front line boys were given high proof vodka — then the rest of the story falls into place. For one new to liquor, it’s easy to get bombed. This left the outpost naked to the Salafists. Winning the skirmish this way is probably why the liquor stigma was highlighted so early into the agitprop. Booze was big to h i m.

    As for the bodies: they were military aged males wearing cold weather wear, for the most part, consistent with being off duty/ sleeping troops.

    The tank has reactive armor. It’s one of the v e r y best tanks that Assad has got. By implication, this was an elite outfit. (Assad’s standards)

    I have to chuckle at the ranting assertion WRT the turret’s barrel position. Per the DMZ rules, Syrian and Israeli tanks CANNOT aim their turrets towards the DMZ ( i.e. each other) without conferring hostile intent. Such an act would trigger escalating mobilizations — even reaching the UN Security Council — if carried far enough.

    Big mouth is almost certainly unaware of such military ‘manners.’ (protocol)

    It’s pure speculation, but I’d venture that vodka was administered to the night time look out. Because it’s such a quiet sector, only two or three guys were on watch. After they were eliminated, the rest of the position was taken while asleep. They were roused, questioned, then shot out of hand with pistols, and staged for the video.

    For those unaware, the area near the DMZ has virtually no ordinary civilian life. It’s a security zone. The civilian structurs pre-date the Israeli fighting for the most part. From the Israeli side, ex-settlements look like ghost towns.

  6. What is it with muslims that they can’t say anything without shouting; and what’s with the hand gestures; they all use the same ways of pointing with one finger, is that some kind of muslim imperative?

  7. Never call salafists “savages”. It recalls unpleasant memories of colonialism, when the inhabitants of America, Africa and Australia were called “savages”. When you use the word “savage”, the indigenous peoples of these continents are alarmed that whitey is on warpath again, and fear for their lives. They will rally after Islam. We don’t want that, and salafists are easily the moral inferiors of Aztecs, cannibals and headhunters. Cf. as long as muslims call their enemies the West, Zionists, or whites, indigenous populations of the Third World feel safe. When they attack “idolaters” however, very different associations become possible. Always remember that islam formally considers Christianity to be a religion of the book, and as such, should be superior in the islamic value system to all other non-muslim religions, including those of indigenous peoples.
    BTW why doesn’t the left use “indigenous” for Chinese people in China, or Arabs in the Middle-East? It looks suspiciously like a code-word for “savage”.

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