Leave the NDL… Or Else!

The following article concerns the blatant threats and intimidation aimed at “racists” by Norwegian “anti-fascists”. It’s worth noting that if Norwegian nationalists ever put up similar posters targeting, say, Muslims, the perpetrators would be rapidly tracked down, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As it is, all the Oslo authorities can manage is to intervene with a “dialogue group”.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the article, includes this introduction:

This article from today’s Aftenposten concerns AFA-Norway and the ‘anti-fascist’ methods they rely upon to silence those that they don’t agree with politically. Their latest stunt is to distribute and hang posters outing a female member of the Norwegian Defence League (photo, full name, phone number and home address) in various locations in and around the inner eastern neighbourhoods of Oslo, where they ‘advise’ the young woman to leave the NDL so that they, AFA, can ‘leave her alone’ and presumably ‘focus’ on other NDL members.

The funny thing about AFA-Norway is that they only seem to target young female NDL members. In 2012 AFA ‘advised’ a young pregnant NDL member in Bergen (city on the west coast of Norway) to ‘think about her unborn baby’ and leave the Bergen branch of the NDL. In that particular letter they made it abundantly clear that they knew where she lived.

That AFA is willing to resort to violence is no big secret. They have done so on numerous occasions. Their Swedish thugs-in-arms managed, only a few days ago, to disrupt an SDL rally in Malmö. Apparently there were 700 AFA thugs against approximately 20 SDL activists, which in AFA-speak means even odds.

What a bunch of cowards!

The Anti-Racist Centre has apparently on their website included a link to the official Blitz (AFA affiliate) website, which is a little bit of a worry considering that the organization actually advices the police in Oslo on how to deal with multicultural offenders, as described in the article posted at GoV the other day. Here is the proof: as you can clearly see, the Anti-Racist Centre do link to the blitz website.

Here are some other articles about the radical left and the NDL:

The translated article:

Local “fascists” are being outed and threatened

The radical left-wing organization ‘Antifascistisk aksjon’ is warning people living in Oslo’s inner eastern neighborhoods about Line Thorbjørnsen.

“This is very unpleasant and we have reported it to the police,” says Line Thorbjørnsen.

She has been a member of the controversial organization Norwegian Defence League (NDL) for about two years. She manages the Facebook page of the Oslo branch.

On the same day that NDL was scheduled to have a gathering in Oslo that Thorbjørnsen had helped to organize, dozens of posters were distributed and hung in and around her neighborhood by members of the organization Antifascistisk aksjon.

“Line Thorbjørnsen has taken on a leading role in the Oslo branch of the fascist and racist organization Norwegian Defence League,” the posters say. They also contain two pictures of her, as well as her home address and telephone number. She is also asked to notify AFA of her defection from NDL, “so that she can be left alone in the future.”

“Has no prominent position”

“I have no prominent position within the NDL, nor am I particularly active in the online debates. I manage the Facebook page of the NDL because I enjoy meeting like-minded people, and I am against Islam,” says Thorbjørnsen.

She has participated at rallies both at home and abroad organized by the NDL. The organization has been plagued by conflicts and frequent leadership changes. The PST informant Christian Høibø has been involved in the management from the start.

“I haven’t taken on an active role and I’ll be the first to admit that some of those who have tried to lead the organization have been rather comical figures. It has been very difficult to lead the NDL. It’s due to the reputation of the organization and the fact that we are constantly being targeted and attacked,” says Thorbjørnsen.

Militant and violent

Antifascistisk aksjon has close links to the Blitz organization. It describes itself as “militant”, and is known for accepting violence as a legitimate tool in the fight against racism. The organization is the only one in Norway on the political left that is considered to be dangerous by the Oslo police.

The NDL was considered by Janne Kristiansen, former head of the PST,, a possible threat in 2011. Thorbjørnsen dismisses the claim that NDL is a violent organization.

“No, we just want to show our opposition to Islam through rallies and other legal ways of protest,” says Thorbjørnsen.

Police don’t want to comment

Aftenposten is aware that the dialogue group of the Oslo police has been in contact with individuals on both sides of the conflict following the poster incident in an attempt to convince the parties that such tactics should be avoided.

Aftenposten tried to get a comment from Antifascistisk aksjon, but they have not returned our calls.

Anti-Racist Centre is concerned

The leader of Anti-Racist Centre, Kari Helene Partapuoli is of the opinion that such tactics are the last thing that is needed in the fight against racism.

“We don’t support it. It is more than sufficient to counter the information disseminated by the Norwegian Defence League. To name and shame people and publish their home address and phone number only escalates the conflict,” says Partapuoli.

“How would you describe AFA?”

“My impression is that they have some knowledge of extreme right-wing organizations. My impression is that the threats they make tend to be empty threats,” says Partapuoli.

She is worried about the “warlike rhetoric” characterizing the debate.

“The last thing we need in the fight against racism is violence. There is a lot of talk about a clash of civilizations coming from various organizations, including the NDL and SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway). It’s true that NDL rejects violence, but it is easy to justify the use of violence based on what their writings. Thus is not preferable for organizations involved in the fight against racism to intensify the rhetoric,” says Partapuoli.

Text on the poster (home address and phone number have been redacted):

Know your local fascist

Line Thorbjørnsen has taken on a leading role in the fascist and racist group Norwegian Defence League’s Oslo branch

We are not going to accept fascist organizations in our city. Notify us of your defection and we’ll leave you alone in the future.

16 thoughts on “Leave the NDL… Or Else!

  1. FYI.

    I don’t know why but, when I use the link “The translated article:” I get a code in the end which have no effect on the link it self.

    I think its some kind of tracking device so the newspaper can register any users movement on the web .

  2. I suppose this is worse than Britain, or is it? Here organs such as Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism just rely on the government to do their work for them by imprisoning people and closing down websites. I suppose this makes Britain more of a police state than Norway even though. Any thoughts?

  3. These tactics are a double-edged sword, what these creeps do to honest nationalists,
    can be done to them also. I think it should be welcomed that they move the game forward, we don’t know exactly where it will lead, but it is bound to open up more
    opportunities for resistance.

    • My thoughts also. Training and organisation are the way to contain and then eliminate this threat to freedom of assembly and free speech. Those who live by the sword … .

  4. “The following article concerns the blatant threats and intimidation aimed at “racists” by Norwegian “anti-fascists”. It’s worth noting that if Norwegian nationalists ever put up similar posters targeting, say, Muslims, the perpetrators would be rapidly tracked down, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ”

    Again, proving who is the one with privilege, who is the System. We should get nasty as well, targetting their women: offer enemy women (voluntary) pregnancy.
    In other respects we should outleft the Left. We shouldn’t call ourselves NORWEGIAN Defense League, but United Against Islam, Hope Not Hijab etc. We should call our enemies bourgeois intellectuals guilty of institutional racism. Always remind Muslims that the academic establishment of the West follows Atheists like Stephen Hawking. And of course only Muslims can be racist, as Pakistani, Somali, and Kurdish men don’t have to wear beards in order to enter mosques. This is Muslim privilege. All charges of racism should be met with: “Black, Yellow and White, against Islam, UNITE!!!”

    We should agitate for guaranteed minimum income. We should agitate for voluntary euthanasia. We should agitate for lowering the age of consent to fourteen. We should agitate for voting rights from fourteen years on. We should abolish civil marriage. We should agitate for free birth control and abortion. We should introduce Esperanto.

    And as long as the Islamophile “Left” believes Jesus is at their side, they should turn the other cheek on pain of eternal hell. As long as Muslims oppose birth control and believe Christians are people of the book, they should turn the other cheek as well, again on pain of eternal hell.

    And always remind Muslims and their allies that Islam is going down in Syria.

  5. It is despicable and evil for Norwegian ruling elites to ignore and ALLOW these threats against patriotic citizens.

    By not dealing with violent haters who maliciously place innocent lives in danger, the authorities are guilty of aiding and abetting threats and violence against the BRAVE, peaceful, patriotic citizens of NDL.

  6. “Notify us of your defection and we’ll leave you alone in the future. ”

    If that isn’t fascist I don’t know what is…

    And the authorities want a “dialogue”???

    How about you arrest the people that put these fliers across your sweet, sweet city fomenting violence against one of your citizens… Or, are you waiting till someone comes to their door, pretending to deliver a package and blows their brains out?

    This is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL and it is the Norwegian gov’t that is letting it happen.

    All over the west we are allowing ourselves to become subjects to the gov’t rather than citizens. This is our doing. I weep for Norway.

    • “If that isn’t fascist I don’t know what is…”

      According to them the “fascists” initiated the violence. Tit-for-tat. But why copy only violence from “fascists”, and not, let’s say “racism”?

      The same Left advocated one-sided disarmament during the Cold War, no tit-for-tat then. As long as they invoke Jesus to get their enemies to become pacifist, they should become pacifist themselves. The only way to get these people decent is to point out they will burn in hell for all eternity.

      We should also stab them below the belt, figuratively of course. The males of Left need to be utterly violent in order to stay attractive to their girlfriends. The goverment protects violent Leftists, so in a way, their girlfriends are goverment-provided hookers.

      My word is Truth, Hell is eternal.

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  8. These anti-so called fascist are going to get that backlash they fear, they have made it all but inevitable. By silencing peoples voices, the next thing they will hear is the sound of rifles. I wish I could have an ounce of sympathy for what is about to happen, but I am fresh out.

    • By crying “wolf!” all the time, the Left created Golden Dawn, the closest thing to REAL Nazis. And now Eric Krebbers whines to Peter Storm that he doesn’t pay enough attention to Anti-Semitism as a problem separate from “Islamophobia” and “racism”.

  9. Columnist on March 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm said:

    “In other respects we should outleft the Left. We shouldn’t call ourselves NORWEGIAN Defense League, but United Against Islam, Hope Not Hijab etc… Black, Yellow and White, against Islam, UNITE!!!”

    Well, that’s a course that plots into Never Never Land but historically ends up straight into the abyss. I’d prefer something more basic…

    Norge for nordmenn.

  10. The AFA logo says it all: a man throwing a Molotov cocktail, hardly the symbol for debate and rationality, a symbol of arson and murder. Why is the bomber black, is this an unconscious racism – ie black thugs are scarier? Fight fire with fire, comes to mind.

    • If one were to use illegal means, and it were to be punished far more severe than the actions of the Antifa, it would become clear to everyone WHO has the privilege and the power. Of course, THEY show no mercy to the opponent who is weak, so become strong, and be unapologetic about it.

  11. Scandinavia is the region, where ANTIFAs can get away with physical violence. Lefties use islamist tactics. Hamas for example… Hamas doesn’t call openly “kill all jews”, instead that they have a military wing (Al-Qassam) which carries the violent attacks. The Social Democrats from Sweden don’t say openly “we all support muslim and black supremacists, we want our country dead”, they just fund and tolerate their military wing (ANTIFA)

  12. Build local communities, the smaller, the more cohesive and exclude leftists. Support your region in general sense through either voting blank or just participating in regional elections.

    Globally, acknowledge that this is a gigantic part of a global takeover where all normal people are being stomped upon. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD WHAT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA SAYS. EVERYTHING IS MADE UP!!

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