The Genocidal Racism of Left-Wing Extremists

Paul Weston has recently descended into the swamp to do verbal battle with the racists of the Left. A summary of his encounters is below.

For a typical leftist screed, see this article attacking Paul, which validates exactly his description of the anti-European and racist leftist ideology.

The Genocidal Racism of Left-Wing Extremists
by Paul Weston

I have had some interesting discussions with extreme left-wingers recently. And oh boy, what a dreadful lot of immoral, dangerous racists they are!

These online conversations are always initiated by the leftists, who promptly accuse me of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia. I reply that I am not driven by a dislike, or even hatred of foreigners, but that I love my country, its culture, its people and its inherent decency, all of which I see threatened by an ever-growing number of immigrant people who share few of our moderate ideals.

This sparks off more accusations of racism, but I then ask the following question: “You tell me British Colonialism was wrong, yet you have no problem with Britain being colonised. This tells me it is not colonialism that bothers you, but the existence of traditional Britain. Is this the case?”

The leftist reply to this is that Britain committed all sorts of atrocities in the past, and it is now retribution time. I then ask them if they carry this same view over to other forms of colonialism. For example, the Zulus ethnically cleansed the Hottentot from Southern Africa, so based on leftist logic was it not a morally just form of retribution when the Zulus in turn were subjugated by the British and the Dutch? If the leftist considers this was not morally just, was it purely because the British and Dutch colonisers were white?

Leftists don’t really like this argument. They have difficulty answering the question because in their own peculiar world view, tribal racism simply does not exist when non-whites are the guilty party. Only whites can be guilty and only whites must suffer retribution. This is, of course, pure anti-white racism writ large.

When the African-American feminist Bonnie Greer appeared on the BBC’s Question Time a couple of years ago, she declared there was no such entity as the “Indigenous English.” This is a terribly racist statement to make, and is just the sort of rhetoric Hitler used against the Jews when he sought to de-legitimise them. Greer was allowed to get away with this, naturally, because the BBC is in broad agreement with such racist ideology.

So the next question I ask the leftist is this: “Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?”

The leftist will then tell me that all people are entitled to such a basic requirement, except for white Europeans who are historically guilty of murder, oppression, slavery, etc etc.

My penultimate question to them is this: “Demographics predict the native British will become an ethnic minority in their own homeland before 2050. Do you agree this is direct contravention of the UN’s Definition of Genocide; in direct contravention of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and in direct contravention of any real world definition of decency and morality?”

The leftist will reply there is no such thing as the Indigenous British. Britain is an immigrant nation anyway, and is all the better for it. He tells me the world is One World and all are welcome. To resist this is racist, they say.

My final question is this: “So, you deny the existence of the English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish as legally and morally recognised races; you deny them their right to a nationality and a culture; you deny them their right to remain as an ethnic majority in the land of their birth, and you deny them the right to their homeland?”

By this stage, the leftist is so furious that I have forced him into a corner, and so furious that I have questioned his morality (which he feels he possesses but I do not) that he then injudiciously replies: “No, you have no rights to any of these things because of your historical actions, and you’re now getting everything you f******g well deserve.”

And that is where we are now. The Left still accuse us of racism because we wish to preserve the people, culture and homeland which our forefathers sacrificed so much for, yet the Left cannot recognise their own overt racism when they speak quite literally of racial genocide.

Make no mistake about this: These leftists are not morally good people; they are dangerous, evil genocidal racists, driven by an absolutely insane racial hatred of their very own race. The Left is our primary enemy.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

60 thoughts on “The Genocidal Racism of Left-Wing Extremists

  1. I can see it now, their hair standing straight up on their head and turning snow white while they do a triple back flip! They argue as bullies, reason with self guilt, and repeat theories that have no basis’s in fact or history. Never be afraid of them. Anyway a big attaboy from a new fan in Texas. Well enough of that, times a wasting, must get back to oppressing, slaughtering, and other patriarchal pleasures.

  2. Paul Weston,

    I’m on the left ( a Social Democrat), however I don’t regard those “extreme left-wingers” as progressive in any sense of the word, their opinions seem more like a version of the “Noble Savage” idea that should have vanished into history.

    I’ve experienced the same bizarre attitude in my own country, particularly when discussing high immigration rates, the dysfunctions of multiculturalism and the threat of the Islamic ideology. The one big idea for these ideologues is “racism” which of course, in their world view, is quintessentially an attitude exclusive to “White” people. They are also usually extremely ignorant of history, or at least appear to be so.

    I’ve often wondered whether these “anti-racists’ are in fact latent racists themselves and by adopting these grotesque double standards, are trying to assuage their own guilt.

  3. “Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?”

    This is a very good question, and I’ll try to remember it.

    Thank you.

  4. Repeat after Oscar the Grinch –

    Screw you, white man. No matter what the facts are, no matter what the circumstances are, just Screw you, white man. Just Screw off and die.

    This is the total of their belief system.

    Note “Screw” is a substituted word for a better one – that cannot pass moderation.

    • Note to stealth & others:

      I’m getting tired of “screw”, too. So this will be the last instance of it.

      Think of ways to express your thoughts and opinions that don’t require the use of vulgar expletives.

      • That is the way our enemies communicate. Thus, this is the way we should describe their attitudes toward us. Any attempt at playing PC thought police is no more than acting as one of them.
        Beyond that, what they need is more than harsh language. What they need harsh treatment. [redacted]

        • I don’t buy the argument that if we don’t act the same way they do, they have somehow defeated us. That’s spurious reasoning.

          Like it or not, this blog is a place where reasonable, polite discussion takes place. People argue a case on its merits, not by calling names, insulting other commenters, or expressing obscenities.

          Yes, this makes us different from most online discussion forums. If you prefer to converse in a different manner, there are many, many sites that will welcome you with open arms.

          But here the choices are civility and (relative) decorum, or silence. Take your pick.

          • Baron, as much I would like to agree with you in regards to the high moral ground in discussions, that time my friend has come and gone, one cannot fight swords with daisies, one must pick up a bigger sword and use it with conviction.

          • Drakken, do you really mean that using slang words for excretory functions and sexual acts will help you win the argument?

            If so, I can’t help but differ with you on this issue. I don’t see why being able to swear as you please helps win any fights whatsoever.

            My experience has been that if your audience is not already in agreement with you, using obscenities or excretory words will not help you win anyone over.

            I have never seen a single person change his mind after having obscenities hurled at him. Not even one.

          • Baron, with all due respect, the argument with the left/communist according to them has already been settled, it is us on the right, according to the left, who must be beaten down by whatever means deemed neccessary. I will play by your rules and I admire your restraint in the face of overwhelming odds, but the left has zero restraint and has no qualms about using force in words and deeds against it’s hapless natives. What I am trying to get too, is that very soon the time for niceties and pleasantries will be over and force of arms will be our only option, it is not years away from happening, it is but an incident from either side to set the whole thing off and running.

          • Drakken —

            I understand very well what you’re saying. I just don’t understand why you think being able to curse on a blog comment thread will help you win this information war.

            If you are able to say f*** or s*** or c********* or m***********, what victory will it gain you? What verbal battle will you win because you were able to use obscenities?

            Who will be convinced by your use of vulgar words, where they would have not been convinced if you spoke with more decorum?

            I want specific, practical answers. How exactly would using obscenities gain you any strategic or tactical victories that you would not otherwise be able to gain?

            Convince me that there is such an advantage, and I just might change my policy.

        • That is the way our enemies communicate.

          “Also called unintentional mirroring, the chameleon effect usually applies to people who are getting along so well, each tend to mimic each other’s body posture, hand gestures, speaking accents, among others. This was confirmed by the Chartrand and Bargh experiments.”

  5. Holding such beliefs as do all socialists, surely must be regarded as a form of insanity. I just can’t accept that it is normal to feel that way; to have no control over one’s emotions, particularly that of hatred.

  6. Every people has survived and have dominated and held their lands by force.

    No people on Earth has ever avoided any of the “sins” of resistance to being invaded and of expansionist conquest (“racism”,”ethnic cleansing”, genocide”, “colonialism”, “intolerance”, et al), so the Leftoid absolution of their chosen “victims” (who, like Islam, spread their influence and ideology by force of the Sword or, more recently, by IEDs and the ultimate pursuit of nuclear weaponry) is a tactical move.

    Everyone on Earth is equally culpable, historically, and any other “viewpoint” is either delusional or deceitful.

    There are no “innocents”, only those who have hidden their own “historical crimes” through the suicidally- naive complicity of those who hate their own people and want them destroyed by the “poor, downtrodden” Others.

    • “Every people has survived and have dominated and held their lands by force.”

      Using that logic, England being invaded is okay then?

    • “Everybody does it!” isn’t a moral argument, Abagond would say. “Don’t follow the multitude into evil!” the Bible says. The problem with Judeo-Christianity is that it demands large families, which inevitably leads to colonialism. Because Judeo-Christianity upholds the Golden Rule, instead of preaching a double standard like Islam does, it doesn’t have a solid ethical basis for taking someone else’s territory.

      What the West needs is an European Mohammed, a religion in which European men take the same role as Arab men do in Islam.

      The best way to counter the Leftist is to ask whether European Christians, you know, the people that can be racist, the people with white privilege, did have the right to large families and development aid in the Middle-Ages. Yes? Then they were entitled to colonialism. Tit-for-tat works both ways.

      E.g. Black people treat Black-on-Black crime verrry differently from the interests of the Black race. So a Black person cannot complain if we treat White-on-White crime differently from the interests of the White race. And their example of civilization, Egypt, did have slavery.

      BTW if the Black feminist has an abortion, she has internalized White Supremacism.

      But maybe we shouldn’t concentrate on immigration restrictionism. Everybody against Islam is a more viable option. In such a model violence between Black and White people is lateral violence.

      But the REAL reason the NWO opposes open “racism” instead of the hidden racism of Planned Parenthood, is because Conservative Judeo-Christians want to increase their own families (and in fact want even large Muslim families!) instead of destroying enemy families, all the while enjoying a Middle-Class lifestyle. If you don’t want immigration, don’t raise your children Judeo-Christian, and don’t stop Planned Parenthood from doing their job. There is a reason George Soros funds both UAF and Catholics For Choice.

  7. Leftism is an inversion and as such it is or leads to mental illness. I believe the inversion occurs in the early stage of life, probably nought to three years old. Lefties can never win the argument, I find they usually take avoiding action when a discussion is likely, or they try to outnumber you. My brother, a brilliant academic, displays the other characteristic of leftards, childlike gullibility. We have had a few discussions which all end up heading in the same direction, I believe in a World with countries and borders, he thinks borders are ridiculous, anyone should be able to go anywhere without any restriction. So I guess I am a Socialist Nationalist and he is an International Socialist [ communist]. But there is a huge chasm between us.

  8. Britain colonised America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Everywhere else it took up temporary residence and embarked on a naive/self-righteous ‘civilisation campaign’ – often with the connivance of ethnic ruling elites.

    • Again, you are harping on about the past and are making the mistake of holding every White Briton past and present responsible for the doings of their forbearers. This same mindset of the Left is applied to all White ancestral nations whose forbearers colonised, too.

      Let us elaborate further here as to exactly what these Marxoid Liberal detractors are condoning and perpetrating.

      What you (ITV) are insinuating here is that native Britons (in this case) owing to their past colonial history, should be obliged to forfeit their ancestral homeland(s) into the hands of alien peoples whose own ancestral homelands which lie elsewhere continue to remain intact whilst simultaneously agreeing to submit to demands by such aliens that British heritages, cultures, Christian religious traditions, native languages and lineages be outlawed and subsequently eradicated by said alien invaders so as to be substituted by theirs’

      Would you perscribe the same treatment for Arabs and/or Orientials for example? Well!

      Furthermore, on the issue of British colonialism, we must recognise that only a tiny number of Britons engaged in the colonisation process throughout the two hundred odd years in question and eventually left and returned home or to another White homeland. Are non-Whites returning home en masse yet? Well!

      Looking back at history, there is absolutely no comparison between the enormously huge alien numbers involved in today’s reverse colonisation of Britain and that of former British colonisers of various non-White homelands.

      In those homelands that were returned to the various non-White natives, past generations of White Britons at no time in their colonial history ever ended up composing at least 60% of those non-White populations as a result of outbreeding them.

      If the British-originated Whites were to relinquish Australia, New Zealand and Canada tomorrow then all non-White ethnicities not native to the abovementioned countires who were granted entry by the White ruling elite within each of them, would also have to get out since they would automatically revert to the status of illegal settlers too whilst not forgetting the fact that this would include every White Marxoid Liberal as well.

      Marxoid Liberalism is clearly a mental illness.

  9. Paul: You talk good sense. I’ve often been frustrated by people of the lefty persuasion, usually young, who resort to this type of narrow, cherry-picking diatribe, often with a fervour which can be quite frightening to an ould geezer like me.

    They use a whole range of modern cliches such as ‘dog whistling’ to attribute false meanings to my points of view they’re uncomfortable with, or ‘elephants in the room’ to accuse me of avoiding some issue which they’ve read up on in Social Studies 101. It’s all very disconcerting and I now just avoid having any discussions with such people.

  10. If there is no such thing as indigenous English people, then who exactly are they condemning? The very group of people they claim has committed the awful crime of colonialism doesn’t even exist – according to them.

    Also: it may be worth reminding these people that it was the Brits who stood up to the Nazis during the opening, and indeed throughout, WWII.

    And further: According to Jack Straw (on Question Time) the Brits would not have been able to stand up against Hitler without their colonial allies – so in the grand scheme of history, the legacy of the British Empire turned out to be a good thing.

    One more consideration: The Americans emptied the British coffers and finished the British Empire as the price for providing aid during the war. So again – if Britain didn’t have the Empire behind her, then no American aid either – & again the Nazis win.

    Would these leftists rather the Nazis had taken the whole of Western Europe? They’re always banging on about racism and Nazi-ism being the height of all evil, after all.

  11. I think it might be worth taking a closer look at the other aspect of their worldview. Ok they have a strange, illogical hatred which is easily exposed. But the other fanciful notion is that this is “one world” and everyone MUST all get along – or else.

    Where on earth do they get this notion that a utopia is even possible? Haven’t they read Isaiah Berlin on this?

    Have they never cracked open a history book?

    Have they never … looked around them & noticed what the world is actually like?

    What on earth is their utopian fantasy based on?

    • ‘ What on Earth is their [leftards] World view based on ? ‘ Very good question. Leftards are basically cowards whose decisions are governed
      by pressure to choose [an ideological stance]. The pressure causes the distortion which of course the leftard can never see. Perhaps one of the reasons they ally themselves with Islam is that Islam is also a pressurised system where the pressure causes unbalanced judgements.

  12. The apparent self-hatred of the Left masks an underlying egotism of massive proportions. What they are saying is – “we alone who attack our own culture are morally superior to our race.” What they don’t see is that they are busily and egotistically sawing off the branch upon which they are at present so comfortably supported. But when the bough breaks, partly through their own strenuous efforts, they will be hunted down and killed for the crime of being white like the rest of us.

  13. Dear Paul, Firstly permit me to take the liberty of addressing you by your forename. I read the linked article “Go take a hike, Paul Weston!”authored by one Stanley Collymore. The second paragraph of it was so patently unhinged with its references to “cuckolding” and “azospermaic” that one can comfortably completely disregard the balance of it as the hysterical ravings of a very young, very immature and very disturbed person. The proposition that the USA “forced” the UK to accept as immigrants in 1945 “hundreds of thousands” of “Ukrainian, Waffen SS” is just so silly one wonders what drugs Mr Collymore was on when he wrote it. A “Mary Wells” posted a very apt comment to Mr Collymore:

    “I suggest you save a copy of your article for yourself and re-read it in fifty years. Then you’ll understand better. Then you’ll have something to write worth reading, if you’re still around.”

    If , and it is a big if, Mr Collymore is still around in twenty or even ten years, he will cringe over what he wrote. Given the anger and the palpable whiff of profound mental instability that permeates his article, contrary to Ms Wells’ optimism I very much doubt Mr Collymore will be around to appreciate the foolishness of his screed. I recall people like Mr Collymore from my university years and I would lay money that he will either meet an early self-inflicted demise through suicide, drug overdose or chronic alcoholism; be permanently institutionalized in the penal or psychiatric system; join some wacky cult; or, the least objectionable outcome, become an avid devotee of a mainstream religion.

  14. Brought up in a Trotskyist household by immigrant parents, married to an asian, and I couldn’t agree more with Paul’s anaysis.

    The Left are evil. Their politics are their morality (that’s how they see it themselves). In countries where they were ruled by communism, the people know how evil the Left are. Which is why outside those countries the Left have to claim that entire nations are jew-hating racists, without so much as a shred of evidence. In Hungary Fidesz are making sure that those who were the stooges of communism are hounded, and for that the Left outside Hungary insist that someone is talking about jews when he clearly is not.

    In the west, the views of the Left have become so dominant within the media, education and academia, that they are totally unused to being challenged (and one doesn’t have to invoke a myth of cultural marxism to explain this dominance).

    All the main political parties in the West just tag along for an easy ride. The political parties have discovered that they can massively increase the discrepancy between rich and poor, and the Left will be silent – provided that the politicians kowtow to the Left’s programme of racial genocide.

    Governments like more power, and the Left just keeps on encouraging them to more tightly circumscribe freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc.

    • And that opens the possibility of filling a niche. Stop carrying water for the economic Right. Outleft the Left on economics. Demand a guaranteed minimum income, if necessary even for immigrants. A guaranteed minimum income hurts their rich friends. We do not have rich friends.

      • The problem with you communist is, no matter how many times you try communism, it still fails every bloody time on a stack of dead bodies.

  15. Be it noted that while the academic left loudly trumpets the historical records of slavery, colonialism, and the Nazi massacres, it is completely silent on the hideous crimes of Communism: the Party-induced famine in the Ukraine in the early thirties, the mass executions and forced-labor deaths of Stalin’s Great Terror, and the monstrous tolls of Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution — also the Gukurahundi in the erstwhile Rhodesia, in which Robert Mugabe’s North Korean-trained troops annihilated some 20,000 Ndebele, the many executions of Che Guevara in Cuba, etc. etc. They yearn to inflict something similar on us today. They are indeed our primary enemy.

  16. A million thanks for laying out so clearly and systematically the chain of logic involved! This looks like the kind of reasoning that can get through to mainstream people.

  17. This is why in my writings I target these murderous genocidal bigots of the Left. Most of their gripe is because many are actually certifiably insane- and in this I am serious. Many have that 1000 yards stare, one finds in asylums. Then there are those who are ”sane” but psychopaths and consumed by desire to micromanage the lives of others. Most even lie to themselves, totally ignore truth like slavery was due in the main to Moslems and the blacks themselves who sold captives from other tribes. It was the RN and Christian in England that outlawed slavery. As people know I have a black wife myself and a damn fine wife she has mad but even she gets abuse from these Leftist hypocrites. As far as I am concerned there is no difference from their fellow Socialists the Nazis and if I have my way they will be heading for courts for crimes against humanity and it will not be a prison sentence they’ll be getting either but the gallows like their nurenburg predecessors. I lost family in Hitlers’s camps too. Disgusting people! And I don’t give a damn if what I have said upsets them! I hope it does.

    • “Many have that 1000 yards stare, one finds in asylums. Then there are those who are ”sane” but psychopaths and consumed by desire to micromanage the lives of others. Most even lie to themselves…”

      After years away from the company of Leftist activists, a few weeks ago I went to infiltrate one of their gatherings. It was very disturbing. Their desire to police every thought of those present was like that of an incredibly strict religion (only it is a religion where the catechism is not even laid out methodically and explicitly enabling people can learn what it is they are supposed to believe). When they contested what someone there said, they also impugned the motives of the person; in effect, accusing them of thought-crime, even when the accused insisted that was not what they said, not what they thought.

      Their obsession was with racism above all else. I could not wait to get out of their company. They are insane.

  18. One of the reasons I am a fan of Gates of Vienna is the quality of comments left here. Many thanks for putting so much thought into them.

    There is one thing I forgot to mention in the article, which was important. This conversation I had was on Facebook, so I was able to look at their own FB pages. It was the usual assortment of loony leftists of course, but two of them were from Hope not Hate (oh Lordy, did they hate me…) and the other two had links to Communist organisations. When I questioned them on the mass murder and economic/social/moral/environmental carnage caused by Communism, they were silent…….

    I asked one Crypto-Communist (this is the important bit I missed out) “What qualities he most admired about England and to what extent he would fight to defend these qualities?”

    Now, I’m really not making this up, but rather than come up with democracy, Magna Carta and a long list of our religious, cultural and social attributes which combine to make his present life so superior to a Somalian’s…. all he could come up with was our “tolerance” which included accommodating Karl Marx all those years ago!

    He would not fight to defend anything of course. He exists only to destroy to my country and his fellow travellers exist only to destroy yours.

    They are using race as their main assault weapon, which is exactly why racism is deemed THE principle crime in the West. They seek to remove our main defense in a racial/religious war. It is rather like hiding the Knight’s suit of armour just before he was due to go into battle against a division of longbow-men.

    • @Paul,

      Thanks for the original article, and the comments. Definitely food for thought.

      I still can’t get past the idea that these people say they believe in a utopian society. There is absolutely no basis for that, intellectually or historically. Do you think they really do believe in that? Or is the whole notion just a ploy, a fiction they have latched on to & use in order to help them express their … feelings?

      I don’t know if you’re familiar with John Loeffler, but he has spoken many times about the way these people, at a philosophical level, put relationships before principles (in their mind the idea that “we must all get along” comes before right & wrong etc.) He’s an interesting & very intelligent guy – you can pick up some of his radio broadcasts & talks at his website, steel on steel. (He also has a facebook page.)

    • In fact I was listening to one of John Loeffler’s broadcasts recently & he spoke about how he “pokes” these people’s worldviews whenever he is in a discussion with them, and when he gets a big loud emotional reaction, he knows he’s touched a nerve, so to speak.

      That’s their weak spot – & we shouldn’t shy away from it, we should focus our efforts on it all the more.

      So when I was reading your article, I thought of steel on steel.

  19. nice to hear from you again mr weston. i hope you are feeling OK. please try
    to take these idiotic attacks with a grain. you and the baron are much
    more valuable, rested & healthy. you always have my admiration and support.

  20. If these people hate their own (white) bodies so much …

    “To the despisers of the body will I speak my word. I wish them neither to learn afresh, nor teach anew, but only to bid farewell to their own bodies,—and thus be dumb.” – Nietzsche.

  21. If these people believed what they were saying then they’d lead by example & give up all their own wealth, then go outside and hang themselves from the nearest lampost with a sign round their necks saying “GUILTY”.

    But they don’t. Because their true agenda is to attack everything that is good in this world – freedom, democracy, happiness, respect and love. To that end they dream up rationalisations for their own hatred & desire to serve evil.

  22. I always wonder what will happen when white lefties realize that in the end, they are nothing but infidels, and all the self-hatred will not save them.

  23. The actions of imperialism and enslaving people were generally the results of policies set by rich people, but my ancestors weren’t rich, so why should I feel any guilt? In fact, most white Europeans at the time these actions were taken were either not involved in them or too poor to have had any control over them. So, why should all whites share this guilt?

    • White privilege, according to the theories. Deconstruct their theories, and discover the invisible knapsack of Pakistanis; the ability to enter mosques without having to wear beards.

  24. Funny thing is that I saw a TV interview with an old Yemeni – in Yemen. HE fervently wished that the British were back since they brought “fairness”. Lefties? They are free to emigrate to Pakistan and other muslim hell-holes. I may even pay for a plane ticket

    • Yes! I keep saying that, despite our best efforts to ‘convert’ minorities to Christianity or Western civilization, when and if the white man leaves the minorities to their own defenses or natural inclination, minorities revert to whatever state of civilization that minorities originally had without white people.

      Indeed, often no matter how much money you throw at minorities whether in foreign or Western countries, minorities still revert to whatever state of civilization that minorities originally had without white people.

      South Africa and Detroit are two prime examples of minorities changing functional civilization into hell holes.

      If this idea makes you uncomfortable, then please provide examples where minorities took over and improved a city or country to where white people wanted to move in – instead of dying to move out.

  25. White Britons a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough
    White Britons are now a minority in three towns and cities outside London, according to a new report.
    White Britons could also become a minority in Birmingham by the end of the decade.

    Indigenous Brits are now in the minority in London! It is
    very shocking that years ago ruling elite Britain-haters made the decision to give away the country to the Third World. ESPECIALLY to global Islam. The once world-famous, clean, classy, safe and beautiful city of London is gone! A large area of London looks like Pakistan!

    There are even sharia patrols in London where Muslims yell at Brits: Get out! This is a Muslim area! Britain’s non-Muslim children have been ABANDONED by the elites. Many thousands of defenseless British children have been gang-raped by cruel Muslim males and forced into prostitution.

    Muslims perpetrate all of this terrible suffering and DESTRUCTION of lives without having conquered Britain through military invasion! It was achieved by ruling elites who colonized Britain with millions of Muslims; forcing Brits to provide for Muslims financially via their taxes. And allowing Muslims to do WHATEVER they want!

    We are most URGENTLY in need of a new party that will defend and protect Britain, the British people and especially British children!
    Please see:

    Mr. Weston, wishing you great success in the establishment of a new political movement!

    • Both Pakistanis and Brits agree that children of Pakistani men and British women are Pakistani, but not the other way around. This increases the attractiveness of Pakistani men, enabling them to lure British girls to their doom. It decreases the attractiveness of British men, making them susceptible to become regular paedophiles.


  27. Paul, I would urge you to join forces with the Danish People’s Party who are now second in popularity there. They are at war with Marxist globalism and determined to preserve Denmark’s historic national identity. They can see how England is now all but lost. Doubtless they will face the wrath of the UN and the New World Order. Reading their website made me, a fellow Englishman, almost weep as it reminded me of a time that I can still remember when England was still English and the Marxists’ one world nightmare had not yet threatened us with extinction.

  28. ““Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?””

    In a word, no, I don’t. A fair fight is fought with guns, this legal crap is just institutionalized corruption.

  29. ““Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?””

    In a word, no, I don’t. A fair fight is fought with guns, this legal crap is just institutionalized corruption.

  30. Paul, I suggest you make common cause with the Danish People’s Party who have risen to second in popularity there. They are in all out war with the Marxist globalists and are determined to preserve Denmark’s historic national identity. I am sure that they look across the North Sea to England – and to France – and can well understand that both countries will have indigenous minorities by 2050. Putin said of France, she has been colonised by her former colonies. I am sure he could say the same of England with knobs on!! They do not wish to suffer the same fate. Fortunately, they never had an oversease empire. Reading their aims almost made me weep for it made me remember the time of my childhood in the 1950s when England was still 99.9% indigenous English rather than the 80% it is now. We have lost ten per cent in 10 years thanks to Marxist New Labour. Now Cameron has opened the door to many more thousands from the Indian Sub-continent to settle here.
    Even just 20 years ago we still seemed to have the upper hand. Now we have lost so much ground that even Postman Pat has been multiculturalised whilst based in a part of England that is still 95% white. Action and re-action are equal and opposite. They say the English wait until the very last moment to turn but many now seem so demoralised, dispirited and apathetic, suffering from a sort of depressed resignation, believing their fate to be inevitable. Please prove them wrong. The best of luck!!

    • I agree with you, and I love reading from this guy. Wish he was the Prime Minister of the UK. He is a Churchill-esque figure. Paul, if you read this, know that you are right, a lot of people around the ENTIRE WORLD agree with you, and are awake to what is going on. I pray for you, Paul. You’re a truly decent man taking on the leviathan.

      • Funny you should mention Churchill. He is totally out of favour now for two reasons. Firstly he was opposed to and warned against mass non-European immigration into Britain when it first began in 1948; but like Enoch Powell 20 years later he was ignored as it did not fit into the one world plan. Secondly, he is especially out of favour with the current occupier of the White House who has sent back Churchills’s bust to the British Embassy in Washington. Obama is mooted to be one of the most anti-British presidents ever, his hatred stemming from the fact that his grandfather in Kenya was a member of the Mau Mau. Do not be deceived, Marxists and others have stirred up the non-European world against those of European descent and Mr Obama probably likes us as much as he did his own white mother, despite her left-wing credentials, which was, it is said, not a lot. He us rumoured to have said that America will be a better place with a white minority. After all, his power base, white liberals apart, is not with those of European descent. To those of us in Europe and forgive me if I am wrong, it appears that America, as will Europe in due course, is now fracturing along racial lines.

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  32. Many liberal/left people, are unconscious humanitarian racists.
    Here is one definition of unconscious humanitarian racism:

    The one who thinks that the West is the Center of the World. He has an island mentality. If something is happening, it is because the West is causing it. If something is not happening, it is because the West refuse to let it happen. He is an unconscious racist. He thinks that only Westerners can be fully responsible for their actions while nonwesterners cannot (or can but only to a limited extent). If nonwesterners did something bad, it must be the westerners that caused them to do it.

    The message of the unconscious left wing racist is that the problem is completely due to “us.” The other side doesn’t actually exist. It is too insignificant to have any history, worldview, ideology, or goals. The “other side” is merely a blank screen or mirror, reflecting back what westerners do. The only thing that exists is \”us\” and \”what we did\”. The others are too insignificant, so their actions do not matter or must be caused by \”us\”. Unfortunately, this is a racist, too self-centered vision. It denies the others any history or mentality of their own. If the non-westerner is only a victim always, then he has no volition, no higher intelligence, and no ability to affect history at all.

    Now, what is it that a left wing racist sees when he/she wakes up? He sees a world where America or Europe is \”the world\”. Britain is \”the world\”. Finland is \”the world\”.
    And there are too many white people there. If Africa or Asia are \”too insignificant\” to matter, and the West is the center of the world, then yes, there are too many white people around. This is the racist assumption of the left winger. He doesn\’t see a world where white people are already a minority, or a world where Finland represents a tiny percent of the worlds population, land mass, and cultures, that deserves to be protected. Nope, he sees white people everywhere, because Britain is \”the world\” or Finland is \”the world\”. Now, how to fix this? If Britain is the center of his world, then there are too many white people there. This must be a bad, racist thing. So to fix this, the left winger calls for multiculturalism/multiracialism, where white people in Britain become a minority, one of many groups, and the world is therefore , no longer racist. He doesn\’t see that what he calls for is not multiculturalism, but one way cultural/racial expansionism, because in his view, the fact that white people are already a minority in the world, the fact that Denmark or Finland are tiny countries, and their cultures could easily be swamped by other larger cultures, the fact that blacks are already majority in Africa, Asians in Asia, and Muslims in the Muslim World, is too insignificant and does not matter. So he calls for decreasing the numbers of whites in white countries, because it is only white countries than matter. They are the world, and this world is too white for him.

    This is why a Left Winger from, let\’s say, Finland, could complain that Finnish culture is \”too dominant\” and its influence therefore \”must be decreased\”.

    \”Fred Dervin, a Professor of ”Multicultural Education” at the University of Helsinki, believes in multiculturalism as the vehicle to erode the central role/monopoly of the host culture, putting it on an ”equal footing” with all other cultures. Dervin sees multiculturalism as a bridge where different cultures can meet on an equal footing, not the current one-way street where Finnish culture has undisputed right of way.”

    Why is it that he thinks that Finnish culture is too dominant in a world of 7 billion people and 200 countries? Because he is an unconscious racist, and starts from the racist assumption that Finland is the center of the world, that Finland is too large, that there are too many finns in this world, and therefore this must be \”fixed\”. He sees that Finns are more than 9o percent in Finland, instead of seeing that Finns are 5 million in a world of 7 billion, that Finland is a small country, one of many, representing one of the many cultures of the world, and therefore deserving protection.

    • It appears that many white people fail to realize that white countries are white because their ancestor whites ‘flighted’ away from minorities for a reason. Unfortunately, white people are about to re-learn that reason – one country at a time – starting with South Africa which is a powder keg ready to explode in white genocide! Yawn from the world about that problem!

  33. The more we see and read of events in Europe, I’m convinced the closer we get to the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ as Huntington wrote about. The best we can expect from our politicians is for them to go into a holding pattern for the duration of their elected office. They’re gutless, bound up in a miasma of ‘human rights’ laws and restrictions that disallow convicted terrorists and other criminals being deported, turning some of them into ranters threatening to bomb us into submission. I shake my head in despair.

    • We must thank God for small mercies. I have just been told that Britain’s despised ex-prime minister, Tony Blair, was given a plaque when he spoke recently about his plan for a carbon tax to Native Americans. The plaque called him Walking Eagle. Apparently the Native Americans gave him this because they considered him so full of [ordure] that he cannot fly. Wise words. The man is in fact totally deranged, a narcissist and psychopath, who believes that the European Union and mass immigration have been good things for Britain. Today New Labour’s Yvette Cooper has said that they made some mistakes over immigration. when they let in the equivalent of four of Britain’s second city Birmingham – soon to have a non-indigenous English majority – in ten years. They did it deliberately for the votes and because, like all Marxists, they hate the white race and want to multiculturalise the indigenous British to extinction.

      Russia Today has an item about the loonies taking over the asylum in British politics. This is because UKIP nearly pulled it off in Eastleigh and people are turning to alternative parties in a desperate attempt to get somebody to listen to them. The three main parties haven’t listened for 60 years. Cameron, who will not stop immigration as it benefits his form of capitalism, a low wage economy with a multimillioniare plutocracy like him – same thing has happened in the US I hear. This is Cameron who wants to turn England further into the Indian sub-continent and called UKIP “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”. Hence the Russia Today headline. Cameron is a racist, he wants to destroy the bulk of the indigenous English so that he and his rich still white plutocracy can rule. They are all playing the game of “if the people will not make revolution change the people”. By the way, in respect of comments regarding the white minority in the world, 8% and falling fast, I was told that whites constituted a third of the world’s population just a hundred years ago; but then we were told to stop breeding to save the planet (a con to hasten our extinction) whilst Africans and Asians increased three times and are due to double again. Whites have been conned all round by the globalizers and the Marxists. We are now like the Jews on our way to the gas chambers. They were told they were going on holiday or being resettled. We have been told that multiculturalism is the new utopia and God’s plan for the world. It is not, it is Satan’s.

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