Fjordman: Back in Business

Fjordman has been traveling in recent weeks, and sends this brief note to explain his extended absence from this space.

I received a couple of comments from people who had not read any essays by me for weeks, and missed them. I take that as a compliment.

My silence was due to the fact that I have been busy traveling for several weeks. I received a generous grant via the think tank The Middle East Forum which allowed me to undertake a journey I have wanted to make for many years but couldn’t do until now: To go from Jerusalem via Athens to Rome, all in a single trip.

I’ve been to Rome several times before, but it is one of those cities that you can never see too many times. I had not been to Israel for almost a decade and was delighted at the opportunity to see Jerusalem and some of the others historical places there again. It was particularly gratifying, however, to visit Greece, where I had never been before, despite having written extensively about ancient Greek history for a number of years. Greece is very interesting, both because it was a center for the emergence of Western civilization and because it is now at the epicenter of the euro crisis and the financial and social meltdown of the modern Western world today. It also has serious problems with illegal immigration from outside of Europe, especially from Africa and the Islamic world.

I will publish several essays about my impressions in the coming weeks and may also write some shorter posts at Gates of Vienna and elsewhere as part of the “Fjordman travel files,” since I have thousands of photos from the many places I visited.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.

9 thoughts on “Fjordman: Back in Business

  1. Fjordman: “I’ve been to Rome several times before, but it is one of those cities that you can never see too many times. ”

    I like that.
    I’ve now been 13 times to the Eternal City and will soon go again. Whoopee!

  2. Welcome back. I look forward to your writing about Greece, if this is in your plans.

  3. I’m pleased to hear you have been doing some traveling, and I hope that it has been a healing time for you. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

  4. Glad to hear that the eternal city looks like being eternal. According to the Zagorsk Prophecy Italy would be judged by natural disaster and there was that Italian seismologist who predicted an earthquake in Rome that never happened despite the accuracy of his predictions. Perhaps there was a bit of divine intervention there. According to Malachy, Francis 1st is meant to be the last pope. I am sure that is the plan if the Marxist One World plan comes to fruition. Their aim was always to empty the churches but some of us are still clinging on. Presumably their plan involves the final triumph of Islam over European Christian Civilisation as Marxists and Muslims walk down the primrose path into the sunset together.

  5. I’m pleased that you’re writing again. It was the strength of argument that first attracted me to Gates of Vienna, and its that together with the quality of writing that keep me here. Great stuff Fjordman.

  6. There should be a Fjordman institute, the mirror opposite of the Frankfurt schule. A place for learning and mastering the arts to preserve Western society, instead of destroying it.

    I would gladly shovel through the mud to built it, and when its done i will fetch the coffee, sift trough and reorder the archives, and sit on the expenses to maintain a vast paper supply for minds greater then mine.

  7. Welcome back Fjordman, from Boston, MA USA.

    I agree with OZ, there is need for The Fjordman Institute… and you are it.

    Thank you for traveling for me, and for reporting on the world with Western Culture as your prism. I look forward to reading your articles.

  8. An institute would make it easier to acquire political and intellectual talent. It would give legitimacy to the works produced there, and it would enable those involved to set up a network across Europe.

    There are so many great thinkers here, they should spend their days off somewhere in Germany, France, Srbjia or in any other place where an affordable location can be rented or purchased, preferably in a idyllic setting which reminds all what it is actually what we are trying to save and preserve.

    I don’t see any possibilities to roll back the advance of cultural Marxism if internet blogs remain the only domain of its adversaries. Its not going to work. A civilization where grown ups have the attention span and sense of responsibility of a toddler, where political correctness controls every institution Gramsci aimed for, which is becoming increasingly self-destructive, unproductive and childless, requires a massive effort to be returned to the right track.

    Reading internet blogs doesn’t inspire action like actual and regular meetings do. Young talents need mentors who will guide them in the right direction and ensure they produce quality work. Veterans should be able to engage in lively and competitive debates with like minded continuously to develop a framework to revive Western culture.

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