Immigration Will Save Sweden

That’s what Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says. You see, with Swedes living so much longer and having so many fewer children, there will not be enough young people to work hard and pay taxes in order to support all those future geezers.

The solution? More immigrants!

That’s right: the new Swedes will come into the country, refuse to learn Swedish, set fire to the schools, and throw stones at the fire brigade. All while living off welfare and not paying any taxes.

Under this brilliant plan, in twenty years’ time, Sweden will… well, there will be… hmm. Ahem. Harrumph. Well, yes, we agree; there are some details yet to be ironed out.

But still, you have to admit: it’s a great idea!

Hat tip: Kitman.

34 thoughts on “Immigration Will Save Sweden

  1. “…the new Swedes will come into the country, refuse to learn Swedish, set fire to the schools, and throw stones at the fire brigade. All while living off welfare and not paying any taxes…”

    Well there is one silver-lining to that dark cloud: with the increased immigration (Swedish euphemism for increased islamisation) the REAL Swedes live expectancy will propably decrease in years.

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  3. I’ve heard this argument many times, even here in Poland. It’s given by more liberal Poles, as well as Westerners… Basically, the gist of it is:

    1) Create a problem by encouraging a more liberal lifestyle (hence less children).

    2) Resolve the problem of less children by importing more immigrants.

    And there you have it. Islam can take over Europe “without a shot being fired” (as Ghadaffi once said).

    And those who have more children in Poland are regularly ridiculed as “religious fanatics”, or “child-makers”. The stereotypical image being of a drunk father and a mother cowering in terror. When I once mentioned a friend in London, whose wife was giving childbirth at a hospital where there was 1 white mother out of 30, and another friend who experienced similar, the liberal I was talking to gasped in disbelief – “must be an exception, surely?!”. People concentrate on watching “You Can Dance” and similar and are clueless about what’s awaiting them. So when a liberal paper cites a “sociological expert” saying that immigrants are needed to save the country, people stand up and listen. Because they are too lazy to do their own research…

    • Pointing this out is “racism”. First attack their power to define. Do not hesitate to call their “experts” racist pseudo-scientists. Point out that according to Hitler, Germans were “oppressed” and Jews “oppressors”. Note that Muslims do not have a problem with using Liberalism to thin out enemy birthrates, while Judeo-Christians consider spreading e.g. abortion among Muslims to be unethical/immoral.

  4. A tiny note: “ganska lågt barnafödande” is not “very low birthrate”. “Ganska” should be “somewhat”; “somewhat low birthrate”.
    Actually Sweden has top birthrate in Europe. In recent years between 1,8 and (almost) 2,0 children per woman.
    We have also the highest asylum immigration in Europe, and in particular from under-developed countries, but you’re not allowed to mention this as a potential problem, because then you’re a racist.
    Anti-racists has begin to talk about politicians as bad “white” politicians. Social democrats most often defend this style, while the center-right people says one should be color blind, but also have more immigration of people who wants to work here, or even have “free immigration”. (Centerpartiet, and young people in the former right-wing party Moderaterna, wants fre immigratoin; la-la-la).

    • What is the birth rate of native Swedes compared with that of third world immigrants?

    • @MA I would very much appreciate some of those comments with sources/dates, regarding your last paragraph.

  5. ‘Save’ here is undoubtedly meant in the religious sense: that burning to death, on a pyre of faggots, a person who could not accept that a few muttered words of superstitious mumbo- jumbo transformed a biscuit and a glass of wine into the body and blood of a dead man said to have been the son of a god by a virgin saved his soul. The only difference is that in this case the religion being blindly adhered to is Cultural Marxism.

  6. They tried the same argument in the uk. Whatever happens to one EU nation (sic) will happen to the others.

  7. I’ve spent a fair bit of time going back and forth to Sweden for work from the UK, and I’ve never seen a people more hell bent on destroying themselves than the Swedes. They’re brain dead leftists of the very highest order. It’s just staggering. They’re determined to commit suicide if it’s the last thing they do (geddit?).

    • But hey, they have healthcare, education and a welfare system… so what do they care that there are a few culture enrichers livving among them??

  8. Correct me if I am wrong but Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, the altruist, the open handed, the moors lover, the purest soul in this world of sinners had a hidden agenda: import poor immigrants, tame them like animals in the circus, deprive them of their picturesque customs such as public beheadings a.k.a. islam and then exploit them as cheap, day-care labor force looking after his-own-race, blue-eyed old rascals rolling in it . That’s sick Mr. PM man.
    Now seriously, as they run out of lies their only option left is repression. Be on guard, folks.

    • “import poor immigrants, tame them like animals in the circus, deprive them of their picturesque customs such as public beheadings a.k.a. islam and then exploit them as cheap, day-care labor force looking after his-own-race, blue-eyed old rascals rolling in it.” Does anyone actually believe that they/moes will pay taxes?..someone is terribly confused here. Methinks that when the Swedes asininely allow the Moes to immigrate only to eventually reign supreme, the last thing on their mind will be moes wanting to be daycare workers…OR, even paying taxes. In fact, the roles will be reversed with the tax payers being the minority Swedes paying jizya just to be kept alive if they refuse to join the dark force. If I were elderly, the last person I would want ‘caring’ for me would be one whose religion taught them for 2,000 years to ‘out’ the infidel. And if an elderly woman, I’d pray that God take me before the even more sadistic treatment would come at the hands of moe men. The Swedes adopting their depraved liberal stance of a nanny govt will find in time that it bites them in their [fundaments]… but then the snake will have devoured them in the belly of islam replete with horrific horror shows. I have a question for all the swede dames..which would be the same question I’d ask of all the feminist freaks in New England, US. Why do you feel that you want to castrate your own white men and have a MAN made govt provide to you as the ‘daddy’ figure? Obviously all you women who think you are so [intelligent with your received feminist ideology], have yet to wake up and smell the halal hell awaiting you if Islam reigns supreme. Perhaps some of you [women of lesser awareness] have a subconscious longing to be treated like dirt, beaten, raped, discarded? If so, keep up your idiotic stance of a nanny govt and outing white men..and YOU WILL get your dream come true—gang rapes, slit throats, [redacted] and more. Your bequeathal to your daughters will be a life sentence of being used/abused/souls destroyed.

  9. This argument has been used in Britain for years, namely that we have an ageing population and we need young and healthy immigrants to look after them. Well, the prejudiced view here is that most of the indigenous English who died in the hospitals of Staffordshire were looked after by imported medical staff who didn’t care much about the English. More importantly, this argument has been quashed since the time of Enoch Powell at least by the ripost that immigrants do not have the secret of eternal youth and will be an ageing population themselves one day unless they choose to retire to their countries of origin which few do. So then you have to import even more young immigrants to look after the old immigrants until the country is at a standstill which Britain nearly is already.

    The Japanese have been told that they will be extinct in a thousand years because they have an old population and their young are not having enough children. But this does not seem to worry the Japanese. They have worked out that they can deal with the problem without mass immigration which they do not want. They only have to look at white countries to see that they might only last a thousand years but that Europeans will be outbred or bred out in a hundred. The Japanese are not stupid, neither are most whites. Unfortunately, their leaders are. Lions led by donkeys again but the time is getting near when the lions will, we hope, give the donkeys a nasty bite on the backside. Well we’ll have to stir ourselves soon. We British already know that our maternity wards are full of non-British people having baby after baby. However, it seems that we might now be having baby wars as the indigenous are fighting back by increasing their birthrate which is doing nobody any good and would not have happened without mass immigration. Without it we should have and could have reduced our population. The country was alread over-populated in 1950 at 50m. Now we are heading towards 70.

  10. Sweden. Its such a beautiful place in the summer.

    The place is chockers with political moonbats. Back in the seventies they literally worshipped those German crackpots called the “Bader-Meinhof” gang.

    But why are they so eager to put themselves out of business?

    Why do they allow STUPID to rule?

    Does anyone remember the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom?

    “Europe will urgently need these migrants to take care of aged Europeans, who have neglected to produce enough children to do the job.”

  11. Mr Reinfeldt quite clearly is simply engaging in PC rhetoric. He could not fail to be aware of the fact that most immigrants to Sweden (and the rest of northern and western Europe) from the Middle East do not work and pay taxes – they come to obtain benefits from the modern European welfare states (income, housing, health care, education, etc) not to contribute.

    Geert Wilders sought an investigation by the relevant government agencies in the Netherlands to ascertain the financial cost of its immigration program – the Ministers in charge of the relevant agencies and departments refused: because they surmised what the truth would be in general terms and knew the public reaction would be one of outrage. Wilders went ahead and privately commissioned an economics research outfit to do the job: immigrants cost the Netherlands $6 billion euros a year in taxpayer funding.

    Mr Reinfeldt does not wish to know the extent to which immigrants impose a cost burden upon indigenous Swedish people, so like the Dutch bureaucracy, refuses to undertake the exercise for fear of learning the hard numbers and then having to acknowledge the fiscally crippling and socially devastating consequences of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party led immigration policy since the late 1970’s- early 1980’s.

    Germany started the whole process off in the late 1960’s by importing gastarbeiter “guest workers” from, principally Turkey, to do the lower paid, lower skills, dirtier jobs that the affluent Germans sustained by the post-war “economic miracle” didn’t want to do anymore. The Turks that arrived to happily take up the opportunities Germany offered were explicitly “guests” there to “work” and they did. For the first couple of decades.

    Not so many years ago a German researcher discovered an odd and seemingly improbable statistic: whilst the number of immigrants from Turkey had tripled since the late 1970’s, thirty years later the number of Turkish immigrants in the workforce had remained the same. The inescapable inference is that the participation of the Turkish immigrants in the workforce is on the decline and the corollary is that their dependence on the welfare state is increasing.

    Whilst sensible noises, and some countries, actions are starting to emanate from, firstly Denmark, thanks to the Danish Peoples Party, the Netherlands, France and the UK to address and redress this toxic policy failure, Sweden is winning the European race to destroy itself.

    • Your math needs correction: the early Turks were single adult males.

      Now they’re engaged in Sitzkrieg Jihad: the immigrants from Turkey are no longer bachelors — but wives and — perhaps mom and dad.

      What started out as a pure worker program has morphed into population replacement.

  12. “Germany started the whole process off in the late 1960′s by importing gastarbeiter “guest workers” from, principally Turkey, to do the lower paid, lower skills, dirtier jobs that the affluent Germans sustained by the post-war “economic miracle” didn’t want to do anymore. The Turks that arrived to happily take up the opportunities Germany offered were explicitly “guests” there to “work” and they did. For the first couple of decades.”

    Nope. The US government was freaked out that Italy and Turkey were slipping out of the WEstern orbit. The Turks were starting to go Russian and the Italians were turning communist. The US leaned on the Germans to take “guest workers” and tach them technological skills so they could go back to their homelands and become Engineers and Junior Capitalists. Unfortunately, the Turks that came to Germany were stupid Islamic peasants with low IQ and no desire to become technologists and capitalists. The Italians eventually went home and Italy was cemented into the Western orbit. Germany, on the other hand, was stuck with the Turks.

    Read some history. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • American opinion had no impact on the matter.

      The German industrialists — and their buddy unions went right back to their WWII ‘guest-labor’ scheme. This time around the intent was to export unemployment. When the good times rolled, the Turks were added to the labor force. When a slump occurred, the Turks — and only the Turks — were to be laid off.

      This made both Capital and Labor happy.

      However, imams convinced the Turkish boys to stay on and conduct Sitzkrieg Jihad: out breed the locals — on their Euros, to boot.

      Italy, and its Communists, should not be conflated into this tale.

      • Always remeber: capital and labor are always enemies. To think otherwise is Anti-Semitism, a complete ideology.

        However depopulation programs run afoul of Noahide Law, and the plutocrats aren’t friends of Greater Israel.

      • “American opinion had no impact on the matter.”

        This is wrong.
        Even the German edition of Wikipedia, what we like to call “BolsheWIKI”, points out the pressure of the U.S. on the German Government to accept Turkish male workers.
        The reason: Stabilizing Turkey as a NATO partner of the U.S.

        “Aufgrund des außenpolitischen Drucks der USA,…”
        translated: “Because of the political pressure from the U.S.,…”

        Never forget: The Soviet missiles on Cuba were a reaction on U.S. missiles in Turkey. Even the year was the same one: 1961.
        Both the Cuba crisis and the contract between Germany and Turkey to send workers to Germany…

    • It wasn’t only the Turks and Italians going to Germany. Yugoslavs also came. As did Portuguese, and others (also in Berlin, there’s a large Russian community). Basically, Germany needed to rebuild – but was short of labour to do it. It’s what a loss of milions of young men due to conflict can do. Britain had the same problem – hence HMS Windrush arrived, and the mass immigration from the Colonies began. With a similar process occurring in most other European countries… But you don’t hear about any Yugoslav, Italian or Portuguese gangs running around Germany, do you? It’s only the Turks that prefer to be aggressive to doing anything useful.

      • I think I read somewhere that the plan in Britain was to allow West Indians to stay only for as long as they were needed, a bit like the German gastarbeiter. However, the men started importing their wives and families and the government took fright at accusations of racism and so we have ended up with riots every generation culminating in those in London in 2011, let alone Jamaican yardies, drugs crime etc.

        As regards the Pakistani mill workers of the North of England, it was total stupidity not to realise that eventually Britain would be undercut in textile manufacture by India and Pakistan and that buying time in this way was an act of sheer folly. The alternative could have been once again to allow the workers only to remain until the inevitable closure of the mills took place. If only governments both here and on the Continent had used a but of common sense and forethought we would never have had the need to alter our demographics in a way that could now prove fatal for Western Civilisation. Of course, the socialists did not help as they attacked any attempt to stop or reverse Commonwealth immigration and made sure the door was open widest when they were in power as they were determined to build Jerusalem (their international socialist utopia) as they saw it in England’s green and pleasant land. The way things are going there will be no more England and the English ( not worth saving according to Labour mp Jack Straw), it will no longer be green as it will all have been covered in houses and it is becoming more and more unpleasant with every passing hour.

  13. “Sitzkrieg Jihad: out breed the locals — on their Euros, to boot.”

    I will use that ^^^ and add “A$” to “Euros”.

  14. Sure they take care of the aging Swedes like this
    Seven young immigrants from Muslim nations beat up this 61 year man so he lost the
    use of one eye.
    Only two of them was convicted to a very short sentence and the main stream media
    doesn’t publish names or pictures of these criminals.

    We have not lost our will to live! The media and political correct are trying to kill us
    but some of us fight back.
    I have translated two books about islam to Swedish.
    “Prophet of doom” by Craig Winn
    “Lifting the veil” by IQ Al Rassooli
    It’s important to translate news and books to other languages since very few people
    read anything in a foreign language

    • “…the main stream media
      doesn’t publish names or pictures of these criminals.”

      They actually make them sound cut by calling them “Teens” . Not quite as bad as in France, where the far left Minister of Justice (the rabid anti-white, France hating islamophile, Christine Taubira) has completely emasculated the Police and has decreed that the “disadvantaged youngsters under 19 or 18” euphemism for “yough thugs of arab/subsaharian/muslim background” will not go to prison any longer, because, so she said: “they are carrying the stigma of colonisation on their young shoulders”.

      And we are speaking about drug dealers, rapists, killers here – just your “normal teen”.

      • Well it will take you French to do something about that then won’t it? A little dosage of lead seems to solve those problems when the law fails to protect you.

  15. In the UK we have been told that in the 1950s immigrants from the former colonies in the West Indies were needed because of an alleged shortage of labour to rebuild the country after WWII. Meanwhile white Britons under the ‘Ten Pound Poms’ scheme were being encouraged with heavily subsidised fares to emigrate to Australia. The government was effectively paying its native population to leave so that it could be replaced with non-indigenous peoples. The BeeGees were Ten Pound Poms, as was the current Australian prime minister.

    Of course there was never a shortage of labour. The British were simply victims of a libtard wet dream.

  16. PM Reinfeldt of Sweden has even black ancestors, so he feels multicultural himself.
    He is what he is praying. 100 %.

  17. Western europe has screwed itself. Not thinking about the implications that mass immigration from non european countries will have on the culture, life style and other aspects of the host country. Importing an alien culture will cause tensions eventually.

  18. Why do we keep voting these complete idiots into office? So, I say again, it’s our own fault. We let this happen and in some cases, we (white people) actively contributed to and enabled idiots to make completely stupid decisions on our behalf. It’s also us (white people) who are so hard working and responsible that we convince ourselves that we don’t have enough money to raise more children. It’s our women; white women who decided they want to be “independent”, make “their own” money (even though they have no problem spending their husband’s money). Because that’s what the rich and famous movie star citizens of the Great America do, right? It’s our own women who chose of their own free will to outsource parenting to total strangers in day care facilities who don’t love your children and never will. Some make less than they spend on daycare and travel to/from work. But, who cares about parental and financial responsibility. All that matters are appearances. So, there you go. You got exactly what you asked for. How glamorous are you now that you’re being bred out of your own country? Good luck as you’re swallowed up by the [replacement group] that’s flowing in to consume you.

    On the other hand, those of you who didn’t choose this path; those of us who are like-minded, responsible, and wise enough to see the big picture, we must begin to work together and form a protected group to survive the next pending Dark Ages. Every couple of thousand years, society collapses and enters a Dark Age. The stage is rapidly being set for the next one.

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