Their Own Sovereign State on Norwegian Territory

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of an article about a young Norwegian academic whose views on immigration and open borders might be considered extreme anywhere except Sweden and Norway.

The translator includes this note:

This is a good example of the indoctrination and political views that are prevalent on Norwegian university campuses. The fellow interviewed in this article comes across as a true Marxist, which is maybe not all that strange considering that the universities in Norway are full of professors and lecturers with backgrounds from radical communist organizations.

The article is based on an interview which was published here. The translated article from

Would allow persecuted group of people to form their own state on Norwegian soil

Kim Angell (33) is a PhD candidate majoring in political science at the University of Oslo. He has been interviewed in the latest issue of the magazine Argument, which is the student journal published at the University of Oslo

Angell was interviewed in connection with the debate on Norway’s asylum and immigration policies, which have received increased attention in recent weeks. Angell is one of the nation’s leading experts on “territorial rights”.

The questions asked by Argument were as follows: “Do we as Norwegians have the right to decide who crosses our borders, and is there a valid moral argument that gives us the right to control a territorial area?”

Angell believes that being born in Norway is like winning the lottery ten times. “It is one thing to be children of privileged parents; it is something else to be born a Norwegian. The latter is like winning the lottery ten times. “

Consequently he claims that it is morally problematic to close the borders to refugees, as this would constitute defending our luck.

Angell argues that many are of the opinion that luck should not play a role in a just distribution of wealth: “We should be judged according to our actions and not by our genes, social background or other random factors. And to the extent that a person’s birth determines his/her citizenship, we can consider the advantages and disadvantages of said citizenship to be randomly distributed.”

Angell believes that this is unjust, and that nation states should not exert complete control over their borders and be in charge of deciding who gets citizenship and who doesn’t.

“All people, regardless of place of birth or background, should ideally have the same opportunity to create good, meaningful lives for themselves. When national border controls become obstacles to achieving this, the current system where states have full control over their own borders should be questioned.”

Have the right to protection even if this result in conflicts in Norway

Angell also argues that refugees have a right to come to Norway and receive protection even if this would cause internal conflicts in Norway. Although our way of life and our values are jeopardized, we have an obligation to let them in. Angell justifies this with: “Their basic human rights trump our right to continue living our lives the way we do.”

Thus Angell believes that there are no philosophical or moral justifications for enforcing the border policies which exist in Norway and Europe today.

Wants to give away Norwegian natural resources and Norwegian territory

Angell also wants Norway to give away to others more of the revenues that we have generated from our natural resources. He thinks that there are very few moral arguments in literature to justify why nation states should have such strong rights in this field.

Angell is also open to the idea that persecuted groups of people can come to Norway and create their own state on what is today Norwegian sovereign territory.

“Or to allow a persecuted group to form their own state on Norwegian territory — if this is more beneficial than integrating them into Norwegian society.

“We have to consider these issues when we devise our own border policies,” says the PhD candidate Kim Angell.

36 thoughts on “Their Own Sovereign State on Norwegian Territory

  1. This person is bizarre, possibly ill. There must be some psychological basis for them and whole swathes of that country believing they should be inundated.

    Also, it seems a logical conclusion that if they have no right to exert control over their borders, nor to claim a territorial border, that they perhaps have no right to claim to belong to a group, i.e. Norwegians. In other words, Agnell is proposing what must logically end as the nullification of Norwegians.

    • Of course there is psychological basis – psychosexual, to be precise.

      I have not yet met a multiculturalist intellectual, who would not be deeply dissatisfied with his or her sexuality, specifically with unfulfilled (and sometimes unacknowkledged) masochistic tendencies.
      The mechanisms is simple, the desires to receive pain, if not acknowleded and not fulfilled in a civilised way, transform into desire to suffer together with entire society, which is perceived as “guilty” for the persons predilection. Remember that masochisms is quite widespread (it has been estimated that about 20 percent of human population display such preferences) and that it tends to correlate with excellent manipulative skills, i.e., it preadapts you to work in education, media, academe, or modern politics.

      Do not take me wrong, there is asbolutely nothing wrong with being masochist (or sadist, gay, lesbian…whatever taste you choose), as far as you find a harmless way to fulfill such desires.
      On the other hand, all is wrong, if someone forces his or her desires to the rest of society – which is exactly what PCMC do.

    • “In other words, Agnell is proposing what must logically end as the nullification of Norwegians” – well that is the logical conclusion of relativism/egalitarianism/mass immigration/ multiculturalism, not just in Norway but in every White nation.

      It’s obvious. Well, it’s obvious to me! Inviting unassimilable aliens into your homeland whilst encouraging them to maintain their own culture must impact on your own culture. Mustn’t it? The impact being a function of the number of unassimilable aliens present multiplied by the degree to which they are encouraged to maintain their own cultural practices.

      The liberal’s solution to this: “… allow a persecuted group to form their own state on Norwegian territory — if this is more beneficial than integrating them into Norwegian society.”

      These people really are insane. They’ll do anything to avoid admitting they’ve got it totally and utterly wrong – and in so doing they invariably present yet more evidence of their insanity.

      Put Agnell in another situation and I’ll wager he’d oppose the nation state. And what’s the betting he’d oppose immigration into these ‘nations for the persecuted’. How much longer are we expected to tolerate these double standards?

      • Multiculturalism is not egalitarianism.
        Egalitarianism tends to make space for the individual and for diversity.
        Multiculturalism tends toward the destruction of true diversity of thought and everything else.

  2. “Or to allow a persecuted group to form their own state on Norwegian territory — if this is more beneficial than integrating them into Norwegian society.” — because Norway’s got plenty of room, hasn’t it? And then life in those new states will be just as charmed as Norwegians’ lives today, because it’s all happening on that rocky, mountainous Norwegian soil. Oh yes, they’ll all get their North Sea oil stipends and that will make everything groovy! Just like in Saudi Arabia.

    Mr. Angell seems to have little sense of the concept of culture and its connection to human prospering. Instead of inviting everyone who wants a better life to Norway (and seeing how quickly life deteriorates for everyone there), how about exporting the cultural habits that enable people to prosper even in places that don’t have as much oil wealth as Norway? Perhaps because he would rather make things worse for Norwegians than better for the rest of the world.

  3. The people make a country and to open the boarders would cheat the decedents of the people that made Norway what it is today.

  4. Does that mean that if you do win the lottery, you are not entitled to do anything to stop people stealing from you?

  5. Norwegians should seriously consider preparation for a move overseas. Only problem is, there really aren’t many good choices any more.

    What this bizarre student (at 33!) doesn’t seem to understand is that Norway is (or, rather, was) a great place because Norwegians made it that way. If you fill it up with Somalis, Iraqis, and Afghans, it will begin to resemble those places.

    Imagine Mr. Angell’s dream: a collection of disputatious micro states run by warlords and rampant “cross-border” criminality. I guess he likes contemporary Syria, because that’s exactly what he’s going to get.

  6. Marx did not “discover” the class struggle, but it was in its early stages in Britain where they settled and studied the issue, Engels writing a book on the conditions of the English worker, and they concentrated on this as a study of capital, but it is unfair to say that they totally ignored the nation state issue, and I certainly am on your side in this…

  7. I think the working class issue in Britain and Europe has yet to play itself out, or even play itself. As this encounter with Paxman on Newsnight:

    (START QUOTE)And that’s what you see on Paxo’s face. The usually so self-assured, urbane sophisticate who doesn’t turn a hair in conversation with real spokesmen of mass-murder doesn’t even try to conceal his loathing for a man that hasn’t even incited the murder of anyone much less killed anyone himself.

    But Paxo and his fellow liberals would do well to consider this: The working class decadent, degraded, and fragmented though it is, has not quite sunk so low as they imagine.

    The working class people need leaders otherwise it becomes as Moloney says. Moloney does not address how that can be changed even though he knows that the leaders of the working class movement in Britain and in Europe are trade union bureaucrats and labourist bureaucrats, so the similarity between these parties, such as the British Labour Party or the Spanish PSOE, and in Spain the Stalinists still have a say (in a grouping called IU), because the history of the Spanish Civil War is untold, and the real role of the Stalinists there is largely obscured. So how could a Spanish worker or youth know? Impossible almost!

    If a British worker makes a move against Islam, then he or she is jumped on by authority. And the alliance between Antisemitic Leftists (they may call themselves “Marxists” or anything but people have to go beyond what people call themselves..that is elementary)and Islam is real. So no way out hence the forming of the anti/socialist and pro-capitalist EDL, hence no way out on that road either, although I do defend the EDL…

  8. unfortunaltey this lunacy will be the new PC normality of tomorrow. speak against it and you will be branded a right wing extremist.

    • And this, indeed, is why multiculturalism and political correctness are anathema to diversity.

  9. He’d better go back to his ancestors’ North Korea, such a [person of low intelligence]! Where are the adults in Norway? Do they really pay for that [odious material] being taught to their offsprings? Unbelievable.

    • Where are the adults? They are teaching their children that it’s wrong to harbor any thought that they might be better than anyone else in any way; that it’s wrong to rise above.

      Certainly arrogance is obnoxious. And some individual Norwegians do perform at an exceptional level (e.g. the world’s current top chess player) without coming across as arrogant. But the Norwegian zeal for egalitarianism can, it seems, make people embarrassed about being rewarded for achieving any distinction through effort and/or innate talent (though I’ve heard that it also stirs up a quiet obsession with others’ wealth relative to one’s own).

      Angell’s culturally suicidal ideas just extend the Norwegian fetish for (superficial) equality to a global arena.

  10. Luck? Luck has nothing to do with it. The ancestors of today’s Norwegians created Norway, improved it and handed it to their children, who generation after generation, despite famine, war and disease, strove to do the same. They succeeded in creating a fine country where people could be free. Only a Norwegian stricken with a mental illness would want to give it away to people whose ancestors created nothing but misery and poverty and whose culture is based on century after century of slavery, intolerance and oppression.

  11. Well, after all, Norway has undercrowded parts north of the polar circle that might enchant people who used to live in deserts.They could make proof of their survival skills up there. That could be a solution, provided they get their own passports, taxation and care systems.

  12. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • And “multiculturalism” is code for anti-European/Western. Nobody ever tells non-Western societies that they need to be more multicultural. Hmmm, why is that?

  13. Here’s the deal. If Norway owes everything it has to non-whites, why pray tell does Saudi Arabia get to charge money for its oil resources? Why do we have to pay that anti-white genocidal tyranny in South Africa for diamonds? Wasn’t it just “random luck” that they have more of those things than Norway does?

    Here is the answer:

    Because anti-whites like this madman believes that Africa is for the Africans, Asia is for the Asians, and White countries are for Everybody. Of course that’s geNOcide!

    On the other hand, I like his idea of sovereign states for persecuted minorities. If non-Norwegians can take over portions of Norway and exclude Whites, why can’t indigenous Nordic children have their own place to call home?

    I’m sure this anti-white genocidal maniac would say, “That’s racist!” But then that’s just because anti-racist just means anti-white. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.

  14. I have googled this ‘kim’ and he is not Norwegian but Korean, even if he has got a passport that says so. As far as I am concerned this ‘kim’ is as norwegian as an octopus. Trying to destroy his adoptive country won’t make him tall, strong or fair hair… or whatever he lacks that makes him so resentful. Little ‘kim’ should accept himself [impropriety redacted].

    • He is, therefore, a “Norwegian citizen of Korean descent,” not a Norwegian.
      Norwegian is an ethnic identity as well as a national one.
      It refers to a specific ancestry.

  15. Luckily there are other researchers in Norway as well, such as Harald Eia, who did some research on brain washed / brainwashing Norwegian “social scientists”.

    The presenter is a well known Norwegian comedian, which explains what happens in the short introduction to each video, where people are filmed suspicially grinning, laughing, and fleeing Harald’s camera and questions, thinking they are being hoaxed by the comedian.

    The main point of the programs is the exposure of the dominating and popular “experts” and academics who think everything, including sexual identity and roles is something which is a result of indoctrination and environment, completely discarding all the solid evidence there is for the dominationg role of genetics.

    The whole thing is within the limits of political correctness, easily digestible and humorous, but very thought provoking.

    Here are the titles / subjects of each programme:

    Brainwash (1/7) – The Gender Equality Paradox
    Brainwash (2/7) – The Parental Effect
    Brainwash (3/7) – GayStraight
    Brainwash (4/7) – Violence
    Brainwash (5/7) – Sex
    Brainwash (6/7) – Race
    Brainwash (7/7) – Nature or Nurture

    To make things easy, I have just published all seven videos on my blog here (scroll past the Danish introduction and the first video on the page):

    Seven videos with Harald Eia

  16. Members of minority groups (ever shadowed by a subtle insecurity) often can’t imagine the majority group could ever have any reason for insecurity. They perceive the majority as untouchable, unhurtable, no matter what. As irrational as this seems. A bizarre blindness. He may be weirdly unaware of the terrible harm his suggestion implies.

  17. They have a famous Korean in Sweden as well:

    Incitement to genocide by ethnical Korean Tobias Hubinette (Lee Sam-dol)

    To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions

    Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering.

    Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!”

    Tobias Hübinette (adopted from Korea), Uppsala

    One of the co-founders of Expo (Extremist left wing intelligence and propaganda service) Sweden; Tobias Hübinette, wrote this in 1996

  18. He is not really all that insane for his milieu; these beliefs are distressingly common on university campuses now, as well as in “cutting edge” NGOs. George Soros’ “Open Society” pushes these ideas as well, just a little bit more softly so as not to alarm the sheep going to slaughter.

    These opinions are also seeping increasingly into the mainstream media. Remember Fjordman reporting sometime ago on the mainsstream Norwegian female newspaper columnist who opined that “it should be a human right to live wherever you want to?”

    The Western left has a 100 percent track record of getting what it wants, no matter how insane or extreme, so I assume that some time in the future, this will be political policy, and if anyone disagrees with it, they will be demonized as “right-wing extremists” etc.

    The way it works is that the taxpayer-funded Marxist priesthood in the universities comes up with an insane idea, then relentlessly pushes it in lectures, books, classes, guest editorials in newspapers.

    Then their obedient catamites in the media and the entertainment industry pick up the idea, and relentlessly pound it into the heads of the masses. Meanwhile “activists” at NGOs and “think tanks” begin to demonstrate, march, and agitate for it.

    Fringe politicians pick up the idea, and then, as the incessant media and “activist” drumbeat pounds, pounds, and pounds on, more mainstream politicians pick it up.

    This is what happened with gay marriage. Only 25 years ago, gay marriage would have been deemed ridiculous–now it is being passed into law everywhere in the West.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    I don’t know how to fight this; the only thing I can think of is to try to get their funding removed, as most of these priests and “activists” agitating for these insane ideas are sucking deeply from the taxpayer teat.

    • What you are witnessing is the last days of the West as we know it.
      After this period, possibly 5 years away for some, there will be no reversal, no possibility of altering the new status quo.

  19. The Vikings will be turning in their graves now their descendants are willingly submitting to rape and pillage themselves. Liberalism is a mental illness.

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  21. I think that Kim Angell is correct. I think the borders of Norway (and Sweden) should be torn down and anybody who wants to live in Norway should be able to do so. Then we can watch as thousands, possibly millions, of uneducated, unassimilable people descend on Norway, demand entry to the country and the extremely generous welfare benefits that are accorded to all immigrants. What will be interesting to observe is how long it will take for Norwegians to find this arrangement not only tiresome but also destructive. But by then it will be too late. Their whole society will have been taken over which is no more and no less than Norwegians deserve. My only hope is that the few remaining Jews in Norway will have left by the time the flood of new immigrants have arrived bringing with them their egalitarian and inclusive behaviour for which they are so famous.

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