A Daily Double From Germany

The following articles from Junge Freiheit form a yin-yang pair bracketing the state of Modern Multicultural Germany.

JLH, who translated both pieces, offers the following commentary:

Here are two short articles by way of Junge Freiheit which — to me at least — form an ironic counterpoint. We have a youth court judge who obviously learned nothing from Heisig’s experimenting with swift and pointed sentencing.

Then, with the image of this thug being smiled out of the courtroom by the judge still in our minds, we encounter the Turkish protest against the everyday racism in Germany, benevolently covered by a couple of online news services.

It makes you wonder whether the world is being run by Alice’s caterpillar.

The first article from Junge Freiheit concerns (among other things) a case of mistaken identity — the Turkish criminal beat up a fellow enricher, thinking he was a German:

“I Thought You Were a German”

Garbsen: The leader of a criminal gang, Mohammed K. has been sentenced to two years’ probation by the court in Neustadt. He was accused of 22 criminal acts in thirteen indictments, among them arson, bodily injury, theft, threatening and hit-and-run. The damages to the Caroline Herschel School alone, to which he set fire, amount to €300,000, reports BILD magazine.

He did “stupid things,” says the 21 year-old to youth judge Pamela Ziehn. Ziehn praised the behavior of the perpetrator, who has been known to the police since he was eleven: “in three and one-half months in detention [awaiting trial], you have made a very good impression. It also made a positive impression on us that, on the day of the hearing, after the handcuffs had been removed, you gave a friendly ‘Good morning.’”

Loud Celebration in the Courtroom

Among other things, Mohammed K. was accused, along with three accomplices, of beating a man up. In the meantime, in a one-on-one talk — according to the Hannoversche Allegemeine newspaper — Mohammed L. had apologized, saying: “I thought you were a German.” Another case of bodily injury and the arson were not considered for lack of evidence.

When the sentence was announced, an extended roar erupted from his friends present in the courtroom. “When you go drinking with your friends, don’t drink so much, so you don’t backslide,” the youth judge cautioned Mohammed K. who was able to leave the court a free man. He promised to go back to his girl friend in Kiel and begin a new life.

“I am grateful that you are giving me a second chance,” said Mohammed K. following the sentencing. He must now carry out 120 hours of community service and find addiction counseling.

For counterpoint, the second article from Junge Freiheit:

Turks Protest Racism in Germany

Berlin: Several Turkish organizations have called for protests against so-called “everyday racism.” On the day against racism, attention will be called to the alleged racism in German society with “Action 5 to 12.” Spokesman for the Turkish Alliance of Berlin (TBB), Hilmi Kaya Turan told taz.de, “At 5 to 12:00 on Thursday, wherever they are, people should do something — for example, beep, or release balloons.”

Political campaigns are planned, such as “Clean Out,” in which racism is to be symbolically swept out of German authorities and businesses. “We intend to show the extent of racism and discrimination in Germany, even in such institutions as these,” said Turan, explaining the background for the action.

Stores Remain Closed because of “Everyday Racism”

The chief executive officer of TBB, Fuat Sengül, announced another campaign. As a protest against “everyday racism,” Turkish stores in Kreuzberg, Schöneberg and Mitte will be closed on Thursday. “We would be glad if German stores took part too,” Sengül said hopefully to BZ.de. There are further plans for the release of 10,000 balloons into the sky, bearing the legend, “Berlin against Racism.”

As a sign of solidarity, the borough mayor of Köpenick, Oliver Igel, will also release balloons in front of the city hall in Köpenick and “make a noise for tolerance.” The announcement says, “Everyone is asked to release black balloons for the many victims of racism and the many attacks, as well as for xenophobia and the violence of hatred.”

Besides the TBB, the Dersim cultural community and the Kurdish community will participate in the action, which is taking place this year for the second time, and which the organizers wish to make a tradition. The action was begun in 2012, and had great success. “Participation at that time far exceeded our expectations,” Turan confirmed.

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3 thoughts on “A Daily Double From Germany

  1. The first piece made me laugh out loud – I have a fairly dark sense of humour.

    The second piece…Action 5 to 12 is inspired by the Swedish 5 to 12 movement I suspect, since the Swedish movement has gotten a lot of praise not only in Sweden but also from the EU: Stig Wallin, the man that built this organization has spoken in the European parliament and every year on the December 5, at five minutes to twelve, the European parliament holds a manifestation inspired by this movement. The reason I mention this is because the story behind how this organization came to be: In 1988 in a Härnösand, a small town in the north of Sweden with about 17 000 inhabitants, a group of teenagers decided organize themselves against what they perceived to be increasing racism in their town. The girl that was the leading teenage anti-racist was so anti-racist that she started dating an African former child soldier. For some reason, the relationship ended (I believe). For some reason, this African former child soldier got into his head that his former girlfriend was in a lesbian relationship with her best friend and murdered both of them. It was now 1989 and both girls were 17 years old.

    The murder of the founder of this small local organization led to this small local organization falling apart. Or it was about to, when Stig Wallin realized that unless he quite his job as union ombudsman and made his living in the anti-racism trade, the death of his 17-year-old daughter would be in vain…
    Most Swedes couldn’t believe it, jaws dropping, but the media and the PC-police cried tears at how good a man Stig was. And all over Sweden, those of us going to school in the 1990’s had to go to the town squares at the same day all over Sweden to manifest against racism.

    Of course, mandatory demonstrations against our own wicked racism…something about it felt a bit off…I can’t quite put my finger on why.

  2. I wonder if those black balloons have white Arabic writing. Jihad balloons anybody?

  3. It looks like youth judge Pamela Ziehn cannot wait to be sodomized by Mohammed K.

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