Defending Free Speech in Sydney

Sergio Redegalli is an artist who became a public figure in Australia several years ago when he painted a “Say No to Burqas” mural on the outside wall of his studio in Sydney. During their visits to Australia, both Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders have posed for photos with Mr. Redegalli next to the famous mural.

Vlad Tepes has conducted a two-part interview with Sergio Redegalli about sharia, and the Islamization of Australia. Below is Part 2 of that interview; Part 1 is here.

WARNING: Mr. Redegalli uses some salty language in his responses to Vlad’s questions:

4 thoughts on “Defending Free Speech in Sydney

  1. I watched Sergio’s clip yesterday and tip my hat to his courage. The Moslems have had a go at him already and I’d be watching out for the cowardly knife attack, as happened to Theo van Gogh in Holland.

    I caught this from the Guardian today:-

    I can’t imagine Mormons rioting in the streets? But I’d be afraid if someone comes up with a musical, ‘The Book of Mohamed’s Haddiths’. We’d run for cover!

  2. This story is complex and more interesting than I had anticipated. Thanks for getting it told. I like the re-paints of the mural. Reminds me of the Baron’s college dorm room door story.

  3. I have sent an e-mail to Mr. Redegalli’s Studio directly, however I will post my request here as well….

    I would be very interested in a “coffee table” photo essay book of The Wall for the past two and a half years…

    We got little glimpses of his CCTV pics, and some of the “before” and “after” shots…

    I would be willing to buy a book on the active history of free speech…

    Thank you for your excellent efforts Mr. Redegalli.

  4. i see the painting every time i catch a train, and had no idea the artist had received such threats. he really must be commended as newtown is a very left wing area, the max brenner chocolate shop often has it’s windows smashed and people demonstrating outside. it’s great to hear the background story on this picture as i was unaware of the history. the left wing in australia have destroyed the country, there is no doubt that come the next election they face annihilation.

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