Deadly Chase on a Belgian Highway

A “Belgian” mujahid ended up a martyr on the highway after a police chase and shootout.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Belgian news report:


00:00   Automatic arms, paramilitary material, munitions, explosives:
00:04   just a sample of the arsenal found at the home of
00:08   Benladghem, a 40 y.o. Algerian shot dead yesterday by the Belgian police
00:12   at the end of a car chase on the auto route. During the perquisition
00:16   the quarter is evacuated, the police fear that the apartment is booby-trapped.
00:20   I was still a bit frightened. He was someone quite
00:24   nice, we never had any problems with this gent. It was in 2009 that
00:28   Benladghem was noticed for the first time by the French Intelligence Services
00:32   Our information is that he made several round trips to
00:36   Afghanistan between 2006 and 2009. After that, he travels to
00:40   the Maghreb, then to Belgium where he installs himself. Last year
00:44   the French services decided to inform their Belgian counterparts; Benladghem
00:48   returned from a stay in Gaza with his brother. There he had met with
00:52   a high ranking member of Hezbollah. Becoming more and more radicalised,
00:56   he participates in robberies and hold-ups to collect arms
01:00   He tries to establish his own terrorist cell. Palestinian flags
01:04   have been found at his flat as well as flags used by
01:08   Al Qaeda in the Islamist Maghreb and by Salafists
01:12   According to our information, the suspect was preparing a terrorist attack on Belgian soil,
01:16   perhaps in the capital. In his last exchanges Benladghem
01:20   indicated that he wanted to die as a martyr. He was killed by several bullets
01:24   as his vehicle raced towards the police car.

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