Somalia vs. Africa

Last week a high school in Minneapolis made the headlines after a two groups of students stage a brawl in the school cafeteria. Hundreds of students were involved, and the two police officers at the school were unable to cope with the violence. They called for backup, and were forced to use mace to break up the riot.

The occasion for the fight was an encounter between Somali students and American blacks, with the latter group said to have disrespected the former.

An interesting aspect of this incident is the description of the Somalis as “Somali Americans” and the native blacks as “African Americans”. Aren’t Somalis just as “African” as the descendants of slaves brought to North America in the 17th century?

We all know what the code words represent: “Somali Americans” are either recently-arrived Muslim immigrants, or the children of such. “African Americans” are descended from slaves who arrived much earlier, and are from an at least nominally Christian culture.

That’s the issue — Muslim vs. non-Muslim. And, as a matter of interest, both groups are descended from people who were taken as slaves by the Arab colonizers of Africa, who were also Muslims.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

As Vlad says,

I posted this video a few minutes ago in the article about the high-school fight between two groups of people from the past 48 hours. But I wanted to post it again because I just realized while listening to the interview of one of the students, he referred to the Somali students as “Somali Americans” although its quite likely that they are not Americans and that the issue is their Islamic culture, and, they are all to a person from Africa. Then he referred to the black-American students as “African American” Although I would wager the family farm not a man of them has ever been to Africa even on holiday and probably not any one of their immediate ancestors as well.

So somehow, the Africans became Somali Americans, while the Americans became African. This, is political correctness at its finest. Preposterous, deceitful, pernicious and farcical.

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  1. Yes, isn’t all this referring to people’s race just a tiny bit … RACIST!!!!

    As the late Christopher Hitchens pointed out more than once, Islam is an ideology.

    Anyone can believe in it, irrespective of the colour of their skin. You can be white as a pint of milk & devote your life to emulating the false prophet of Islam. Or does Islam only accept black “folk” (to hijack Obama’s term)? Surely Islam itself is not … RACIST?

    No? Then when these journalists label people who are Muslims by referring to their DNA – they are introducing their race quite unnecessarily. That is to say, they are being racist.

    Just think of all those “African Somalis” who were not present at this ruckus!

    • Slave,
      African American,
      (What’s Next?)

      Defensive reasoning of Islam routinely presents as circular argumentation. Hence a typical African American revert willingly accepts the following characterization:

  2. Anybody that sustains the fantasy that islam is not racist, needs only to visit that hell pit Saudi Arabia. Arabs are 1st class citizens, “asians” from the Indian subcontinent are 2nd class and blacks are last class. And you don’t even need to leave the airport to see that.

    But the leftards understand only discrimination, racism and slavery as endemic to America (not even the “West”, but only America).


    • They will submit.
      And then they’ll tell themselves that their submission is a noble thing because it is to non-whites.
      And maybe, after a few thousand years, the lie will wear thin. But I think not. African-Americans are very averse to changing their perspectives and behavior, particularly about race.

    • That would indeed be very interesting. The West doesn’t just need oil from the muslim Middle-East, but also coltan and other minerals from Christian Africa. Why an Eurabia, but not an Eurafrica?

  3. In the UK we have an odious black activist called Darcus Howe. He moved to London from the Caribbean in the 1960’s and has been a regular commentator at the slightest hint of trouble involving young black men.

    An early member of the British Black Panther’s, recently distinguishing himself by describing the foul rioting which took place in some ‘diverse’ boroughs of England a couple of years ago as ‘an uprising’.

    After being challenged by a BBC interviewer as ‘not a (being) a stranger to riots yourself’, he demanded that she she ‘have some respect for an old West Indian Negro’, and the BBC later issued a grovelling apology. Although he is indeed no stranger to riots, or violent gangs in his youth, as he admitted himself elsewhere.

    His intention at each intervention is to stir as much trouble as he can, not least because he makes his substantial living from causing trouble and increasing conflict. A kind of black Anjem Choudary.

    The reason I mention this loathsome creature is because of a series of programs he made documenting the trouble in multi-cultural paradise between black immigrants, which you can watch online. Somewhere in these links is his report on the behavior of Somali’s vs Caribbean black youth. I don’t believe white people have ever done anything which even comes close to their easy recourse to violence. EVER!

    Though he seems to forgotten this when the rioting began. A strong stomach is required.

  4. It’s a bit of a stretch to analyse this incident as Muslim versus non-Muslim.

    To begin with, Islam has made quite a few inroads among black Americans. And the black Muslim ideology is essentially anti-white.

    This is obviously a racial incident. It is proof that multiculturalism does not work. It could have happened between any two ethnic groups. If we suppose that black Americans are mainly Christian (wrong, but never mind), why do they constantly fight with Hispanics (also nominally Christian) in jail ?

    Islam adds an element of conflict to otherwise tense ethnic situations, because Islam is so much an “us versus them” ideology. But putting different ethnicities together already creates plenty of tension.

    Not to mention the fact that black Americans, left to themselves, do not need any outside race or religion to initiate brawls and kockout each other, as evidenced by a never-ending chain of incidents and killings.

    So, it’s also a black thing. Of course, adding Muslim to black does not make it any better.

    • I think that you mat be being too kind:

      “One student, Abdi Sheikh, said he saw hundreds of students fighting in what appeared to be a racial incident.

      “A big riot,” he said. “It was all types of races.”

      Another student, Symone Glasker, said that an initial fight happened during the school’s first lunch period. By the time the third lunch period started, all the hype from the initial fight caused tensions to boil over.

      She said the fights were over pride.

      “I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,” she said. “They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.”

  5. At the end of this video, Rose Heron said, “They’re fighting every day and I don’t think the Somalian parents know this is going on”.

    Actually, Ms. Heron, they do.

    Their Koran plainly sanctions violence in the name of Allah.

    Long ago, our President John Quincy Adams had more understanding than many in today’s dumbed-down era, “As the essential principle of his” (the Muslim’s) “faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated”. Stopping Muslim immigration would be a good start at controlling this violence.

  6. Minnesota is somewhat finnish-american land. Do the muslims occupy this land… it would be unbelievable. My Grandma never expected it.

  7. Somali american is what we know ourselves to be. Somali are berber people , a race of its own. Onces skin colour is not a race. We define our race as SOMALI.

    Kndly educate your selves.

    We have somali amercans,somali british,somali swedish,somali kenyans, somali canadians..

  8. being Somali is synonymous with pride. Somalis would never accept to being inferior to anything. I was recently watching the movie Django unchained in which dicaprio´s character tells a slave that he would have slit the throat of his owners if he were a slave. that is precisely Somali. a Somali would rather see himself dead that to be discriminated and humiliated

  9. “So somehow, the Africans became Somali Americans, while the Americans became African. This, is political correctness at its finest. Preposterous, deceitful, pernicious and farcical.”

    JL: Oh, boy.
    One of the most UNINFORMED articles I’ve ever read in my life.
    But….what else can you expect from White people?!

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