Tommy Robinson is a Free Man Again

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, was released from prison today. I’m told that his early release was every bit as much of a surprise to him as it was to the rest of us.

Here’s the report from the EDL website:

Tommy The Free Man

It is with great pleasure we can announce that Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison!

Tommy applied for release on tag more than 7 weeks ago and today is the day of his release.

Obviously he has conditions for his release which we will update you all on in due course.

Tommy has asked us to thank everyone on his behalf for the support all loyal EDL have shown him through the very darkest of days. He wants to thank all of our international friends for their constant campaigning, for their vigils and their unflinching, unrelenting efforts to apply pressure across the globe.

Tommy would like time to spend with his family right now, he has not left us, he never will, but he is asking for people to respect the time that he needs with his family. For the time being please respect his wish for privacy, and respect his need for a little time away from the EDL so he can get his life back on track.

Our man is back, and when he’s back fighting our corner the whole world will know about it.

Keep the faith, keep up all the good work you have put into making the EDL the only counter jihad movement in the UK that matters. It’s the work of proud and loyal patriots who have made the EDL a global brand.

Tommy has asked for people to get behind and fully support Kev Carroll, joint leader and co founder of our movement as we keep moving forward. When Tommy gets back they will both lead from the front as they always have.

Tommy never surrendered, Kev never surrendered so neither should we!

God bless you all!

10 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson is a Free Man Again

  1. How the British gov’t could put this man in solitary confinment for a minor passport violation is beyond me. Have things really deteriorated to the point of Choudary living free on the gov’t dole and Tommy being thrown in prison? Is that the U.K. now?
    That’s very sad and scary…
    Well, thank God he is out.

  2. It was the Government’s Arab masters who demanded his imprisonment. Islam is to become the official religion of the UK and Europe and oil wealth talks the talk. Christianity, in which I am a priest is being pushed to the fringe and anybody that objects is deemed ”Far Right”, ”Islamophobe”, ”Racist” blah blah blah by both ”Left” and ”Right”. I have a black wife and even she is called ”racist” along with her husband. So successful has Islamic infiltration been, the twerp ”elite” parrot the language of the OIC. Never in my sixty years have we been led by such a class of politically and financially godless corrupt buffoons. How they can leave this filth to future generations beggars incredulity. May God have mercy on them because if I get my hands on them, they’ll be heading for the gallows or a long prison sentence- I see a Nurenburg scenario…Breivik was their child too. Disgusting creatures.

    • Don’t dignify the Traitor Class and leftards in general by calling them
      buffoons, they deserve harsher treatment. They know what they are doing and have managed to bury their consciences and inverted all the
      good and healthy aspects of life. They know that they are losers and the only way for them to win is to bring down decent societies by the
      mass suicide of those societies. Equality by suicide. To the Globalist Elites these inverts are useful idiots in the drive towards a 1984 type World where the Rothschild Cartel and a few chosen ones control

  3. The British establishment has it in for the EDL. They won’t stop now until it doesn’t exist anymore. And what you will likely get from the rubble are organisations that aren’t as benign.

  4. Tap Koder is having difficulties with the comment system here, so I’m posting his comment for him:


    Imprisonment, internment, isolation – weapons increasingly likely to be used against us as the conflict heats up. Just holding an opinion which is at odds with the establishment will be enough to earn you a spell of ‘porridge’ before long.

    Don’t be unprepared. There are things you can do now which will help reduce the impact.

    Stop smoking, so you won’t be vulnerable to racketeers once inside.

    Learn how to communicate when in isolation – learn the TapKode.

    The TapKode Website

    Find out what support groups there are for prisoners in your area, start one if necessary, with a focus on support for political prisoners involved in the CounterJihad.

    Inform yourself accurately and honestly about the experience of incarceration. Reduce the shock value, and the effect is diminished. If it is perceived as less effective, then it is less likely to be used against us.


  5. It will be interesting to see where the EDL goes from here. T Robinson’s wife must be running short of patience on the whole deal. He can not afford to go to prison again. They have a demo in Manchester start of next month I wonder how the turn out will be.

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