Liberty in Great Britain

Paul Weston has launched a new political party, Liberty GB. In the video below he explains why he parted company with British Freedom, and what he hopes to accomplish with his new party.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For links to Paul’s previous essays and videos, see the Paul Weston Archives.

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  1. Just listened to your video message about start up on LibertyGB. Thank goodness there are people like you ready to tackle these issues. I’m nearing the end of my life, but fear for my grandchildren’s Britain in 20 or 30 years time. I fear it already be too late with birth rates as they are.

  2. Ok Paul, good decision and this signal will also be understoode by the ones of the EDL who try to evolve on wrong ways ……

    But Paul: “Right WING” .. should`nt you have overcome this speech and sights of being among flying raptors as all sorts of Eagles are ……. more or less openly. Just follow the history of Eagles signs in history you WOULD NOT FIND ANY GOOD IN THAT ! Even Mohammed himself flew according to Islamic heritage on the greatest flag at the war at Badr als a …………. EAGLE !

    So get rid of all these Animal Cults.


    To Baron: Please, send me a mail address for Fjordman.


  3. This is what British Nationalism needs. A new Party. The main concerns of Nationalists is exactly as you state. Mass immigration and population replacement. But then you do on to say, though not directly, who is going to be allowed in your Party. Presumably, no Holocaust deniers? What about other conspiracy theorists? Can Atheists join without fear of recrimination? I, for one, am sick of new Parties being formed. It seems like there is a new Nationalist Party formed every week. All spouting the same things but disagreeing on things like Holocaust denial, what someone has said or done in the past. Why when we are, as you say, on the tipping point of the annihilation of Britain are you wasting your time forming yet another Party that stands about as much chance of electoral success as the Pope becoming a Muslim? Your answer will be that this Party is the one that will make the break through. I wrote to the Chairman of another Party that said that. So successful that I have now forgotten which Party it was! Instead of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic why don’t you try to mend broken fences, unite the Nationalist vote and actually achieve something? I make one guarantee. If the Nationalist vote is not united and more Brits awakened to what is happening we will be a minority in our land. Personally I couldn’t care less if that person was Adolf Stalin-Pot as long as they do something to stop the madness.

    • Dont say that..”as much of a chance as the Pope being muslim”, as soon as the Left takes that as a challenge to “inclusion” we will see His Holiness leading the College of Cardinals in prayer on the floor of St. Peters bowing towards Mecca. Wanna bet?

    • Hi Mr. Watson, You ask “Can Atheists join without fear of recrimination?”. Atheists are welcome! Liberty GB is for ALL people! We are in a desperate fight for our freedom, safety, human rights and our superior, Western civilization. It is a battle we dare not lose!


  4. Paul Weston needs to address one problem. He believes that the problem lay
    with the mistakes of the BNP or the mistakes of the EDL and that was the cause
    of his departure.. The real problem is not these parties, but the perception of these parties, and that perception has been the work of the media and Left which owns the media. If Paul thinks the Left will not do the same hatchet job on Liberty GB that was performed on its predecessors he is being naive. In this Age of Illusion, in this Empire of Lies, the first hurdle for political viability is not what ideas you have, certainly not the nobility of your intentions , nor how you envision yourself, but what are your means of media control and defense. How will you combat the hatchet wielders. Just how down and dirty can you be at media counterpunching? What are your media resources?. Do you have cameras, video editors, internet websites, broadsheets? Do you have alternative means of communication to prospective members that goes around MSM? Do you have lawyers? Have you planned how you will start levying the first slander and libel charges, and bring them to successful settlement of the type that makes your inevitable enemies very afraid? Its going to be a war Mr. Weston, and every general plans his defense as well as his offense before it begins. You have superior ideas, but you need to survive long enough for those ideas to have a fighting chance at

  5. Firstly, a shame that Paul chose Liberty GB rather than Freedom GB. As has been pointed out in the book Plain English, Anglo-Saxon words seem to be more direct and powerful because they relate to other everyday words. Liberty was a Norman French import which does not immediately relate to the word free.

    Secondly, when did the English people ever agree to their capital being blighted by the monstrosities behind him in glass, steel and concrete; they are but a symbol of the sheer greed of those who rule this country now. Once upon a time you would have been able to see the Tower of London from where Paul was standing. Compare Paris, Vienna and other European cities, they would never allow themselves to look like Manhattan.

    Paul is right, we are at a tipping point and I think people are beginning to come round to this point of view, especially since, as he says, the 2011 census – the last as they don’t want us to see how the demographics are changing from now on. Now the British/English have to make an effort to save themselves. The English never seems to stir until they have virtually been defeated and their backs are against the wall and then rally to the leader who can turn round their fortunes. Witness Alfred the Great and the Danes, Nelson and Wellington and Napoleon and Churchill after Dunkirk. We have now been virtually defeated in our own country by three generations of politicians signed up to the banker-backed Marxist new world order. And he is right that we are being replaced by people from the third world where corruption, violence, rape etc are everyday occurences. Witness the two gang rapes in India, one of a Swiss tourist and the endemic corruption in that country. Corruption in Africa. Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the world and yet Jamaicans and those of West Indian descent have brought the same mayhem, rioting etc to the streets of London. The cockney accent is now virtually dead, replaced by an Afro-Asian patois as the Cockneys have been replaced by Afro-Asians. Even China is corrupt and Chinese criminal gangs are operating here. The only place that perhaps isn’t corrupt outside European countries is Japan. The future is going to be difficult as 60 years of total insanity are reversed. It may even be bloody. Which third worlder, especially those from places like Pakistan, would want to return, especially leaving behind what is left of civilisation here and a life living off benefits. Soon our educational system, our hospitals, our water supply, our energy system, our infrastructure, will collapse. Irrespective of the third world replacing the first in Britain, the optimum population of this country is 30m and we could have achieved a reduction in population after the War without this insane mass immigration carried out for reasons of flawed political ideology – i.e. you can’t change human nature or iq levels – or sheer greed on the part of our political elites. Our population is now heading towards 70m in the next 20 years and our politicians see no problem with that.

  6. as a supporter of the EDL, i think it wrong that PW can walk away just like that and leave the EDL to cope with what amounts to a lame duck.
    it was, after all the EDL that brought islamisation to be a major talking point here and elsewhere.
    the credibility of both the EDL and BFP have been damaged by this and i should think that not a few EDL members (including myself) will give PW and his latest fashion creation a miss.
    we dont need another nationalist party but we plainly need better leaders.

    • My feeling is that Paul is not walking away. He affirms his emotional support for EDL. What Paul is doing is trying to establish some
      cosmetic distance from EDL which will allow middle class Britain
      to join the cause. This said, middle class Britain needs to grow some backbone and sense of reality. It is now literally fighting for its life and
      needs to stop worrying what the Left will say. All of the West has
      internalized the Leftist message . Paul should make clear that its not going to get easier for anyone to join, and the fight will not get any less ugly. No more concessions to fine feelings will be forthcoming.

      • “All of the West has internalized the Leftist message”.

        We are going to need a revolution in thought. I believe this is possible. And the Left are going to be destroyed by this revolution. They have shackled themselves to islam. Between now and Britain being an islamic state, the Left are never going to escape from their association with islam. The police announced today that they foil a terrorist attempt as big as 7/7 every year. Those attempts will only become more numerous. One of them will succeed. The Left will be blamed as well as islam.

        • Yes. This is how the game must be played. Whenever a bomb goes off do everything to connect the Left with Islam. When the next Islamic crime occurs interview a Leftist apologist…etch into the popular mind that the Left has done this to Britain. Make Multi- Culturalism and “Inclusion” stink in every nostril.

        • The Soviet-style banner proclaimed the movement’s aims: “Full employment, decent pensions for all, world-class schools and hospitals.” This, however, wasn’t a gathering of Unite or the RMT but a conference devoted to securing a Conservative majority at the next general election.

          “Victory 2015” was the idea of Tim Montgomerie, the editor of the website ConservativeHome. The slogans, he explained, were an attempt to prove that the right had “ambitions” beyond cutting immigration, slashing the deficit and bashing Brussels.

          Conservative Home is the organisation that got Douglas Murray ostracised within the Tory party, because he said “we have to make Europe less desireable to muslims”.

          It’s just as well I’ve hated the Tories for 35 years. Because if not, I’d have to start hating them now.

          If anyone in the UK ever had any hope that the Tories would see sense, abandon it. LibLabCon is one social-democrat party, caretakers for the transition to when Westminster becomes a regional council of the United States of Europe.

          Great thinkers like Hayek, Burnham, von Mises were all describing the British Conservative Party as “socialists” back around 1960. They were accurate. Even the Left in Britain are now openly admitting it.

          We need a revolution to save us from this treachery. It’s like Stalin’s “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it’s who’s counting the votes that matters”. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, if they are all socialists. No wonder 35% of the British public do not even vote at all. Anarchists say “no matter who you vote for the government always gets in”; “no matter who you vote for, the socialists always get in”.

          • Bravo. I didnt know Brits like you existed. I thought you went extinct with Winston Smith in the cellars of IngSoc’s Ministry of Love.

    • EDL should never have been allied to a political party. It would never work. The strengths of a street movement would weaken a political party, and vice versa. As two separate organisations they can both play to their strenghts.

      I don’t see Liberty GB getting anywhere near power until the social and economic collapse come. They are imminent. No more than 10 years at the most, possibly as little as 5. The vast majority don’t believe this collapse is coming, so let them carry on not believing it. Liberty GB needs to be getting into place for when they do come.

      Meanwhile, EDL has had amazing success and achieved a whole host of things. I think that last year was the point at which EDL could have collapsed. Now that is past, all the signs are that EDL is once again picking up steam (admittedly, I’m basing this on an outside view, if there are internal problems I wouldn’t know).

      But between now and the collapse, EDL can keep on pushing the immediately pressing matters and keep the pressure up on the enablers of islamisation. If the collapse never comes, then great.

      From the start, muslims have operated a good cop/bad cop policy. And we need to do the same. By muslims and their enablers talking of extremist v. moderate, the extremists can get more and more extreme (250 of them have been imprisoned on terrorism charges in the last 10 years), making quite outrageous policies by the others appear “moderate”. Without being shackled to a political party, EDL is free to become as extreme as they like (not that I ever expect to see them becoming terrorists). Meanwhile, Liberty GB presents the moderate position.

      It’s worked for islam. Islamo-nazis whose organisation proposes making the citizens of Britain into serfs in our own country have been to tea at Downing Street. Islamists have been turned into Lords. People who advocated killing Salman Rushdie were given knighthoods.

      We need to follow the same methods. Arise, Sir Tommy.

      • I’d love to go along with your 10 years but I don’t believe for a moment that it will pan out like you describe. In 10 years there will be about 7 million moslems in UK, the Left will be on a roll, and the Right will still have the Establishment boot firmly planted on its neck. The EDL approach will highly patronised marches is undoubtedly the way to go, look at Golden Dawn or any of the Middle Eastern street protests. We cannot abandon the streets in order to spend our time theorising for ever. The morality, if any ever existed, of our enemies in the Establishment is but a distant memory. We are already in a different age where morality is irrelevant, what matters is now just brute force and savagery. Anything goes, it is just a battle for possession of the land. The time for talking is over.

    • Hi bilbo, The British Freedom Party no longer exists. The credibility of the EDL has not been damaged! From the time I first read about the EDL, I have always made positive comments on articles in support of the EDL. trinovante of the EDL who comments on Bare Naked Islam, ( has read my comments on different websites and expressed his appreciation for my positive, supportive comments on EDL. The EDL has done, and is doing a MAGNIFICENT job! Thank you to all of you in the EDL! You are all street ANGELS! I am so proud and so very grateful to all of the wonderful, patriotic, caring people of EDL!

      Paul Weston on the Liberty GB website commented:
      “I am convinced the media broke their silence over the Muslim rape and grooming cases ONLY because of pressure the EDL successfully brought to bear via street protests. That is where there strength is, and that is what they should concentrate on.” End of quote.

      I am forever deeply grateful to EDL for their street demos protesting the thousands of violent Muslim gang-rapes and forced prostitution of Britain’s non-Muslim terrorized, severely persecuted children by cruel Muslim INHUMAN monsters.

      I am a very strong supporter of Liberty GB and I know that Paul Weston is a truly great leader and I trust his excellent leadership. Which nationalist party would you support?

      The UKIP wants to get Britain out of the
      EU. That is good; but what most people are unaware of is that the UKIP is an EXTREMELY VINDICTIVE party!

      Look at UKIP requirements for joining the UKIP! British Freedom Party and the English Defence League are intensely HATED by the UKIP! Apparently, being deeply patriotic and wanting to protect the British people and deal with the terrifying problems of totalitarian, MURDEROUS Islam makes you UNACCEPTABLE to the UKIP and bars you from becoming a member of UKIP:
      Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or
      the UK First Party. Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded.

      By applying for membership you certify that you are not and have never been a member of either of these parties.

      God bless the EDL!

      • UKIP is the only credible alternative to labour/conservative/ lib. dem. hand wringing.
        as long as they remain so, the greater chance that the other parties will have to act on immigration.
        that means voting for them (UKIP).

        we can not tackle islam before we tackle immigration; we must stop them at the border, not let them come in in unlimited numbers to drain our resourses and harm our people.

        diluting the nationalist vote is counter productive.

        UKIP may be labelled as vindictive for setting strict terms on membership, but it is a breath of fresh air compared to the political whore houses that are the other parties.

        (do you remember my post at BNI about asking if PW thought he had made a strategic mistake by joining BPF to the EDL?
        the post you labeled unfair?
        PW’s latest video suggests, no, confirms, i was right.)

        • Hi bilbo,

          Dealing with immigration is a HUGE goal of Liberty GB!

          Massive immigration, which is mostly Muslim immigration has DESTROYED the once SAFE, peaceful nation of Britain. A horrible crime against Brits! The national suicide must be stopped!

        • Bilbo, this was our exchange on BNI:

          March 9, 2013 @ 5:42 pm

          but they (UKIP) will deal with immigration, or so they claim.
          that is a big start.
          did PW know something about the BFP that he did not tell to Carroll et al?
          did he think he made a strategic error in taking on senior EDL figures?
          what ever, we do not need another nationalist party.
          we need what we’ve got directed and controlled correctly.

          Linda Rivera
          March 10, 2013 @ 10:12 am

          bilbo, Please EDUCATE yourself regarding the UKIP! Scroll down to read my comment on the UKIP!

          Your comment where you state: “did PW know something about the BFP that he did not tell to Carroll et al? is mean and incredibly UNJUST!
          I have regularly gone to the British Freedom site for approx one year. I have read many articles by Paul Weston, watched his videos and spoke to him at a New York City meeting in February, 2012.
          He is a very courageous man of the highest ethics and has an excellent character!

  7. We need more extra-parliamentary organizations on the model of UAF, HNH, SWP etc. but of course of OUR political persuasion.

    • SWP is a cess-pit riddled with allegations of rape and other sexual abuse and on the verge of collapse.
      no one should want to be like them.
      UAF are pure thugs and closet extremists.
      HNH their political front.
      if we needed an organisation like them, the BNP would have sufficed but violent neo fascist groups, of left or right, do note sit well with the public.
      one reason the EDL do not feature in the news these days is because the leftist media can not bring itself to report that one of its pets (UAF) usually initiates violence against the police (and EDL) and gets “awarded” the far greater proportion of resulting arrests.

  8. Paul Weston.
    As much as I admire your wanting to bring along another nationalist party, the left will do whatever it can to vilify to the end. Unfortunately the die is now cast, there will be an armed struggle sooner rather than later and it is now unavoidable no matter how much you and folks like you who want to take the so called high moral road without violence. The leftist/progressives/communist/islamist cabal will continue to push their agenda whether anyone likes it or not until the people say enough is enough. Open civil war with a Balkans flavor is just an incident away. I do hope your way will work, but events are proving otherwise.

    • A civil war? A worldwide war! In order to prepare, arms are not enough. One should learn Arabic at the very least. Luckily, Islam is destroying itself in Syria.

    • I hope I have made it very clear that I absolutely support the EDL, but that a political connection with them makes it impossible in our current Leftist controlled times to achieve genuine electoral success. I was interviewed on the BBC last year by Trevor Philips, the Equalities Commissioner. I took him apart, but the only bit that survived the BBC edit was Philips getting me on the back foot over some (false) accusations of EDL violence. It didn’t matter that it was false, just talking about being linked to violence dooms a political party in the eyes of the propagandised electorate.

      I am also acutely aware that the EDL’s days may well be numbered. Not because of lack of support, but because the British government will declare them to be a “terrorist organisation” and then close them down completely. (This has started already by the way, and will be the subject of a forthcoming article).

      The government cannot, however, close down a civilised political party without declaring democracy to be over.

      And it is all very well calling for unity, but who am I/we supposed to unite with? Before we can achieve unity we must first have a credible party to get behind, but sadly no such party exists in Britain.

      The successful patriotic parties in Europe are not run along the lines of the BNP, nor are they publicly associated with street movements. Sweden, France, Denmark, Holland etc are streets ahead of Britain and it is these type of parties we must emulate if we are to have any chance of electoral success.

      If Liberty GB could become Britain’s version of Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party, or the Danish Peoples Party for example, then there may be some hope of unity. In fact forget Liberty GB, if ANY party could achieve this then I would unite with it. But until such a party reaches this vitally important critical mass, there is no point at all talking about unity.

      A final point on democracy in general. I want to seriously challenge the 2020 election – maybe not to win it, but to be strong enough to put the equivalent pressure on the main political parties over Islam that UKIP is currently achieving over the EU.

      But… if we have become a household name by then, and still only achieve 5% or less of the vote, then it will be clear democracy is no longer an option. Which I suspect might turn out to be the case. At this point it will be down to genuine counter-revolution and Liberty GB will hopefully by then have all the necessary local contact and organisational capability to help influence events, however they may turn out.

      Thanks for posting this video, Baron.

      • I believe that the success of UKIP is just as much to do with their pledge to end all immigration as to their stance on the EU. UKIP is probably closest to those continental parties of the radical right, except that UKIP dare not openly oppose islamification no matter how its members may feel. The Danish People’s Party is opposed to Denmark being a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural country. If they ever form a government they will be crucified by the New World Order. However, no party here could ever openly oppose islamification or state that they are opposed to Britain being a multi-ethnic country. The government would make sure that they were soon finished. Sadly, this may now indicate that England, the home of parliaments etc and once so proud of its democracy is now more of a police state than Holland and Denmark; but perhaps not more so than Norway and Sweden.

      • Paul,
        If the EDL is banned by your govt, it will have very far reaching repercussions, by banning them they will drive them underground whence they will go the IRA route.

    • The Left now claim that Enoch Powell was wrong, there has not been the bloodshed that he forecast and he was just a silly old racist. However, Powell set no time limit on his prediction and probably did not even expect it to happen in his lifetime. It is inevitable that eventually when the New Britons get close to outnumbering the indigenous population bloodshed will occur. What else are the British meant to do? Millions of us would need to flee but to where? Either that or we are a minority dominated, controlled and subjugated by the New Britons. As Paul has said, even though 80% of us are still labelled as White British, the percentage in England being much less, people sense that a tipping point is getting close as it is, although much closer, in the United States where the descendants of those who founded the country will be in a minority in a few decades.

      The English are already kept in place. Looking at them you would not ever think that they would be capable of saving themselves. They are so politically ignorant, having no idea of the real nature of the EU at all. They have become serfs without even realising it. They will not rise up en masse and they will stay silent when the few fight for them. But they will be behind them even though they will not dare say so for fear of being arrested and they will be eternally grateful once victory is achieved. For one I would then like every church bell in England to be rung as they were at the end of both world wars.

  9. @PW

    All the time the people of the UK are glued to their TV screens you will not get a look in, to penetrate MC soaps like EastEnders and the Street is something that will take a miracle, but these are the opinion formers of the non-thinking class voters.

    There was a period when the Sun newspaper claimed that it controlled elections, I believe it.

    I suspect that this is an operation which must be done at the local level, of the junk mail that lands on the average Brit doormat, which one will get read? The freebie newspaper? Maybe not.

    The personally addressed envelope with a real stamp, always.

    The first weapon is a database of names and addresses, painfully gained by footslogging, knocking on doors, speaking to people, and getting addresses and then loading data onto a website/database.

    The Brits do not ‘join’ political parties (most do not even vote now) but they might sign up to a newsletter, they do not however, like the thought of their young daughters and grandaughters being targeted! and they do not like the current attitude of the Police; your safety is not important to us, we have better, more correct things to do. People are desperate for something or someone they can trust, a political party that is “tough on slease, and tough on the causes of slease” will go a long way!

    What would make me return to UK?
    1. a feeling of safety; the knowledge that if I am assulted, then someone will go to prison.
    2. A job free from the threat of discrimination (age, disability ethnicity) or immigration (IT is now a Southern Asian bailewick).
    3. Being allowed to defend myself and my family if necessary (including from slander/libel).
    4. Honesty in public life (lets see the cheats and liars pilloried permanently, not to reappear in the next election lineup).

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