Open Season on a Danish Gallery Owner

“Danish” assassins failed in their attempt last month to kill Lars Hedegaard. They can’t easily get at Kurt Westergaard, because he is guarded by state security police. So now they are after Erik Guldager, the gallery owner who has exhibited — gasp! — a cartoon of Mohammed drawn by Kurt Westergaard.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article from Norwegian website Human Rights Service:

Image caption: “Because some people are so sensitive to graphic descriptions of Muhammad with items in his turban, I have decided to obscure the drawing, even though I don’t think it will matter to them.”

[Readers are advised to click through and see exactly how HRS modified the dreaded Turban Bomb to meet the demands of cultural harmony. The original is pictured in all its Islamophobic dreadfulness at right.]

The owner of Gallery Draupner in Århus in Denmark was earlier today threatened by two men. The Gallery has previously exhibited drawings of Muhammad

The two men wore uniform-like outfits and were carrying an aluminum baseball bat and a gun-like object. They made verbal threats to Erik Guldager, the owner of the gallery, but as of yet it is not known why the threats were made.

The police in Århus have confirmed that the two men showed up at the gallery around 1 pm, and that the police were alerted of the incident at 1.15 pm. The episode only lasted for a few minutes.

It’s too early to say whether the threats are directly linked with the gallery’s cooperation with Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. The gallery has previously exhibited Westergaard’s most famous drawing, “Muhammad with a bomb in his turban”.

Last weekend the gallery hosted an “invitation-only exhibition” for collectors from several countries where copies of the Muhammad drawing were sold.

Guldager wasn’t harmed in the incident, but he has told Berlingske (Danish newspaper) that he is deeply affected by it.

The two perpetrators are described as Mediterranean-looking. One is approximately180-185 cm tall and has a muscular build. The other one is approximately 175 cm tall and with an average build.

They left the gallery in a black car with a known registration number, but the license plate of the getaway car belongs to another car that has been reported stolen.

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