The Attempted Assassination of Markus Beisicht, Part 1

On March 13th, 2013, German police foiled an assassination attempt by Islamic radicals on Markus Beisicht, the leader of the Islam-critical group pro-NRW.

That evening Markus Beisicht gave an exclusive interview to PI News in Cologne. The video below shows the first part of the interview, following an introduction by Markus Wiener.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the transcript and timing, to JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

English subtitles for Part 2 are currently in the works.

Below are excerpts from an article on the incident published in The Local . Notice how the report starts off, labeling Mr. Beisicht as “xenophobic” just to make sure that readers know they are supposed to hate and despise him:

Islamists Target Xenophobic Politician

German police said on Wednesday evening that they had foiled an Islamist assassination plot against a leading xenophobic politician in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

The authorities arrested four members of a radical Salafist group before they could murder Markus Beisicht, the head of the anti-Muslim far-right Pro NRW party.

The police apprehended two of the suspects in Leverkusen near Cologne, where they were apparently observing Beisicht. Two others were arrested in Essen and Bonn, where the police discovered ingredients to make explosives and a gun.

“The arrests prove that the security authorities are vigilant and take the threat from extremist Salafists very seriously,” said NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, according the website of Der Spiegel.

Remember the failed bombing in Bonn last December? One of the suspects is thought to have been involved:

The Bild newspaper reported that one of the arrested men was involved in a failed bomb attack at Bonn’s main train station on December 10. Although the explosive device was detonated, it did not go off.

Police planned to offer more details of the plot at a press conference later in the evening.

Now here comes a typical media smear:

Beisicht and Pro NRW have been involved in violent clashes with Salafists over the past year.

Last May, violence broke out when 25 Pro NRW campaigners demonstrated using offensive caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed. These campaigners then clashed with members of the Salafist community in the western town of Solingen who had gathered for a counter-demonstration.

The Pro demonstrators were “involved in violent clashes with Salafists” because the Salafists attacked them. Pro-NRW has consistently remained non-violent.

So much for “journalism”. Further down is the grudging admission:

Police said at the time that Salafists tried to break through a police barricade, brandishing rocks and sticks.

Pro-NRW are right to expect that they are “pretty much declared legitimate prey”, and that they are, in effect, being told that they have only themselves to blame. This is exactly how the media have set them up.

Transcripts in English and the original German


00:01   …before we can take up specific Cologne subjects,
00:06   there is, at the moment, a subject that overrides everything:
00:12   Our chair, Markus Beisicht,
00:16   tonight, according to present information,
00:22   barely escaped an Islamic assassination attempt.
00:29   That is being broadcast now on all news media.
00:33   Today at noon or after, there was a conversation
00:39   between the police leadership and Markus
00:43   in which all information was shared.
00:46   What is known at this time is that a four-person Islamist terrorist group
00:52   apparently surveilled the residence for weeks,
00:58   stored explosives and firearms.
01:02   Two of the group
01:05   were apprehended tonight in front of the residence
01:10   in Leverkusen by a special unit of the police.
01:16   There were two further arrests in Bonn and Essen
01:20   and I can only say
01:23   for us in the office and I think everyone who learned of it this afternoon
01:28   by radio or TV or rumor,
01:32   we are deeply shocked.
01:34   Jörg Uckermann said in a comment for RTL and ZDF
01:39   how deeply affected we all are and, simultaneously how proud
01:45   to have such a chair — the most courageous politician in Europe.
01:49   (applause)
01:51   (Markus, Markus, Markus)
02:02   It is truly awful that everything we have always warned against
02:11   is happening, and is even worse
02:16   than we had described.
02:20   And all those rabble-rousers in the media and elsewhere
02:25   who have always said we are waging a campaign
02:29   against peace-loving people, against a peace-loving religion,
02:34   that we exaggerate everything to create an effect,
02:38   dramatize everything —
02:40   all of them tonight have been shown to be liars.
02:43   And it is only thanks only to a dependably functioning police force —
02:49   to whom we should now like to express our thanks —
02:52   that it was prevented.
02:55   (applause)
02:59   And let me say clearly: The police deserve our thanks,
03:04   but certainly not
03:07   this scandalous, awful minister of the interior
03:13   (applause) who smoothed the way.
03:18   A person who year after year has said the worst about us,
03:24   slandered us, smeared us as criminals,
03:27   as neo-Nazis in pinstripes, as rightist extreme scum,
03:32   who even today commented:
03:36   ‘Yes, we have to keep an eye on Salafists as well as right extremists.’
03:42   Even now, he is putting them on the same level,
03:46   as if it were some kind of feud, where
03:48   basically two nut-cases are beating up on each other.
03:53   That is outrageous, that is despicable.
03:58   We have always been peaceful, and we are peaceful now;
04:02   we hold to our laws.
04:04   We don’t threaten anyone, we embrace our constitutional rights,
04:08   embrace them peacefully.
04:10   And here, for once, the political establishment
04:13   and the media must stand in front of us like a wall.
04:16   and not say, with a wink.
04:17   ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s just the evil rightists.’
04:20   so that, so to speak, the bad guy is not revealed.
04:24   No — this country must really stand together here, and say
04:28   ‘We will totally and completely take every one
04:31   who is exposed to this Islamist terror danger under our protection.’
04:35   And now we have to step up and make a stand for the decent people.
04:40   (applause)
04:45   And we will bring this message to the people in the next days;
04:50   so that, if even a hair is ever harmed on anyone’s head,
04:56   Minister of the Interior Jäger will bear the responsibility —
05:04   the greatest well-poisoner in this state, a truly evil rabble-rouser.
05:13   And we have to hold on to that — unfortunately.
05:16   And I am stating here clearly:
05:19   we only trust the police authorities.
05:21   We trust the federal interior minister, too,
05:24   who, unlike Jäger, has always
05:26   conducted tough investigations into the Salafists and the Islamist milieu.
05:31   And when there are bans on organizations,
05:33   they have always come from the federal interior minister.
05:36   The raids today, too,
05:39   were launched through the federal ministry of the interior.
05:41   But we, in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have an interior minister
05:45   who is conducting a really berserk battle
05:49   against peaceful opposition people like us.
05:52   Because we do not share his political views,
05:55   because we are allegedly evil rightists. We are
05:58   morally discredited here, cornered
06:04   and pretty much declared legitimate prey.
06:07   So it is no wonder that even leftist extremists as well as Islamists
06:12   may be thinking, ‘Well, that’s easy enough.
06:17   Might even hope for a quiet, approving murmur
06:22   in the political establishment,’
06:24   and [no wonder] that it is said, with a wink,
06:28   ‘Well, they are to blame for it themselves, somehow.’
06:31   That is a scandal of the first order.
06:36   And we must and we will make clear
06:39   that interior minister Jäger bears a great burden of moral complicity
06:45   for this situation and he must be made to take responsibility,
06:50   so that rightist democrats — the opposition — can operate,
06:55   can be protected; so that we here can engage all the laws
06:59   and this unholy persecution against us by the political establishment
07:02   and the media stops.
07:04   We are not neo-Nazis in pinstripes; we are not extremists.
07:09   We may cause some discomfort, but we are peaceful
07:12   and we are the peaceful opposition who understand our constitutional rights.
07:15   No more, no less.
07:18   (applause)
07:23   In closing, for my part, I can only add
07:30   that we can all be happy,
07:33   as I said already today,
07:36   to have such a chair —
07:39   happy that someone
07:43   in the truest sense of the words, is sticking his neck out for us,
07:47   and standing in front of us, broad-shouldered.
07:51   And Markus, I assure you here and now
07:53   on behalf of every person here — every single one —
07:57   that we are standing as one behind you and with you.
08:02   (applause)
08:11   My Dear Markus, thank you for your encouraging words.
08:17   Everyone can understand that I have felt better than this.
08:25   If someone had predicted this scenario to me yesterday,
08:34   I would have directed him to therapy.
08:37   It was inconceivable for me.
08:41   The Religion of Peace has once more been exposed.
08:48   It is to our credit that we were the first political force
08:56   to point out the danger of Islamist extremism.
09:03   (applause)
09:07   I remember the last state election, when we succeeded
09:12   in breaking through the media blockade and properly
09:18   forcing a discussion in this society
09:23   on the dangers of Islamic extremism.
09:30   And it was natural, when personally
09:34   confronted by such dangers —
09:37   when you have a wife, two children — ten and fourteen —
09:42   who lay harmless in their beds, completely innocent,
09:48   never having done anyone harm.
09:52   Just imagine —
09:54   my daughters never did anything to anyone.
10:00   That is the truth. I value that.
10:06   Then there is a decisive intrusion.
10:11   So I ask your understanding that, in the face of such events,
10:15   I do not want to make a political keynote speech.
10:20   I’ve told Mr. Schmalenberg of the Stadtanzieger,
10:23   who wanted to hear a political statement from me
10:27   on these events,
10:31   that I am not inclined to speak politically.
10:37   You have to come to terms with events like this,
10:41   but I can say one thing now:
10:45   We will not capitulate
10:48   and nobody here is going to fall apart.
10:52   (applause)


00:01   … bevor wir im Anschluss auf unsere spezifischen Kölner Themen kommen,
00:06   ist natürlich ein Thema, was jetzt alle andere im Moment alles überlagert:
00:12   Unser Vorsitzender Markus Beisicht
00:16   ist heute Nacht, so wie im Moment die Informationslage ist,
00:22   relativ oder ganz knapp, einem islamistischen Mordanschlag entgangen.
00:29   Das geht jetzt bundesweit durch alle Nachrichtensender,
00:33   es hat heute nachmittag heute Mittag hat es auch ein Gespräch
00:39   zwischen dem Polizeipräsidium mit Markus gegeben,
00:43   wo alle Informationen weiter gegeben wurden.
00:46   Was im Moment bekannt ist, dass ein vierköpfiges islamistisches Terrorkommando
00:52   anscheinend schon über Wochen die Wohnung observiert/ausgespäht hat,
00:58   Sprengstoff und Schusswaffen gebunkert hat
01:02   und zwei Personen dieses Kommandos
01:05   sind also gestern Nacht kurz vor dem Privathaus
01:10   in Leverkusen von einer Spezialeinheit der Polizei gestellt worden.
01:16   Zwei weitere Verhaftungen gab es in Bonn und Essen
01:20   und ich kann nur sagen:
01:23   Auch wir im Büro, ich denke auch jeder, der es heute nachmittag erfahren hat
01:28   über die Radio- oder Fernsehsender oder über Flüsterpropaganda,
01:32   ist zutiefst schockiert.
01:34   Jörg Uckermann hat in einer Stellungnahme für RTL und ZDF gesagt
01:39   wie betroffen wir alle sind und gleichzeitig wie stolz wir alle sind
01:45   so einen Vorsitzenden zu haben, den mutigsten Politiker Europas.
01:49   [Beifall]
01:51   (Markus, Markus, Markus….)
02:02   Es ist wirklich erschreckend, dass all das, wovor wir immer gewarnt haben,
02:11   eintrifft, zutrifft und sogar noch schlimmer ist
02:16   als wir es immer beschrieben haben.
02:20   Und all die Hetzer, die es auch in den Medien und anderswo gibt,
02:25   die immer gesagt haben, wir machen hier einen Propagandafeldzug
02:29   gegen friedliebende Menschen, gegen eine friedliebende Religion,
02:34   wir würden hier alles übertreiben, um Stimmungen zu erzeugen,
02:38   wir würden alles dramatisieren,
02:40   all diejenigen sind heute Nacht Lügen gestraft worden.
02:43   Und es ist wirklich nur einer zuverlässig arbeitenden Polizei,
02:49   der wir hier auch unseren Dank aussprechen möchten
02:52   zu verdanken dass es verhindert wurde.
02:55   (Beifall)
02:59   Aber ich sage auch ganz deutlich: Der Dank gilt der Polizei,
03:04   aber unser Dank gilt ganz sicher nicht
03:07   diesem skandalösen, furchtbaren Innenminister
03:13   (Beifall) der den Boden bereitet hat.
03:18   Ein Mensch der Jahr und Tag gegen uns auf’s Übelste hetzt,
03:24   uns verleumdet, uns als Kriminelle diffamiert,
03:27   als Neonazis in Nadelstreifen, als rechtsextremer Abschaum,
03:32   der sogar heute noch in seiner Stellungnahme sagt,
03:36   ‘Ja, man muss sowohl Salafisten als auch diese Rechtsextremisten genau im Auge behalten’
03:42   Sogar heute noch stellt er das hier auf eine Stufe,
03:46   so als wär das eine Fehde, wo sich
03:48   im Prinzip zwei Bekloppte gegenseitig die Köpfe einschlagen.
03:53   Das ist eine Unverschämtheit, das ist auch wirklich menschenverachtend.
03:58   Wir sind immer friedlich gewesen, wir sind auch jetzt friedlich
04:02   wir halten uns an unsere Gesetze.
04:04   Wir bedrohen niemanden, wir nehmen nur unsere Grundrechte wahr
04:08   friedlich unsere Grundrechte wahr.
04:10   Und da müssen sich hier auch mal die etablierte Politik
04:13   und die Medien wie eine Mauer vor uns stellen
04:16   und nicht augenzwinkernd sagen,
04:17   ‘naja das sind ja sowieso nur die bösen Rechten’,
04:20   so quasi, eigentlich erwischt man da nicht den Verkehrten.
04:24   Nein – es muss hier wirklich dieses Land zusammenstehen und sagen
04:28   ‘Wir nehmen jeden voll und ganz in Schutz,
04:31   der dieser islamistischen Terrorgefahr ausgesetzt ist’.
04:35   Und wir müssen jetzt aufstehen und einen Aufstand der Anständigen machen
04:40   (Beifall)
04:45   Und wir werden diese Botschaft auch in den nächsten Tagen unter’s Volk bringen,
04:50   dass, wenn wirklich irgendwann jemandem ein Härchen gekrümmt wird,
04:56   die moralische Verantwortung einzig und allein Innenminister Jäger trägt,
05:04   der größte Brunnenvergifter in diesem Land, ein wirklich übler Hetzer.
05:13   Und das muss man festhalten – leider.
05:16   Und ich sage auch hier ganz deutlich:
05:19   Wir haben hier nur Vertrauen zu den Polizeibehörden.
05:21   Wir haben auch Vertrauen zum Bundesinnenminister,
05:24   der immer im Gegensatz zu Jäger
05:26   hart gegen Salafisten ermittelt hat und hart gegen die islamistische Szene.
05:31   Und wenn hier Vereinsverbote gekommen sind,
05:33   sind die immer nur vom Bundesinnenminister gekommen.
05:36   Auch die Razzien heute, das ist auch über
05:39   das Bundesinnenministerium angestoßen worden.
05:41   Aber wir in Nordrhein-Westfalen haben einen Innenminister,
05:45   der einen regelrecht amokartigen Kampf
05:49   gegen friedliebende Oppositionelle wie uns führt.
05:52   Weil wir seine politische Meinung nicht teilen,
05:55   weil wir angeblich böse Rechte sind uns hier wirklich
05:58   moralisch diskreditiert, uns in eine Ecke hineinstellt
06:04   uns quasi für vogelfrei erklärt.
06:07   Und da muss man sich nicht wundern, dass sowohl Linksextremisten als auch Islamisten
06:12   sich vielleicht hier denken, ‘naja das sind ja auch sozusagen auch leichte Ziele,
06:17   da kann man ja auf ein stillschweigendes zustimmendes Gemurmel
06:22   in der etablierten Politik vielleicht hoffen’
06:24   Und dass da augenzwinkernd sozusagen gesagt wird
06:28   ‘naja, das sind die irgendwo selber schuld’
06:31   und das ist ein Skandal allererster Güte,
06:36   und wir müssen und wir werden klar machen,
06:39   Innenminister Jäger trägt eine große moralische Mitverantwortung
06:45   für diese Zustände und er muss ganz persönlich in die Haftung genommen werden,
06:50   dass hier auch Rechtsdemokraten, die Opposition betreiben,
06:55   geschützt werden, dass wir hier alle Rechte in Anspruch nehmen
06:59   und dass endlich diese unselige Hetze von etablierter Politik
07:02   und Medien gegen uns aufhört.
07:04   Wir sind keine Neonazis in Nadelstreifen, wir sind keine Extremisten
07:09   sondern wir sind vielleicht unbequem, aber wir sind friedlich
07:12   und wir sind friedliche Oppositionelle, die ihre Grundrechte wahrnehmen.
07:15   Nicht mehr und nicht weniger.
07:18   [Beifall]
07:23   Und ich kann von meiner Seite aus abschließend dazu nur sagen,
07:30   dass wir alle auch froh sein können,
07:33   und ich hab das heute auch wieder gemerkt,
07:36   so einen Vorsitzenden zu haben,
07:39   dass wir froh sein können, dass hier jemand auch für uns
07:43   im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes den Kopf hinhält,
07:47   mit breiten Schultern sich vor uns stellt.
07:51   Und Markus, ich versichere dir, hier,
07:53   ich denke für alle Anwesenden hier, für jeden einzelnen,
07:57   dass wir wie ein Mann hinter dir und neben dir stehen.
08:02   [Beifall]
08:11   Lieber Markus, ich bedanke mich für deine aufmunternden Worte.
08:17   Dass es mir schon besser gegangen ist, wird jeder nachvollziehen können.
08:25   Wenn mir gestern einer dieses Szenario prophezeit hätte,
08:34   ich hätte ihn eher in die Psychiatrie verbannt.
08:37   Es war für mich unvorstellbar.
08:41   Die Religion des Friedens hat sich mal wieder entlarvt.
08:48   Und es bleibt unser Verdienst, dass wir als erste politische Kraft
08:56   auf die Gefahr des islamistischen Extremismus hingewiesen haben.
09:03   (Beifall)
09:07   Ich erinnere an den letzten Landtagswahlkampf, als es uns gelungen ist,
09:12   die Medienblockade zu durchbrechen und dieser Gesellschaft
09:18   eine Diskussion regelrecht aufzuzwingen
09:23   über die Gefahren des islamischen Extremismus.
09:30   Und es war natürlich, wenn man dann persönlich
09:34   mit solchen Gefahren konfrontiert wird,
09:37   wenn man eine Frau hat, zwei Kinder, zehn und vierzehn Jahren,
09:42   die auch da harmlos im Bett gelegen haben, völlig unschuldig,
09:48   die keinem Menschen etwas getan haben,
09:52   das muss man sich mal vorstellen,
09:54   keinen Menschen haben meine Töchter etwas getan,
10:00   das stimmt schon, da lege ich großen Wert drauf,
10:06   dann ist das schon ein Einschnitt.
10:11   Deshalb bitte ich um Verständnis, dass ich angesichts solcher Ereignisse
10:15   heute keine politischen Grundsatzreden halten möchte
10:20   Ich habe Herrn Schmalenberg vom Stadtanzeiger mitgeteilt,
10:23   der von mir ein politisches Statement hören wollte
10:27   angesichts solcher Ereignisse
10:31   bin ich nicht gewillt mich politisch kund zu tun.
10:37   Man muss solche Ereignisse verarbeiten
10:41   aber eins kann ich jetzt schon sagen:
10:45   Wir werden nicht kapitulieren
10:48   und kein Mensch bricht hier zusammen.
10:51   [Beifall]

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18 thoughts on “The Attempted Assassination of Markus Beisicht, Part 1

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  2. Thanks for the excellent work. Have ontwitted it. Whoever did the translation deserves kudos for an excellent job too.

    Although native of Germany, I have not been there for many years and dont know the political scene there any longer. I guess the bad-mouthing M, islamophile, conservative hating Minister of the Interior they blame in this video, hails from the Left? SPD or the Greens?

    Like Heinrich Heine (in exil in Paris) in his Wintermaerchen: “denk ich and Deutschland in der Nacht, so bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht” (when I think of Germany in the night, my sleep is gone), so I too am starting to be seriously afraid for Germany. I had hoped the conservative government of Angela Merkel would push back the effluent emanating from the Left and the social engineering that Multi Culturalism turned out to be and stop the islamisation. I was too optimistic.

  3. [the following paragraph is intended by the sheik to be taken ironically, not literally]

    Beisicht is ‘xenophobic’, he deserves to be killed. He brought in onto himself.

    There has to be an end to this. This is cynical, ice-cold justification of murder. It is also dhimmitude on a scale of 9 in 10.

    They did to Lars Hedegaard.

    These lunatics need to be held to account in a court of law, not only for for incitement, but for slander and defamation.

  4. I have a simple practical question to the GOV readership. Everyone at GOV correctly
    eschews violence. This is commendable. A fine sentiment. But tell me, how is this
    situation in Europe (or America for that matter) going to end peacefully or without a
    direct and unpleasant confrontation? If you do nothing every year that passes
    the birthrate moves to put muslims in the majority. They will take power peacefully and legally simply via the ballot box. What will happen when the police are muslim will they turn their Islamic brothers in, to protect an infidel like Markus who insult The Prophet? . If you dislike the media now, how will it get better when the media is Muslim owned? How effective will your demands for justice be under a legal system that recognizes Sharia law? If you hate your spineless politicians now, how is the spirit of resignation and compromise going to go away in a Germany thats 51% muslim? What level of hatred and sense of betrayal will that engender? Just doing nothing, means the inevitablity of an explosion. If you choose to isolate muslims economically, you get more poverty, more no-go zones and thousands of burning cars. I am not agitating here, just asking very real and honest questions. How can this end peacefully? The least violent way out would a mass deportation of muslims before they reach majority status, but the resolve to do that will only occur after the friction of tit for tat violence reaches horrendous proportions. So even wating for the crises moment to occur means violence. And of course the act of rounding up and deporting muslims itself will be met with violence. Consult the Balkans for an image of what that could mean. What will happen to other European countries if Belgium becomes the the first muslim owned European poltical entity, providing sanctuary and a base of operations for other muslim liberation movements? Honestly as I go over the various possible resolutions to the situation we are now in, I cannot see how any them will not be ugly, and violently confrontational.

    • You need to use paragraphs…

      Your question is impractical — in the extreme.

      No action can be taken by a reader, you certainly don’t advance any.


      Western culture is still drifting under the fog, the white-out of the MSM.

      So just focus on just raising the alarm.

      MSM lies and Salafist disinformation can’t survive exposure.

      The opposition does not command great armies. Remember that.

      • blert —

        Not only that, but to discuss such matters in an open forum like this — even speculatively — is imprudent at best.

        We at Gates of Vienna are all peaceful-minded people who advocate non-violent political change through democratic means. This is the only hope for saving our civilization.

        There may exist rough men who stand ready to do violence on behalf of our children and grandchildren, but they do not partipate here. And even if they did, they would never be so foolish as to discuss such matters openly.

        • But us rough men do read this blog dear Baron. Unfortunately, the powers that be have squandered any type of peaceable means to end this madness, we are but one incident away from the Balkans on steroids, if these islamist had succeded in their removal of said pol, the retribution would start in earnest and once that starts, the rest of the country will follow suit. It is not a matter of years, it is a matter of months. Mark my words, it will happen.

          • Nix the shrillness.

            The entire ummah is — compared to the infidels — virtually unarmed.

            Google ‘The Three Conjectures’ — and see how militarily hopeless the Salafist campaign really is.


            I’ve lost track of the number of souls who bizarrely hope that they’re the privileged few to live in an extraordinary time — like 30AD.

            We are not at the end of times.

            We are not running out of oil.

            We are not melting the planet.

            We will pass on the baton.

            What we face, today, is but a fraction of the risk withstood during WWIII. (aka Cold War) The planet almost blew up — more than once.

            Regaining social sanity is a breeze, by comparison.

      • The reason they are lying is that they have no real solution to the problem themselves., which grows by the day. The more it grows the more the MSM must lie and deny. Which makes the final breakdown to be more violent and catastrophic than ever. I can see no peaceful resolution, and neither it seems can the MSM or the politicians. All they can try to do is beat down you and me one more time, and every day the problem grows and grows.

    • Removing “brown” people from Europe is indeed not the solution. The Islamic memeplex should be deconstructed in the Middle-East. This deconstruction is to be done by a new religious paradigm. I am a firm believer in a Creator, and judgement after death.

      First, you have to understand that it is muslims who are racializing the conflict. “Brown” men do not have wear beards and can wear non-muslim clothing. This is a powerful privilege.

      The Gulf States are a good example of how a minority of indigenous people can keep a majority of immigrants in check. If the West was a fully functioning democracy, anti-immigrant parties would have gained political majorities in the eighties. It is the Elite that can and will change their position vis. Islam when THEIR secular privileges are threatened.

      • You say that removing “brown people” is not an option, I am afraid that time for peaceable removal is no longer an option, for what is about to begin is a Balkans on steroids and the “brown people” will be fleeing in droves in absolute terror, because the natives will be in no mood for mercy nor empathy. This scenerio in now enevitable because if the islamist succeed in removing a nationalist pol, all hell and damnation will be brought to bear on the “brown people” without regard for innocent or not.

      • Well thats a usual liberal reply. The problem cant be simple. Remove muslims. Difficult, perhaps violent, but direct and effective. All we do is return Europe to what it was for 2000 years.
        No instead we must reinvent religion. We must change the minds
        of millions of muslims, even when we cannot change the mind of a single muslim. And until we work these miracles nothing can be done.Round and round anund we go.

  5. It’s important stuff here, and I think it’s a wise move by Mr. Beisicht to not give any interviews to the sharks – sorry, gentlemen – of the mainstream media. Here we’re getting the complete story, quietly, with some very important points made along the way.

    If one compares to The Local, one sees clearly where honesty thrives and where it does not. I’ve seen lots of bad reporting, but rarely such a vicious blend of manipulations and open lies as we see here. It’s a scandal, pure and simple.

    The War on Terror is certainly not going well when plots like these are uncovered in our home countries. A wicked, manipulating press certainly does not help us win.

  6. The first thing you do when you realize the bathtub is overflowing is to turn off the faucet.
    It may be too late for Europeans to do that, but it isn’t too late for us. Yet
    As blert says, what we need to be doing now is raising the alarm.
    And getting used to being called racists.

    • “…And getting used to being called racists.”

      Perhaps we should try and change the meaning of the word “racist”, after all the UN managed to completely change the meaning of “Human Rights”…

      • I’ve tried pointing out to various people that Islam is not a “race”. But I don’t think that many of those who use this term care about any sort of rational discourse. I think most people who use this term are trying to stop communication rather than to understand or clarify. And many of those who might be capable of understanding the nature and magnitude of the situation have been bludgeoned into silence.

        I knew 9/11 was coming since the takeover of our Iranian embassy in 1979, but I have been stunned at how many Americans still seem totally oblivious to the magnitude of the threat. And what has been happening in Europe doesn’t give me any hope.

        Go ahead and call me what you want.

        But please! Turn off the spigot!

  7. It is important to remember that the Jihadists are just the weapon, it is those who wield the weapon that are important. These are people of our own kind, who, for various reasons, have adopted a nihistic stance in our various societies.

    Many are driven by greed and ambition, they want ‘change’ in order to exploit it for personal gain.

    Others are ‘touchy feely’ do-gooders who are blind to the unintended consequences of touching up the wrong parts of society.

    Then there are the utopians who have a vision which they want to impose on humanity, no matter what the consequences and methods.

    But all these people groups have made a conscious or sub-conscious decision; that the end justifies the means.

    That they are toying with a tiger, not a domestic pussycat ( US please excuse my English) is beyond either their caring, or their intellects.

    Here we have two political religions which have made a concordat of mutual support, much like the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1938. Once the proverbial ‘Poland’ is torn apart they, they will be facing each other. We know what happened next.

    I made the personal decision not to be caught in the middle of two virulently anti-Semitic entities.

    I feel that the first stage of the battle is already lost, this was the media battle for the hearts and minds of Jo in the street. There are times when one has to retreat and regroup.

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