“Hitler Should Have Killed All Jews”

In case anyone had any doubts, the culturally enriched “Dutch” teenagers in the video below express their true feelings about Jews — not just those nasty Zionists, but all Jews.

Many thanks to POTB for the translation, SimonXML for timing and corrections, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Interviewer: Can we stop for a moment,
00:04   so we can all discuss this with each other?
00:08   Do you know who Anne Frank is? Boy 1: Yes, a girl from the Second World War.
00:12   She was Jewish.
00:16   Interviewer: What happened to her? Boy 1: She was murdered. Interviewer: Who by?
00:20   Boy 4: No she wasn’t murdered. Three days after the war she died from typhus.
00:24   The Second World War had finished,
00:33   Boy 2 (GingerTurk): on the one hand, I am satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews.
00:37   I am being really honest. Interviewer: You are satisfied? Yes.
00:41   Boy 2: Yes. Boy 1: Me too. Boy 2: What Hitler said about Jews
00:45   is that there will be one day
00:49   when you will see that I am right that I killed all the Jews.
00:54   And that day will come.
01:02   Boy 1: the hatred for Jews is because
01:06   they will try to steal somebody’s country
01:10   like in Gaza. They kill a lot of people. Interviewer: that’s why you hate Jews?
01:14   Boy 1: Yes. Interviewer: So you think it is justified that Hitler killed millions of Jews?
01:19   Boy 1: Yes, because now millions of Palestinians are being killed.
01:23   Interviewers: No, not millions. Who tells you this?
01:27   Boy 3: One question, do you hate Jews? Interviewer: no, absolutely not.
01:31   Boy 1: Do you agree with what they are doing? In Gaza? Interviewer: That has nothing to do with Judaism.
01:35   Boy 4: Yes it does! Interviewer: No that has to do with geopolitics.
01:39   Boy 1: What is it then? Interviewer: There are many Jews who do not agree with Israel’s policy. Many Jews.
01:44   Many Jews. Boy 2: As far as I am concerned,
01:52   concerned, Hitler should have killed all Jews. (All the other Turkish boys laugh) Dutch guy: But do you know that there are many other groups of people were murdered too?
01:56   Not just the Jews. Boy: Yes.
02:00   Gypsies.
02:05   Dutch guy: Yes. People with ‘different looks’. It is that there weren’t many Muslims in Europe, but otherwise…
02:09   Boy 1: Well that is bad I think.
02:13   Interviewer: How many Jewish friends do you have?
02:17   Boy 2: No. Interviewer: but how can you say something like that
02:21   Without ever knowing somebody? Boy 2: You don’t have to know any Jews
02:25   to say something about them.
02:29   Boy 1: It is freedom of speech.
02:33   Boy 2: Yes. Interviewer; I am in favor of freedom of speech, but I am really interested how you got these opinions.
02:38   On the basis of what? On the internet, or from the mosque? Boy 2: From friends.
02:42   On the basis of what? On the internet, or from the mosque? Boy 2: From friends.
02:46   Boy 2: From friends. Interviewer: Mainly Muslim friends?
02:50   Boy 2: Yes. Interviewer: So you have these kind of conversations?
02:54   Boy 1: I have Dutch friends who hate Jews too.
02:59   Boy 4: I have many Dutch friends too who do not like Jews. Interviewer: Why?
03:03   Boy 4: Nobody in our school likes Jews. Come to our school,
03:07   I mean it. Interviewer: Dutch people too? Boy 4: Yes.
03:11   Interviewer: so you use the word Jew as a part of name-calling? Boy 1: Yes, it is a cursing word.
03:15   Boy 2: If you call somebody names,
03:20   you really want wish them bad things.
03:24   Boy 2: If you call somebody names, you really want wish them bad things.
03:28   For example, cancer. People curse with the word cancer because you wish them the worst.
03:32   It is the same with the word Jew. ‘Jew’ equals evil, that is why we use the word.
03:36   that is why we use the word.
03:40   ‘Jew’ equals evil.
03:49   Interviewer: How can you say stuff like that?
03:53   You shock me.
03:57   So you are understanding of the situation where Hitler murdered innocent people?
04:01   Boy 2: If they are Jewish, yes.
04:05   Boy 1: But you don’t know if they are innocent. Interviewer: No, Hitler was very clear,
04:09   that they didn’t match with the Aryan race. That was their ‘fault’,
04:13   because they didn’t belong to the Aryan race. Boy 1; Hitler must have had a reason to hate Jews.
04:18   Other boys: Yes. Boy 3: He didn’t kill Jews for no reason.
04:22   Interviewer: So you are extreme right? Extreme right Turks?
04:26   Pathetic boys.
04:30   Boy 2: I hate Jews, period. You cannot get that thought out of my mind. Interviewer: I can.[ boys laugh ‘no you can’t ]
04:34   Interviewer: I will succeed. I think
04:38   within one year you will think very differently.
04:42   Boy 4: No way. You will be wasting your time.
04:55   Boy 2: I’ll bet 50 euros that you won’t succeed.
04:59   Interviewer: 50 euro? OK, deal.
05:12   Interviewer: I think
05:16   I need more time with these youngsters.
05:20   The hatred is not limited to anti-Semitism.
05:24   Sometimes I hear from Turkish immigrants
05:28   that they have enormous anger
05:32   inside them directed towards the Dutch. I have noticed
05:37   that ignorance makes the hate worse.
05:41   The people in Broek (neighborhood) should have more knowledge, as far as I am concerned.
05:45   Knowledge would give them the ability
05:49   to see things from a different perspective,
05:53   to seek contact with their fellow human beings

23 thoughts on ““Hitler Should Have Killed All Jews”

  1. Well, we all know about how this worked out for the Egyptians and, more recently, the Germans. There are many more examples. Good luck to dutch turkeys. You’ll need it where you’re going.

  2. The pathetic party here is not the Turkish boys but the white milquetoast fool who asserts he can wean them of their hate.

  3. A most illuminating video. So here we are presented with the logical outcome of 40 odd years of unremitting pro-Palestinian propaganda in the MSM. The primary motive of which was, in the late 1960’s and 1970’s at least, a misguided championing of the side they erroneously regarded as the underdog in the Arab-Israeli conflict. As Mark Steyn pithily commented about a decade ago: “It isn’t big Israel versus little Palestine anymore than it was big Czechoslovakia versus little Sudetenland.” The Western MSM is fully responsible for the creation of what Melanie Phillips very astutely describes as “Israel Derangement Syndrome”, which has now inevitably morphed into outright Jew-hatred (by people who have never met a Jew).

    One aspect of this video disturbs me particularly. The Turkish kid with the dyed red hair – and his friends evidently concur – believes that the Israelis are killing “millions” of so-called Palestinians in Gaza. How is it possible that someone can believe something so demonstrably false? Very few people realise that the population of the Gaza Strip is entirely dependent on Israel’s “National Water Carrier” for its water supply, as arid Gaza’s meagre natural rainfall is grossly insufficient to provide even drinking water for its 1.5m inhabitants. If Israel chose to do so it could at any time simply turn off the tap of the pipeline that supplies the Gaza Strip with water. It doesn’t do so out of purely humanitarian reasons.

  4. 05:37 that ignorance makes the hate worse.

    Their hate is not founded on ignorance it is based in a deliberate (theo-)political ideology – islam.

  5. The cycle continues. Never again? I doubt the U.S. under President Obama is going to do anything effective. He certainly is no friend or ally of Israel. Nor her people.

  6. I guess it never dawned on these lunkheads that if the Jews of Europe had felt safe there, they wouldn’t have moved away into “Palestine.”

  7. Quote:
    Boy 2 (GingerTurk): on the one hand, I am satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews.

    I’m sure you are.
    Since he got the idea for the genocide from the Turkish genocide of Christians!

  8. Once a Turk, always a Turk.
    Too bad the Dutch and the rest of Europe for that matter, decided to forget about history.
    The Turks certainly haven’t. And they see their path to glory once again!

    • Regardless how Dutch they would be, they still have Turkish privilege. They do not have to wear beards and salafi clothes in order to enter mosques. People who do not have Turkish privilege are entitled to affirmative action following Art. 1 of the Dutch Constitution.

  9. The interviewer was not very good at his job, he let 5 or 6 13 year olds make a fool of him, HE clearly came across as the bigot. Great line though, ” I kill a Jew and I’m a murderer, a Jew kills me and its GEOPOLITICS. ” Wonderful stuff.

  10. Very revealing, indeed.

    The Frankfurt School’s attempt at repackaging Communism under the guise of Multiculturalism and then Diversity, has very clearly failed, but this failure has been apparent for decades now and still the Marxian Liberal Left persist with their programme of perpetual alien mass immigration into White ancestral homelands. the reasons for this defiance being an attempt at a calculated hidden agenda of wholesale genocide of White native populations by proxy, utilizing self-hating Leftists and non-White immigrants to carry it out which, of course, has already reached the stealth genocide stage.

    One cannot bend human nature to one’s agenda nor eliminate the underlying reasons for hostility and hatred, not even by anti-hate legislation and punative punishments. Neither can one destroy human nature.

    All races hate some other race. or even several as a result of what they’ve learnt and observed. There usually is a basis for it.

    The moral of the story is that every race should inhabit its own landmasse exclusively and not be forced to accept encroachment by totally alien others.

    • “The moral of the story is that every race should inhabit its own landmasse exclusively and not be forced to accept encroachment by totally alien others.”

      That of course will be considered hypocritical. It makes more sense to wreck the islamic Middle-East with immigration.

  11. That old canard of ignorance… The interviewer thinks that knowledge would change their minds. Open more schools ! Pour more taxpayers’ money into that bottomless pit !

    The problem is, Muslims say we are ignorant for not being Muslim.

  12. European and British leaders have committed a great crime against their own people by colonizing Europe and Britain with many MILLIONS of Muslims who are taught from birth by their families, friends, media, mosques and the Koran to HATE ALL non-Muslims, especially Jews.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Most of their humanity is already gone. The Muslims consider mass murderer of millions, G-d hater Hitler, to be good. And regard innocent Jewish victims as evil.

    The overwhelming presence of such rabid haters of innocent humanity in our countries is a huge threat to the safety and survival of all non-Muslims.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    This crisis must be dealt with before it is too late! End all Muslim immigration immediately! Deport all Muslim criminals, terrorists, Muslim refugees and Muslim asylum seekers! End all welfare benefits – free houses, money, healthcare, etc. to non-citizens!


    • The problem now is, there are too many muslims to deport, now it will be a Balkans on steroids and the funeral pyres will burn accross Europe.

      • On the contrary, there are NOT too many Moslems to deport.
        It is not a major task to deport someone, just a serious mental block for our ‘ politicians’.

  13. The interviewer stated: The hatred is not limited to antisemitism. I hear from Turkish immigrants that they have ENORMOUS ANGER inside them directed towards the Dutch. End of quote.

    Enormous hate for the nation and people who have been so generous and kind as to take immigrants into their countries is ABNORMAL. And especially so, when Muslims in Europe and Britain don’t have to work and are provided everything FREE by hard-working, stressed out non-Muslims.

    The Muslims are clearly angry that they have not at the present time taken over TOTAL CONTROL of Europe and Britain.

    Turkish Prime Minister explained the function of mosques:
    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

    Mosques are for war against intensely hated infidels!

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

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