The Buddhist Strength Force

In a refreshing reversal of the usual roles, an organized group of hard-line Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka is taking active measures against Muslims and the building of new mosques.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this BBC report:

For more Buddhist Islamophobia, watch these Buddhists mock Islam while burning a Koran.

12 thoughts on “The Buddhist Strength Force

  1. Samurai were Buddhist fighters practicing Bushido, or The Way of the Warrior.

    The non-fighting Buddhists of Afghanistan discovered that dogmatic pacifism against the militant soldiers of invading Islam led to one thing- total extermination.

    Modern Buddhists have learned that hard lesson.

    Against Islam you need to resist with force.

    Suicide is un-Buddhist.

  2. Sometimes good things happen, good for Srilankans, good for everyone else, muslims included even if they can’t see it yet. Actually, budhist spirituality has a communion with christianity that Islam lacks and always will. Budhists though seem to keep some self preservation instinct that we westerners have lost/forgotten.

  3. Strange how the BBC are racing to cover this – while they keep silent during years of attacks and abuse suffered by Egyptian, Pakistani and Nigerian Christians.

  4. Slightly OT.
    There ARE still some impartial reporters at the Beeb. In fact I sometimes now hear, on BBC Radio 4 and to my surprise. some islam critical reports. NOT though true in the current spat about welfare benefits for EU “immigrants”. The Government, the Beeb, and the media conveniently ignore official statistics (Office of National Statistics) which shows that 75% of women and 50% of men of , non-EU, immigrants from muslim lands exist purely on welfare (plus I am sure black-market working and criminal activity). Only 6% of EU immigrants are said, by the pundits. to claim welfare benefits. I am pretty sure that that claim pivots on a very limited definition of “benefit”.

  5. Love it. Just who are the leftists going to back on this one? Both are ‘brown’, both in the third world, both non-Christian. Just what is a leftist to do??

    • Unfortunately, the Left’s default setting is to side with the Muslims in world affairs BECAUSE they hate the Jews even more than the Left does. The Left is drawn to Islam because they share the same level of hate of traditional Western culture, and envy of anyone or thing more prosperous then they. The Left and Islam also share the same desire to totally control the lives of all people. What will be amusing to see is how the Left responds when THEY finally come into Islam’s crosshairs after Islam has no more use for them.

  6. I do not find any expression of religious hatred “refreshing”. Buddhists who persecute Muslims seem to me as odious as Muslims who persecute Buddhists. I do find Islam a false and objectionable religion which encourages violence and cruelty, but there is quite a lot of cruelty and violence in Buddhist societies too. If we approve anti-Muslim pogroms, are we any better than Muslims?

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