The Left: Burundi Before Birmingham

Below are the latest observations about Modern Multicultural Britain by our English correspondent Paul Weston.

The Left: Burundi Before Birmingham
by Paul Weston

Very small children will rather foolishly stick their fingers into electric sockets, which is of course extremely detrimental to their health. In order to preserve their much loved offspring, adults patiently explain to their children the dangers inherent in the digital probing of such enticing objects, and eventually, perhaps by the time they reach their third or fourth birthday, even the most stupid child will finally realise the act is indeed shockingly dangerous.

The mental resemblance of modern day left/liberals with foolish children is highlighted on a daily basis, but nowhere more so than in the person of one David Goodhart, a left/liberal who has only recently become aware that flooding Britain with inassimilable Third-Worlders might turn out to be just as dangerous for an entire country as an unguarded electric socket is to a child.

The important difference is that a suicidally curious child kills only himself, whilst a foolish and childlike left/liberal such as Mr Goodhart is already responsible for any number of deaths of native Britons — murdered by followers of the Religion of Peace so eagerly imported by half-witted left/liberals convinced they were bringing about a just and peaceful world.

And should the entire continent of Europe descend into a massively scaled-up version of the 1990s Yugoslav civil wars — which I am convinced it will — then the likes of Mr Goodhart will be guilty of deliberately engineered genocide. A child will listen to its parents, but left/liberals have refused to listen to adults, choosing instead to label us as racists should we raise the inevitable end result of their simple-minded suicidal/murderous actions.

Mr Goodhart recently wrote an article, admitting that the left had in fact got mass immigration completely wrong. Quite why it took such a long time for reality to dawn on him would make an interesting psychological therapy session, but the left/liberal sickness behind the promotion of mass immigration was nicely summed up in an exchange Mr Goodhart describes here:

“There has been a huge gap between our ruling elite’s views and those of ordinary people on the street. This was brought home to me when dining at an Oxford college and the eminent person next to me, a very senior civil servant, said: ‘When I was at the Treasury, I argued for the most open door possible to immigration because I saw it as my job to maximise global welfare not national welfare….I was even more surprised when the notion was endorsed by another guest, one of the most powerful television executives in the country. He, too, felt global welfare was paramount and that he had a greater obligation to someone in Burundi than to someone in Birmingham.”

This utterly perverse view was shared by most members of Britain’s last Labour government. When Frank Dobson, a Labour MP, spoke to a Bangladeshi audience in Tower Hamlets a few years ago, he encouraged them to help themselves to everything on offer from the State; nothing was too much, and no matter how much was taken it could never fully recompense them for the historical oppression carried out by Britain. Or in other words, sod the native Londoners, you Bengalis come first.

Mr Goodhart, in all honesty, is clearly not entirely stupid. He is capable of putting all of his words in all the right places in his article, but there are some glaring points that can only make one question his sanity. How can tiny Britain, which makes up less than one percent of the global population, possibly cast itself as the provider of global welfare? It is completely illogical and irrational. It is insane.

And it is a double betrayal. Goodhart has betrayed our children and grandchildren to Islam, but he has also betrayed the compassionate left of the 1950s who worked so hard to provide a welfare state for the benefit of the less affluent British indigenous population. The modern left/liberal has taken a wonderful idea and turned it into an unworkable disaster. Our hospitals, schools and housing stock simply cannot provide welfare to the world, which is partly why Britain is now bankrupt and the British people so unhappy and so uncared for.

In short, left/liberals have betrayed their own people in need, they have betrayed the welfare state and they have set in motion unimaginable future carnage and bloodshed. It is not good enough if one of them breaks rank and admits to his mistake today; the damage is done and the catastrophic results were always inevitable.

Children nearing electrical sockets might get a clip round the ear, but left/liberals deserve far more than a clip. I can only suggest that a future British government resurrect the Treason Laws and vigorously prosecute each and every one of the left/liberal Goodharts of this world for the appalling damage they have to their country and its people.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

54 thoughts on “The Left: Burundi Before Birmingham

  1. I can only suggest that a future British government resurrect the Treason Laws and vigorously prosecute each and every one of the left/liberal Goodharts of this world for the appalling damage they have to their country and its people.

    Exactly Mr. Weston, exactly. Nothing short of a new Nuremburg Trials is needed.
    Every fiber of our human nature screams that these insane, ideologically driven madmen be brought to justice. Western civilisation cannot go forward until the pages of history record the spectacle of the blank staring faces of these mediocrities as they sit in rows in the docket and are forced to look at the evidence of what they did, and listen to the cries of their victims. What follows, what sort of punishment is deserved also has precedent in the European holocaust of the 20th century. Let it
    be administered in the ruins of 21st century Europe.

    • excellent excellent excellent! well written, well said,
      yes, for you evil traitors that we know are secretly reading this…. i too look forward to the day when your evil faces are recorded into the pages of history, your blank expressions, and your ears will fillled with the crys of the indidgenous peoples of europe that you have betrayed and murdered with you EVIL communsit socialist marxist NaZi genocide that you have committed against us, as the enablers of Evil…….
      the day is coming you evil traitors…..may god have mercy on everyone of you that participated in this genocide.

      charles martel

  2. He should spell his name ‘Goodheart’ because that would sum up the kind of wishy-washy approach these lefty liberal types espoused back in the day. Give him some credit, at least he’s man enough to admit the mistakes of yesteryear. Perhaps we can avoid the kind of ‘scaled up version of the Yugoslav civil wars of the ’90s’…but I’m not optimistic.

  3. “which is partly why Britain is now bankrupt and the British people so unhappy and so uncared for”
    Why are the British people still voting for these Labour party traitors year in and year out. It is still not too late to turn the clock back. It will require courage of the highest order and like Churchill once said in a similar context “blood sweat and tears”.

    • “Why are the British people still voting for these Labour party traitors year in and year out. It is still not too late to turn the clock back.”

      They are not. And it is.

      ‘ Britain is in the grips of a “deep institutional crisis” as the trust of those in power hits an “all time low”, new research has found. […] The crisis has led to the country having one of the lowest political participation rates in the developed world – even below that of Palestine and Iraq. ‘

      All the nationalist parties in the UK are unconscionable and “beyond the pale”. Except, of course, when the nationalist party is socialist, like the Scottish National Party or like Sinn Fein. Only “social democracy” is allowed as a mainstream political opinion. The politicians, the media and the Left (and I include the Tories among the Left) have themselves to blame for what is coming. They have constructed a “fantasy Britain” (just as they have constructed a “fantasy islam”), and they are busy living in their comfortable fantasies.

      It won’t take much for the 40% who are entirely disaffected to become 50% or 60%. Then the true oligarchical nature of the power elite will become clearer.

      There is no going back to what Britain was like in 1960. In 2006, 13% of the younger generation of muslims expressed support for Al Qaeda. It is probably 20% by now.

      • And so it should. Nationalism is not the solution to Islam. All people should be rallied against Muslims. First, we should understand that Muslims themselves construct a Muslim “race”. Men with certain looks can wear Western clothing, and have smooth chins, yet can enter mosques and attend lectures without nasty questions. This is what I call Muslim Privilege. That is why non-Muslims cannot be racist, only lateral violence is possible.

        We should make laws that forbid relations, especially marriage, between men with Muslim Privilege, as well as Muslim men without Muslim Privilege(having to wear beards), and women fathered by other men. The latter men can of course have relations with women fathered by Muslim men and men with Muslim Privilege. Non-Muslim men without Muslim Privilege could get a limited form of polygyny.

        The inverse of the present double standards created by Islam. Nationalists who want to keep the British (and Dutch, German, French etc.) “race” pure are hurting the fight against Islam.

        • What on earth are you wittering on about? I’ve seldom read such [difficult to comprehend material].

          • Simple example of different cultural attitudes:

            A Moroccan man walks through the street, a girlfriend on each arm, a Dutch one, and an Antillian one. How would “youth” react?

            A Dutch man walks through the street, a girlfriend on each arm, a Moroccan one, and a Turkish one. How would skinheads react?

            This difference is very bad for Dutch men.

      • There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.

        The ILLEGAL Muslim occupation of 3,500 year old Jewish BIBLICAL, world-famous Judea and Samaria must end!

        • All you ever hear from these leftists is the crusades, the crusades – but how do they account for the fact that a religion that arose in the deserts of what is now Saudi Arabia took control of Jerusalem in the first place? They want to talk about crusades …

    • Do you think the empty suit Cameron is any better? UKIP and Weston’s new BFP are the only hope we have.

      • There is no longer a British Freedom Party! Paul Weston’s new party is Liberty GB

        The UKIP wants to get Britain out of the
        EU. That is good; but what most people are unaware of is that the UKIP is an EXTREMELY VINDICTIVE party!

        Look at UKIP requirements for joining the UKIP! British Freedom Party and the English Defence League are intensely HATED by the UKIP! Apparently, being deeply patriotic and wanting to protect the British people and deal with the terrifying problems of totalitarian, MURDEROUS Islam makes you UNACCEPTABLE to the UKIP and bars you from becoming a member of UKIP:
        Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or
        the UK First Party. Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded.

        By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of either of these parties.

        Once the UKIP find out about Liberty GB, there is no doubt, Liberty GB will be added to the list.

    • Now there’s a good question ‘Why do people keep voting for these Labour party traitors?’
      Next question: How do we know that they do?
      Here, U.SA., Sweden, Norway, Do turkeys REALLY keep voting for Christmas ? People in all of these countries know that whatever party gets in its the same policies, especially on race and immigration, and it’s obvious that they hold the public in complete contempt especially on those subjects (remember Gordon Brown and the racist bigot pensioner)They never fear voter backlash, in fact they govern for themselves (and their masters)

  4. Yes mr weston, maybe liberty gb should create a file, database, like a sort of sex offenders register, and could also hold trials in absentia, then elevate these myriad traitors onto the list, so it will be easier in near future to search and round up these evil left wing cultural marxist traitors who have and still are carrying out treason against the British peoples and the peoples of western europe.

    charles martel

  5. The leftist will to do ‘good’ lacks any form of moderation, thus it is totally vulnerable to the kind of invertion you describe here. There was a time when the cry of ‘Liberty, Justice and Brotherhood’ was the saving of France, however, over enthusiasm (ambition?) soon made it a capital offense to deny the liberty, justice and brotherhood to your fellow human being. The victims of the ‘terror’ that ensued were denied even life.

    Historically, the moderator was the Judeo-Christian ethic, essentially “do as you would be done by”, and although not perfect by any means, it was enough of a leveller to quell the excesses of exuberance and immaturity (as well as social climbing).

    The left trashed the Judeo-Christian ethic as non “progressive” and sought a society based upon the relative values of ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice’, forgetting the very finite boundaries of the social purse.

    Unless that purse is extremely deep, the ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice’ means that most of us now have to live in the poverty of compliance, because the motivation to self-improve has been removed.

    In the UK, socialism was subsidised for years by a highly productive middle class, product of an excellent education system, now it is all gone. Sacrificed on the altar of the religion of enforced equality.

    Exacerpated by the importation of an instant underclass with a hostile demeanour, we arrive at the current zero point. Now what do we do?

  6. The most amusing thing is that the Mr Goodhart will now find out what it is like to be a person that questions immigration in any shape or form, soon he will be defined as the son of Hitler and the Anti-Fascists will be parked outside his door or unpeacefully demonstrate at any location he goes to. He may be fitted up by the police for a crime he did not do, or be jailed on trumped up charges.

    Perhaps someone should explain to Mr Goodhart the Turkish millet system as used in the Balkens and look he should look at these Islamic enclaves and ask himself is this any different? Anyway, I stopped doing anything in terms of trying to talk about this in politie and impolite company, its too damn late, Mr Goodhart and people like him have doomed the UK and most of Europe to becoming just like the Balkens.

    Strangely I have noticed across Europe that a number of people on the left are wakening up to the threat, and why is that? Its simple, Islamics no longer just blindly vote them in, they are now looking to create their own parties or push their own values and the left can no longer use them without cost, its kinda funny but oh so tragic.

    Law abiding peaceful European have been betrayed by Mr Goodhart and his ilk, because they used immigrants to keep themselves in power and have exposed us to the ravages of Islam, soon razzia will be a very well understood term in Europe!!!

  7. This guy still doesn’t get it. 30 years of Hizb ut Tahrir saying “kill homosexuals”, 11 years after Hizb ut Tahrir got 10000 nazis to their conference. Almost a decade after 7/7. And finally a Leftist says “hmm… something’s not right”.

    He’s saying: multiculturalism was wrong, clamp down on immigration. It has taken them 40 years to realise that Powell was right.

    It will take the Left another 10 to 20 years to realise that Powell REALLY WAS right.

    This idiot hasn’t made his journey quickly enough. The welfare state will be a shadow of itself within a decade. Then we will see the streets running with blood.

    A few years ago, when Geert Wilders asked the Dutch government for the evidence that immigration was economically beneficial, they refused to answer the question, saying “we don’t treat people like numbers” (which is, of course, precisely what economics does, precisely what demographics does). Wilders paid an external economist to provide the data: immigration is a luxury item, costing the Dutch people 6 bn Euros per year. To put that amount of money in context, the current crisis in Cyprus is for the want of 10 bn Euros. The EU could collapse over this missing 6bn; Holland throws away that much money every 12 months.

    On the basis of their “instincts” these Leftists have villified and destroyed anyone who pointed out these things in the last 40 years. On the basis of their “instincts”, over two generations they transformed one of the most homogenous countries on the planet into a mutlicultural experiment in mongrelism. [Those with good memories will remember that in the dim and distant past of last week, Sonia Gable was on here telling us we were a mongrel nation. ] Their “social experiment” sounds harmles; but we are not talking about inert chemicals carefully mixed together under isolated and repeatable laboratory conditions. The language of science is completely inappropriate for what they have done.

    Their names need to be recorded for when history finally acknowledges we are in a civil war. They need to be remembered for their treachery. Martin Smith, Gordon Brown, Sonia Gable etc. will still be alive by the time the civil war is undeniable.

    This Hampstead leftist has been prominent in transnational politics for a decade. He has no excuse for just waking up now. No doubt for the last decade he’s been paying to money to organisations like Hope Not Hate or Shamnesty International or the Labour Party, who have been busy using that money to build the pyre.

    Those Brits more committed to some stranger (i.e. any !) in Burundi rather than some fellow citizen in Birmingham are simply deluded to the point of insanity. They will deny that there is any trait that all Brits have in common, yet they think at a level of further abstraction (“universal humanity”) where they see some commonality between themselves as a human being and some (i.e. any!) remote human being in Burundi. No matter that the man in Burundi could be a millionaire, or a rapist.

    These Leftists have decided to abstract away all particularity so that they only have to deal with some universal human rather than any more particular human, such as one from their own country. The motto these Leftists is: any human (except a countryman), right or wrong.
    It is exactly this process of de-humanisation of one’s fellow citizens that leads to gas chambers and Gulags. And it seems that collectivism (socialism, islam, nazism) lead to this inexorably.

    • Well, a citizen of Burundi might actually be more deserving than the imported population of Birmingham and no less foreign. I say this with great sadness for what has happened to my beloved Britain.

      • No doubt the Leftist elite in question do feel sympathy and commonality with all the immigrants who come into Britain. It is the indigenous population who the Left despise.

    • And Joe, if you or I make a mistake at our work then that’ll be picked up on right quick and we’ll face the consequences there and then.

      But these ivory tower merchants dream their fabulous dreams, get things spectacularly wrong, and don’t have to worry about the consequences.

      Blair – what’s he worth now?

      Brown – you think he gives a damn about any of this – their pockets are WELL LINED and they can live in some non-integrated, non-multiculturalist upper class enclave for the rest of their natural.

      They should be stripped of all their assets & forced to live in a dilapidated council estate, have no car & have to apply for means-tested heat allowance every winter, & have to live on tescos cheap brand mince & have to queue at a food bank in order to get a pint of UHT milk. Oh and have all those lovely people they brought into the country from Islamic hell-holes put into the houses round about them, so they can have the new British experience they created, full-blown, day in and day out with no escape, and no hope of anyone ever employing them to do anything, ever again. Oh and when they get put in a nursing home their sons and daughters need to have their assets taken from them, by force, in order to pay for it.

    • “we don’t treat people like numbers”

      The Left is hypocritical in this respect. They have little issue with cutting welfare in general, or expenses on the disabled, the elderly and such. Only their holy cow, the MUSLIM immigrant shouldn’t be touched. That again should be reversed. A guaranteed minimum income should be established. This will hurt the rich allies of our enemies.

      The poor MUSLIM immigrants could be sent to Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf States. Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf States are threatened by IRAN!!!

      “Hell, its even funnier since Evola stole from Eastern mythology and idolized the Indo-Aryans. Persian, Kurdish and Pakistani immigration to Europe goes hand in hand with that…”

      The Muslim Zakaria Ali Sher admits that Iran is ethnically close to most of Europe…

      Actually, I think only male Muslim immigrants should be sent away…

      • “The Muslim Zakaria Ali Sher admits that Iran is ethnically close to most of Europe…”

        During the height of the Nazi popularity in the world (remember, Hitler was Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1938), Persia changed the name of their country to “Iran”. That is, they changed the name of their country to “Aryan”.

        Of course, it is no surprise, that following the discovery of the gas chambers, they didn’t bother to change it back. They are very proud of their connection with Hitler. Iran/Aryan is one of the countries in the world where “Mein Kamp” is still a best-seller.

  8. Paternalism has always been the cry of the Socialist, we know what is best for YOU.

    Unfortunately under-age immature parents do not, on the whole, provide well for their offspring. Especially when they don’t listen to those who have got the sweat(y)shirt that proves that they learned the hard way.

    I would that our friends in the USA learn from the European experience:

    1. Hang on to the 1st and second ammendments at all costs.

    2. Start to bring unconstitutional activities into the cold light of day, get the issues into court, force house, senate and the supreme court to make judgements based on the constitution.

    3. Boycott the biased media (if neccessary threaten to boycott their advertisers, this can start locally, the MSM will soon get the picture).

    4. Start threatening impeachment proceedings. Its a good heads up if nothing else….

  9. If as these people assert, there is really no such thing as a British race, then who exactly do they say is guilty of all those imperialistic “crimes” in the past? According to their worldview, the guilty party does not even exist!

    On the other hand, if THEY want to take on the guilt of these imagined past “crimes” then all they have to do is hang THEMSELVES from the nearest lampost with a sign round their neck claming that THEY are guilty.

    If they really believed what they say, then that’s what they’d do.

    • In his 1964 book “The Suicide of the West”, James Burnham eviscerates the logic of leftism/liberalism. He points out that any such guilt complex over what “our people” have done in the past is no different from “collective responsibility” and “volkishness”. That is, if we are responsibile for what past generations of Britons have done, then that means that all musilms are responsible for what any muslim living or dead has done.

      • Quite so!

        And to further complicate matters, as a non-English Brit, should I be held accountable for what Englishmen have done? What about all the people who have been born & brought up in England whose mums & dads came from say, the Caribbean? Are they British enough to hold a passport & be considered British in every respect – but not this one of as you say, “collective guilt”?

        If so, then isn’t the cry of “racist” itself built on …. racism?

  10. Comparing Birmingham to Burundi is indeed a very apt comparison. There won’t be any civil war between Europeans and immigrants/colonists, just as there was hardly any war between Africans and immigrants/colonists. Africa became free because the European colonial powers destroyed in each other in war.
    Kafir Ibnal-Shaitan made it clear that Israel is not willing to intervene in Europe, so what will happen is that the four powers of the Middle-East: Turkey, Iran, Israel and Saudi-Arabia will destroy each other in a war of attrition. Unless they go over to a new religious paradigm.

  11. At least he has destroyed the left’s argument that Britain is a nation of immigrants. The last major immigration was by the Normans and there were not so many of them but they managed to terrorise and subdue the country of England at least. England/Britain was until 1948 the third most stable population in the world.

    Enoch Powell was right because he just talked common sense. Everybody else knew he was right including most politicians of the time but after what Heath did to him they put survival before integrity. And yet still we have the silly Bishop of Dudley attacking the present government because they are doing things on immigration but only because they face the threat of UKIP decimating them.

    Mr Goodhart might love living in culturally enriched areas but most indigenous Britons, any more than indigenous Swedes etc,, don’t. In fact they hate it with a vengeance. But there was nothing they could do about it because the likes of Mr Goodhart thought he knew better than they did – until now. What a silly silly man. I suggest that he goes and lives in Africa, Kingston Jamaica, Dehli or Pakistan. He might love it be we don’t want it here and never did. Neither did Churchill. A shame he was getting on when it all began.

  12. Ruling elites’ betrayals continue full blast with massive immigration, mostly Muslim immigrants who openly declare their goal is our conquest and enslavement. And taxpayers are FORCED to finance Muslim conquest via their taxpayers.

    Ruling elites would have warmly welcomed Hitler and his Nazis.

  13. I agree with most of what has been said by people replying to this post. I utterly emphasize with everyone who has replied. I think it is important that we have forums in which we can vent our feelings as well as receive news and discuss tactics.

    At the same time, I have to welcome the appearance of anyone on left who shows signs of being turned to our side, particularly anyone with any influence whatsoever.

    We need all the help we can get, even if some of it comes from a (former?) traitor.

  14. More from Birmingham… now playing host to war criminals from the Sudan, who boast about killing more civilians than they can remember… He lives on benefits, and naturaly cannot be deported because it would “infringe on his human rights”.

    Which means yet another valuable addition to the “melting pot” roaming the streets of Britain. Imagine – you can now go into a bar in Birmingham, drink a pint and watch a match next to someone boasting of all the people he’s killed… “cultural enrichment” indeed!

  15. Bravo, Mr Weston and many excellent replies.

    Carefully analyse how Mr Goodhart structures his mea culpa (and yes it will be highly amusing and instructive to watch how this tepid apostate will be scorned and ostracized by his erstwhile Hampstead left/liberal, multi-culti, one-worlders).

    The first ethno-religious group he identifies in the essay as impliedly, and only impliedly, problematic in terms of failed immigration policy are “clannish … Kashmiri Pakistanis.” He is unwilling or incapable, at this stage, of mentioning Islam or Muslims: the elephant in the room. In fact he never mentions Islam once. I didn’t do a word count, but the first reference to Muslims is about 75-80% of the way down and a very mild one about pious Muslims not having to go out and get drunk every Saturday night to fit into British society – which is in fact more a criticism of non-Muslim British to prepare his readers for the following “but” where he states that Muslims “must” adjust to British notions of “individual freedom” and the “rights of women”. He might have added the rights of: homosexuals to live their lives in peace and Jews just to live, but he wouldn’t want to pop his head too high over the parapet would he?

    Goodhart’s reference to “Kashmiri Pakistanis”, as opposed to “Kashmiri Indians” or simply “Kashmiris” is a carefully chosen qualification he adopts to convey to those who know anything about the half-century long Jammu & Kashmir geopolitical standoff between India and Pakistan, that he is in fact talking about Muslims. This is adumbrated by the photographs chosen by the Daily Mail editors. Goodhart is most certainly not directing his commentary at Indian Hindus or Sikhs – both of the which are stunningly under-represented in the UK criminal justice system and prison population as compared with the other “South Asians”, ie Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Goodhart would be or should be aware that the vast disparity in the levels of criminality in Britain’s Pakistani/Bangladeshi, ie Muslim, population as compared with Hindus and Sikhs. The disparity defies explanation on normal socio-educational-economic grounds: unless one bites the bullet and accepts that immigrant overwhelmingly Muslims simply pay no regard to the laws of the Western countries that they migrate to. It is the law of infidels – stupid people who pay us to not work and give our children free education and heath care, etc – and is thus irrelevant. Cf Anjem Chadaury and his “Jihad-seekers allowance” wisecrack.

    So which immigrant group next comes in for adverse mention by Goodhart? Afro-Caribbeans, with high rates of fatherless households. A problem no doubt, but Goodhart’s early inclusion of it is more avoidance of the elephant in the room. A calculated diversion from the true focus of his essay so he can’t be accused of “Islamophobia”. He will be in any case so he shouldn’t have bothered with such transparent sleights of hand.

    And the next reference: a positive one to the predilection of”Afro-Caribbean and Chinese men and women” to ‘marry out’, i.e. of their ethnic group. The purpose of which is to make an oblique and backhand reference to … Muslims: who notoriously do not ‘marry out’, but in vast proportions throughout Europe import their spouses from their “homelands”. More than half of whom UK-wide (and in Australia) marry their first cousins: with all the attendant cost burden to their Western host countries of the medical/health problems of children born of consanguineous marriages: extraordinary rates of neo-natal intensive care bed occupancy, birth defects, “special needs” education, etc, all paid for by the Western taxpayer.

    Rather than address the huge UK Muslim community, Goodhart instances instead the impact of the Ghanaian population of “Pollards Hill estate in Merton” who “to the local whites are not fitting in but imposing their own way of life on the neighbourhood”. Hmmm. When one contemplates immigrant communities who are “are not fitting in, but imposing their own way of life on the neighbourhood” it is not Ghanaians that would spring to British minda. And that goes for in any major city in Europe. The pusillanimous Goodhart stoops to maligning Ghanaians as a rhetorical decoy for Muslims.

    Perhaps the Ghanaian residents of Merton are an especially and unusually intrusive and aggressive subset of Ghanaians, not given to the religiosity (Ghana has the highest per capita church attendance rate in the world) and work ethic that characterises Ghanaian immigrants. In Sydney, Australia, the prudent taxi passenger waiting on the street waits to see that the driver is either Chinese or black (almost always Ghanaians or -southern, Christian – Nigerians) – a visually easy task – before hailing the cab because one knows one will get a polite, often friendly, driver who will not engage in the habitual tactics of taking the slowest route (arguing aggressively if one queries the choice) with inexplicable accelerations/decelerations and slowing before green traffic lights to maximise the fare of that the preponderant demographic of taxi-drivers, Arab-Muslims, engage in. The number of cases before the courts of Arab-Muslim taxi drivers sexually assaulting inebriated female passengers is simply staggering – I can’t think of ever seeing a West African name in this category.

    For years my family has utilised a network of Ghanaian taxi drivers, for trips to and from the airport. Unasked they help load the luggage (ask an Arab-Muslim taxi driver to help load the luggage of a sizeable family going overseas and he will ignore your request or sneer at you), you advise them, they will invite you to do so, of the day and time (and flight number) of your return trip and there they will be waiting when you emerge from Arrivals, insisting on at least helping you load the luggage.

    About ten years ago I had one memorable Nigerian taxi driver. I said, upon ascertaining he was from Nigeria: “You’re from the south, a Christian” He asked how did I guess? I answered: “Your manner and bearing”. I opined that it had been a huge mistake to not divide Nigeria whilst it was under British colonial rule into two states: a Christian southern one and a Muslim northern one. He stopped the cab, turned and extended his hand to me and said “God bless you and your family”. This embarrassed my atheist self somewhat, but I appreciated his intentions in saying it. He turned the meter off and proceeded asking “Do many Australians understand this? About Muslims? They never forgive. Never.” Sadly, I had to answer in the negative. He also added “Australia is going to have big problems allowing so many Muslims into this country”. Sadly, I had to agree.

    In the early 1990’s my late parents put their home up for auction to move into a retirement village. Their neighbour – who owned a small fleet of taxis – noticed that at least one prospective purchaser was accompanied by a burka-wearing wife. For over a decade, the significantly younger neighbour had been exceptionally kind to them, always offering to assist with physical tasks that were beyond my father’s capabilities and lending them all manner of assistance. The neighbour, unusually, knocked on the front door and asked to speak with them. He was anxious and fearful, please don’t sell to Muslims he pleaded: “I’ve been in the taxi industry my whole life and I know these people, they are the worst … I don’t want to have to move …”. He undertook, by verbal promise only, that if the top bid at the auction came from a Muslim, he would pay my father $25,000 to reject that bid and sell instead to the underbidder. However small the difference between the two bidders. And if the highest bid (from a non-Muslim) was more than $25,000 under the top bidder, he promised to ensure that my father would still be $25,000 ahead of the top bid. The top bid, by a margin of $500, came from a Muslim man, and the auctioneer, under instructions and exercising his legal (“If deemed to not be in the best interests of the vendor”) discretion, sold the house to the second highest bidder. Then came the endearing human farce of one neighbour offering another a bank (for Americans, “cashier’s”) cheque for $25,000, the my father refusing the cheque, the offeror insisting, the offeree again refusing. It being put in an envelope in the letter box and then being returned, etc. The last half of the story was told to me by the neighbour when I went visit him to thank him for being so kind to my parents over the years. “Do you think if I gave you the cheque, they’d accept it? Could we do it on the quiet? You know, you just sling them some cash from time to time as a present without ever telling them where it came from?”

    So whilst I may, and only may, become a little disconcerted if my neighbourhood became 80 or 90% Ghanaian, based on the personal and professional experiences of myself and friends I’d move out if my neighbourhood became 10% or even 5% Muslim.

    Finally. The best bit of Mr Weston’s essay is:

    “The modern left/liberal has taken a wonderful idea and turned it into an unworkable disaster.”

    After World War 1, less than a century ago, conscripted soldiers returned home often maimed physically and/or psychologically and the UK state did nothing for them. Those that didn’t come home often left behind widows and children and the state did nothing for them. The post-WW2 UK welfare state was in part created to not repeat such cruelties on those who had suffered for their, or their husbands’/fathers’, service to their nation. Imagine being an 95 year old who had been orphaned during the WW1 and comparing how the state looked after you and your mother and siblings then and what the state now does for anyone who can gain entry into the UK. It’d break your heart. If not your mind.

    • “So which immigrant group next comes in for adverse mention by Goodhart? Afro-Caribbeans, with high rates of fatherless households. A problem no doubt, but Goodhart’s early inclusion of it is more avoidance of the elephant in the room. A calculated diversion from the true focus of his essay so he can’t be accused of “Islamophobia”. He will be in any case so he shouldn’t have bothered with such transparent sleights of hand.”

      Love of Islam leading to REAL racism….
      Not surprising.

    • That was a superb analysis of what this Hampstead luvvie has done in this piece. No doubt he was advised repeatedly on how to shave off the “rough edges” of his piece, by only referring to islam indirectly.

      Your experience of Ghanians is like mine. My friends from Ghana are the most “English” immigrants I’ve ever come across. They never even have relationships with people who are not white English. Their parents tried to get them to learn the language of their ancestral home, and they refuse to learn a word of it. They were the first of my friends to speak loudly about how many non-white people were involved in the 2011 rioting.

      If one was not to attribute malice on the part of Goodheart, one would have to conclude that having lived in the rarified 99% white environment of Hampstead, that Goodheart is so totally clueless about immigration and even about the populations of London, that his knowledge of the subject is entirely random, and confined to whatever he heard from the different communities he chose to go and talk to.

      • Yes, it is quite obvious Goodhart drafted and re-drafted his piece to knock off the rough edges. But do attribute malice to him: he is too artful to not know exactly what he was doing.

        Here’s the supreme irony: Gates of Vienna is widely deemed to be a “racist” website and its readers/contributors “racists”. GoV is centre stage on the Islamist radar, as is Robert “Jew”* Spencer’s “Jihadwatch” (* Spencer is in fact a semi-clergyman in a Christian church) It may well be legally proscribed on the grounds of its “racism” at some stage in the not to distant future everywhere in the West that does not enjoy the First Amendment freedoms that US citizens enjoy.

        The Muslim lobby has discerned that not only Hampstead “luvvies” ( a venerable and marvellous coinage by Private Eye magazine), but the vast majority of Westerners are terrified of being labelled “racists”. Therefore they hurl the “racism” accusation at anybody who questions mass immigration of Muslims into Western countries in order to gag the debate. And they’ve been very successful in their employment of this tactic. Cf Geert Wilders and many others less well known.

        I would warrant that the majority of GoV contributors/readers are not “racists” per se: they are concerned over the Islamisation of the West.

        I recall that some smarty-pants Hampstead luvvie recently wrote that claims by “anti-Islamisationists” that they were not “racists” were just hollow dishonest posturing because, wait for it, “most Muslims are brown”. The lengths these people go to, the contortions.

        If every brown, yellow and black person in the world suddenly repudiated Islam and its adherents were then exclusively white-skinned, blue-eyed blondes, I’d still loathe and fear Islam, only to a lesser degree because the numbers would be so much smaller than they are. And I suspect Geert Wilders and Fjordman and many others would feel exactly the same way.

        But we don’t need to go to such hypothetical extremes to make this point. We just have to note the vastly different ways in which the Lebanese immigrants all over the world are regarded: the Christians widely accepted and assimilable, the Muslims rightly loathed and feared due to their reprehensible behaviour.

  16. To break out of the current trend, people have give up welfare. Welfare, brings the necessity of forcefully collecting it, and thereafter a bureaucracy dispensing it back. This creates the opportunities the political sociopaths needs. Public funds enabling the trade of group “rights” for votes. Opportunity for nepotism and corruption. “Right” to hold a gun to peoples heads to pay their “fair” taxes. Opportunity and necessity to lend against still unborn generations future work. Public funds to keep control over the main media outlets. School systems controlled to make sure future generations have no clue and no opportunity to understand what is going on.

    It is counter-productive to discern between individuals based on ethnic or national origin. It is a ploy to keep normal people confused and unorganized. The division necessary to make is this one: between peaceful self-reliant folks doing their best and hostile parasitic populations. With no state controlled welfare, the hostile parasitic individuals will either learn and adapt, move away or starve. Without “free” housing and “free” money, they would not have come to western countries in the first place.

    State welfare as an institution has led to the mountains of debt the western nations currently faces. So, the indigenous populations of each western nation is quarreling with newcomers over who’s children has the most right to inherit the debt… Let us focus on one thing, removing the basic ill, and then clean up the fallout. It would give the populations only one issue to focus on and fight for, and if the fight is won it would fix a lot of the issues many currently have with how societies works.

    • If you cut off welfare, the Muslims will start rioting. Non-Muslims have far less possibility of rioting. The System will make sure cutting welfare will hurt NON-Muslims the most. That is, lowering general welfare, but starting special programs for Muslims.
      What is the alternative to welfare? Tiergartenstrasse 4, or begging from oil sheiks?

      People with political-incorrect opinions have a harder time getting jobs than Muslims, and need welfare even more.
      Welfare hurts the rich friends of the Muslims. Remember that.

      • So, your thinking indicates that everything will/should go on as now? It is not economically viable. You’d better start preparing and bracing yourself for the day welfare is (mostly) cut off. For forward thinking people it would be better to assume it will disappear entirely.

        I recommend this article and clip from MoneyWeek magazine:

        Welfare is an equivalent of a minimum wage. When it disappears, a lot of new jobs will appear (after a while). I agree, the poorest will have problems, as always when change occurs.

        There are various ways to look at this of course. My outlook is that most people are likely be better off afterwards.

        • Actually, I think we should move to the Left: guaranteed minimum income as promoted by Guy Standing. Complete breakdown also runs the risk of a communist/anarchist take over.

          But wishes are not reality, and I have work experience in workfare. So I am somewhat prepared.

          Welfare is NOT the equivalent of a minimum wage. The official minimum wage is separate, and is set so high that it is not profitable for employers to take second-rate workers, regardless how willing to work they are.
          Also, any attempt to do anything at all, will mean an immediate cut to one’s welfare, forcing one to be lazy. If only people “who really need it”, the hard cases, get welfare, a perverse incentive is created to become a hard case. Crassly put, if only the one-legged get money, people will saw off their leg.
          If you want to help people on welfare, ABOLISH THE OFFICIAL MINIMUM WAGE!!!

        • At best “Columnist” is very confused, as his/her posts suggest (if they are in earnest); at worst, he/she is simply here to sow confusion.

    • “State welfare as an institution has led to the mountains of debt the western nations currently faces. So, the indigenous populations of each western nation is quarreling with newcomers over who’s children has the most right to inherit the debt… Let us focus on one thing, removing the basic ill”

      IMO the welfare state is going to collapse, and fairly suddenly. Neither Britain, nor France nor even Germany can afford their welfare state.

      However, no-one is going to get anywhere by advocating the removal of it. That is just not going to happen. There is barely anyone alive in Britain today who has not come to expect the state to take care of them from cradle to grave. Why would they vote to give up on this economic safety net?

      But the welfare state will be taken away without any party advocating it – it will implode. And what is really sad, is that it will go away at precisely the time when the poor really need it — when the true depth of Great Depression 2.0 is realised.

      When that happens then the people are not going to be being bought off by the anaesthetic of the welfare state. They are going to object to the undemocratic transformation to their country by mass immigration. And the minorities, the immigrants will be blamed, not just for the transformation, but also for the removal of the welfare state. The true scum, the politicians, the media, the academics will get off scot-free.

      • We agree on the collapse, see my reply to columnist above.

        NO western country can afford their current welfare system. Those with more money can keep it going for a bit longer, but even their systems will be reduced, ended or collapse, in the end.

        I agree that hardly anyone is going to vote for it. My point is simply this: the more people understanding that welfare is bad for society ahead of it collapsing/being removed, the less of a problem it will be for them when it’s gone. The basic message is: prepare!

      • “But the welfare state will be taken away without any party advocating it – it will implode. And what is really sad, is that it will go away at precisely the time when the poor really need it — when the true depth of Great Depression 2.0 is realised.”

        That process is well underway in Europe. And the Left will blame the rich, the capitalists. Of course not the oil sheiks. That is racism, oil sheiks are oppressed (sarcasm).

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  18. “I can only suggest that a future British government resurrect the Treason Laws and vigorously prosecute each and every one of the left/liberal Goodharts of this world for the appalling damage they have to their country and its people.”

    Hear, hear. This is the sort of treason that must receive the same attention of the Nuremberg trials, as what we’re talking about here is the deliberate and systematic genocide of the indigenous populations of Europe. It is a crime against Mankind and a patriotic government (can we ever have that again?) would see that the traitors are crushed and make treason of this magnitude a risky affair once again.

    We can co-exist with Islam, just as long as we don’t mingle. As for the left-wingers, however, there’s no redemption for them. If not for the constant attack of the PC front and the fence sitting politician’s retreat, Islam would not have been the problem it is today, Salman Rushdie would have never had the fatwa on his head taken seriously, the skyline of New York would have remained the same and the Mohammad cartoons would have been a non-issue. And a few thousands of people would have still be alive.

    The problem is not so much negotiating with terrorists, but the negotiators themselves.

  19. I believe in equality and diversity. But in a different way from that forced on us in Britain by the Equality and Diversity Commission. Paul’s question to Sonia Gable was why the ethnic English/British do not deserve a homeland. I believe that every ethnic group on the planet deserves a homeland and that is the natural way of things. This is why the British gave the Jews their homeland back. This is equality in my view. Why should the Chinese, Japanes, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, black Africans be allowed a homeland of their own just as Europeans used to have but Europeans are not? In the same way, I believe in diversity but this is global diversity. This is another point that Enoch Powell tried to make, the preservation of a world-wide mosaic of different homogeneous nations, homelands for the vast array of races, cultures and religions. Multiculturalism/multiracialism has destroyed equality as far as Europeans are concerned in their own former homelands. It is rapidly destroying global diversity. Large parts of England now are no longer English, they are a nowhere land with many “cultures” but no culture at all. European countries will become a multicultural soup of nothingness. I am weeping for my country which is being wiped off the face of the earth by the Left. The Left is the most destructive force ever, witness the French Revolution, Bolshevism even Nazism which was of the Left and now multicultural Marxism. England was a lovely country, cohesive and distinctive. As in most homogeneous countries, especially the smaller ones, we were one big happy family. Now it is home to everybody and nobody, its history and culture derided and ignored. However, interestingly, it is also in denial. As evidenced by the tv and radio listings paper the Radio Times non-white faces contstitue about 1% of those shown, even though they are about 15% of the population. It is as if England still wants to go on being England as it used to be and refuses to accept what is being done to it. For myself, I was relieved and delighted when returning to Heathrow Airport to be greeted by a row of indigenous Englishmen and women of the Border Agency. It was as if nothing had changed. I had expected to see a majority of New Britons. I am afraid that you cannot change human nature. We are tribal. We want to live with our own. This was shown in your piece on Sweden where the Turkish boy wanted to return to Turkey. If the Swedes did not want him, neither did he want to live with Somalis or Arabs. It is also a question of numbers, the tipping point is meant to be 10%. If one non-ethnic English family moved into a street, the English like the Swedes might stick around. But when the number reaches ten per cent the host race/culture starts to move out. As Roger Scruton has said, multiculturalism/multiracialism is destined to fail as communism did because it denies human nature. And as Dr Frank Ellis has said, diversity is not strength it has been the Left’s means of weakening and bringing down Europea Christian Civilisation.

  20. The Left’s witless, anti-historical fantasy about “human nature” as basically “good” (Rousseau’s puerile fallacy of the “noble savage”) is the undoing of all such facile social engineering cum Utopian projects.

    People are basically both good and evil, in potential.

    Culture trains the evil out and encourages the good.

    When you destroy a successful local culture- built up over generations of trial and error to achieve a decent, civilized state– through the delusion of “Multiculturalism” you end up with no standards, no norms, no restraints and no guideposts.

    Meaning- you end up with chaos.

    Engineered by tinkering theoretical imbeciles who, like B.F. Skinner, thought that sheep would not cross a non-electrified fence line after they had been shocked by a previously electrified wire.

    “Conditioning” would triumph.

    But it didn’t.

    Once the sheep discovered that the wire had no juice, they barged right through it.

    People cannot be conditioned by Leftist propaganda without a charged “electric fence” (aggressive police force/ social pressure/ media shaming/ et al) constantly shocking them into submission.

    When the pressure relents (AKA when Leftists like this jackass Goodhart “recant” their destructive fantasy) the people’s natural instincts for self-preservation and self-defense will reassert themselves.

    If it not too late.

    • It is never too late. Where there is life, there is hope. The result will be different from what we know today. It may be worse, it may be better. Perseverance will determine.

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