The Braveheart of the Norwegian Jihad

A brave mujahid from the Prophet’s Ummah is in the news again in Norway, this time concerning an incident that is not directly related to his jihad activities. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the situation, and includes this introductory note:

Here’s a little funny story that was in the paper a couple of days ago. It’s about the leader of the Prophet’s Ummah, who has run to the despicable kaffir police with his tail between his legs and begged for police protection after a feud with his family.

I don’t think Ubaydullah Hussain is as brave as he likes to portray himself. He’s clearly too scared to travel down to Syria and join his fellow members of the Prophet’s Ummah in the fight against the Assad regime, and he’s obviously too scared to live without police protection after a run-in with members of his own family.

Oh, and the generous monthly dole payments, nothing unusual about that. If you don’t want to contribute to society, the Norwegian authorities will reward you.

The translated article from Aftenposten:

“The leader of The Prophet’s Ummah receives police protection”

Ubaydullah Hussain, the head of the Islamist group the Prophet’s Ummah, has been given police protection following a family dispute, according to the newspaper Dagbladet.

According to Dagbladet, the police have implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of the 27-year-old Hussain. The newspaper has been informed that a family feud triggered the security measures.

Hussain’s lawyer doesn’t want to comment.

“I can’t comment on this,” says lawyer John Christian Elden.

Neither can the police.

“We can’t comment on specific measures concerning a person’s safety,” says Unni Grøndahl, the spokesperson for the Oslo police.

Treats everybody equally

But as a general principle the police will never, nor can they, differentiate between people facing potential threatening situations.

Among other things, Hussain is known for having expressed support for the terrorists who attacked the Statoil gas plant in Algeria. He’s the leader of the extreme Islamist group the Prophet’s Ummah and he has been on the radar of the Police Security Service (PST) and the Oslo police for a long time.

According to the Norwegian television station TV2, Hussain receives Nok 19,000 (about $3200) each month in unemployment benefits from NAV (Welfare and Employment agency). Hussain has also given several speeches where he has expressed opposition to paying taxes to the Norwegian government.

Last year he was arrested for making threats against two journalists and the Jewish community in Oslo. He is still under investigation for those offenses. According to Dagbladet he is also being investigated by the Police Security Service for other possible offenses.

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  1. In a way, there is a collusion of the Left, that wants to protects its multicultural heroes, and the Right, that wants to reform the welfare state.

  2. The cowardly jihadi is quite a charmer. What crime has he committed, or not committed, to upset his family? Maybe he confessed to being gay!

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