Open Season on the Sweden Democrats

Because of their Islam-critical policies and their stance against mass immigration, the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) have been demonized relentlessly by Swedish media and politicians, including the prime minister. As a result, they are now considered fair game for violent treatment by culturally enriched New Swedes and “anti-fascist” leftists of various stripes.

The latest incident of violence against a member of SD occurred yesterday in the town of Ängelholm in southern Sweden. Many thanks to The Observer for translating this article from Avpixlat:

SD Chairman beaten up by immigrants

Ängelholm — Hatred and violence against dissidents continues. The chairman of the Sweden Democrats in Ängelholm, Ulf Prytz, was yesterday beaten up in his home by a dark-skinned man in his 20s.

Representatives of the conservative Sweden Democrats are most vulnerable, according to figures from both the police and the Security Service (SÄPO), which means that many people are afraid to continue with their political engagements. The stigmatization is supported, if not directly then at least indirectly, by both the media and politicians, with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (M) leading the charge. Reinfeldt has previously stated that one can only “blame oneself” if one doesn’t think like him.

On Thursday Prytz went to the grocery store in Ängelholm, where he felt observed. He then headed home, and moments after entering his apartment someone knocked on his door. Prytz opened the door and the attacker, a dark-skinned man in his 20s, immediately hit him in the face with a sharp object, followed by a punch. The attacker told Prytz, “You need to watch yourself, you SOB.”

The exact same statements were made a couple weeks ago by some immigrant youths when Prytz was out walking his dog. Prytz believes that there could have been two attackers, but that he saw only one of them.

Fortunately the Sweden Democrats’ head of security is optimistic that the perpetrator will be arrested, as the shop where Prytz felt watched has CCTV cameras whose tapes will be handed over to the police. The description of the offender is also very detailed.

The Sweden Democrats emphasize that there are no known links between Prytz’ involvement in the party and the attack. Prytz himself however, who was recently appointed chairman of the municipal association, suspects that such a link may exist.

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39 thoughts on “Open Season on the Sweden Democrats

  1. The Leftists have a totalitarian mentality . They no longer believe in free speech and they will use violence to enforce their views. As Churchill once said ” The Fascists of the future will be the anti-Fascists”.History has shown when the will of millions of people are suppressed eventually they will rise up in violence. I think that is where many western countries are headed.

    • Agreed. But for the moment state intimidation will continue and people who defend themselves will be arrested for “racial” crimes.

      • I am afraid with Obama in office that could happen here with all the Muslim invaders he is bringing in.

  2. Whether there is a link with his political party or not, as claimed by the Sweden Democrats, I think the incident proves Mr Pryts’s point; cultural enrichment is dangerous.

  3. Poor old guy! It’s a sign of the times when young thugs go around beating up older people for their political views.

  4. I wonder if your journalist friend thinks that the perpetrators of this crime have “lost their humanity”?

    Maybe it’s just that their “veneer of politeness slipped” eh?

    • Plus points to you Nick!
      Sad but true… I wanted to ask what the circulation is of Avpixlat. Does the ordinary Swede even get this news?
      I know that here in the states if a politician were beaten up it would make news. I wonder if that is the case in northern Europe?

      • A couple of years ago, the Swedish Association of Realtors ordered a poll to find out what kind of confidence the public had in realtors. The poll asked people about a great deal of different professions. The Swedish public had high confidence in the police. About 50% had a high confidence in lawers. 4% (four) of the Swedish public had a hight confidence in journalists.

        With that in mind, the kind of samizdat reporting that avpixlat does is very popular, with several sites in the top 100 sites in Sweden. Only a handful of msn media sites in Sweden get more visitors than avpixlat does. Few Swedes may admit in public to actually visiting axpixlat – But the fact is that even msm in Sweden admits (laments) that several hundred thousand of us do visit that site regularely.

  5. His wounds testify loudly against the Ummah and their enablers.
    Islam is profane.

  6. I am sorry; I don’t understand any of that. What is it with the Scandinavians? They still behave as if it were the social capital-rich, high-trust societyh as it had been until 35 years ago.

    Why would this man open his door because someone knocked? Why would Lars Hedegaard open his door because someone on the other side said he had a delivery? Does not this Mr. Prytz have a peephole? Does not Lars Hedegaard have a peephole? Do they not converse through the closed door with the other party, to determine if there is a foreign accent? Do they not profile?

    What has happened to the Europeans; they are like babes in the woods. It wasn’t always like that; I highly recommend people see the Danish film “Flame and Citron.”

    • In the case of Lars Hedegard I understand it went like this: Someone dressed up as Postman rang the intercome, saying he had a parcel. Lars looked out by the window and saw this “postman” holding a parcel. He told him, that he could not let him in but would come down to take the parcel. I understand this.

      I think our energies should go towards fighting the collaborators: the politicians (bombard them with letters) the media (who are the real enablers that Goebbels would be proud of) – badmouth them everywhere you can – online – among your circle and outside your circle… etc. To say nothing is to say yes.

      Has his would be murderer been caught?

    • Flame and Citron was good movie. I thought they spent a little too much time on the spy vs. counter spy angle, not knowing who you could trust. Still, it was inspiring to see Danes in the 1940’s willing to fight and die for Denmark.

  7. So I’m guessing the media response will be, like Lars Hedergaard, that this man brought this on himself and deserved being assaulted?
    The Left are more despicable than Islamists. They have no rational reason to choose this path, but they do because they are rotten to the core.

  8. Keep this up Europe and reap the whirlwind. The pink emasculated velvet glove does not work.

  9. and no doubt the tape, when the police try to watch it, will either show the camera was pointed in just the wrong direction, was set up wrong so it recorded nothing useful, or the tape was mysteriously wiped.

    The “detailed descriptions” will be discarded as being “racist” and the person(s) providing them arrested on charges of “racism and religious hatred”.

  10. Come now Takuan. You know the answer. If its better to lose your country than be called racist, then its certainly better to lose your life for the same cause.
    Dulce Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.


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  12. The left can give (when they have numerical superiority) but on having to take they scream for protection from the very same authorities they purport to abhor.

    • Bourgeois democracy needs the illusion of the rule of law. Why do Christian terrorists attack abortion clinics, but not leftist universities? God only knows.
      As long as muslims contend that Christianity is morally superior to atheism, muslims are morally bound to be non-violent to the extent of turning the other cheek.
      As long as leftists contend that Christianity demands unilateral disarmament against the Soviet-Union during the Cold War, they are ethically bound to be non-violent to the extent of turning the other cheek.
      It is contradictory to the point of hypocrisy to cite Christianity when preventing the West from defending itself, while using violence, even if tit-for-tat retaliation, against people considered “fascist”.
      Luckily, the left attacks Christians who harass abortion clinics. When the influence of Christianity wanes, people will be more likely to defend themselves. Defense and retaliation are not enough. Europe should go on the offensive, and increase its influence in the Middle-East.

      • Christians do terrorize abortion clinics.
        But these incidents pale in comparison to the violence endemic to Muslim culture, tradition and history.

      • The secular case against Islam attacks only the effects, not the causes of Muslim violence.
        The Christian case against Islam gets right to the root of Muslim violence, apprehends the differences between histories, doctrines, epistemologies and practices, and condemns Islam on the basis of these differences.
        The Muslims have yet to construct a coherent case for their own religion, instead of arguing, they condemn.
        The Christian case is historical, coherent and will prevail.
        The secular case, in spite of the secularists chauvinism, cannot stand alone against Islam. The atheist will submit when the knife is at his neck because he feels he has nothing to lose.
        The Christian will not submit because he knows that to submit is to die a little each day.

  13. I can see how that ‘ol obsolete 2nd ammendment thingy can be a real impediment to Progressive Islamic “hope ‘n change” and all that good stuff.
    Force open a door here in the U, S, of A like that and you’d get a bellyfull of lead.

  14. I am afraid with unrestrained immigration into the USA that we will soon have the same problems but at least here we have the right to bear arms, unless Obummer takes that away via executive order and the UN thugs. Of course if that happens I see civil war but that is another issue. All of us must write our reps demanding an end to massive Muslim immigration now. I have already done this.

    • With the left of course complaining that the pilgrims/puritans themselves were illegal immigrants. If so, why doesn’t the left protect the pilgrims/puritans?
      Native American women complain that they are systematically raped by non-Natives. Why don’t muslim women in Europe (and America) complain that they are systematically raped by non-muslims. Questions, questions…

      • Just to enter this into the shared meme:

        The absence of rape of Muslim women by white males is construed by the Left as PROOF of racism. A PhD dissertation to this effect was submitted and accepted a couple of years ago at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It was based on stats showing lots of rapes of Jewish women by Arabs, but zero rapes of Arab women by Jews. The natural conclusion for a brainwashed Loon, no matter how many letters after his name, is that Arabs are not racist but Jews are.

        • I take it then that in the view of the authors of this PhD, the Serbs raping the Muslim women at Srebrenica were not in any way racist. It must have been their natural expression of love for all things Bosnian Muslim.

          • You have to pay attention to race. Serbs and Croats are racial kin; Bosnian Muslims used to be mostly Christian Croats; they look the same. But Arabs and Jews in Israel are not the same racially and look different. The dramatically different lifestyle of most Jewish and Arab women even gives them on average different body proportions. That’s why an Israeli libtard may build a theory of “racism,” whereas in Serbia, first, there are no libtards and, second, at most ethnic hatred or Islamophobia could be alleged, not racism.

          • @ Takuan Seiyo – Were the Bosnian atrocities not referred to as “ethnic cleansing”? Even if Serbs and Bosnians were from the same race…. in any case, while the differences between racism and Islamophobia may be a topic for the Counterjihad, somehow I can’t see them being as significant for the typical leftard, who will most likely think of them as the same thing.

          • G.I. (and Takuan) —

            This is exactly the case. In England, someone from, say, Derbyshire who tells a joke at the expense of someone from Wiltshire may be charged with “racism”. I’m not making this up; it happened (I just can’t remember which two counties were involved).

            It was bad enough when Irish jokes told by the English were deemed “racist”. But now intramural English mockery has met the same fate.

            Oh, to have lived to see such a degenerate time!

          • @ B.B. – wasn’t aware Britain had already “advanced” to that stage! (although nothing from there surprises me anymore)

            So will we see the police take an equally firm stand against the “racism” inherent in the postcode wars? Given who (most of) the perpetrators are, somehow I can’t see it happening!

          • @ B.B. / Takuan ,

            While Britain’s state of affairs may seem bad, was it predicted by earlier authors? GK Chesterton’s The Flying Inn “is set in a future England where the Temperance movement has allowed a bizarre form of “Progressive” Islam to dominate the political and social life of the country….”

            All this, in a book written in 1915!!!!

  15. Such a thing, in Sweden? Impossible, surely?! I’ve been assured by lots of different people that Sweden is such a peaceful, “progressive” idyllic country.

  16. Scandinavians mentally, still live in Scandinavia, the Scandinavia they once knew as safe countries where there used to be no islamic threat. To elderly, in particular, it may be almost impossible to getting used to thinking that the person outside your door has come to harm you.

    This way of thinking cannot be changed overnight.

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