Prompted by the Tintin controversy in Sweden, our Spanish correspondent Hermes takes a look at the insane and doomed Western enterprise known as Multiculturalism.

by Hermes

Some months ago a weirdly sinister article appeared in the online newspaper According to it, editions of the popular comic book series “Tintin” were taken off the shelves at a Stockholm library after staff members slammed the portrayal of other cultures as “Afro-phobic”.

One guesses that this article was seen as weirdly sinister only by a few readers, while the majority of people read it with amusement and/or incredulity. The nuances of this seemingly innocent article, which at first reading does not seem to be dangerous at all, would not be noted by many because of the smooth and gentle, yet merciless advance of the multicultural brainwash in the West.

The article notes that “Even the adult literature is getting a thorough re-reading, with Miri hoping to provide better role models for the immigrants in the area, and a better reflection of their culture for the readers.”

At first glance this sinister idiocy may remind one of the Nazi book burnings of May 1933, in which a campaign conducted by the authorities of Nazi Germany was begun in order to ceremonially burn books in Germany and Austria by authors whose writings were viewed as subversive or whose ideologies undermined the National Socialist administration. These books — that is, the ideas they were conveying — had to be destroyed, because they represented a potential threat to the rising unholy regime.

Regarding this topic, however, there are many more similarities between that historical period and the current situation we are witnessing now.

In those bleak times there was a certain book which was considered sacred and of which nobody could (or not would dare to) imagine that any of its postulates and assumptions could even remotely be wrong. Any other book could be the subject of destruction or modification, but there was one only book which was seen as perfect. This book was Mein Kampf. And, interestingly enough, it became a best-seller only after that unholy regime came into power. Barely anybody showed interest on that piece of intellectual filth before Nazis took power, that is, before this work was made compulsory reading, just as Mao’s Little Red Book in China or Stalin’s works in the Soviet Union.

In today’s bleak times there is a certain book which is considered as sacred and of which nobody can (or would dare to) imagine that any of its postulates and assumptions could even remotely be wrong. Any other book (even the Holy Bible, an issue on which the reader will be able to read further details in this essay) can be the subject of destruction or modification, but there is one book which is seen as perfect. This book is the Koran.

In today’s bleak times children’s comics such as Tintin or Pippi Longstockings are deemed dangerously racist and intolerant, and banned so as not to “contaminate” children’s minds, but such an extremely anti-Semitic and intolerant book as the Koran, which among other things commands believers to (Sura 9:29): “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the last day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and his messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth (i.e., Islam) from those who were given the scriptures — (Fight) until they pay the jizyah willingly while they are humbled”; or (Sura 3:28): “Let not believers take disbelievers as allies, (i.e., supporters of protectors) rather than believers. And whoever (of you) does that has nothing (i.e., no association) with Allah, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the (final) destination”. Not only is this book not banned, but it is straightaway taught to children in the West.

By the way, can the reader imagine what would have happened to a brave citizen who had decided to burn a copy of the Mein Kampf? Perhaps the same thing as nowadays happens to those who dare to burn a Koran?

Returning to the topic of this essay, the idea is the same now. Certain books containing certain information or ideas are seen as subversive by the multicultural administration, and such books must be eliminated for this unholy social experiment to advance further. All ideas and ways of thinking which stand opposed to the directives of the unfolding multicultural transformation of society must be eliminated. And interestingly enough, this process seems to be carried out exactly in the same spirit as the whole multicultural social experiment.

Now it is not about burning books, because this would look too aggressive, too “politically incorrect”, and would remind the public too much of that shameful chapter of history, which in turn could be fatally counterproductive for the multicultural cause. Now it is about slowly and gently, but mercilessly manipulating the minds of the Westerners, first and foremost those of children, but after having evaluated the public reaction to this seemingly innocent and somewhat silly step, doing the same with adults. Now it is not about destroying the books right away, but about making them disappear silently, or turning them into a tool for the further advance of the unholy multicultural experiment by way of changing their content and making them fit the new ideological parameters.

Well, the reaction to this measure taken by the staff of that library in Stockholm was not that which the Multiculturalist elites would have hoped for, and now comes the nuance which should have turned on the alarm lights in many: “The decision happened too fast”. And the person in question also stated that “I wanted to highlight an opinion piece about issues of discrimination, but realize now that it’s wrong to ban books.”

It happened too fast.

Let’s analyze this short line a bit. On one hand, it tells us that there is “something” in the making. A kind of Grand Project, an unfolding ideological Meisterwerk, a transformation of the collective mind of society. The purpose is to steer the culture to a given direction dictated by the current ruling elites and their army of sociologists, psychologists and journalists who have been plaguing for decades Western societies and putting in practice the theories dictated by the Frankfurt School. On the other hand, it also tells us that this process is being systematically carried out. Different steps are being taken, and the reaction to them by part of the society is being analyzed and evaluated. And if one step is, as in this case, too hastily taken, then corrections are made, and a rethinking of strategy is carried out. And in case the reader is still not aware of this fact, or it is still not clearly realized, let’s read another paragraph from the second article:

However, Kulturhuset head Sjöström applauded Miri for prompting a discussion about discrimination. “The issues of discrimination, equality and norms continue to be debated and discussed,” Sjöström said in a statement.

Convinced now?

In light of this, the person who promoted this extreme suppression of freedom of thought should perhaps have added to his/her (who might Miri be?) statement that “it’s wrong to ban books, but we are on our way towards reaching this goal“.

You see, Multiculturalism even makes it difficult to write an essay properly. Who may Miri be? A lady or a gentleman?

This entire creepy story about the banning of a world-renowned icon of French-language culture may well have been a litmus test to measure the degree of brainwash of the population, and the proof of this was the above-mentioned ominous sentence with its even more ominous hidden nuance: “The decision happened too fast”. It happened too fast. The population was still not properly brainwashed for the introduction of this new measure. But the issues of discrimination, equality and norms (read: issues regarding the soft and gentle, but merciless brainwashing) will continue to be debated and discussed (read: we will try to find more subtle ways of getting on with our plans).

Perhaps it would be a good idea to begin collecting all sorts of publications which are being deemed to be “racist” and “insensitive towards other cultures” such as French Tintin comics, Swedish Pippi Longstockings stories (in Lindgren’s popular Pippi Longstockings books, the main character’s father was said to be a Negro King from the south seas — an issue some publishers have chosen to edit in English to “A king of the south seas”), or, as in one page of a recent article from the German magazine Focus Money appeared, even “politically incorrect” bibles which are being rewritten in a way that for example Jesus is no longer God’s son, but God’s child, or in which God is being referred to alternately as “he” and “she”.

Agatha Christie was also turned into a victim of this unholy social experiment: Her novel Ten Little Niggers was renamed And Then There Were None. Please click on the link and pay attention at the note below the picture of the old cover of the book: “Cover of first edition featuring the original title, Ten Little Niggers, which was changed in the US, and at a later date in the UK, due to the presence of the pejorative term.”

Now a question: When did this title begin to have a pejorative connotation? Or should be assumed that Agatha Christie was a racist?

Of course, the problem lies in the mind, and not in a word made up of one “n”, one “i”, two “g”s, one “e” and one “r”. Those reading this can right now test their own level of brainwash by reading these six letters put together in the right order and paying attention to the very first reaction arising in one’s own mind. The more fear or unease the reader feels, the more brainwashed the reader probably is.

As already mentioned, perhaps it would be a good idea to start collecting all sorts of publications and create a library of “dangerous and forbidden books” such as those mentioned above before they disappear completely from the shelves of bookstores and public libraries. This might be useful in order to teach future generations about the original culture which existed in the West before being smoothly, gently, but mercilessly destroyed by the unholy ideological offspring of the Frankfurt School.

This step may become necessary, because the advance of this unholy ideology is relentless and unstoppable. Those promoting it have an almost unlimited support by part of political elites, the media (of which they are active members), and also an unlimited access to funds provided by foundations, governments and wealthy individuals, while those opposing this new unholy dictatorship must hide behind nicknames so as not to have their lives ruined. This is a perfectly orchestrated plan, and the only thing dissidents may be capable of doing is to act on their own and to save whatever can still be saved of the original culture before every trace of it is smoothly, gently, but mercilessly erased.

However, it is not by chance that the White Rose movement has been resurrected. The West is again in need of these brave men and women.

Multiculturalism is tyrannical and totalitarian by nature, because it tries to enforce the delusional idea that all cultures are equal. And the more it unfolds, the more its absurd and crazed nature becomes evident.

On February 5th, the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung published in its online edition an article about Malmö as a tragic example of what may eventually awaits the rest of Europe. Nothing really new for those who are acquainted with the situation in Sweden regarding immigration. But there was a paragraph which revealed something peculiar. According to this paragraph, the Sveriges Muslimska Förbund — the Swedish been Muslim Association, which with its 70,000 members is the largest Islamic lobby — has been for a long time demanding separate legislation for Muslims. According to this planned new set of laws for Muslims dwelling in Sweden, the “insulting and sinful” sex education would be abolished, coeducational swimming lessons erased, and special “women-only” days should be established in public baths and saunas. Muslims should be released from work during the Friday prayers, and interest-free loans should be offered for the construction of mosques. And now comes the best part of all: at least regarding Muslims, the equal status of men and women should also be abolished.

And this in Sweden!

There are many more examples of this self-abolishing tendency on the part of Multiculturalism, such as the open declaration by gays in Berlin that Islam is a homophobic religion, or extreme left activists being attacked by those they feverishly cherish and protect. Multiculturalism is now reaching a point in which its very core postulates seem to be abolishing themselves; that is, the more they are put into practice, the more blatant their absurdity and madness become. However, contrary to the way it may seem, this will not mean that Multiculturalism is doomed to fail in the sense an acknowledgement of failure by the promoters of this ideology.

Not at all.

It is all much more complicated than that. This would be the rational outcome, but let us not forget that Multiculturalism is anything but rational. It is a form of insanity to repeat the same experiment over and over again and expect a different result, and there are countless examples of such behavior regarding this ideology, one of the most striking being that of Malmö. But perhaps the ultimate goal is not to create what simply CANNOT be created — that is, the utopia of the peaceful coexistence of different cultures regardless of their level of moral and social development — and anybody believing this goal to be the final one would be showing a high degree of naïveté.

And it was Fjordman who explained it with crystal clarity in part four of his work Defeating Eurabia:

The Norwegian left-wing author Torgrim Eggen warns against “race wars” brought about by mass immigration yet continues to support it. Questioned about what we can do to avoid this scenario he states: “That’s a very stupid question to ask to an author. This presupposes that I want everybody to be happy, have a good time and don’t have any problems. If so, what do they want me to write about?”

I will give him credit for his honesty: This is the most frank admission I have seen of the fact that some people don’t WANT society to be harmonious; they think it’s boring. There is no worse fate for a self-professed intellectual than to live in a nation that is by and large prosperous, peaceful and well-functioning because nobody will care about his advice or follow his guidance, as is befitting a person of his intelligence.

When Multiculturalism reveals itself to be the crass failure it by nature is, then all those sociologists, psychologists and journalists may find an entire new field of study to continue “working” and showing to the world that they are very important persons, and that their opinions are worth being honored with millions in state funding, that is, millions ultimately paid to them by the people to whom they are bringing misery and suffering. An entire new range of subjects will automatically be available to them, and this range of subjects might be centered around a main topic which they would likely deem crucially important to investigate and build new theories upon: “why did Multiculturalism fail?”.

As if Multiculturalism could have ever been even remotely successful…

Either way, the West will continue to be the subject of this grand social experiment, and gang rapes, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing, honor killings, forced marriages, etc. All phenomena arising from it shall be avidly studied by all those “highly esteemed” experts.

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10 thoughts on “Nuances

  1. Behrang Miri, born 1984 in Iran, is a rapper and adventurer, who moved with his parents to Sweden in 1987. He has been involved in a number of youth projects, both in Malmö and later in Stockholm. Miri participated 2008 in the theater set “Zlatan’s smile” at Malmö City Theatre. He received the year’s award as joy spreader of the City of Malmö. Miri published April 19, 2011, in the daily ‘City Skåne’ an article with the view that the Samis are the real original Swedes. Miri was awarded the Knowledge Awards 2011 along with Emerich Roth.

    Behrang Miri participated as artistic director for children and young people in Stockholm’s Cultural Center , at the “Kåldolmen’s day”. The position at the Culturel Center began in early 2012. On September 25, 2012 Miri decided, as the artistic director for children and young people at the Cultural Center, that the series albums of Tintin should be removed from the children’s library at the Cultural Center in Stockholm and he asked the staff to look for other literature that should be removed, books with homophobic or otherwise malicious content. His decision received strong criticism from many commentators and Behrang Miri and the Culture Center Director Eric Sjostrom after a few hours went out with a press release in which they took back the decision. September 26 Miri took timeout by going off to rest for a few days and has since then not been heard of.

  2. “Barely anybody showed interest on that piece of intellectual filth (Ie Mein Kampf) before Nazis took power…” This hysteria detracts from the argument – intellectual filth indeed!

  3. Multiculturalism has already been condemned by the liberal elites in Britain* – yet whilst out of one corner of their mouths they spout multiculturalism’s obituary, out of the other they still pay lip service to it!

    Even the negro Trevor Philips of Britain’s equal opportunities has said multiculturalism is dead – in between talking about the need to respect ‘black culture’ in Britain.

  4. add to the endangered book list Hatschi Bratschis Luftbaloon.

    In the end only one politically incorrect book will be left unchallenged for our children’s children to read, and it will be the Quran. And at that point it will be clear that multiculturalism was eactly about the opposite of what it was purported to be.

  5. “Even the negro Trevor Philips of Britain’s equal opportunities has said multiculturalism is dead – in between talking about the need to respect ‘black culture’ in Britain.”

    The group of leftists in Britain who recently criticised “the far left” for their support of “the islamic far right”, are utterly obsessed with race. They decry “essentialism” (i.e. the alleged attempt to insist that all black people or all women are the same), whilst still blathering on about racism and assuming that only white people can be racist, and blathering on about “patriarchy” as if all men hold power over all women. They think that there is some hard & fast line between “black” and “white”, but they can’t specify what it is (often they come down to relying on the categories used by apartheid South Africa, where the chinese are black, and the japanese are white). I have met “black” leftists who look paler and more caucasian than people who consider themslves to be 100% caucasian.

    The Left deploy notions of “essentialism” and “diversity” tactically. They are operating in an intellectual fog (probably deliberately). The enemy are accused of “essentialism” (some form of prejudice or totalising interpretation), but they themselves must employ “essentialism” in order to argue that men dominate women (or even to be able to discern that the person they are talking to is “black” or is “a woman”). As a man, I’m often tempted to shout down these women in public and when they accuse me of oppressing them as women to turn round and and insist that I am a woman trapped inside a man’s body, and accuse them of essentialism!

    Multiculturalism is worse than insisting that all cultures are equal. It insists that dominant cultures must not criticise minority cultures; minority cultures can do and say what they like. While muslims in Britain might be a minority overall, in the areas were THEY are the dominant (e.g. Bradford, Tower Hamlets), the native white Brits are still not permitted to criticise what is the dominant/oppressive culture where they live. Just the same, when Israel is surrounded by arabs, for the Left the arabic culture is beyond criticism, and it is the minority Israelis who are to be pilloried.

    Multiculturalism is utterly hypocrtical. The only cultures that are considered to be “diverse” or beyond criticism are those cultures that belong to the mascots of the Left. And if the culture of one group of mascots (e.g. gays) comes into conflict with the culture of another group of mascots (e.g. muslims), then the Left will jettison the group who are of least use to the Left in their power grab from the establishment, the government, the employers, etc. (Mascots is the term that Thomas Sowell uses in his book “The Vision of the Anointed”.) It doesn’t matter that one group of mascots (muslims) are ethnically cleansing or murdering another group of mascots (gays), because the Left are not actually interested in the suffering of any of their mascots. The mascots are used to nip at the power of those who the Left consider to be in their way.

    At the end of the day, the Left is committed to nothing other than gaining power, by any means necessary. The proof of this is their total silence about the continuing slavery of black people in Mauritania, or the apartheid in Saudi Arabia. If they were genuinely concerned with slavery or apartheid, organisations around the anti-slavery or anti-apartheid movements would not have shutdown when they stopped white people from engaging in those activities. As soon as some cause has outlived its usefulness to the Left, they move on to the next thing they can use to attack those they consider to be their enemy.

    Multiculturalism is just a rear-guard action they have been using for the last 20 years to prevent criticism of islam, as the incompatibilities between islam and western civilisation become increasingly apparent. If some other group came along who were of greater tactical value to the Left, they would abandon muslims and multiculturalism.

    The Left knows that they have limited traction if they are honest with the population of a democracy (particularly with the collapse of Soviet communism and the hypocrisy of Chinese communism). So the far-Left has to create all these front groups. And even those Leftists who can succeed electorally in the west are having to become increasingly dishonest. The Labour Party in Britain has gone from using the Red Flag, to the red rose, to now wrapping itself in the Union Jack (I never expected to see that in my lifetime). Equally, the French communist party has now stopped using the hammer & sickle.

  6. “Barely anybody showed interest on that piece of intellectual filth [Mein Kampf] before Nazis took power, that is, before this work was made compulsory reading, just as Mao’s Little Red Book in China or Stalin’s works in the Soviet Union.”

    I urge people to start reading about James Burnham. This was the socialist George Orwell’s (1946) comment on one of Burnham’s books (Burnham was immensely influential between 1940 and 1970).

    ‘ If one examines the people who, having some idea of what the
    Russian regime is like, are strongly russophile, one finds that, on the
    whole, they belong to the “managerial” class of which Burnham writes.
    That is, they are not managers in the narrow sense, but scientists,
    technicians, teachers, journalists, broadcasters, bureaucrats,
    professional politicians: in general, middling people who feel themselves
    cramped by a system that is still partly aristocratic, and are hungry for
    more power and more prestige. These people look towards the USSR and see in it, or think they see, a system which eliminates the upper class, keeps the working class in its place, and hands unlimited power to people very similar to themselves. It was only AFTER the Soviet regime became unmistakably totalitarian that English intellectuals, in large numbers, began to show an interest in it. Burnham, although the English russophile intelligentsia would repudiate him, is really voicing their secret wish: the wish to destroy the old, equalitarian version of Socialism and usher in a hierarchical society where the intellectual can at last get his hands on the whip.’

    Thomas Sowell points out that “the Anointed” are like a religious sect, with followers scattered throughout the media and academia. And no matter that their “progressive” plans have regressive effects on their mascots, they are beyond criticism and immune to counter-factuals. Sowell gives the example of the incomes of American blacks and their social cohesiveness in the 1950s being better than at any time since.

    Every member of the SWP I have met has had a post-graduate education. Without exception they live miles away from any of the social problems which they purport to care about, and which their own policies have made worse for their mascots in the last 30 years.

  7. A good idea to start collecting all sorts of publications and create a library of “dangerous and forbidden books” such as those mentioned above before they disappear completely from the shelves of book stores and public libraries.

    It certainly is a good idea
    That is what happened in George Orwells 1984.
    I have copies of many old films which shows entertainers blacking up Jolson,Crosby etc:
    I have the original Dambusters film, where the hero had a dog called nigger.
    In the remake the dog was renamed, I can’t remember what or maybe I don’t want to.

  8. Thanks, Hermes,

    The name of the enterprise is Power Inc., not Multiculturalism Inc. Multiculturalism is the pretty greeter at the front desk. She’s is a stunner with large breasts. PC is the redhead with the legs, yikes.

    We’ve been fooled by the enemy and taken the bait. You have followed the stinking red herring….multiculturalism, p. correctness. But problem is that we reinforce them by not noticing THE DON’T EXIST.

    When you call them “multiculturalists” you only help them. Don’t attack Mickey Mouse. He’s just a fun falsity. Leave Mickey alone. Attack the power-mad leaders, and maybe we can get some traction going.

    There is no such thing as multiculturalism (since it does not exist, nor does political correctness, etc. for that matter)… except as an mental strategy to power. One that works, and we reinforce with our belief.

    Explanation: In the real world, where things are together, they work great. Where they’re not, they don’t. Either people are getting along and working together, or they aren’t: that’s that. Muslims, for example, don’t get along too good with others.

    Same goes for the nonexistent “political correctness”. People who teach political correctness are much smarter than people who attack it. They know its a ruse, and the more you fight it, the more Mickey Mouse seems real. Don’t attack it. Laugh at it. Disprove it. Don’t fight what doesn’t exist; expose it; laugh at the falsity and immaturity of the posers who are fooling folks to grab at as much power as they can get.

    Until these pretty girl terms are defined as laughable propaganda that we refuse to fall for, we will continue to fail. Every time we argue about multiculturalism we reinforce the delusion. So where is this “multiculturalism”?

    Why are we still falling for this dreck? Multiculturalism, PC and other tricks are simply glamor. You have been glamorized. Stop attacking Mickey Mouse and tell everyone he’s just a cartoon instead.

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  10. I am reminded of the book “Little Black Sambo” which we had in our house when I was a child. It was removed from circulation in the U.S. because some claimed that the name “Black Sambo” was derogatory.
    What is so strange about the shunning of this book is that it was not about African-Americans or Africans for that matter (no tigers on either continent.) Sambo was an Asian Indian boy that OUTSMARTED 4 tigers!
    I would think that is a very positive message but alas, the P.C. police, even back in the late 50’s found the depiction of a “black” boy to be unacceptable.
    Sambo tricked the tigers into chasing each other around a tree until they melted and turned into butter. His mother made pancakes out of the butter!
    This story has been republished many times under different titles using different names for Sambo and his mother. The reason being that it is a compelling children’s yarn.

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