Kicked to Death in Kirchweyhe

Last weekend a young man at a bus station in Germany was set upon by a group of high-spirited young “Germans” and severely beaten up. His attackers kicked him in the head viciously, sending him into a coma. On Thursday he died.

Hermes has translated three articles from Bild about the incident and its aftermath. The case currently has a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%, but the names of some of the perpetrators are not as yet public.

The first article was published on March 11:

Tragedy in front of the bus station in Kirchweyhe – Daniel was beaten by a gang of thugs until he fell into a coma

Doctors have almost no hope that he will survive. The first six suspects have been detained.

It happened again. Now in front of the railway station in Kirchweyhe. A gang of thugs beat and kicked a youngster until he fell in a coma. The doctors have almost no hope that he will survive.

The victim was the painter/varnisher Daniel S. (25). Only machines are keeping him alive. The police are under intense pressure, investigating six of the brutal beaters. All of them are “Southern men”. The public prosecutor’s office applied yesterday for an arrest warrant against the main suspect, Cihan A. (20). Coskun A. (19), Shadid A. (20) and three accomplices are free. But there are more perpetrators.

The entire city of Weyhe is shocked, but the Daniel’s friends more than anybody else. They witnessed the brutal attack.

A friend of Daniel, the 25-year-old Tim (name altered) declared to BILD: “Some friends had rented a bus, which at around 04:00 carried us from the “Fun Factory” disco in Wildeshausen to “Maddox” in Kirchweyhe. Everybody paid ten euros. But because the bus was not fully occupied, we took five Turks with us.”

A quarrel broke out along the way. Tim: “The five were drunk, they were insulting me. My friends intervened. Daniel wanted to mediate. Then an enormous brawl arose, and I noticed that the Turks were calling for reinforcements through their mobiles. They called other friends of theirs to the station to meet us.”

The bus stopped 200 m. away from the disco at the station. 24-year-old Thorsten (name altered) said: “A horde or Turks was already waiting for us at the station. Daniel wanted to calm them down. As the bus door opened, he was the first to step out. They immediately fell upon him and began to kick him in the head.

“Some other Turks from the group attacked the bus, grabbed and pulled us out of it, and began to pummel us. When the police, emergency doctors and ambulances arrived, Daniel was already unconscious.”

A follow-up article appeared on March 13:

This is the killer of Daniel

…and on Facebook the victim was lampooned as “Nazi”

Victim Daniel S. (on the left) — Main suspect Cihan A. (on the right)

Cihan A. (20) looks with an ice-cold glance into the camera. He is pretending to appear cool, but he is such a coward. He is the young Turk who allegedly sent Daniel S. (25) into a coma by kicking him. Now he is being kept in custody and will have to stand trial for murder.

Because Daniel is brain-dead. His mother Ruth S. said to BILD: “Yesterday the doctors stopped giving him medication for stabilizing the circulatory system. The perpetrator completely smashed his brain. Only respiratory activity is still functioning, because a minimal (cerebral) activity is still noticeable in the hindbrain. He still cannot be declared dead.”

His mother fights back her tears and tries to retain her composure. “They will let him die in a natural way. However, Dani is already dead. I hope he is not suffering anymore. I am relieved that I can finally bury him. He had no chance to live after being attacked.”

The victim was lampooned as a “Nazi” by young Turks on Facebook. Ali E. wrote in his account: “One less Nazi in Weyhe bastard, how great.”

And Hussein treacherously wrote: “Sure, Cihan could have not thought that this would end so badly. It is your dirty nature that forces us to do such things to you, you Nazis.”

Ali E. Also wrote: “all you Germans and Bild newspaper”.

Yesterday Daniel’s mother gathered all her strength and visited the scene of the beating together with her sons (25, 22, 21). They put candles, roses and farewell letters there. “We love you, we miss you, we want you back… Mummy.”

The third article is from March 14. Hermes has translated an excerpt:

Victim of Beating Daniel S. (25) is dead

Daniel S. (25) was brutally beaten by a gang of thugs and sent into a coma last weekend during the night between Saturday and Sunday. The young man died in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The hope that Daniel would someday return to life had already vanished. The young man who was kicked into a coma was already brain-dead. His mother Ruth S. was with him till the last moments. She declared to BILD that: “I was called from the hospital during the night and told that I must go there immediately, because Daniel’s state had worsened.”

She also said that: “I was beside his bed in his last hours. Short before 16:00 his body gave up the fight. And then he fell asleep (in the Lord).” She feared that his son would have to suffer terrible pains in spite of being in coma. After his death she said: “I am sad, but also relieved. Now he has been freed from his suffering.”

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

46 thoughts on “Kicked to Death in Kirchweyhe

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  2. The “Terrible Turk” arrives!!!
    What will you do, Europe?
    What ever will you do?

    • What would you do if his was Turkey turkey? Well your guess is as good as anyone’s.

    • It blows me away.
      Several campaigns in the 15th-17th centuries and then the Germans and Europeans trust the Turks because they ceased to be Ottoman and became ostensibly “modern.”
      Once a Muslim is an enemy, he remains an enemy.
      If you think the passage of time means anything in the Ummah, you are wrong. They believe themselves to be in possession of perfect truth, and they’ll make sure you’re either miserable or dead if you don’t partake of their “beautiful religion” and culture.
      Islam is profane.
      The Turks are enemies of the West.
      To discriminate against an enemy is wise, not cruel.

      • It’s many years since I visited Turkey, but I’d like to think that the majority of people are NOT rabid Islamics. They were becoming too far integrated into the West back in the 80s to ever revert to that form of religio-fascist control. They must be looking at the examples of Egypt, Syria and the Maghreb to be as revolted as the rest of us at what’s happening in those countries.

        • “They were becoming too far integrated into the West back in the 80s to ever revert to that form of religio-fascist control.”

          Have you not seen the photos of Kabul from the 1960s? The women look like they have stepped out of a Beatles concert or are making their way to hear Betty Friedan read from one of her feminist books. The women are in record shops, in parks wearing short skirts, in labs working as scientists. Not a burka to be seen. Not even a hijab.

          The same goes for photos of Constantinople from the 1970s to recently. There was barely a hijab in sight in the 1970s.

          Same goes for photos of students on the steps of Cairo University. The re-islamisation of those countries has taken them from the swinging 60s to the swinging 650s in just 40 years. Mark Steyn makes a great observation about the difference between lived time and book time. Most of us don’t know anything more about our great-grandparents than their names. In a matter of 3 generations, an entire culture can be transformed or eradicated.

          No doubt within the next 10 years the Hagia Sophia will be returned to being a mosque. Anatolia was sacrificed to the Borg, and now the Borg is among us.

          • @Joe – Exactly. While the West has gone more and more secular over time, the lands of Islam seem to have made the exact opposite journey…

  3. Quote:
    It is your dirty nature that forces us to do such things to you, you Nazis.

    So multicultural!
    A little more anti-racism, anyone?

  4. There are many such cases like this. Islam teaches muslims they are the Ubermenschen. Then Political Correctness confirms that, by permitting them far more leeway than is allowed to other groups. The neo-fascist Left are also busy confirming what islam teaches muslims.

    There are at least 9 cases of gangs of racist muslims in Britain murdering white non-muslims in the last 10 years (and that’s excluding the terrorists). I cannot think of a single case of a gang of white non-muslims murdering a muslim in that period (even though muslims are only 1:20 of the population, so if such violence was randomly distributed there would be 19 muslims murdered for every white non-muslim). If anyone (Sonia Gable?) can furnish me with evidence of gangs of racist white people going out to kill muslims, please provide it, as I would like to add as much information to this topic as I can.

    It may be coincidental, but since the formation of the EDL such racist murders by muslims have not occurred in England (one has occurred in Scotland, and SDL is far weaker than EDL).

    In this incident (from 2007), 3 were sent to prison, but in many of the murders, the vast majority of the perps are not caught. Muslims tell me there is an arrangement between the police and the mosques with regard to community control, so it is likely the muslim leaders can just offer up a few people to take the blame, leaving the majority of the violent racists involved free to kill again, and the police are content with that. In this case (as in others) the parents of the murderers attempt to get their scumbag children out of the country so they can escape justice.

    THREE laughing thugs who killed a student by kicking him into the path of a train were facing long jail terms last night. The gang repeatedly stopped Vicente Delgado from climbing to safety on a platform and hurled milk crates at him. The trio – all linked to East London’s notorious Shadwell Massive gang – watched as the train sliced off his leg and crushed him to death. They were part of a mob that attacked Mr Delgado after he asked them for a cigarette.

    Gang member Abdul Shohid wrestled Mr Delgado, 29, to the floor and they both fell on to the tracks at the Docklands Light Railway station in Shadwell. […] Horrified commuters watched as a DLR train, operated electronically without a driver, ploughed into him. He suffered severe head and internal injuries.

    • Poor Daniel, may he rest in peace. Prayers go out to his family and friends.

      One can only wonder if his family and friends still believe the gravely foolish moral equivalence pap fostered by the “Sonia Gables” of this world given

      “A horde or Turks was already waiting for us at the station. Daniel wanted to calm them down. As the bus door opened, he was the first to step out. They immediately fell upon him and began to kick him in the head.

      How many more must suffer from the suicidal influence of the West’s “Sonia Gables” ?

  5. Let me phrase this without undue restraint : this horrific attack shows that “racism” is justified. It is justified to be “racist” against Turks (or other undesirable ethnic minorities), that is to discriminate against them, and not admit them into our own rented buses, discos, or countries, for that matter.

    It is simply a life or death issue.

    Please explain me how any reasonable and honest person can oppose that.

  6. Would I be correct in saying that the greatest sales of Mein Kampf are in Turkey?

    I just wish to highlight the irony.

    I would be happy to be corrected if wrong.

  7. It’s a sad indictment of the way Germany is now being affected by ‘Turkish Nazi’ youth. Even sadder is the way the German media prefer to pretend it’s not happening and cover up events using euphemisms like ‘southern men’ rather than being upfront and calling them Turks. While Germans react like ostriches putting their heads in the sand, their social problems will only worsen.

  8. “But because the bus was not fully occupied, we took five Turks with us.”


    Is this yet another case of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? It would seem so since the story contains facts that the five Turks were drunk and they called ahead for “friends” to meet the arriving bus. (Since Muzzies as the rule do NOT work, collecting instead the jiyza/public dole, there are always available Muslims to beat a kuffar.)

    We simply must learn to have nothing to do with Muslims. Western girls “date” Muslim men at their extreme peril. Employers take huge legal risks in hiring these lazy types many of whom have litigation in mind right from the outset. As in this case, you cannot do these Muslim types a favor. The Golden Rule does NOT apply in their culture.

    • Employers take legal risks by hiring Muslims, but they also take legal risks by not hiring them.

      • While your point is valid, a not-hiring decision can be more easily averted (lost your resume; someone more qualified applied; we decided not to hire; our business plans changed; not enough applicants applied; etc) than trying to do the more difficult of undoing the situation once an employment contract has been established. Employers simply must become more alert to the signs that the applicant is a Muslim. There are telltale signs to look for.

        • “a not-hiring decision can be more easily averted (lost your resume; someone more qualified applied; we decided not to hire; our business plans changed; not enough applicants applied; etc) ”

          I know plenty of people who won’t vote for UKIP, won’t go on an EDL demo, won’t write to their MP. But they will use every single opportunity in their lives to make things worse for any muslim they come across. The more that people are thwarted from having equality in civil society the more they will find ways to exact their revenge in uncivil ways. And by the time that 20 million people are doing that, it is no longer controllable.

          We will pass a point where muslims will simply be hated and there will be no reasoning with people by then. And it will be the fault of the Sonia Gables, the Fiyaz Mughals, the David Camerons.

          In 2010, Baroness Warsi went round England telling groups of muslims “you must not join the EDL”. She would not have done that if it wasn’t for the fact that muslims knew they could join, and some were even talking about joining. She never had to tour the country telling muslims “you must not join the BNP”.

          These are the people who ensured that even those muslims who wanted to integrate remained in their ghettos.

        • It forces employers to take special notice whom they hire in the first instance. There are many secretive ways of finding out about people’s backgrounds and the likely ‘cultural enrichment’ problems they might encounter. Our Aussie employers are reluctant to employ aboriginal workers, for instance, because of the days off they expect for family or ‘cultural’ reasons. A small company can’t afford to employ unreliable workers who expect to be paid for attending family funerals and feast days, which are often just an excuse for a piss up.

          • Then make sure you hire CHRISTIAN “southerners”. There are many Christians from that area who were persecuted and have fled. Their values align with ours.

        • Depends on where you are. If your country makes it illegal do discriminate on race or religion when hiring, if there is a sizeable number of Muslims in your area, and if the type of job you advertise for is currently looked after by Muslims, deciding not to hire Muslims at all may get you in trouble quickly.

          In some instances, the onus is on the alleged perpetrator : it’s the “racist” who has to prove he’s not racist, not the other way round.

          There are some cases like this in French law.

          • Attack their definition of racist. In France, North-Africans and West-Africans have privilege, they can enter mosques without having to wear beards. So only they can be racist. Everything contrary to this should be attacked as racist lies.

      • Employers don’t take any legal risks for hiring muslims. It’s not a crime, and no-one can initiate a lawsuit.

        Employers take criminal activity risk when they hire muslims. That’s apparent to even the obtuse.

        It’s the dominant reason for a ‘haircut’ on the wage offered. Pilferage, shrinkage, and vandalism is simply assumed — and rated in.

        I’ve heard open admission of such policy — by ultra cheap-skate employers — even when there is no racial or religious angle at all. Such employers figure that their hires are as wicked as they, themselves, are. Imagine such attitudes when compounded by immigrants they don’t particularly like.

        Trust me, it’s just another reason to be very restrictive WRT immigration. It brings out the very, very, worst in the bottom strata of society.

  9. One has to wonder whether any of these social problems were ever contemplated by the German politicians who came up with the ‘gastarbeiter’ program back in the 70s.
    ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’ is the cliche that springs to mind.

    • The original intent was to export unemployment. Dig it up.

      The Turks were expected to come to Germany during a boom.

      Then, when the cycle turned — they were fully expected to go home.

      Hence, the guest-worker name. BTW, their actual roles replicated the force-labor used by the Nazis. That is: non-skilled labor under the direct supervision of native Germans.

      From the outset, the intent was to have a different worker-caste.

      As history has shown, things got ‘sticky’ — and the Turks ended up bringing their lovers into Germany. (In the beginning, the program was designed for single males… who commonly went back home… with a Turkish life-time of savings… with which to live large. Eventually, the gap in economic life became so great that going back to the Third World — even as a Big Man — didn’t ‘sell.’ Instead, imams convinced the Turks that their true islamic calling was to commit Sitzkrieg Jihad — and procreate for Allah in the land of the infidel.)

  10. Is there no way to send the ferals and the hinos (“human-in-name-only) back to the pestholes from whence they came? Has the civilized world gone entirely mad? That was a rhetorical question………..

  11. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read (except for all the others) I am heartbroken for him, his mother and family and friends. Sharing a taxi with strangers, all on their cellphones (hmmm), getting your brains literally kicked out of you? I feel quite shattered. Horrified. Pained. Is this the new multicultural world none of us signed on to? Except for the politicians who are now tending their gardens in obscurity? Does there ever come a time when these short term politicians and bureaucrats with their grandiose pensions have to answer to their mistakes? To Dani’s mother? To us?

    • “Does there ever come a time when these short term politicians and bureaucrats with their grandiose pensions have to answer to their mistakes?” God, I hope so.

      They cripple their own nations and people for their own short term interests and then, as Justicia says, retire to tend their gardens in obscurity… don’t they ever think about their role in creating what we have now? Maybe they’re proud of their achievements.

      In fact their interests are so short term they appear to have considered the impact of their actions on their own children. Or maybe they did consider it, and like so many others in the west, put themselves before their children.

    • The problem is that we Europeans have attained a balance with nature, where our population is peaceful and not over-breeding. Moslems have no such balance and are endemic over-breeders.
      These nasty pack attacks against our peaceful people will increase
      year by year. The answer is to deal with them in an even harsher way, to act as a deterrent. Any attack on Europeans by followers of the Paedo Prophet should be dealt with by [redacted]. We need to show them that they are messing with the wrong people.

      • “Moslems have no such balance and are endemic over-breeders. These nasty pack attacks against our peaceful people will increase year by year. ”

        The Anointed Leftists are very happy to tell everyone but 3rd world immigrants ‘stop breeding, have abortions, try homosexuality’. They would consider themselves “racist” to try that with immigrants, particularly immigrants with a different skin tone.

        There was an article in The Times a few years ago that said that looked at in terms of population growth, muslims in Britain are growing 10x faster than any other definable group. That article is now behind a paywall, so I cannot refer to the exact details.

        But it is wrong to refer to all muslims as “pack animals”, just because they breed more than christians/ex-christians in Europe. The problem is that they know they are immune from accusations of “racism”. So within the muslim community they have utterly vile attitudes to white people/non-muslims. I have spoken to muslims who have proudly told me of their racist gang violence towards white people, and then in the next breath claimed they had been victims of (polite) racism, which they took to the courts and got out of court settlements for organisations that did not want to be seen as accused of “racism”. Maybe this double standard would not be removed even if challenged, but the Leftist neo-fascists in the West ensure it is never challenged.

        There is considerable and deep-seated hatred growing towards muslims in the west. And I think it will boil over, and it is going to be a tragedy to see what unfolds.

        But this is the product of importing an alien and hostile culture, and then leaving it to fester in enclaves/ghettoes, and refusing to apply the law/behaviour modification to those in the enclave/ghetto.

        Make no doubt about it, governments, charities, and newspapers are all carrying on surveys every day. They know what is going on. They must be alarmed by how this is going to pan out.

  12. I wonder if the Turks are just plain stupid. Each time this happens, they surely know that it stirs up more hatred and at some point the indigenous population will rise and destroy them.

    They may be a sizable minority but they are still a minority, especially when it is not just the native Germans but every other race that has had to deal with Muslims in their homelands too. All will rise at some point, it is up to the Muslims to decide how far to push them

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  14. Many people read such news and think the far-left is stupid. They think, oh, look at these horrible consequences to the immigration policies those fools have brought. I’m here to tell you, they are not fools at all, for this is what they wished from the start. I’m also here to tell you, this is only the start, it will get much worse before it ever gets better.

    • Certainly. They are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing.

      Trotsky declared in the fourth international that “It is necessary to prepare for long years, if not decades, of war, uprisings, brief interludes of truce, new wars, and new uprisings. A young revolutionary party must base itself on this perspective. History will provide it with enough opportunities and possibilities to test itself, to accumulate experience, and to mature” (

      They are accumulating experiences, they are maturing. This is the grand social experiment (cultural marxism) which is being carried out in the West. Now it is not a bloody political revolution like hat of 1917, but a mental/psychological one, which is proving to be far more effective. They are always testing new methods and strategies in order to continue pushing forward their universal agenda for a socialist world.

      They do it by stealth by testing and drawing conclusions for new strategies. Here in the west it is the Fabians with their purpose of creating a one world collectivist state through gradualism (versus marxist violent revolution). Just take a look at their symbols displayed on the famous “Fabian Glass”:

      There one can see a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is a much-telling symbol, together with two blacksmiths forging a new world.

      They will stop at nothing to bring through their Grand Projet.

  15. Basic instincts seems to be vanishing among the youth in Europe.

    The one for Survival primarily.

    The only way to calm down a crowd of thugs is with greater force than they can muster.

    Not vacuous expressions of pacifism or fellowship or whatever this poor sucker tried.

    • profitsbeard: I agree. We have to meet fire with greater fire, not sit around like a bunch of fat pussy cats being pushed around by an Islamic ‘force majeure’. The countries of Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA have been established through thick and thin by assiduous people establishing orderly, decent, legal nations. People coming into our countries have to learn to adapt and assimilate to our ways, otherwise they can go back whence they came…and the quicker the better!

      • In case of civil war, there is an asymmetry. The Muslims want to forcibly convert and to enslave, the non-Muslim Europeans want to remove the Muslims. The implications of this should be thought through.
        Note that during a civil war, Muslims could expect air raids by Israel.

        • Columnist.
          I’m Israeli and I can’t see why would my nation’s military be interested in launching air raids on mohammedan fanatics in remote places, even if a civil war breaks out there. We are not a military superpower, like the USA. Besides, there are hordes of warmongering islamic jihadists nearby in the region for us to worry about.
          Sure, there will be plenty of Israelis volunteering to defend the civilization, if there’s going to be a serious open conflict. But air raids ? On NATO territory ? No way.

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  17. “I know plenty of people who won’t vote for UKIP, won’t go on an EDL demo, won’t write to their MP. But they will use every single opportunity in their lives to make things worse for any muslim they come across. ”

    Yes, I’ve been doing this for some time too:)

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