Mobbed in Melbourne

The news report below is not current — it appeared on Australia’s ABC network just after Geert Wilders’ appearance at a venue in Melbourne on February 19 — but it is interesting because of its relatively fair presentation of the news about what Mr. Wilders had to say. The lefty demonstrators had their fair say, but then so did the “Islamophobes”.

This may be the first MSM report I’ve ever seen that introduced Geert Wilders without saying that he “advocates banning the Koran”. And the sound bites taken from his speech were a good précis of his position.

All in all, not bad — for a state TV network. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

10 thoughts on “Mobbed in Melbourne

  1. I as the matter of fact punktured this “banning koran” history in Malmo october 2012. I told about Copenhagen 2009 and that 10 out of 12 media said so only 2 told the whole story about why Geert Wilders said that. After that, october 2012, I have never heard it again. There was massive press in Malmo, and people understood that this statement “banning the koran” wa an answer to banning “Mein Kampf” in Holland, and that Geert Wilders wanted equality infor the law in Holland. He does not want to ban the koran. On the contary, he wants people to buy and read it, and then understand how evil it is!

    I have highlited that for 4 years now. And I continue to do it, everytime Geert Wilders is on the table as a discussion item!

    • ‘Banning the Koran’? Usual over-reaction from the same people who dine out on over-reaction. I took that to mean, in the metaphorical sense, banning any of the injunctions used to incite trouble amongst non-Islamic communities. The ‘behead the infidel’ crowd clearly get that notion from their interpretation of the Koran. I’ve read ‘Mein Kampf’ in my student days and it didn’t make me buy jackboots, let the books alone providing they’re not being wrongly used.

  2. Yes, not a Moslem in sight! Just the usual bunch of lefty rent-a-crowd malcontents. However shortly after Wilders’ visit this article caught everyone’s attention in Australia, showing how Sharia creeps in albeit incrementally within small groups:-

    It’s not in Saudi, Pakistan or Afghanistan – it’s in Sydney Australia. Thin edge of the wedge!

  3. Wow that was a pretty decent introduction considering the abc is a notoriously leftist, socialist network.

  4. Australia has always struck me as a very down to earth place (and people). There is an open invitation on record for immigrants to conform, or leave and go back to where they came from…..

    But there is no like invitation to change Australian law and culture.

    But they do appear to have there very own loony leftie problems as well. Perhaps the loonies should be given Tasmania for their very own, so that they can destroy it and enjoy the benefits of their idiocy instead of inflicting it on the rest of the community.

    They can then create their socialist utopia, where everyone has equal shares in the redistribution of the fruits of their own labours instead of those of other peoples’.

    • As one of the quarter of the Australian population not born here, I must agree that the left gets far too much backing from the government and the media. We’re hoping that the upcoming September federal election takes us back to saner times with the demise of the Australian Labor Party and its coalition partner The Greens.

      From being a very successful multi-ethnic population the wedge has been driven by militant Moslems, both in small niggling ways and with some of their more outrageous commentary. I will admit that most Moslems are peaceful but there’s a large minority who are discontented with their lives generally, feeling marginalised due to the generally secular nature of Australia and our non-respect for a religion that locks away their women behind burqas, beats them if they talk to a stranger and carries out the occasional ‘honour’ killing or punishment of their womenfolk. This is a country where new people are welcomed but expected to adopt and respect the norms of other Australians. The message to Moslems who are not prepared to accept that, is GO HOME, and stir trouble there.

  5. The difference between Australia and (much of) Europe – in Australia, the couple of hundred of left-wing losers get pushed back by the police. In Europe, the police allow them to block the venue – eventually resulting in the meeting getting cancelled. See the anti-Islamisation conference a few years back in Cologne, or any number of meetings in Britain and probably other places.

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