A Sultan for Norway?

The city of Oslo has appointed a sharia-supportin’ gay-bashin’ woman-oppressin’ culture enricher as the chairman of the committee tasked with planning Norway’s annual Constitution Day celebrations.

It’s not clear how the average Norwegian feels about this arrangement, but Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN) has filed an official complaint with the municipal authorities in Oslo.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about SIAN’s protest. He includes this introductory note:

This article was originally posted at SIAN’s official website a couple of days ago. It deals with the newly-appointed Mohammedan chairman of the 17th of May Committee in Oslo. As you probably already know, Norwegians celebrate their Constitution Day on May 17 each year.

This celebration has a long and proud history, and Norwegians celebrate it with so much fanfare and pomp (at least that was the way it used to be BMC — before Multiculturalism) that politically correct Swedes have labeled it racist, nationalistic, semi-Nazi etc. Other less confused individuals consider it a fascinating and positive manifestation of national pride.

However, as is the case with any Norwegian custom and tradition, it now has to be deconstructed and rammed through the multicultural sieve. Hence the chairmen of the 17th of May committee have in recent times been ‘new Norwegians’ and often of the more culturally enriching kind.

More information:

The translated article from SIAN:

Sultan has opinions that are incompatible with the values that the17th of May represents

In a unanimous decision reached at SIAN’s annual general assembly, the organization is urging the Mayor of Oslo to take appropriate actions.

“It is our belief that no one who espouses such views should be a member or appointed as the leader of the 17th of May Committee in Oslo. Sultan has opinions that are in direct conflict with the spirit and principles that our national holiday represents.”

In the letter that SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway) has sent to the mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang, the Oslo City Council and the Culture and Education Committee (Kultur- og utdanningskomiteen), the organization urges the mayor to take appropriate actions.

The letter is published below in its entirety:

At the annual general assembly which was held on March, 15, 2013 it was unanimously agreed to submit the following statement to the Oslo City Council:

Opposition to the appointment of an Islamist as the Chairman of the 17th of May Committee

The Culture and Education Committee in Oslo has appointed Shoaib Sultan as the chairman of this year’s 17th of May Committee. In a response to this appointment we would like to point out that the Committee has thus chosen a well-known individual who has a prominent position in the Islamic Ummah — and who consequently promotes values that are in direct conflict with the spirit and the principles that the17th of May represents.

Shoaib Sultan embraces Islam — which does not recognize democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, which allows the stoning of women, and which forbids Muslim women from marrying Norwegian men. Sultan embraces a totalitarian political-religious system — which is quite obviously incompatible with traditional Norwegian and Western values, as is clearly shown in Islamic states that have implemented the social model that Shoaib Sultan is advocating.

Shoaib Sultan has demonstrated that he has, as far as it is possible for him within our democracy, promoted the Islamization of Norway. As the head of the Islamic Council of Norway, he has refused to condemn the killing of gays. He has advocates the Islamic practice of halal slaughter (cruelty towards animals). Furthermore he advocates religiously motivated fasting rituals requiring citizens in a secular society not to follow normal nourishment practices. He also maintains that the Islamic sharia is a positive law.

Sultan is also a strong supporter of restricting freedom of speech in matters related to the prophet Muhammad. In his capacity as one of the leaders of Anti-Racist Centre (antirasistisk senter), he is also systematically monitoring SIAN’s anti-Islamic activities. This involves the meticulous recording of our work, which the Police Security Service refuses to investigate, to his indignation, despite the fact that SIAN stays well within the boundaries of the law.

Shoaib Sultan also posted a comment on his Facebook account saying that — had it not been for the fact that it would be environmental pollution — he (Shoaib) would have suggested that SIAN-members be buried [alive — translator] in the fields.

In our opinion a person with such attitudes is not fit to be a member, or the Chairman, of the 17th of May Committee in Oslo. We respectfully ask the mayor to take the appropriate actions. Those who are going to celebrate this day in Oslo should be in a position to demand that the current administrative figurehead shares the values which are inextricably linked with our national holiday, the 17th of May.

Stop The Islamization of Norway / SIAN

The Board

Arne Tumyr

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14 thoughts on “A Sultan for Norway?

  1. I see more Breiviks on the way. Just hope they don’t pick on innocent kids this time.

  2. well, seems the Norwegians and muslims do have antisemitism in common-

    one doesn’t know if one should sympatize with the Norwegians


  3. “which forbids Muslim women from marrying Norwegian men.”

    Muslim is a religion, Norwegian a nationality. Don’t get trapped in the paradigm of our enemies. Nevertheless, the Muslims racialize the conflict themselves. E.g. Pakistani men do not have to wear beards in order to walk next to a headscarved woman. And early Islam at least did have rules against non-Arab Muslim men (Mawali) marrying Arab Muslim women. And there is the problem of taqiyya. We should reverse both dual standards. Muslim men can no longer marry non-Muslim women, non-Muslim men gain the right to marry Muslim women. Norwegian men gain the right to marry e.g. Pakistani women, but e.g. Pakistani men are not allowed to marry Norwegian women. “Marrying” of course applying to all sexual relations. To enable this, a limited polygyny, in which Norwegian non-Muslim men can have a second wife, provided she is either Muslim or non-Norwegian (maybe defined as a largely Muslim nationality, mosque privilege being the determinant (mosque privilege = no beard needed).

    Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs are non-Muslim and should be considered Norwegian for this purpose.

    However, White Nationalists also oppose relations between “Norwegian” men and “Muslim” women as well. So we have to deal with White Nationalists before we can deal with the Muslims.


    • Most ‘mixed’ marriages I know of, the non-Islamic person has to convert to Islam a stipulation that always turned me off. It’s the person you’re marrying that’s important, not the religion or nationality of your spouse.
      A close family friend married a born-again Moslem man some years ago, went through the nominal conversion, but balked at wearing hijabs in public. He became more and more insistant and threatening to the point, eventually, where he shot her to death on a public street in broad daylight.
      He got 14 years, his own family thought him an ‘honourable’ man, and he’s probably out and about now renewing his life. He deprived their 4 kids of both a mother and father during their crucial developmental years. I’d always warn against any woman falling for one of these Islamic creeps.

      • That stipulation should, as I say, inversed. Warning women of creeps can be counter-productive, as many women have a different idea of what a creep is than many men.

        Note again another double standard in Islam. Their own “whores” are killed, non-Muslim “whores” are raped/pimped. They would never allow non-Muslim men to rape/pimp THEIR “whores”. They do distinguish between breeding slaves and fun slaves.

  4. I feel sorry for the European people for importing millions and millions of cancer cells to their countries willingly !
    Out of decades of experience, I can foresee the dark ages coming to Europe soon definitely if the people didn’t stand up for their lawful rights and way of life.
    Keeping in mind, that Governments are just little puppets appointed by big bankers who are all against Christians, don’t take my word for it, investigate deeply and you’ll find the truth yourself !

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  6. On the level, they have lost it.
    Jesus said:’Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.
    May God forgive them because I won’t, never ever.

  7. Just FIY: SIAN has just embraced FMI, another anti-immigrant Group wich is also fiercely anti-semitic.

    • This is the problem, the alliance of groups having an anti-Islam agenda, for all the aforementioned reasons, with the red neck anti-Jewish mob. I make a very clear distinction between them and am careful not to be aligned with pure anti-semitism. It can be a very rocky road and I’d always advise caution.

    • Maybe you should get your facts straight before you accuse others of anti-Semitism? SIAN does not condone or embrace FMI, nor is SIAN an anti-Semitic organization.

      The only thing SIAN is guilty of is congratulating a decorated WW2 resistance fighter, Jan Høeg on his 90th birthday. Jan Høeg actually fought against the Nazis during ww2.


      SIAN congratulates Jan Høeg

      “SIAN’s statutes do not address the issue of immigration, but several of SIAN’s members are of the opinion that the Islamization of Norway is inextricably linked to immigration. Many would argue that had it not been for this immigration, Islam would hardly have constituted a problem in our country. SIAN is not engaged in any formal collaboration with FMI, but SIAN would like to congratulate the organization’s spokesman, Jan Høeg, with his 90th birthday on March 20.”

      Regarding FMI and SIAN’s involvement or alleged ‘support’ of the organization.

      “FMI has recently had to endure harsh criticism, including from blogger Jan Simonsen, after the organization published an anti-Semitic article on the organization’s website. The response from the organizations spokesman to this is that he does not have internet, nor has he any knowledge of the article in question.”


      Jan Høeg is 90 years old. He has nothing to do with the running of the organizations webpage. He is thus not responsible for giving an anti-Semite the opportunity to publish an anti-Semitic op-ed on the FMI site. Nor should Jan Høeg or SIAN be judged on the basis of another person’s actions. This was a tactic that Gates of Vienna was exposed to after the ABB incident in Norway and it is highly dishonest.

      On its official webpage SIAN links to the Norwegian centre against anti-Semitism as well as MIFF.no which is a Norwegian pro Israel organization. Hardly the actions of an anti-Semitic organization.


  8. Please post the link to his facebook page. I can find only a group/Likes page and one of someone with the same name, who lives in Norway but whose Interests, etc. show no indication of anything islamic.

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