The Effendi

Our Israeli correspondent MC presents some historical background on the decades preceding the creation of the State of Israel, focusing on the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate, and Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

The Effendi
by MC

The tie-up between the Fatah/PLO/PA factions and the Nazi party is a moderately well-known historical fact, but one would never get the likes of Unite Against Fascism or CAIR to accept it.

Haj Amin al-Husseini was a scion of one of the four Ottoman ‘Effendi Families’ that effectively ruled the Ottoman province of Southern Syria in which the current Israel, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) lie.

These families were absentee landlord families. They ruled over the peasants of the area, lending them money against future crops at high interest, causing untold poverty and hardship to ‘Palestinian’ families.

As Jewish agencies became interested in buying land in ‘Palestine’ from about 1880 onwards, it was these Effendi Families from whom they bought it. The land sold was useless swampland (if you are a lazy rich parasitic landowner) and these families were only too happy to sell.

But the Jewish agencies were buying the water rather than the land, and with the herculean efforts of the early (mainly Russian) Jewish immigrants (the much maligned ‘Zionists’ ) the swamps were drained and the land put under irrigation and reclaimed, so that the desert bloomed.

Then came 1917. The British had declared a Jewish Homeland in the Balfour Declaration comprising what is now Israel, Jordan, Gaza and the ‘West Bank’. But now they had second thoughts.

The League of Nations mandated Britain to create a Jewish Homeland, but Britain decided to do something else and immediately gave about 80% of the land (now Jordan) to a Saudi princeling in the hope of securing the oil revenues. Unfortunately, they chose the Hashemite clan, and it was the Bin Sauds who held the oil.

Israel, in effect (though not in name), came into existence in 1923 via the Treaty of Lausanne ratified by the League of Nations and including the Balfour Declaration. Criticism is often made of Mussolini’s violations of the Charter of the League of Nations over Abyssinia, but the British paved the way for this by giving away the majority portion of the Jewish Homeland to the Arabs in defiance of the League. By this act, they laid the foundations of the Arab-Israeli war.

Haj Amin was not idle during this period. In collusion with the British, he was founding the Arab Nationalist cause.

The Arabs are a disparate set of tribes and clans with a common language and religion. In many ways they are like the concept of ‘Europe’ where the English hate the French, the Germans hate the Poles etc. etc., but are held together by a common culture based upon their common Judeo-Christian heritage.

Haj Amin struck at Jerusalem in 1920, with the intention of massacring all the Jews in the Old City. Jewish policemen were sent on leave, and the others threw a cordon sanitaire around the Jewish Quarter whilst Haj Amin incited a mob intent on murder. The cry went up: “The government is with us, kill the Jews!”

The British Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (OETA) was the military administration of Palestine, in anticipation of the grant of a League of Nations Mandate. OETA military command was criticised in the Palin Report into the riots, particularly the withdrawal of troops from inside Jerusalem early in the morning of Monday, 5 April and that, once martial law had been proclaimed, it was slow to regain control.[3] As a result of the riots, trust between the British, Jews, and Arabs eroded. One consequence was that the Jewish community increased moves towards an autonomous infrastructure and security apparatus parallel to that of the British administration. (Wikipedia)

It should be borne in mind that the timing of this event, just prior to the San Remo Conference, is significant. Colonel Bertie Harry Waters-Taylor, Allenby’s Chief of Staff has been accused of colluding with Haj Amin, an old crony.

From then on, the British Mandate crumbled into chaos as factions within the British administration struggled to assert their various influences on the picture. The closet anti-Semitism of the current British administration is not unlike the more open and honest anti-Semitism of the time. Interested parties should read the excellent novel by Leon Uris called Exodus (the film was ‘enhanced’ by Hollywood).

It was at this point that the Jewish authorities realised that the British no longer had their best interests at heart, and they too split into two factions. The Weitzman faction advocated co-operation with the British to try to gain acceptance, while the Jabotinsky ‘Revisionist’ group wanted to force compliance with the mandate.

The first members of my family came here in the early 1930s from Baghdad. Some were denied entry as ‘Jews’, but the British were not very good at distinguishing between Sephardic Jews and Arabs and there were no restrictions on Arab immigration.

Amateur historians might also like to read NYT journalist Joan Peter’s excellent book From Time Immemorial which is somewhat dry, but again very accurate (the critics could only find fault with the interpretation of some minor statistics, which for a book of this impact — completely undermining the accepted leftist history — is amazing).

Most critics of Israel only look at history from the time of UN resolution 181 in 1947, the founding of the’ Jewish State of Israel’. However, the land that became Israel actually was made a legal entity in 1923 as ‘The Jewish Homeland’, but illegal acts, particularly by Britain, have obfuscated the issues. None of the so-called ‘Occupied Territories’ are outside of the ‘Jewish Homeland’ except maybe a bit of the Golan, which was the subject of some political wrangling between France and Britain.

I will write a second essay on the period up to WW2, and maybe a third about the doings of Haj Amin in the War of Independence and after. But for those wishing to get a flavour of the true History of the area I would recommend the two documentary films put out by Hatikva Film Trust, Destiny and Forsaken Promise They are very watchable and also feature the Australian Light Horse and their charge on Beersheva in 1917.

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  1. Would you please be so kind to end this “Imperium Romanum” Lie of “Palestine” which Romans set to destroy Israeli peoples Identity in the days when Romans occupied ancient Israel.

    The “true long ago” “short” (some 400 years) period where the terminus of a Palestine was correct was, when between about 1200 Philistines (Latin: “Gentium” (?) Palestina) conquered and settled in a strip of land which is now called partly Gaza territory and also a small extent more than this direction mainly towards Jerusalem ….. at about 800 their tribal (City-States) claims on the land “vanished” partly because of wars, partly some left over the Med sea again to their “prior homelands” in the Eastern Med and to quite a big amount by assimilations …..
    So its a long ago history …… and there are not many of a People whose name/classification has been that intensely abused for Political Lies as the People of Philisters, an ancient People vanished as a People ….. ( which does not mean the Souls vanised……)

    Romans used the term for their lying. Later Muslim Arabs used it for their “reasons” to “play their occupation of ancient Israel as if the Israelites had once taken this land from them ……..
    Which is an gigantic lie and the dimension of this lie is getting the more conciuos in its size if readers watch out how gigantic Arab expansions under the War Ideology of Islam were…..
    To play “minority” in a region in which throughout the centuries many local tribes were genetically destroyed by murder of the men, rape of the woman and Islamic marriage rules which forbade and forbid Muslimas to marry Kuffars…. is as devilish keen as the whole Quoran shows in ALL its aspects at close watch.
    It would be to a big extent a similarity as if the participating Germans in the Holocaust would claim the Jews were the murderers.-

    During Mohammeds life-time the first Muslim raid took place in about 628. To the end of his life the first big war of a gigantic Muslim Army reached even over the northextensions of Israel into which is present Syria ….. shortly later Israel being quickly conquerd in following years.

    The all together LAND ROBBING and PEOPLE MURDERING AND ENSLAVING is the biggest under Muslim Ideology …….. the only one which came close were the Socialist Murderers (Communists).

    So its disturbing how long political lies can “hold” grasps in modern peoples minds ……. is`nt it ?

    History as “discipline” should be truthfull and not given a shine of science to transport lies ……. which is abused as “back up” for the most brutal ideologies, which also contains pre-Catholicisms movements in the Ideology building phase for secular powerabuse, where they (Constantin and his payroll biships) once “won” to a big extent to distorte the message of love from Jeschu`s Father.
    Which was mainly done with the Matthewgospel …. from which quite simple both Parts of the Quoran have been made.
    The Hypocrite Parts on evilness in the Mekka-Suras (eventually to big extent based on Chadidschas Ideas) and the “let free evil mind of central parts of the Matthews “gospel”” as the basis of the Medina Suras……. “Mohammeds core intrepretation” close to the Matthew Texts.

  2. Yes indeed the Romans named the land ‘philestina’ in a fit pique against the Jews, indeed, the land was supposed to be renames after the jew’s worst historical enemies, unfortunately the British had also used the name Palestine in history and it has gone into common usage. So it was the Palestine mandate and the Palestinian brigade. Until the Fifties/early sixties the Palestines were Jews, that is until the name was hijacked by Fatah at the behest of the KGB.

  3. MC, you’ve got your Arab history slightly off. The Saud clan didn’t gain any of the productive oil lands until the last stages of their intra-Arab civil war against the Hashemites and the Shia — in the 1920s.

    Rarely mentioned: the Haifa to Dara’a run was the first construction of the Hejaz Railway. (narrow gauge)

    When the French and British sat down to split up the Ottoman Empire/ Turkish Empire the desert troubled them: no way points, no convenient ranges, rivers, etc.

    So they used the new railway, here and there, as the original rough boundary between France’s holdings and Britain’s holdings. Since it is impractical to slice the railway in two, the final border was resolved with the railway staying just inside Syria. East of Dara’a there was no railway — just desert. Hence, the border was set down by a straight edge. (minor jags introduced when a village/ water well occurred)

    The use of the River Jordan was strictly survey convenience — for the negotiators at the Big Table. (France and Britain)

    The northern Israeli border looks to be a legacy of the effendi land holdings. Do you know the story about it?

    Lastly, to show you how cavalier the British were, the jag in Jordan exists because of a last, last, second shift in favor of the Saud clan. That huge hunk of desert really represents just one nomadic tribe which flipped to the Saudis.

  4. Hi @Blert

    Which bit of

    “Britain decided to do something else and immediately gave about 80% of the land (now Jordan) to a Saudi princeling in the hope of securing the oil revenues. Unfortunately, they chose the Hashemite clan, and it was the Bin Sauds who held the oil.”

    do you disagree with?

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