Church Becomes Mosque

An Anglican church in the Scottish city of Aberdeen has opened its doors to Muslims who say their mosque has become overcrowded. They are now allowed to pray in the church.

The minister of St. John’s — notice his “brown” ethnicity — seems unaware that by allowing Islamic prayer services on its premises, his church has become a mosque in the eyes of Muslims. It is now the property of the Ummah, held in trust by the waqf board, and will presumably be officially claimed by Islam when the time is ripe.

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Below are excerpts from a Daily Mail article about St. John’s Mosque Church:

A Scottish church has become the first in the UK to share its premises with Muslim worshippers.

St John’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen now welcomes hundreds of Muslims praying five times a day in their building as the nearby mosque was so small that they were forced to worship outside.

The minister of St John’s, Rev Isaac Poobalan, has handed over part of the church hall to Chief Imam Ahmed Megharbi and the imam has led prayers in the main chapel.

Rev Poobalan said today that he would not be true to his faith if he did not offer to help.

He said: ‘Praying is never wrong. My job is to encourage people to pray.

‘The mosque was so full at times, there would be people outside in the wind and rain praying.

‘I knew I couldn’t just let this happen — because I would be abandoning what the Bible teaches us about how we should treat our neighbours.

‘When I spoke to people at the church about the situation, someone actually said to me this was not our problem, but I had seen it with my own eyes, so it was a problem.’

Rev Poobalan said: ‘They were out there praying and the snow came on for the first time in winter, it was really hard to watch.

‘When they were doing the prayer they had their hands and feet exposed and they were sitting on the pavement, which is very rough.

‘You could even see them breathing because it was so cold and I think when I saw that, the visual impact was such that I just couldn’t walk past.

‘It felt wrong, mainly because the church is next door, it’s a big building and it remains empty on a Friday lunchtime which is when they need the place most as that’s when they are at their busiest.

‘We had something we could offer and they were just standing out in the cold and I said to my congregation “we need to do something”.’

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34 thoughts on “Church Becomes Mosque

  1. This would be funny, if it didn’t have a sinister undertone. Reality is that Islamics think the rest of us are just Moslems who have gone wrong anyway, wayward flock so to speak, and, ultimately we’ll be brought to heel – or ‘submission’ which is the meaning of the word ‘Islam’.
    Our churches, accordingly, are just temporarily catering to our delusional contrary notions, denying the true prophet.

    Frankly I see this as the thin edge of the wedge. Allowing the Moslems to get their slippers under the bed, so to speak, is merely an encouragement to eventually kick out the Xns.

  2. What a loser. He just sold out the flock. Muzzies are laughing all the way to the bank again. Compliments of the kufar a new mosque just dropped out of nowhere.

    • Precisely and even if the prayer denigrates the very Christians who have given their church to these savages?

  3. @blert,

    Wishful thinking.

    That’s like saying Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t know who the manager of the team he’s playing on Saturday is.

    He knows perfectly well.

  4. And what exactly do his bishop, his parish council, and his congregation think of this?

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  6. Alright listen up! A is the Shepherd……B is the flock…….and can anyone tell me what C is? Very good Johhny! C is the big bad wolf. A’s job is to keep C away from B. Jesus wept. Where did they find this guy.

    • The chappie is from India. Visually reminds me of the weasel Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf of “Ground Zero” Mosque fame. The cretin who implied the US deserved 9/11. Note the carefully manicured beard à la Feisel. Does “fifth coloumnist” strike a chord? The naive, historically bereft younger generations will accept this as the new norm. Be careful to whom you give the keys to your house. Something is rotten in Denmark. Max.

  7. Muslims invading Christian places of worship in the UK has already begun. eg last autumn, a YouTube video showed a group of about 40 muslims praying within the precincts of Westminster Abbey, on the grass, just by the Cathedral walls, facing the direction of (and right opposite to) the Houses of Parliament. They know what they are doing. I bet if a group of Christians invaded a mosque, they would get beaten up or charged by the Police. This Vicar in Aberdeen must be mad

    • And not just in the UK. Modern Medicine advocates early detection and aggressive treatment of cancers. As cancers spread and metastasize the treatments become more radical and invasive and with lower success rates. We are good at detecting and recognizing the cancer that is Islam but we seem powerless to treat (Dr. Max recommends aggressive solutions) it. It doesn’t help that the governing board of those institutions of social leadership (our Governments) turn a blind eye to the cancer and in countries like Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the UK blatantly enable the spread of Islam. It is as if they are introducing pathogens in our breakfast cereals. We need more Gavin Boby’s. Max.

  8. Rev Isaac Poobalan is gonna learn his lesson the hard way .. it’s only a matter of time !

  9. If the mosque is too small, they can all donate some money to get a larger location.

    But that would mean using thier own initiative and funds. But why should they bother, when they can take it from the infidel.

    Ask them if they will allow Christian prayer in their mosque.

    • Of course not. Also note the mosque they out grew was built beside the church! They have been after taking the church all along!

  10. What’s all this about Muslims out praying in the street anyway? And this numpty of a reverend saying oh my but it was cold outside?

    It’s Aberdeen for goodness sake! OF COURSE IT WAS COLD!!!!

    Big deal!

    If all he wanted to do was heat them up a bit he should have taken them down the nearest burger van & bought them all a bacon roll & a cup of tea.

    • If he is “of Indian heritage” then this is a bit of a mystery. I thought that Indians were the sworn enemies of Muslims after events, among others, in Mumbai. If he is a Pakistani Christian then this is even more mystifying. I am sure his parishioners are not happy but would not dare say so as they would probably be afraid of being accused of racism on two counts. I am afraid that this does suggest a touch of Subcontinental arrogance. They and their descendants here in the mother country do tend to have little regard for the views or feelings of the indigenous British and never have since they rushed in once the door was left open.
      Their refusal to heed the please of Leicester council in the 1970s to stay away from the city until they coped with the first arrivals is rather typical of this. Keith Vaz is notorious for it – he of various corruption scandals during his parliamentary career including with his fellow Subcontinentals the Hinduja Brothers. I hate to say this but in their arrogance and their lust for gold they are wholly different from the English – and Scots – amongst whom they have settled.

  11. Actually the Bible is quiet clear that we should never elevate another religion to the same stature as Christianity. This Bishop is committing a serious sin!

  12. “The two faiths now work closely together in Aberdeen with the church and the mosque holding simultaneous prayers before opening their doors to provide food for local people.”

    The local people – presumably the destitute and dispossessed indigenous working class, soup kitchens and foodbanks the Brotherhood’s recruitment paradise.

  13. Isaac Poobalan, Scotland via Abu Dhabi – this has all the hallmarks of entryism and islamo propaganda.

  14. A quote from a blog post I wrote some four years ago:
    “. . .most “Westerners”, view(ed) multiculturalism through their Christianity based rose-colored glasses and wanted to be seen as caring and accepting of others. Rather than being seen as a magnanimous, by the followers of Islam, such noble traits are seen as weakness or dhimmitude. ”

    Clearly, nothing has changed – Islamisation continues.

  15. Thank God for the Eastern Europeans in Scotland those inheritors of Jan Sobieski’s victory, that like it or not act as a counterweight to the Third World push into Scotland.

  16. Unfortunately we Indians mistakenly think Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, in some part of India where religious harmony is the key, however, India often successfully control Muslims to a limit. Yet, the mistake is obvious, I myself thought we’ve the same God, till I read the Qur’an where the Allah send his children to eternal hell because he wills it, he love men to commit sin so he can be merciful by forgiving them if they don’t he would destroy them and create people who are prone to sin! (Sahi’h Muslim 6621). This is a sad fact, that Christians think that Muslims are their friends, while Muslims never reciprocate the same feeling or share a Mosque! Wonder what’s the priests’ opinions of sharing Mosque with the Christian church…Ooops! there are no churches in Saudi and the few churches in Islamic countries are being burned down! Christianity can survive any persecution but not Islam! When are they going to learn!

  17. If any of you posting are christians remember this : Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour – the Muslims next door didnt do anything wrong and by welcoming them the Christian has played his role in a modern take of the parable of the good samaritan.

    If you watch the Simpsons TV cartoon think of Flanders – what would Ned of done in this scenario ? : There was one episode where everyone was after the simpsons and he offered them shelter, another where a comet was heading to Springfield he let everyone shelter. Homer wouldnt fit so he went outside to be with him.

    Basically the point is – neighbours are the same as yourself. You may have different beliefs but you share the same morals, look after people, care for the sick and do a good turn each day. If you were in charge of that church would you stand and watch someone become ill, someone become helpless ??? just because they believed in something. NO YOU WOULDNT.

    I say well done to Reverend Poobalan for being a true honest Christian and caring for others, remember he didnt have to.

    • Are you comparing this situation with the Simpsons? This is a case of a Holy House of God being used for blasphemy! muslims consider Jesus a prophet and deny his divinity, death and resurrection yet they have been permitted to blaspheme right in the house of the Lord. Jesus threw the money changers and tax collectors from His temple and went into a rage when His Father’s house was beong desecrated! Is this not the same situation? The Simpsons – Get a life!

  18. It’s easy to be sweet and kind with a volatile political group seeking world domination which threatens you with death or slavish submission if your a low information individual who sleeps a lot and doesn’t read.

    I would think being a politically correct punching bag more accurately explains this decision.

    Obviously, the local terror cells haven’t swung into action yet.

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