The Alliance of Civilizations Comes to Vienna

Five years ago I wrote about the founding of the Alliance of Civilizations, one of innumerable Muslim Brotherhood front groups in Europe whose function is to administer anesthesia to the people of Europe in advance of the first cut from the Islamic scalpel blade. Or the first rat-tat-tat of the pneumatic drill of Sharia. Or the first insertion of other implements into various unmentionable orifices of the body politic of what is fast becoming Eurabia.

Five years on, the Alliance of Civilizations is meeting in — where else? — Vienna. Originally based on an Iranian initiative to deal with the “Clash of Civilizations” meme, the AoC is holding its fifth anniversary bash in Austria today, February 27, 2013. Top level representatives of both Islamic and democratic countries will be present, discussing how to lead the world in the desired direction.

Tundra Tabloids has friends at the event and will be live-blogging from the scene, starting in a few hours, at approximately 9:30am CET. That’s 3:30am EST, at which time I will of course still be snug in my bed. Check in with TT to keep current until I wake up and see what our Vienna correspondents are wiring from the Western Front.

Update: Live reports from the AoC summit in Vienna, via Tundra Tabloids (times are CET):

12:51:   Erdogan, the PM of Turkey is speaking to the conference, rambling on about the need to combat “Islamophobia”.
13:04:   The Emir of Qatar talks of Palestine, vital for him,
13:05   Henrik R. Clausen: “responsible leadership” is quite tellingly the motto of the conference. “Responsible media” and “responsible use of free expression” are repeated by the Emir, as others did. “Political demagogy” must be countered by new laws.
13:06:   End of Emir speech Qatar has as mentioned here, an influence that stretches far beyond it borders. Well said…..
13:18:   AoC has as a top priority the support of the Palestinians against Israel. That has been stressed several times. and implicitly by references to ”fully implement” the founding document of the AoC
13:25:   ICLA:

We are told by people on the ground at the event that the person who introduced the event suggested that they expected more harmony from this forum. Below is a gist of what specific individuals talked about:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon suggested that anti-Muslim sentiment was commonplace. That Muslims are being vilified instead of being embraced. That leaders need to speak the language of tolerance. That the three most important issues that needed to be addressed by all speakers were:

1)   The impasse between Israelis and Palestinians
2)   The situation in Mali
3)   The situation in Syria

Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggested that racist attacks are on the rise. That the magnitude of the threat is threefold:

1)   Lack of information
2)   Intolerance
3)   Prejudice — he believes that we can eliminate the threat posed by prejudice.

He mentioned that there are many good examples of people living in harmony and such societies are more successful – however he did not name any of these countries or societies.

He suggested that we witness harsh and insulting behaviour towards Muslims and that this is an unconscionable act. Also that we need to act on prejudices and need to consider Islamophobia as a crime against humanity. He suggested that no religion would ever endorse violence, that Islam is a religion of peace and that the word ‘Islam’ means peace.

On behalf of Turkey he asked whether the UN Security Council represented the whole world and he concluded that it did not. He asked whether it represented all religious groups. He suggested that the fundamental problem is that the Alliance of Civilizations needs to establish an alliance with the Security Council.

13:44:   ICLA also adds: “Our prediction that the Alliance of Civilizations is a pro-sharia front seems to be coming true based on much of what has been reported above. The focus seems very focused on issues that are seen as important to Islamic countries. Nothing has been said about the persecution of non-Muslims in the Islamic world. It seems from what Mr Erdoğan was saying about the Security Council that there should be permanent Islamic representation on that body. This perhaps is an indication that Islam has political objectives. It must be remembered that the Security Council is not a religious assembly.”
13:54:   Erdogan responds to a question as to whether enough has been done to help the rebel opposition in Syria. Says that Assad will be removed.
14:00:   Erdogan just confirmed that Turkey provides Syrian rebels with “all kinds of support”.
14:04:   Many stressed the need to get more funding for AoC.

16 thoughts on “The Alliance of Civilizations Comes to Vienna

  1. Note the all seeing eye insignia. As blatant as blatant can be. Many cultures. One humanity…….New World Order.

    • Well, in the end, the Shia will have to fight the Sunni for the final identity of the Absolute Caliphate, like a pair of Terminators. I wonder whether this would be before after the Western-Cultural holocaust (to include the Mona Lisa, of course). The Leftist pseudo-democrats will have to be defeated somehow before any such outcome, even if might mean some kind of civil war.

        • I feel your relative lack of pain. If they looked set to annihilate each other, perhaps some of our infestation would be drawn away into it. However, Islam is a Terminator Faith, neither version of which will ever give up until it converts or destroys everything about us, unless we destroy it first.

  2. Long live to Israel, the only country that has the know-how regarding this so and so muzzies.

  3. I was there, it was an overwhelming experience, and I consider that deliberate. It is designed to make you feel small, in particular smaller than the “Responsible leaders” on the stage. That includes Erdogan and the Emir of Qatar.

    AoC is not a democratic institution, that should be clear enough. No big deal.

    Supporting the Palestinians is a heart issue of AoC, as for all anti-Semitic individuals, organizations and ideologies worldwide. Anyone intending to work with AoC, at any level, should carefully consider if they want to be part of this, or not.

    The main event was hosted by a lady who is news anchor for Al-Jazeera. Go figure.

    She said at one point that the influence of Qatar extends way beyond the borders of that small country. For once, a statement neither false nor overstated.

  4. Like Greg Gutfeld said:
    “Dialogue is always a one-way street with islam; that street where Theo Van Gogh was murdered.”


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  7. its becoming ever clearer that vast numbers of moslems are living in … the wrong countries !

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