Anjem Choudary’s Nordic Protégé

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The following clip, which was recorded by the “Norwegian” Egzon Avdyli, is mentioned in the news story below. Relevant commentary has been added to the video by Vlad Tepes:

Many thanks to The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

British extremist refers to himself as a mentor for Norwegian Islamists

Senior members of the Prophet’s Ummah are rumored to have been in close contact with the extreme Islamist Anjem Choudary and his network in the UK.

A short while ago a video titled “Message from MillatuIbrahim Norway” was published on YouTube and on the website The website is one of the media platforms for Anjem Choudary and his followers.

In the video the Albanian-born Egzon Avdyli, who has served as a spokesman for the group the Prophet’s Ummah, reads a message using the alias Abu Ibraheem.

Anjem Choudary claims that the main purpose of the website is to spread what he calls the truth about Islam.

“I was the one who encouraged him to make the video and post it there,” says Choudary to Aftenposten.

Aftenposten has contacted Avdyli, who says that it is incorrect that Choudary urged him to make the video or to post it on the website. Avdyli does not want to make any further comment.


Anjem Choudary is lawyer who founded the controversial extreme organization Al-Muhajiroun along with Omar Bakri Muhammad.

After the terrorist attacks in London on July 7, 2005, the organization was disbanded. Bakri was deported from the UK and relocated to Lebanon, and Choudary took on the leadership responsibilities.

Al-Muhajiroun was also banned by the government because it was regarded as a terrorist organization with links to, among others, Al-Qaeda.

The organization changed its name several times. In 2010 the organization Islam4UK, led by Choudary and a direct successor to Al-Muhajiroun, was also banned by the British authorities. Membership in this organization can result in a ten-year prison sentence.

Arslan Maroof Hussain, the self-proclaimed leader of the Prophet’s Ummah, and the spokesperson of the organization, Egzon Avdyli, are reported to have established contact with Anjem Choudary and his network in the UK earlier this winter.

“I have regular contact with Hussain and Ibraheem (Avdyli’s nickname — editor). There are no formal links between us, but I’m a mentor and advisor for the organization. Many claim that they represent Islam, but I see the Prophet’s Ummah as one of the few voices in Europe that speaks the truth about Islam without compromising their position,” says Choudary.


He bases this statement on the fact that the organization follows the pure teachings of Islam.

“At the same time they prioritize what Islam dictates: the creation of an Islamic state, the liberation of Muslim countries through jihad and the liberation of Muslim prisoners, who among others include Sheikh Mullah Krekar,” says Choudary.

Aftenposten has been informed by several independent sources that extreme Norwegian Islamists have made contacts with members from Choudary’s network.

Hussain doesn’t want to talk with Aftenposten.

Choudary says that he has urged and actively encouraged members of the Prophet’s Ummah to continue to present their message to the public.

“The best form of defense is an open defense. It’s when you openly declare what you stand for and confront the enemies of Islam, such as the Norwegian regime. Change will take place. We’ve seen it in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Libya,” says Choudary.

On the fringe

Sources Aftenposten has been in contact with have described him as the leader of an extreme movement within the open Islamist milieu, who represents fringe views and as a man who surrounds himself with a sizable network.

Raffaello Pantucci, senior fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in the UK, has followed Choudary and his organization for a long time.

He says that Al-Muhajiroun and other groups that Choudary have led cannot directly be linked to terrorist attacks.

“But there is no doubt that if one looks closely at the cases of the numerous individuals who are convicted of terrorism or the planning of terrorist attacks in the UK, many of them are in one way or another linked to the network around Al-Muhajiroun. They have either participated in meetings organized by this group, been a part of the group’s network or have been linked to people who associate themselves with this group, which is led by Choudary,” he says.

Acts as flypaper

According to Pantucci, Choudary is a person who speaks loudly and makes a lot of noise, but rarely does anything himself.

“By some he is seen as a useful idiot for the security authorities because over the years he has acted like flypaper for young radical Islamists who are drawn to him.”

“What kind of advice and assistance could Choudary give Norwegian Islamists?”

“He is able to promote them, put them in contact with and give them access to people in their network as he has done for others for several years now.

“People in his own network will be able to help and support them in creating websites and places where they can post their message,” says the senior researcher.

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) does not wish to comment on the statements made by Choudary, but in a brief statement they mention that they are working closely with the police in Oslo to prevent any extreme Islamist groups from establishing itself in Norway.

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  2. Hmm…goes some way towards explaining what Anders Breivik was on about. Hardly justifies killing 70 kids, mind you, but explains what lay behind his own hatred of Islam.

  3. This young guy seems like so many of his co-ideologists, to be in some sort of permanent trance, it’s like someone else is talking through him. Islam all over the World is peaking right now, which is a tactical mistake and should be used by the rest of us to crush this death cult. ABB who killed about 75 youth in Norway recently, which was a terrible thing to do, was never-the-less totally correct in his
    assessment of Islam, even if we are not all comfortable with this fact.

  4. Nevertheless, Islam has internalized White Supremacism. It considers worldwide conversion more important than the abolition and deconstruction of white privilege.

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